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Is America The Best Country In The World?  
User currently offlineVirgin744 From United States of America, joined Nov 1999, 923 posts, RR: 4
Posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 4330 times:

There are some people that seem to think America is the best place in the world. Granted, it may be one of the nicest places around for many reasons but that doesnt make it the BEST!

Now I'm not trying to create a 'hate America' campaign here but certain individuals, (lets just say those that have a right hand as a girlfriend and the intelligence of someone still learning how to write 'joined-up') assume that America is their idea of the most perfect country in the world.

Now there are a lot of things that are wrong about America that one can utter in one sentence, such as her legal system (one that allows people to sue for virtually anything even the most ridiculous of things, like "man thinks he died, sues airliner" or the hypocritical Government that sells arms to terrorist harbouring countries and then goes to war with that country on the basis of harbouring terrorists!
But that cant be as stupid as the individuals that think the rest of the world is worse than America.

When you grow up and learn about the stupidity of Americans and how hypocritical America is, maybe, just maybe you'll realise why so many countries and people hate America's hypocrisy and what she stands for.

NOTE: To all you assholes who are gonna 'try' and take a swipe at me, I do not hate America, nor do I think that all this bad shit going on towards America is justified BUT all I'm saying is that the sooner you realise how you've screwed up so many countries and try to correct them, the more people will admire you!

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User currently offlineRussianplnelvr From United States of America, joined Sep 2001, 228 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 4177 times:

Virgin744, I understand where you're coming from 100%. I am an American who lives in California and I see/hear this kind of crap everyday. There are so many people here that trust whatever our government tells us. These are also some of the people who turn a blind eye to the rest of the world. This is only my opinion, but I feel like Americans are taught to be selfish and forget or don't recognize that there is a world outside the borders of the USA. Many don't have a clue how the govt and legal systems work in other countries and probably think you'll get your head cut off in England for stealing a bagel. (that was partially a joke).
So to sum it all up, I feel that some Americans say "This is the best place in the world!!" simply because it is what we are supposed to think and it wouldn't occur for some to think otherwise.

User currently offlineRyanb741 From United Kingdom, joined Mar 2002, 3222 posts, RR: 15
Reply 2, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 4169 times:

Agreed, but having said that the USA is a pretty cool place though. Especially in terms of diversity. Okay, so it's not as 'free' as it likes to think it is but if its people are happy with their lives then I don't see any problems.

I used to think the brain is the most fascinating part of my body. But, hey, who is telling me that?
User currently offlineAirmale From Botswana, joined Sep 2004, 391 posts, RR: 1
Reply 3, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 4162 times:

According to a survey the happiest people in the world are the Danish so I guess Denmark is the best country in the world, off topic but just thought Id let you know Smile

.....up there with the best!
User currently offlineBanco From United Kingdom, joined Oct 2001, 14752 posts, RR: 52
Reply 4, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 1 day ago) and read 4155 times:

According to the UN, Canada is the best place to live in the world. However, whilst the issue of whether the US is the best country in the world is necessarily subjective, it is without doubt one of the best countries in the world.

I've been there many times and I love it. I would say though that I have no desire to be American or to move there - I'm perfectly happy to be British. Take pride in your own country, just as all Americans should be proud of theirs.

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User currently offlineDasa From East Timor, joined Aug 2001, 760 posts, RR: 6
Reply 5, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 1 day ago) and read 4149 times:

Apparently, Melbourne is the most livable city in the world...
But best country in the world is very susceptible to your own opinions. I think India is the best country in the world, simply because I love the country, but I know many will disagree with me, and I respect that. In the end, the best country in the world is whatever YOU believe it is, not what someone else tells you.

User currently offlineRickster From Austria, joined Dec 2000, 653 posts, RR: 3
Reply 6, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 1 day ago) and read 4146 times:

I´m European, and i like it.

User currently offlineVirgin744 From United States of America, joined Nov 1999, 923 posts, RR: 4
Reply 7, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 1 day ago) and read 4140 times:

Russianplnelvr et al,
Thankyou for coming up with sensible & honest opinions! And especially for saying that even as an American you can see how naive 'some' people are towards their countrymen, country & the world that exists outside of the U.S-I give you a great deal of respect for that!

