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Tips On Studying  
User currently offlineHAWK21M From India, joined Jan 2001, 31875 posts, RR: 54
Posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 3 days 20 hours ago) and read 2091 times:

Anyone having any tried & tested tips on studying & improve concentration.Any good method suggestions.

Think of the brighter side!
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User currently offlineLOT767-300ER From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 1, posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 3 days 20 hours ago) and read 2085 times:

Sign off, and turn your computer OFF.


User currently offlineAmhilde From United States of America, joined Oct 2003, 643 posts, RR: 5
Reply 2, posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 3 days 19 hours ago) and read 2082 times:

I set a timer for 25 minutes when I know I dont want to do studying- usually by the time the 25 minutes are up Ive gotten in to what Im doing, so then I set it for another 25- all of a sudden you have almost an hour of good concentration done.

Other than that I have a standing time at the library that is study time- you have to get into the routine, thats all.

Hang on tightly, Let go lightly
User currently offlineBill142 From Australia, joined Aug 2004, 8508 posts, RR: 8
Reply 3, posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 2 days 17 hours ago) and read 2063 times:

get your self a comfortable environment to work in

User currently offlineVH-KCT* From Australia, joined May 2001, 479 posts, RR: 1
Reply 4, posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 2 days 16 hours ago) and read 2059 times:

I reckon a lot of it is more to do with your own preferences rather than one perfect method; by making a habit, you make things easier for yourself.

Here's what I do during teaching periods:
1. Strict study timetable. 2 hours per evening at a set time (set around what I want to do for rest (TV, normally)
2. Strict location. I've read that you shouldn't study in your bedroom as it makes you sleepy when studying, and gets your pondering when trying to sleep.
3. Quiet music - quiet enough that I can't really distinguish the words, on a radio station with not much talk
4. Absolutely no study after a certain evening time - for me it's 10PM, there's a point where your ability to take things in goes to the proverbial outhouse, more studying is just enforcing that studying sucks - not exactly encouraging more studying the next day

During revision periods, I do pretty much exactly the same, except I do 8 hours a day in 2 hour blocks with 1 hour break between, aligned for all the good day-time television as rest, and always the same starting times for the 2 hour blocks. Also I always try to study early in the day (say start at 7AM) that way by 6PM I've done 8 hours' study and I've still got the rest of the night to enjoy completely guilt-free!  Smile

But the only way to build habit is to practise, practise, practise

I am The Stig
User currently offlineHAWK21M From India, joined Jan 2001, 31875 posts, RR: 54
Reply 5, posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 21 hours ago) and read 2026 times:

Quoting VH-KCT* (Reply 4):
But the only way to build habit is to practise, practise, practise

Since Im talking of Studying Aviation Mx study material.I normally read & try to understand a sentence each.Study for 30 mins with a 5 min break every 30 mins & a 20 min break after 2 hrs.
Its usually on the 3rd revision that things get understood better.
I was looking for any better ways available.

Think of the brighter side!
User currently offlineJafa39 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 6, posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 21 hours ago) and read 2020 times:

I was given a "Help yourself to learn" Hypnotherapy tape when studying for my Outdoor Qualifications, absolutely brilliant!!! I came top of the class!

However, when I was at uni it was a different story as the essays were based on research and considered opinions so remembering stuff wasn't so important so I used to wait until all the other students had returned the reference books to the library, then i took them home for the last weekend before the assignment was due in and skimmed through looking for the underlined paragraphs, then i'd just read that section and so on and construct the essay.

But as you seem to be in MX I would recommend the hypnotherapy, meditaion side of things, the theory being that if you keep the conscious mind engaged or distracted you can then programme the subconscious directly and the subconscious can't forget things, add onto that a retrieval system and you may as well have a computer for a brain.

But after extensive research and studying young people and their habits I would have to say that drinking to excess and wearing a scarf are just as important.  Smile

User currently offlineCO7e7 From United States of America, joined Dec 2004, 2864 posts, RR: 2
Reply 7, posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 17 hours ago) and read 2011 times:

Quoting HAWK21M (Thread starter):
improve concentration

take a pill of ADEROL... (the ADD pill).. it works!

User currently offlineHAWK21M From India, joined Jan 2001, 31875 posts, RR: 54
Reply 8, posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 8 hours ago) and read 1994 times:

How about some natural,non chemical tips  Smile

Think of the brighter side!
User currently offlineShamrock330 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 9, posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 8 hours ago) and read 1991 times:

Quoting HAWK21M (Thread starter):
Anyone having any tried & tested tips on studying & improve concentration

Yes , i've got one. For your your least important subject do as little study as possible. The probability is that you will fail this exam . When the teacher gives you that big fat F notice how you fell so empty and disgusted like a real waster while your friends are hitting those top marks. This will scare the shit out of you I GUARANTEE!
This feeling of not wanting to go back to that situation EVER AGAIN will be the biggest motivation to sit down and start studying. It happened to me before and i havent gone back since!

User currently offlineETStar From Canada, joined Jan 2004, 2103 posts, RR: 7
Reply 10, posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 1963 times:

Hahha Shamrock, but that comes with a blemish, so not recommended.

But here's how it works for me. But it really is categorized into two, and is from experience:

- Math: A very hate-hate relationship. See, whatever the amount of time I put into this subject, never works out. And putting the time, believe me, I have. In fact, it turned out that the more time I put in, the worse I did. I did what the math profs advise, by the book, and practiced practiced practiced. What happened was almost failed, almost failed, almost failed. But persisted, as my degree requires it. So, by the time I got to the last two I had to take, I had accepted my weakness and just went along, stressed out less, did not do as many practice problems as before, and still did okay. But the keys to Math, apparently, are to try and be one section ahead of prof every time (ie read and try out problems before lecture), never do Math for prolonged time in any day, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS get at least 8 hours of sleep before a Math exam. I swear by the last one.

- Everything else: usually, when I have a hard time studying, it's because boredom settles in, or is it procrastination, and a.net finds its way in there. These other courses require reading, and remaining awake etc. So, what I do is take notes as I read, every book, every chapter I read. I kid you not, I read every line, writing notes, by hand. Even have a template I follow for each chapter etc. Anyways, the advantage of this is two-fold. One, I study. I do not ever think I am ready for an exam unless I have done this. I also don't remember the last time I did not go in without having read each chapter. Two, when it comes to final exams, which are cummulative, I never reopen the book, as I use my notes to study off of. Same thing for other exams, if I have read every chapter, when it comes time for an exam, I only study from say a dozen sheets that have everything I need. Simple as that. Typing them up as I read a book also works, and is faster. But the distraction is right there in front of me, so I look for a quiet room (stay at Uni whenever I have studying to do), commit not to get online (no MSN/a.net), and take a 10 - 20 minute break walking around at the end of each chapter. I can do 5 chapters a day easy. I should also mention that when it comes to exams, I have my note taking done 2 days before exam, then last two days I go over notes, take them everywhere I go. It works.

User currently offlineRyangooner From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2003, 969 posts, RR: 20
Reply 11, posted (10 years 4 months 2 weeks 16 hours ago) and read 1953 times:

How do you eat an elephant? - whole or bit by bit? - i would say bit by bit, same as studying!

we learn with repitition, its ok reading something but ideally we need to LEARN IT, reading and learning are 2 different things.
I would say read it over and over again until you know whats coming next, the same as knowing the words to a song that is continually on the radio...

I know a 3 year old that can speak chinese! how impressive is that? not very seeing as the 3 year is chinese and lives in china!, its all about repitition in small doses.


ooh to ooh to be ooh to be a gooner!
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