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Do You Believe In God?  
User currently offlineB737-112 From United States of America, joined Nov 1999, 893 posts, RR: 5
Posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5447 times:

I just wanted to get an idea of the ratio of believers vs athiests.


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User currently offlineHalcyon From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 1, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5439 times:

A lot more athiests, but:

1 believer here.


User currently offlineGemuser From Australia, joined Nov 2003, 6285 posts, RR: 6
Reply 2, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5439 times:



(A comes before B!)


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User currently offlineDLKAPA From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 3, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5439 times:

So if you don't believe in God you're an Atheist?

User currently offlineHalcyon From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 4, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5434 times:

Quoting Gemuser (Reply 2):
(A comes before B!)

Nah, because I beat you too it! Bwah ha ha! Gotta be faster than that. But, yes, normally it does.  Wink

Quoting DLKAPA (Reply 3):
So if you don't believe in God you're an Atheist?

a·the·ist ( P ) Pronunciation Key (th-st)

One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods.

User currently offlineGunsontheroof From United States of America, joined Jan 2006, 3543 posts, RR: 9
Reply 5, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5434 times:

Quoting DLKAPA (Reply 3):
So if you don't believe in God you're an Atheist?

That would be consistant with the traditional definition of "atheist".

I'm agnostic. Or, in scoreboard terminology, a tie game.

User currently offlineAeroWesty From United States of America, joined Oct 2004, 20822 posts, RR: 60
Reply 6, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5431 times:

I do not believe that there's some guy sitting up on a cloud pulling strings. It doesn't mean that I don't believe in either a higher power of some type or the possibility of a collective power.

International Homo of Mystery
User currently offlineAirxLiban From Lebanon, joined Oct 2003, 4536 posts, RR: 52
Reply 7, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5426 times:

I believe in God and I take my faith (Orthodox Christian) very seriously.

User currently offlineHalcyon From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 8, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5426 times:

Quoting Gunsontheroof (Reply 5):
That would be consistant with the traditional definition of "atheist".

I'm agnostic. Or, in scoreboard terminology, a tie game.

Do we add a point to each or no points at all?  Wink

User currently offlineCOIAH756CA From United States of America, joined Aug 2006, 506 posts, RR: 5
Reply 9, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5422 times:

I believe in a "higher power", but not religion...

Religion==The Opiate of the People

Long live Denver-STAPLETON. RIP the old and best KDEN
User currently offlineSkidmarks From UK - England, joined Dec 2004, 7121 posts, RR: 53
Reply 10, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5417 times:

Sorry, a resounding NO here.

Although my wife does. And we co-exist quite happily Big grin

Andy  old 

Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional
User currently offline9VSPO From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 11, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5417 times:

Athiest. Religion is a man-made concept based on fear.

User currently offlineSkidmarks From UK - England, joined Dec 2004, 7121 posts, RR: 53
Reply 12, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 5412 times:

Quoting 9VSPO (Reply 11):
Athiest. Religion is a man-made concept based on fear.

Bit like going to work then Ian. or getting married! Big grin

Andy  old 

Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional
User currently offlineHAWK21M From India, joined Jan 2001, 31875 posts, RR: 54
Reply 13, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 5400 times:

When you see Miracles Happening.You do.I personally believe there is a Stronger Force that Governs all things.People give it many names.

Think of the brighter side!
User currently offlineAirPacific747 From Denmark, joined May 2008, 3133 posts, RR: 25
Reply 14, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 5400 times:

Quoting B737-112 (Thread starter):
Do You Believe In God?


Follow The Greens
User currently offlineFlyjetstar From Australia, joined Feb 2006, 971 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 5393 times:

Yep I do in fact I'm a Pastor at the church I go to.

User currently offlineCedars747 From Norway, joined Dec 2005, 2723 posts, RR: 17
Reply 16, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 5393 times:

I dont believe in god but i enjoy Christmas  Wink

Tengo una pasion por la aviacion !لدي شغف للطيران !I have a passion for aviation !Jeg har en lidenskap for luftfart!j'ai
User currently offlineAirPacific747 From Denmark, joined May 2008, 3133 posts, RR: 25
Reply 17, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 5390 times:

Quoting Cedars747 (Reply 16):
I dont believe in god but i enjoy Christmas

Well said!

I enjoy my easter holiday as well

[Edited 2006-08-06 10:20:12]

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User currently offlineHalcyon From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 18, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 5377 times:

Quoting AirPacific747 (Reply 17):
I enjoy my easter holiday as well

You murder bunnies, you filth...careful, this friendly little bugger might make a stop by your lane one day...
Big version: Width: 500 Height: 375 File size: 49kb



User currently offlineQXatFAT From Israel, joined Feb 2006, 2408 posts, RR: 5
Reply 19, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 5377 times:

I am a strong believer and follower of Christ.