I personally live in the UK but am of Turkish origin, and feel that of all the places in the world, Turkey is up near the top if not at the peak, BUT having said that, the U.K & U.S are places that I would feel very happy living in. It's just a shame that you get people who 'haven't' been around the world & seen how good other countries are too! I've been to countries in the far east, the middle east, europe loved them, and their people, and it makes me think 'these people are so humble' cos they never go around thinking their country is the best in the world, they may say that its one of the nicest places to live but they are also quick to point out the mistakes of their countries too...Now compare that to some of the people I've met on Airliners.net who are from the US and people in the US and they think the sun shines out of America's ass! They think that the world outside the US is corrupt, unstable, dangerous & full of dictators...errrrr Ok maybe they're right on the last one.  Wink/being sarcastic (joke'ish) but you get what I'm saying....

Now is it me or are 99% of Americans who've never left their country or worse still state, still believing that America is the BEST country in the world? I think they should go get a passport and get on a plane and go see what they have been missing!

On another point, America IS fast becoming a country 'percieved' to be full of lawsuit-crazy people who just want to get rid of anyone & anything that stands in their way. If this is true, maybe they should take a vacation-outside north america.

I just WISH that America shows more of the world to her people & gives respect to countries where it's due, likewise Americans should really look at whats going on outside of America before they blow their trumpet about how good America is! America IS a fantastic place, but far from being the BEST!

User currently offlineEal401 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 8, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 1 day ago) and read 4134 times:

It is true to say that a high proportion of US citizens have not ventured beyond their own borders, and are now less likely to e.g. Bruce "Not so hard after all!" Willis!

I too am a UK citizen, but for the record, we have a pathetic police force who are usually more interested in suing for spurious racist/sexist reasons, a compensation culture that is more out of control than in the US. I could go on, but as I have said before, no country is perfect.

User currently offlineJetService From United States of America, joined Feb 2000, 4798 posts, RR: 10
Reply 9, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 19 hours ago) and read 4118 times:

 Sleepy zzzzzzz

"Shaddap you!"
User currently offlineXtristarx From Germany, joined Aug 2000, 280 posts, RR: 2
Reply 10, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 19 hours ago) and read 4108 times:

there isnt a best or a worst country in the world.
goodnes, what a question....who need this

User currently offlineLeftseat86 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 11, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 19 hours ago) and read 4103 times:

America is awesome... Big grin

User currently offlineIainhol From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 12, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 17 hours ago) and read 4084 times:

I certainly think it is the best place on earth!

User currently offlineIndianGuy From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 13, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 17 hours ago) and read 4083 times:

In many ways it is certainly the best place on earth.

It could get even better if they managed to banish the Republicans to Siberia!

User currently offlineMilldoh From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 14, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 17 hours ago) and read 4083 times:

The best part is that we don't have ass clowns like you making up these ridiculous posts.

User currently offlineLeftseat86 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 15, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 17 hours ago) and read 4077 times:

Actually Indian Guy, it is the fact that we have both that makes the place so great!

User currently offlineJetService From United States of America, joined Feb 2000, 4798 posts, RR: 10
Reply 16, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 17 hours ago) and read 4076 times:

[wakes up, rolls over, pounds pillow]  Sleepy zzzzzzz

"Shaddap you!"
User currently offlineHepkat From Austria, joined Aug 2000, 2341 posts, RR: 2
Reply 17, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 17 hours ago) and read 4077 times:

Hmmm....where shall I start?

Ok, my opinion on this topic is that there is hardly such a thing as the best country in the world. Rather, in my travels I've found that different areas of the world seem to "specialize" in a few areas of what constitutes the perfect living conditions. For our part (the U.S.), we seem to have mastered the concept of personal freedoms and rights. No matter what you all might say about us, I remained convinced that the U.S. offers more rights and freedoms per capita than any other country. Hence the multitude of litigious Americans clogging up the justice system. Virgin744, you fail to realize that we sue because it's our right under the law. This right has made the U.S. what it is today, a country where, even Europeans have to admit, the service is top-notch. This has also forced companies to treat customers with respect and dignity. I've seen the way companies treat people here in Austria, and I have to say, it's most disgusting but they get away with it because there's not a damn thing any consumer can do about it. While still in NY, I came very close to suing my landlord a few years ago, because her defective heater cost me over $2000 in utility bills which she refused to pay. Well, the court papers I served her snapped her back to her senses. Similarly, I had to take a roommate to court for skipping out on the rent deposit while in college. He had stopped returning my calls, but after filing a lawsuit in court, his parents sent me a check in no time. Another case in point, I ordered tickets to a musical here in Vienna several months ago. Well, I paid for and picked up the tickets, and the next day (a Saturday), my friend and I drove the 1.5 hours to see the show. When we got there, we were told we had the wrong tickets. The tickets we had were for the Friday show. So we had to buy new tickets since we had already driven 1.5 hours and really wanted to see the show. The following Monday I went to the ticket agent and explained that they must have sold me tickets with the wrong dates, and that I wanted my money back, but was rudely rebuffed. They claimed it was my fault as I should have checked the tickets, even though when I ordered then I explained to the lady that I work during the week and my only chance to see the show was on a Saturday. Never mind that I even specifically asked for Saturday tickets. They screwed up and so I lost my money. I decided not to argue any more with the agency, so I promptly went to the court building and filed a lawsuit. There I met a very nice judge who listened to my case and advised me not to go through with the lawsuit. Why? According to her, I would surely lose the case as no court in Austria would ever rule in my favor, PLUS, if I lost, I would be responsible for the legal fees of this ticket agency's high priced lawyers. She further advised me that consumers rarely win cases. I was furious! I felt as if I could receive no justice! Now, in the U.S., they would have most likely refunded my tickets from the beginning with a simple apology, or even if threatened with a lawsuit, they would have quickly opted to settle out of court.

