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Topic: MB Grand Sports Tourer=Chrysler Pacifica?
Username: Mhsieh
Posted 2004-10-25 08:18:48 and read 1055 times.

Just watched a web video on MB's 2005 Grand Sports Tourer.
My first impression was that it's a Chrysler Pacifica. Does anyone know if my suspicion is true?

Topic: RE: MB Grand Sports Tourer=Chrysler Pacifica?
Username: DesertJets
Posted 2004-10-25 15:34:10 and read 1042 times.

Your suspicion would be false.

The Pacifica is based off of a modified Chrysler minivan platform. The MB GST is based off of the ML class SUV platform, at least I believe so... or it could be E-class derived. They were designed independently, but they basic starting concept was about the same, hence two cars that look similar.

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