Don't Tread On Me!
User currently offlineAirPacific747 From Denmark, joined May 2008, 3133 posts, RR: 25
Reply 20, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 5375 times:

Quoting Halcyon (Reply 18):
You murder bunnies, you filth...careful, this friendly little bugger might make a stop by your lane one day...

Lol that's not how we celebrate easter here, just for the record.  Wink

We usually have huge (and I mean HUGE) lunch tables with lots of easter beer Big grin

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User currently offlineAerospaceFan From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 21, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 5370 times:

Quoting B737-112 (Thread starter):
I just wanted to get an idea of the ratio of believers vs athiests.

I believe in God. At least I think I do. The more interesting question to me these days is: Does God believe in us?

Look around you. Look how people are engaged in acts of destruction in the place that is most associated with the Western idea of God: The Middle East.

Ask yourself whether an infinitely wise entity would be in any way happy -- no, not happy; shall we say, satisfied? -- with what is being done in the places that he is associated with.

Does God believe in His own creation?

There are, they say, many faces of God; those that say it are usually those not identified with strict monotheism. There are places in the world where God is less anthropomorphic, more Far Eastern, perhaps. To the Western way of thinking, this idea of God is inaccurate. It's false. It's not the God that actually exists.

As I said in another thread: If God exists, He's beyond our perception. He's beyond what we can know. And the man who says he knows God can provide no proof of God, since the idea of proof reduces God to something below our knowledge. It is in some ways a contradiction in terms to say that one can know any entity whose infinity is self-defined.

Belief... that's a can of worms right there. Should the act of belief be indicative of truth? In this connection, for the above reasons, shouldn't belief be a reduction in God's magnificence, in that the belief itself is a conditional aspect that, since it can be withheld, reduces the fullness of His very concept?

Why would God need belief to exist?

I don't believe that He does.

So, a short answer to the question is: I believe in God -- in spite of Himself.

User currently offlineHalcyon From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 22, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 16 hours ago) and read 5362 times:

Quoting AirPacific747 (Reply 20):
Quoting Halcyon (Reply 18):
You murder bunnies, you filth...careful, this friendly little bugger might make a stop by your lane one day...

Lol that's not how we celebrate easter here, just for the record.

Oh, I was referring to the slaughter of chocolate bunnies, you see. Here I celebrate easter by working more than usual, b/c I do not celebrate them as religious holidays.


User currently offlineM180up From El Salvador, joined May 2006, 403 posts, RR: 5
Reply 23, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 16 hours ago) and read 5356 times:

I believe.

Quoting AerospaceFan (Reply 21):
I believe in God. At least I think I do. The more interesting question to me these days is: Does God believe in us?

He does, He trusts in us, that's why He gave us free will, so we could choose between the good path and the wrong path, He is not oppressive, he will let you fail if you decide to, but if you follow His path even against everyone's or most of the people's beliefs even with the difficulty of being against the world, you will see your life blessed in many ways.

Werner from SAL
User currently offlineAirPacific747 From Denmark, joined May 2008, 3133 posts, RR: 25
Reply 24, posted (9 years 9 months 4 weeks 16 hours ago) and read 5356 times:

Quoting Halcyon (Reply 22):
Oh, I was referring to the slaughter of chocolate bunnies, you see. Here I celebrate easter by working more than usual, b/c I do not celebrate them as religious holidays.

Ohhh okay.. well we eat chocolate bunnies too. I guess I'm guilty as charged then Big grin

And neither do I.

btw why is the picture of the helicopter in your profile not acceptable for a.net? It looks like it would have a fair chance

