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Topic: New Portable XM Radios - Are They Good?
Username: DeltaFFinDFW
Posted 2005-07-15 03:26:30 and read 2334 times.

I know there have been many posts on XM vs. Sirius. I wanted to know if anyone has one of the three new XM2go portable radios. I have heard mixed reviews about the internal antenna. I know that it comes with a home and car kit, which is a plus, but I'm more interested in the standalone use since I travel a lot.

Any comments?

Topic: RE: New Portable XM Radios - Are They Good?
Username: Corey07850
Posted 2005-07-15 03:42:00 and read 2329 times.

I have the Pioneer airware and it's absolutely incredible... I get great reception with the internal antenna, and outstanding reception with the home and car antennas. I actually only lose signal for a few seconds or so driving down my street, all other times it has been great. The kits are pricey but are starting to come down in price. I paid 240 for the Pioneer, and I know the Delphi units can be had for around 180. My girlfriend's father has the Delphi unit and he raves about it.

I really wanted to go for sirius, but since sirius doesn't have a portable version I opted for the XM... Don't worry, you won't be dissapointed!!

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