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Topic: Nextel I90 Vs. I830
Username: Cancidas
Posted 2005-05-02 16:52:45 and read 981 times.

i currently use the nextel i90 and absolutely love the phone. what i am looking into is upgrading to the i830, mainly because of the size. i have wanted to upgrade my phone for the longest but it wasn't until this one became available that i have been so enticed. does anyone use this phone and can offer me a noon-bs assesment of the phone? i'm just worried that once i get the new phone it wont work as well as my i90. the 90 is simply the greatest phone that motorola ever made.

Topic: RE: Nextel I90 Vs. I830
Username: AIR757200
Posted 2005-05-03 02:13:42 and read 978 times.

I've been a Nextel customer for years and years and gone from the i1000+, i90c, currently i730, and now the i830 probably tomorrow. The i730 has been my favorite so far; but to answer your question, I've heard the i830 is a really good phone and you'll probably like it just as much. I personally don't care for it much, but I need a slimmer phone.

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