Get the point Virgin744? We sue because we have rights to freedom, property and the pursuit of happiness, which no one, not even the government, is allowed to violate. Sure, there are showcase violations of the law every now and then, but we ALWAYS have some legal recourse. (Seen all those ridiculous laws Congress has just passed? Don't worry, they'll soon be overturned by the courts.)

Now, to the part about travelling. Before we judge the American any further, consider the fact that the United States is comprised of fifty different countries, each with their own customs, culture, music, food, etc. Americans don't have to leave the union to experience another way of life, or experience another culture. Plus, we have Canada to the north and Mexico and the Caribbean to the south, none of which recqure passports for a visit. Furthermore, unlike most other countries, we use a drivers license as identification, not a passport, since most of us will never recquire one. Also, don't forget that once you enter the borders of the U.S., there is NO CONTROL over where you go or what you do, unlike most countries I've been to which recquire foreigners to carry a passport at all times and to fill out a registration form with the police. As a result of this, most Americans have never seen a passport, have no need for one, and will never see one within their life times. When I left NY to live in San Francisco a few years ago, it was like being in a completely different country. I had to get a new drivers license, I had to get used to the different culture there, the different climate, etc. Also, do not forget that unlike every other country in the world, the U.S. is COMPLETELY self-reliant. We are able to produce everything that we need. This has created a culture where Americans have no need to learn about the outside world, whereas you all depend on the U.S. in some form or another (whether militarily, financially, technically, etc.), so it is within your interests to learn more about us. This is why you all see our news/media, while we never get to see yours. This should never be taken personally, or construed to mean that Americans care any less about the outside world. From your experiences, you all know that Americans are very friendly and welcoming to outsiders, unlike in many, many other countries. I can dare say that in our system, there is absolutely no difference between a foreigner and citizen, except that the citizen can vote while a foreigner can't. This just goes to prove that contrary to what many may believe, we respect and take an interest in foreigners and where they come from, just not in a way that many people readily understand.

Sure, I will agree that many times Americans go overboard and believe they are the center of the universe, but this is a behavior endemic to citizens of all superpower states. I'll bet you anything that Brits during the colonial era, 17th. century French, the Romans during their heyday, etc., were all accused of the same.

However, what we lack in modesty, we more than make up for in humanity. Whenever disaster strikes, we are the first on the scene, while asking for and receiving very little in return. Americans give more to charity than any other nation, we share our research and technology with the rest of the world, we have come to the defence of countless countries countless times, we've given refuge and opportunity to innumerable immigrants even while Western Europe insisted on its closed-door policies, American taxpayers have spent untold trillions rebuilding and securing war-torn states (our Bosnian "foray" has cost us over a billion a day, not including aid they will receive to rebuild), and the list goes on and on.

The bottom line, I'm damn proud to be an American, and while I am frustrated by our shortcomings, I'm very proud of our achievements and humanitarian nature.

User currently offlineDelta-flyer From United States of America, joined Jul 2001, 2682 posts, RR: 6
Reply 18, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 16 hours ago) and read 4060 times:

OK, Virgin, so America sucks. How come so many people bust their asses to come here, then? Obviously, these immigrants must not exactly see eye to eye with you.

Has it ever occurred to you that different people view things from different perspectives? How can you define a whole country based on your perceived notions of just 2 vague characteristics?

Hypocrisy? If you can show me a country or a person who is totally devoid of hypocrisy then you are either lying or fooling yourself.

Legal system? It happens to be a model for many other countries. Sure, there are abuses, but at least it is accessible to all citizens. And, many of these frivolous lawsuits end up dead.