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25 Doona : Atheist here. Cheers Mats
26 Post contains images AirPacific747 : So we do agree on something afterall
27 ManuCH : No, I don't believe in god. Another atheist here. -Manuel
28 Post contains images Halcyon : Yes, it's sad that I'm guilty too, but I no longer hunt the eggs, as I don't approve of the slaughter of innocent me. (From that pic, I also do not a
29 EL-AL : I am a jew who believe in god. So "YES" here.
30 Post contains images AirPacific747 : Yeah I totally understand you Remember to re-size your picture in photoshop so there is no loss of quality. But believe me, I've had a lot of picture
31 Post contains images Halcyon : Yeah, I never really tried after that. Well, I never tried period, mainly because I just had no urge to. Most photos I take for myself anyway, so it'
32 Post contains images AirPacific747 : I wish I had a job like that! Good night to you, but it isn't night here
33 Post contains images LawrenceMck : I don't believe in God at all, so it's a "NO" from me here. Lawrence
34 HAWK21M : Out here.Majority of my Friends too believe in their GOD,as they could be Hindus,Sikhs,Muslims,Parsis & Christians. So I've rarely met many that don't
35 Post contains images Halcyon : Well, not really my job, as my jobs are in the EMS and resort/hotel line of things, but I do help them out and they've tried to get me to work for th
36 Post contains images Tercer : Free Will... When Jesus was nailed on the cross thier were two murderers, one on each side, about to die. One asked Jesus for forgiveness while the o
37 Gman94 : I believe in a higher power but I don't believe in man made created religion which is designed to wield power over and instill fear over mankind.
38 Post contains images AirPacific747 : Well said! And look what religion has brought: Lots and lots of wars even though it was supposed to create peace.
39 Post contains images Rammstein : Agnostic here. I don't belive in any "man-made God". And I still think that telling "God thinks this", "God says that" is an insult to the maybe exist
40 Post contains images Solnabo : I´m NO beliver in God! As someone wrote in here: its a man-made concept made out of fear! Micke//SWE
41 Kazzie : Ditto.
42 BHMNONREV : Believer: YES Worshipper: NO Just call me another lapsed Catholic...
43 Bezoar : A believer here. For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man's spirit within him? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God ex
44 Post contains images Klaus : Yes and no. I think god exists, but in a completely different way than religious doctrine claims it does. I see "god" as an idea, a collective imagina
45 CO7e7 : I was born and raised in the Old City of Jerusalem... so YES i am a believer.
46 Express1 : My wife Linda and i believe in God,Linda has done so for 20 years and i have done so now for 3 years. dave
47 ANITIX87 : i was baptised Catholic, and I was very observant until 1995. My aunt, who was 29, died suddenly of a heart attack in her sleep, two months after her
48 Aloges : I probably am what you'd call a deist: I think there could very well be something like one God, but I don't like all the strings attached to organised
49 Bezoar : We all seem to have this sense of right and wrong, a sense of human decency, of fairness and justice. From where does that sense arise?
50 FXramper : I believe that God sent his Son to die on the cross for our sins. I don't feel it necessary to attend church while practicing a good daily walk with C
51 Post contains images Klaus : Even monkeys have it, to a somewhat lesser degree (just like the capability for murder, cannibalism and war). It is an instinct which enhancess socia
52 TACAA320 : Do You Believe In God? I do ! "We believe (I believe) in one God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisi
53 AA777 : I believe in God... mostly because I believe we do consist of a spirit and a body. I think we take everything we learn in this life with us, all of ou
54 Zrs70 : What a great question! Problem is that the word "God" is so, well, loaded. Some religious leaders try to define who God is and what God wants. But if
55 PSA53 : Yes!And in Christ. Great question.Maybe another thread starter.
56 Post contains images Searpqx : Simple and direct - that's why I like ya Westy! I'm somewhere between agnostic and atheist. I pretty much reject the concept of God taught by the Abr
57 Post contains images Scbriml : Too much bad shit happens in the World for there to be an omnipotent "god", capable of anything. Religion - it's all a load of bollocks. All of it. [I
58 Diamond : More damage has been done in the last 10 years than in the previous 90. Religion in the U.S. has been completely poticized and hijacked by those who
59 Post contains images Bezoar : That's an interesting explanation. I certainly agree that there is a tendency for a society to conform, sometimes in disastrous ways. However, there
60 Klaus : As much as instincts can be triggered by spurious circumstances, our collective evolution has begun to produce many different collective entities suc
61 TRVYYZ : Believer here. I am a Christian and don't really believe in any divisions. But still a default Catholic and has not caused me any inconveniences so fa
62 Thom@s : Yup, I'm still a christian. Thom@s
63 IceTitan447 : Yes, very much so. How could anybody believe in evolution VS. God.
64 Post contains images KPDX : Yes I do! KPDX
65 Klaus : There's actually no mutual exclusion - just a difference in perspective.
66 Post contains links TACAA320 : "Does God Exist Scientifically? There are many scientific discoveries you won't learn about from high school and college textbooks. The best-known "ic
