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Topic: Any Of You Had A Root Canal?
Username: ConcordeBoy
Posted 2004-07-15 19:01:46 and read 1813 times.

Few weeks ago, I cracked a molar on a popcorn kernel..., the dentists are telling me that I need a root canal (two independent sources varified the same thing  Sad). I'm pretty concerned with this; never was a fan of dental work, was hoping I'd already done the last of it when I was younger. Also, I'm slow to react to anesthesia... which is another concern.

I'm pretty sure some of you types here have prolly had a root canal and crown before: what were your experiences?

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Topic: RE: Any Of You Had A Root Canal?
Username: Tristarenvy
Posted 2004-07-15 19:10:46 and read 1805 times.

It can be expensive, but if done well, not terribly painfull. But attend to it, as I speak from "Dentally Challenged" experience. I don't have the strongest teeth, and after getting four wisdom teeth pulled in the late Eighties, the back set of teeth have all started having issues. Like what happened to you, I broke a tooth, and just ignored it, for a couple of years. At the time it didn't hurt, but after a while....OOOOOOOWWW!!!! Had to have an emergency dental visit, on a Sunday, as it hurt, that bad. I just had the guy pull two other teeth, that were cracking, as long as I was there. Good Luck!

Topic: RE: Any Of You Had A Root Canal?
Username: JGPH1A
Posted 2004-07-15 19:10:59 and read 1805 times.

Had a root canal last year - it was fine. Not exactly a day at the beach, but I got LOTS of novocaine and didn't really feel a thing. The nerve was exposed by a really bad old filling that had collapsed, and it was such a relief to get it fixed, that I didn't mind. I had put off going to the dentist for ages, because I hate dental work too, but somebody recommended this dentist to me (he's Swedish) and he was great, really reassuring and anxious to make sure I'm comfortable with what he's doing.

So just make sure he doesn't start any work until your whole head is numb, and you should be OK.

P.S. mine cost me EUR0.00 - thank you, socialised medicine !

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Topic: RE: Any Of You Had A Root Canal?
Username: DeltaGuy
Posted 2004-07-15 19:11:09 and read 1805 times.


Crap man...sorry for ya! I've had 3 in my lifetime, and every one of em sucked....usually they'll just shoot ya up with novicane and that's it...but it never took away all the scratching noises and stuff they do. Ask for Nitrous, if they'll do that for ya...then you'll be floating on cloud 9.

When they do it, they'll stick a big green-rubber plastic screen (square) behind the tooth, to prevent things from going down your throat or otherwise, and to keep the chemicals in one a REAL pain to breathe. They use these little needles (look more like resistors out of a stereo!) to work on your teeth. All in all, about an hour or so...but DO ask for the'll make it alot more "fun". Good luck!


Topic: RE: Any Of You Had A Root Canal?
Username: Demoose
Posted 2004-07-15 19:29:24 and read 1784 times.

I had one last year, for all the pain and horrible noises you hear during the treatment, its worth it because it sorted out nearly 2 years of awful toothache. I cracked a tooth and because of my initial fear of dentists just kept avoiding getting it seen to thus allowing it to get worse. The worst bit is being told to take a rinse with that horrible mouthwash and seeing what just comes out of your mouth, tooth, blood, saliva! I was lucky that I got the treatment free as, I was still 18 when I had the first check up for it, I was 20 by the time it finally got sorted though!

Anyway after you've had a root canal you won't be afraid of visiting the dentist again!


Topic: RE: Any Of You Had A Root Canal?
Username: Air2gxs
Posted 2004-07-15 19:30:52 and read 1782 times.

Make sure your sinuses are clear before you go. You'll be breathing through your nose for about an hour or so. Well worth the discomfort. The pain in my mouth is comletely gone. Now if I can get those voices to leave me alone....

Topic: RE: Any Of You Had A Root Canal?
Username: Pe@rson
Posted 2004-07-15 19:50:31 and read 1774 times.

I had one done a few years' ago. It was fine, but for my dentist leaving a tiny piece of equipment in my gum which directly resulted in my experiencing considerable pain and also needing extensive treatment on my gum. Needless to say I sued - and did all the work myself! And I won a fair amount.  Wink/being sarcastic

Topic: RE: Any Of You Had A Root Canal?
Username: ElectraBob
Posted 2004-07-15 20:02:37 and read 1768 times.

I've had more root canals than I care to admit. The worst part of it is having to keep your mouth open for a very long period of time. I've also had my dentist suggest that I take his home phone number in case the pain becomes very serious after the office is closed.....never had any trouble with any of them.

The absolute worst thing about going to a dentist....having a bridge or crown fitted....they actually burn part of the gum off....the new bridge or crown then fits under the burned area...the gum then re-grows over the new dental work, giving a natural look. Had that done more than I admit also....I think I would rather have open heart surgery.

Topic: RE: Any Of You Had A Root Canal?
Username: Cactus739
Posted 2004-07-15 22:09:44 and read 1741 times.


I've had two root canals in my life. In both of them, the only pain I had was when it was time to take out the Visa card when I was ready to leave. I have a pretty decent dental plan I though, but each one cost me almost $600 in total. If you're slow to react to anesthesia, mention that to your dentist. When I had my second root canal done he actually injected the novicaine staight into my nerve (I think). For about 5 seconds I was in such pain I wanted to kill him, but then I was almost instantly numb.

You'll be fine my friend.

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