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Topic: Why Don't You Have A Mobile/Cell Phone?
Username: DABZF
Posted 2004-11-30 19:57:19 and read 2132 times.

Just saw the topic "What Kind Of Cell Phone Do You Use?" and I thought to ask who (if anybody) DON'T have a mobile/cell phone and why?

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Topic: RE: Why Don't You Have A Mobile/Cell Phone?
Username: ScarletHarlot
Posted 2004-11-30 22:12:07 and read 2111 times.

I love how nobody has answered this thread!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy Does everybody have a cellphone?

Topic: RE: Why Don't You Have A Mobile/Cell Phone?
Username: PHLBOS
Posted 2004-11-30 23:03:16 and read 2103 times.

Not so fast there, Scarlet Harlot.

Let me be the first to admit that I do not have a cell phone. My reasons for not having one (at least not yet) are:

1. I work in an office and have a phone at my desk. I use a prepaid phone card for any seldom personal long distance call that I need to make. If my job was required me to be out at construction sites more often, then my company would then provide me a cell for a discount. That hasn't happened yet.

2. While I have not thoroughly investigated it yet, most cell phone plans are somewhat out of my budget. My brother has a pretty decent plan through AAA-New England: $29.95/month, 300 minutes w/unlimited weekends, free long distance and NO roaming charges. At present, Keystone AAA (I reside in PA) does not offer that type of plan for that price. IMHO, it is absolutely ludicrous to be shelling out $40/month or higher for something that one will only use on a few occasions. I know cell companies will coax people to talk more on them. Many salemen, to me, are like white-collar panhandlers; no offense to those who happen to be in the business.

3. I have seen a few of my friends turn into absolute cell phone junkies with these things. A couple of them even bring cells on their person while attending church services and movies. While most of them put them on silent mode, one person does occasionally forget and guess what happens? One friend of mine, to his credit, does not even bring his cell with him while attending church services and movies. Another friend of mine always get a call on his cell or feels the need to make a call on his cell while we're either hanging out or gathering at a restaurant, etc.; and not all of his calls are business-related. Many years ago, while attending the Creation '99 festival out in Mt. Union, PA (located in the center of the state); I thought it was a rather comical site to see people's reaction to their cell phones not working in the area. Yes, many young people attending the festival learned to experience or rediscover making a call from a pay phone. I won't even go into annoying cell phone users while on the train and in planes (before departure or after landing).

4. Dead zones & batteries = dropped calls or not getting through: even in developed areas and nearby AIRPORTS, I can not tell you the number of times that I've been on the receiving end of dropped calls either resulting from either myself trying to call a cell number or the caller being in a dead zone or due to someone's cell phone battery dying out. One time, a friend of mine was trying to make a call on his cell but no avail. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I directed him to a pay phone to make his call; he was able to get through.

While cell phones at large have improved and have become more affordable than in the past, I personally think that cells should still be a supplement to the land phone and not substitute... yet. Yes, I realize that may seem a bit old-fashioned or behind the times; but I've literally seen people check their brains at the door when using these phones.

Have there been times where my having a cell phone would've come in handy? Yes, I will admit it. On one occasion, my not having one contributed to my missing a restaurant gathering last summer.

Should I decide to get one, sometime next year, I just have to make sure that I police myself regarding the usage. After all, I do want to make every effort to practice what I preach.

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