67 AeroWesty : Some of us ask how anybody could really believe there's some guy in the sky sitting on a cloud.
68 Post contains images Thom@s : Some of us don't believe that is the case.. Thom@s
69 AeroWesty : You have to admit that some do, though. How do you visualize the god you believe in?
70 Lehpron : I believe in God but not what you think, in fact I am not responsible for what you think. Having said that, in my mind, it is immpossible to not belie
71 Sabena332 : No, I don't believe in God. Patrick
72 Thom@s : "Admit"? If someone believes God is a man sitting on a cloud then fine. I personally don't think it is the case. As for answering how I visualize God
73 AeroWesty : Just for general knowledge, why then capitalize God, as a proper name, but not spirit equally?
74 Post contains images Thom@s : Man was created in Gods image. Hense he's a dude... Thom@s
75 AeroWesty : ... sittin' on a cloud somewhere, LOL
76 Post contains images Thom@s : Hehe.. something like that. Thom@s
77 A332 : Hell no... As someone who is a recovering "Christian" and has seen the horrors of fundamentalist dogma, I can proudly announce that I have given up al
78 Post contains images Klaus : Bogus. I'm sorry if you can't live with science (while still relying on it at the same time, apparently), but debunking those claims should be done i
79 Post contains images Halls120 : When I was younger, I believed that the benefits of religion outweighed the detriments. Nowdays, I believe the opposite. Religion has been the motiva
80 DrDeke : No, I do not believe in "God". I don't consider myself an atheist, as I do not claim to know for a fact that "God" does not exist, but I strongly susp
81 YYZflyer : I don't believe in God, but I believe there is a higher power than us. I used to believe in God, until I heard about science. When I live in YQR, I al
82 AeroWesty : This is one of the basic tenets of my beliefs. Can a rock recognize the intelligence of the animal kingdom? Can an animal comprehend the intelligence
83 Pawsleykat : I beleive there is a God, just not sure which one or ones. I beleive that someone or something is behind the creation of the universe. With my parents
84 NWDC10 : LOL. Do you really think God cares what church a person goes too? The question: "Do You Truly Belong to Him"? Are you considered a sheep or a goat? Y
85 Texan : I pretty much agree with Achim. Can't figure out whether I'm deist or agnostic. I think there very well could be a God who created the universe and t
86 RichPhitzwell : Ok, I'm agnostic but raised christian. If I ever meet enough people, perhaps even one, who truly acts, believes and thinks like there religion (bible)
87 Bongo : No .
88 TACAA320 : With all due respect, I live my life according with my moral principles and religious beliefs. I'm not against science [never was, and I hope I never
89 TACAA320 : In a few words, I don't have ANY problem with science or scientists. My problem is with some clowns in this world who think that are scientist [DISCL
90 Klaus : The web site you've posted above twists, misrepresents and attacks the scientific process and some of its most verified and most validated findings w
91 Zone1 : I believe. When it comes down to it you have to have faith in something. Faith that God exists or faith that he doesn't.
92 Klaus : No. I don't feel the need to have this kind of faith at all. I feel very much at home in the world without pretending that my existence was essential
93 TACAA320 : File your claim against the author and/or owner of such site [or sue them] if you want. I never endorsed or rejected what is quoted there. Just remem
94 Pulkovokiwi : Did you hear about the dyslexic,agnostic ,insomniac? He lay awake all night wondering whether there really was a dog.
95 Alaskaqantas : I will say that I don't believe in god. I just think to much about what science has done for us... yes for good and bad. But the answers that I can ge
96 Klaus : You quoted the site without further comment - which is generally understood to be an endorsement. Or are we asked to summarily dismiss all your copio
97 TACAA320 : And you didn't know that until now ? "Generally" not "always". Two different things. Quotes placed according with "the rules", since I always indicat
98 AAden : no I dont aaden
99 CraigW : Yes, however, I dislike the church which I generally find have their own self serving agenda. The worst are these evangelical types which prey on the
100 Post contains images Klaus : Ridiculous. I let you off the hook here, but we can always continue in the next evolution thread.
102 Boeing744 : I do not believe in god, and I dislike organized religion, but not religion itself. It seems that these days it is just a money making business. An ac
103 RichPhitzwell : My mother once said that church is for the social aspect and not just the religious. I do believe this to be very good advice if the people accept tho
104 Thrawn : Its a big No from me I believe people should live life how they want to live it and not be told how they should live it More wars through out the ages
105 JGPH1A : I suppose I'm a deist, but probably not even as specific as that. I suspect there are forces at work in the universe that ensure balance, and that the
106 Post contains images M180up : And I like to find someone who is really centered on his beliefs, I'm a strong believer and for this you are welcome to my RU list !
107 HAWK21M : To me..... Prayer is something thats Very Important. I'm not a Saint,But I try to be a Good Guy and I hope I can do that Always. regds MEL
108 ZK-NBT : Yes! Fully Committed follower of Jesus here!
