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Topic: New CNN Show Today
Username: RJpieces
Posted 2005-08-08 20:12:03 and read 1643 times.

Starting today, CNN will merge Inside Politics and Wolf Blitzer reports into one new show called "The Situation Room" from 3PM-6PM. CNN has been advertising it pretty heavily, so I'm looking forward to watching it today. Apparantly they built a fancy new set in Washington, and the new show will feature many of the Inside Politics commentators which I'm happy about. I don't know exactly what will be different about the news reporting, but it should be worth checking out.

Topic: RE: New CNN Show Today
Posted 2005-08-08 22:46:31 and read 1599 times.

and also coming to CNN: When will the Space Shuttle land with Miles O'Brian. 5am Eastern, on CNN! When will it land? We don't know!

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