109 Post contains links TACAA320 : Quoting Klaus (Reply 100): Ridiculous. Your post ? YES. I "generally" think so ![Edited 2006-08-07 14:45:49]
110 TACAA320 : The feeling is mutual. Welcome U to mine !
111 Halls120 : While the first sentence is a bit harsh, concur fully with the second sentence.
112 TACAA320 : We will see. Some people like to get over and over to the same theme, and never arrive to a plausible conclusion [and that's a personal impression du
113 IFEMaster : I used to be an atheist, and I would have argued to the end of time that there was no after life, no intelligent design, no Creator, and no higher bei
114 Post contains images Vikkyvik : I'll add it to my list of "books to read when i'm done reading all the books i have to read" That list never gets any shorter. Anyway, I do not belie
115 Bezoar : A fine book. Strobel's an investigative reporter by training. The book is the chronicle of his systematic investigation into claims, mostly scientifi
116 Post contains links TACAA320 : 20:24 But Thomas, one of the twelve, called Didymus, was not with them when Jesus came. 20:25 The other disciples therefore said unto him, We have se
117 Vikkyvik : Oh, I'm not worried. Quite the opposite. It will be nice to know, though. I firmly don't believe in the heaven vs. hell sort of afterlife, however (t
118 Migfan : Atheist here. I need proof of a god, and not just faith. /M
119 Post contains images Klaus : And as we all know, the self-righteous will be at the head of the queue, won't they?
120 BigOrange : No I don't. I got sent to church school for 6 years and had to attend church at least once a week in school, which made me realize what a load of cr*p
121 TACAA320 : blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed John 20,29.
122 AerospaceFan : TACAA320, may I say that I enjoy reading your defense of religion. I believe you are doing a stalwart job of doing so.
123 TACAA320 : Not now, but just wait when your time is due.
124 IFEMaster : Unfortunately, comments like this do nothing for the purpose of "spreading the good news". It's fearmongoring and unfortunately smacks of a 'holier t
125 TACAA320 : Don't you have anything to say about the remaining 123 replies ?
126 IFEMaster : No, even though I read them all. I was addressing that one line in particular, but you can apply it to all similar lines that are designed to fearmon
127 Vikkyvik : Haha, sorry, I don't know if you were being serious or not, but I got a good laugh outta that one. If it makes you happy to believe that I'm going to
128 TACAA320 : Did I say so ? Just tell where did I mention the word "hell" [this one does not count]. Just make a guess.
129 BigOrange : I don't think he said that anywhere, and even if he did, that's his opinion and he's entitled to it, just as you and I are entitled to ours. No need
130 Vikkyvik : Sorry, I inferred that from your previous statement: See above, and also, I also stated that he is entitled to his own opinion ("go ahead and believe
131 TACAA320 : Very well said ! Don't worry. But you inferred wrongly. That's ok, no problem.
132 M180up : This is what faith is based on, you believe in someone that you have not seen, but you recognize his power. God isn't someone sitting on a cloud, His
133 Post contains images DrDeke : That may be the case for you, but it is not for me, nor for many others. I have faith neither in the idea that "God" exists, nor that "God" does not
134 M180up : When the time is due everyone will be judged by God and not by any man, so I don't think he is judging anyone or saying someone will go to hell, sinc
135 Post contains images Vikkyvik : I would also be curious to know the answer to this question. That's all well and good, but he said it in response to me saying "I'm not worried." Any
136 Catholic2006 : Yes, I believe in God. ~chris~
137 A332 : Well, that's the thing with religious people... I know where I'll be when I die... it's too bad they can't say the same!
138 Jetmatt777 : Yes, I am a strong believer in Christ, God, and the Bible, I know God exists because the Bible told me so. I belive every word the Bible says and I th
139 TACAA320 : M180up already define that very well [and his answer is from a Christian perspective]. Let me quote him: " When the time is due everyone will be judg
140 Boeing744 : This attitude is one of the main reasons that I have some problems with Christianity. I think that everyone has the right to follow the religion of t
141 Post contains images DrDeke : Well, they can imply it, but as to whether it's true or not... -DrDeke
142 AerospaceFan : I see what you mean to say, but I would differ with you in that I think that he has the right to imply that if he wants. By the same token, you have
143 Post contains images Boeing744 : You are both right, I should have worded that better. That is a better way of putting it.
144 Post contains images DrDeke : This arguing was going great until all this AGREEMENT broke out!!! -DrDeke
145 Post contains images AerospaceFan : Boeing744, thank you for agreeing with me! I greatly appreciate your message. It just goes to show you that you can't predict how a thread will turn o
146 Post contains images Jetmatt777 : I know, I was just quoting what the dictionary said, because those who wer'e saying "no evidence". John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave
147 Post contains links TACAA320 : It´s not an "attitude". It´s a Christian doctrine. Even the Catholic creed (the Apostolic one) state that : "... He shall come to judge the living
148 EWRCabincrew : Jumping on the bandwagon late (as usual)... God (whosever God that may be) - no Higher Power - no Religion (organised or othwerwise) - no Do I conside
149 SpinalTap : Yes As the song goes "No matter what you look like, no matter what you do, God loves you" My point being, he still loves you even if you don't chose t
150 MigFan : We'll find out when we die. I have a feeling the religious folks are going to be disappointed... /M
151 AerospaceFan : How would this be possible, unless there is an afterlife?
152 MigFan : When nothing happens, no afterlife can be concluded. No heaven, no hell, no soul and your body rots in the ground. Consciousness fades upon death, li
153 Post contains images DrDeke : Or sleep, or anesthesia, only on a permanent basis. It's certainly not the most "fun" theory of the afterlife that has been put forth in the history
154 AerospaceFan : I do realize that, but what I meant was that disappointment presumes consciousness. The fading of consciousness itself wouldn't seem to be sufficient
155 Post contains images Vikkyvik : Wow...I could never have summed that up so succinctly. Well done. But who knows, maybe when the time comes, I'll be judged by someone else's god. The
156 M180up : Im not saying you will be judged by " My God" , for instance both the christians and muslims share some of the prophets, hence is the same God... Plu
157 Searpqx : I understand what you are trying to say, and I applaud you your faith. But many of the atrocities of our past and present can be traced to that one l
158 Zone1 : Aethism by definition claims that a god doesn't exist, but you cannot make this claim unless you are omnicent. So in making this claim you are actuall
159 TACAA320 : Or you and some others will be scared to death.
160 Post contains images Boeing744 : That may be true for you, and you have every right to believe that. I respectfully do not. I can turn right around and say, how do you know I will (k
161 Post contains images Boeing744 : Thanks, I appreciate that! Almost scary, eh? But seriously, it just goes to show you that some people can act maturely, even when discussing a heavy
162 ArmitageShanks : I'm agnostic. I would give anything to truly believe in the comfort of God. Who wouldn't? I wish I could totally believe in God but I just can't at th
163 HAWK21M : I guess with the no of posts. Folks have forgotton the Ratings. What the Scores. regds MEL
164 Lewis : Same here. I can't say I'm an atheist but I do not agree with many aspects of practicing the religion here in my country. I haven't been to church fo
165 Klaus : No. The theory of "gods" being imagined is just tightly consistent with observations of the present and the history of mankind, all over the world. T
166 Klaus : Fear, revenge and self-importance appear to figure rather prominently among your religious convictions. Maybe it's just me, but wasn't Jesus explicit
167 TACAA320 : Because you explicitly said so [see your reply 140 quoted ahead]. Once again, I never said "heaven/hell" ever, except in this and a previous post. An
168 Vikkyvik : OK, I'm going to ask this out of sincere curiousity. I'm really just curious now, and the discussion about various people's beliefs is interesting. I
169 TACAA320 : My reply 159 is an answer to reply 150 [from MigFan]. Basically every single religion is based in "morality" and "theology". Since I was not addressi
170 Vikkyvik : Relax man, I'm not saying you did. I was merely asking a question out of true curiousity. Thank you for answering. I'm not all that knowledgeable on
171 TACAA320 : Your welcome Sir. That's ok. No problem.
172 Paulc : devout athiest here filler filler filler
173 Rolfen : Does God believe in us? Yes I think he does, that is why he's leaving mankind to deal with its problems alone... So we should believe in God too and r
174 AerospaceFan : Klaus, I wonder why you would make it a point to criticize what you deem "fear, revenge and self-importance" in this case, when in fact many would sa
175 DrDeke : Well, as with all things religious, it's a matter of opinion really, isn't it? I don't see any reason whatsoever why someone would need to believe in
176 Aeroflot777 : {checkmark) Russian Orthodox Christian here... Aeroflot777
177 AerospaceFan : You make some very good points, DrDeke. It's true that some religious believers may exhibit the less admirable features of their belief, as you've des
178 Klaus : I was reacting specifically to the way TACAA was passing judgment over those he deems damned to hell, not to theoretical tenets of the faith he's pro
179 Daedaeg : I absolutely do believe in God. I couldn't even imagine what my life would be like if I didn't. I'm way too humble not to believe.
180 Post contains images Klaus : What is humble about elevating oneself to the position of being of intense interest to the maker of the universe...? I'm quite convinced that I'm jus
181 AerospaceFan : Agreed. So noted, and I do appreciate your clarification.
182 BigOrange : OK, but who wrote the bible and how do we know it's true?
183 TACAA320 : A totally unnecessary reaction. If you re-read my post 169, you will see that you are wrong about your appreciations of what I said. Once again, and
184 Post contains links TACAA320 : http://www.allabouttruth.org/who-wrote-the-bible.htm And is the word of the Lord.
185 Post contains links TACAA320 : "Who Wrote the Bible - Evidence of Divine Inspiration “Who wrote the Bible” is a question that can be definitively answered by examining the bibli
186 Boeing744 : As you say, all scripture was inspired by what the writers thought of as god. Not written by god him/her/itself. In addition to this, it is well know
187 BigOrange : Thank you to the voice of reason!! A couple of things that confuse me in religion. Supposedly we know that Jesus was born on December 25th, but how??
188 Post contains images Boeing744 : I was under the impression that he was actually born in March, and that it is a common misconception that he was born Dec. 25. I could be way off tho
189 Delta767300ER : Yes, I believe in him. We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is, seen and unseen. We believe in one
190 Klaus : No; Even the ancient egyptians had perfectly serviceable calendar systems thousands of years before. The romans who at the time had occupied Palestin
191 Zone1 : To say that bad events in history where many people died is proof that a god does not exist is puzzling to me. Couldn't the reverse be true? If the H
192 Halls120 : "Scared to death?" we'll already be dead....... the only way I would fear an all powerful entity is if I believed there was such an entity. Since I'm
193 Post contains images Boeing744 : Huh?! Since when do any secular scholars regard the bible as hard, historical evidence in all cases? Maybe, maybe some events can be taken as histori
194 Klaus : No. No all-powerful and benevolent supernatural being could ever sit by and twiddle its thumbs during the Holocaust or similar events. So either it a
195 SW733 : I used to believe in God, but...not anymore...1 non-believer here
196 Fumanchewd : Believer even though Atheism is a non-prophet organization.
197 Bezoar : One is other possibility that you didn't mention: He gave us free will. Has science determined that free will does not exist? In Christian theology t
198 Klaus : If there was a supernatural, all-powerful and benevolent god, it would certainly impose restrictions on the free will of those who were about to comm
199 ZKSUJ : Yes for me. But don't condone some things people of the same religion do such as Bible bashing etc etc...
200 Pl4nekr4zy : I'm a Christian, although I admitadly don't always act like one. I'm working on it though.
201 Gunsontheroof : Refuting the existence of free will would require the will to undertake the research required to do so. You'd have to use it to prove it didn't exist
202 Post contains links TACAA320 : Quoting Halls120 (Reply 192): "Scared to death?" we'll already be dead....... For a Christian, the death is like a bridge that we have to cross to an
203 Gunsontheroof : Historical, yes. Infallible? Probably not. I have a difficult time believing that whatever was in the original scriptures made it through a thousand
204 Fumanchewd : Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Einstien. Your reality is not mine. Are you trying to convince me of your reality. Rathe
205 Gunsontheroof : I haven't the slightest idea where you got that idea, but no. Furthermore, I think your quote is very closely tied to mine in suggesting that reality
206 TACAA320 : Since you are giving a judgement about the CC, can you prove what you said ? 'Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind'. A
207 Alfa75 : No. Although I do think that Jesus may have existed and spread a message of peace and love, and we as typical humans have screwed yet another thing up
208 Fumanchewd : Sure sounds like it to me.
209 Post contains links Gunsontheroof : You're really going to try and defend the Catholic Church (the people who brought us the flat earth!) during the middle ages? For lack of time and th
210 Post contains images SFOMEX : It won't surprise you, but I do believe in God and my faith is an important part of who I am. The Catholic Church is the church founded by Christ and
211 Gunsontheroof : At no point in this thread did I either define reality (as I'm not sure what it is) or attempt to get you to accept it. Stop being a pill.
212 Post contains links TACAA320 : Why not ? Let see: "...Was the medieval church corrupt? Certainly there were abuses, grounded in human weakness, but the overall impression of vitali
213 Gunsontheroof : These abuses (attrocities?) certainly weren't grounded in the corruption that comes with being the most powerful political body in the world... Very
214 Bezoar : The greater the capacity for doing good also comes with a greater capacity for doing evil. One of the comforts for those of Christian faith is that o
215 TACAA320 : We don't need to go so far in history to talk about "atrocities". Just take a look at your country, and your neighbor's countries. All the struggle n
216 Post contains images Gunsontheroof : I'm well aware of the atrocities that the United States has committed and/or sanctioned in the Middle East, Latin America, Indochina and elsewhere (i
217 Boeing744 : This is all true, but it just proves that no one is innocent. Your religion has had it's attrocities, so does Islam, Judaism, and basically pretty mu
218 TACAA320 : Peace to you also. Excellent post by the way !
219 Post contains images Gunsontheroof : In case you haven't noticed, this is pretty much how the world has turned out. I'm not sure that I see how denying the existence of God transcends ba
220 Airbus3801 : Sorry I am having problems understanding, not believe in God directly applies to basic biological functions riiigggghhhhttt. You lost your credibilit
221 Post contains images Halcyon : Which transcends basic bio functions, is what he said. ie, the reason to have a moral code is God. Otherwise he is right, what is to stop me from kil
222 Gunsontheroof : I have a difficult time believing that humans not killing each other indiscriminately is dependent on a God-instilled moral conscience. If this were
223 Post contains images Halcyon : Well, we don't practice incest (too much), don't eat our young, etc. So, yeah, we do kinda' transcend that realm, no? And as for the indiscriminate k
224 Gunsontheroof : For instance...? Keep in mind that in some circumstances, people are completely unbothered by the killing of others. There were more than a few Anglo
225 Halcyon : Dog killed my goat. Left the carcass as soon as it was dead. Never returned. Cat played with the mouse, killed it, left it. Beagle snuck in and kille
226 Post contains images Gunsontheroof : Sharks do this too. They take a chunk out of a boogie boarder, realize it's not a seal because it tastes weird and swim away. Nature's cruel equivela
227 Post contains images Halcyon : Well, no, it ran it in circles, then grabbed it's leg, then got it's throat, then just left...it killed a cat once and did not mean to...this was jus
228 AerospaceFan : I think that, in a sense, the question of whether God exists is a bit like asking whether law exists. Law exists in our society, but there are societi
229 Bezoar : Allow me to repost what I said. I think you guys missed my use of commas. I was listing various 'denials' that eliminate man's impetus to live to a h
230 Migfan : Don't feel bad most Christians I know are that way, or worse, religious when it suits their agenda. He is not. A pod of wild dolphins will often trai
231 AerospaceFan : Quite right, it seems to me. Rationality is a tool that, like any other tool, can be used for any purpose arising from the mind of man. In this conne
232 AerorobNZ : No I don't believe in God. and it is my belief that people are the biggest reason for a God not to exist. The at the core of mankind are the very urge
233 AerospaceFan : I would agree that one anthropological view of religion is that it was created to serve human purposes. The "sky god" was the absent law-giver that a
234 Post contains links TACAA320 : Quoting Migfan (Reply 230): Quoting BigOrange (Reply 187): Also how is Jesus related to God? Quoting Migfan (Reply 230): He is not. Jesus is God. Fath
235 AerospaceFan : I agree. It makes no sense, otherwise. God isn't two separate entities; one never prays to the Father as an alternative to Christ, or vice versa. The
236 TACAA320 : Just a simple question: Why ?
237 Post contains images Tango29 : My words exactly, although i was raised as a catholic i stopped believing in religion a long time ago, i do respect people who believe in religion bu
238 TACAA320 : Like people in Lebannon and Israel for example ?
239 Post contains images DrDeke : Hey, we agree on something! I too think this is a perfect example of how killing each other because of differing religious views is, as you so succin
240 Gunsontheroof : I think saying that these people are killing each other "over religion" is oversimplifying things a bit. The conflicts in the Middle East today are r
241 TACAA320 : I wish I can. But I only asked a question. In a few words, I'm not exactly endorsing your position in this regard. Can I say according to you that Ta
242 Post contains images BigOrange : But Delta767-300 said that Jesus is the son of God which in turn means that Joseph wasn't the father..or are we saying Joesph is the father, which th
243 TACAA320 : " After this time his wife Elizabeth conceived, and she went into seclusion for five months, saying, 25 "So has the Lord done for me at a time when he
244 Post contains images Doona : See, that's just a little too much Appalachia for me, really... *cue the banjo and the overalls* Cheers Mats
245 Aero145 : Don't believe in anything. Maybe I do, but I don't know what it is. Signed, me.
246 BigOrange : Is that supposed to answer my question. If so can you translate it into real English, I don't understand any of the biblical language!
247 TACAA320 : As long as I know it's "real English". No translation is needed at all.
248 Padraighaz : I think it is fairer to let atheists say what atheism is, and christians define christianity etc. In this case, I will say I'm an atheist because the
249 Boeing757/767 : Agnostic here (living in the Bible Belt.)
250 TACAA320 : I do. And I really mean it !
251 Bezoar : 1. "who created the creator?" This question presumes that God had to be created. Atheists often argue that the universe has always existed, so one ne
252 TACAA320 : "...And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, and born of the Father before all ages. (God of God) light of light, true God of true
253 TACAA320 : Then agnostics don`t count in this thread.
254 Post contains images TACAA320 : That's a shame! Nobody seems to be willing to translate that for you into "real English".
255 Padraighaz : Of course! And to the extent it is, it nullifies the old "there must be an ultimate creator" proof of god, since now we can accept there doesn't have
256 HAWK21M : I believe there is a controlling force.Some people call them GOD,Jesus,Ram,Allah. regds MEL
257 Post contains images Bezoar : If all religions agreed on everything, the Middle East would be a Garden of Eden.
258 ThePRGuy : I'd really like to be able to believe in God, but I can't.... Thanks PR
259 TACAA320 : Try to prove what you said.
260 Padraighaz : I don't have to; I was being sarcastic in response to: Which asserts unbelief leads to diverse conclusions. Regards, Padraig Houlahan
261 Bezoar : My comment was intended to assert that our pre-existing beliefs, whatever they may be, will have an impact our conclusions. Perhaps how I expressed t
262 Post contains images Aero145 :
263 Asturias : Of course, I belive in God. I am Catholic and made that choice after considering it very well. I believe and my faith is strong. Praying is good for t
264 MesaMXORD : I believe in god. Don't go to church all the time but I believe. On a lighter note did anyone see Dane Cook on his tour. He had a joke about an atheis
265 Garnetpalmetto : Locked due to length.
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