Show me other countries that welcome displaced and destitute people in such large numbers, that are first to offer foreign aid in time of disasters, that tolerate a vast and varied array of cultures, religions, ethnic and political groups within their borders?

Don't let our apparent internal friction give you the idea that there is something wrong here. It is a sign of healthy improvement, growth and learning.


"In God we trust, everyone else bring data"
User currently offlineWhistler From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 19, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 15 hours ago) and read 4046 times:

Whats your problem Virgin744? So what if Americans say they live in the best country in the world, a lot of Canadians say Canada is the best country in the world, lots of Australians say they live in the best country in the world, etc etc. It is called PRIDE.

User currently offlineYKA From Netherlands, joined Sep 2001, 766 posts, RR: 0
Reply 20, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 15 hours ago) and read 4045 times:

US and Canada are pretty much the same country, so all things said about the US also apply to Canada. Both counties are nice and new as oposed to Europe which is filled with ugly old buildings but looks can be deceiving and North America isn't all that its cracked up to be. I would have to say that the living conditions for the average American or Canadian are no better then those of the average person living in western or central Europe.

Therefore, I do not how anyone can justify calling America an all-around greatest country in the world. Perhaps in space exploration and technological development, yes. In terms of a supperior persenal freedoms and better living conditions for the averge citizen....unlikely.

User currently offlineWhistler From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 21, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 15 hours ago) and read 4039 times:

I spent some time in the US last summer, and while some things are similar (cars, architecture, scenery, stores, etc) they are very different countries. The differences are too numerous to list. Maybe they are pretty simliar compared to Mexico or something... but they aren't like the same country at all  Smile.

User currently offlineCapt.Picard From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 22, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 15 hours ago) and read 4037 times:

MMmmmmm let me think........

America has brought us

1) Boeing  Big thumbs up

2) Starbucks  Big thumbs up (a bit of a rip-off, but hey)

3) Borders books, music & video store (plus Starbucks)  Big thumbs up

4) Amazon.com  Big thumbs up

5) Dunkin' Donuts! Yay!!  Big thumbs up

6) The 'Dunkaccino"  Big thumbs up

7) Las Vegas!!  Big thumbs up (I will make a pilgrimage some day!)

8) President Bush!  Big thumbs up (Highly entertaining, and I just love the way he pronounces "w"!)

9) California  Big thumbs up

10) Miami  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

11) Great restaurants Big grin

12) Beautiful girls  Big thumbs up

Yep, spent a summer over there and had one of the best times in my life. Definitely a great place.

I'm not sure it's the best, but it's No.1 on my list.


User currently offlineJaspike From United Kingdom, joined Feb 2008, 1 posts, RR: 2
Reply 23, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 14 hours ago) and read 4031 times:

England's the best. It doesn't even need to be stated.

 Smile/happy/getting dizzy

User currently onlineN766UA From United States of America, joined Jul 1999, 8731 posts, RR: 23
Reply 24, posted (14 years 6 months 1 week 14 hours ago) and read 4029 times:


This Website Censors Me
25 Post contains images Whistler : "4 words... NO COUNTRY IS PERFECT" ...But some are closer than others .
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35 Dmjm0817 : 4th generation American here. IT IS the best country in the world as far as I'm concerned. Would NEVER want to live anywhere else. DJ
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42 Post contains images N400QX : Good morning from the greatest nation on God's green earth.... upward and onward.
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49 Post contains images PHX-LJU : Dmjm0817 >>One other thing: Thank GOD that George W. Bush is our President. That is certainly debatable... I love America, and I respect my president,
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54 Hepkat : Avion, yes, the U.S. is completely self-reliant. Most of what we import are in fact luxury items. If it were necessary, the country could rely on its
55 Alpha 1 : Actually, Hepkat, we're not completely self-reliant. We import millions of barrels of oil a year-that isn't a luxury item; we get many of our products
56 Hepkat : I beg to differ. We import most of what we do because it's simply much cheaper to do so. If there were some world crisis, the U.S. could theoretically
57 JetService : In school I was told what Hepkat is saying. The US is the only country that can be self-sustained. Many counties fall short particularly in the areas
58 Aussiemite : Hepkat JetService The amount of time it would take to train people in the manufacturing proccess would be incredible... If for some reason you need to
59 Post contains images JetService : "btw JetService thats a very silly remark you were told in school." Aussiemite, it wasn't just a remark. Was very specific and indepth discussion last
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67 Post contains images Soren-a : Damn why is it that it is first after you have posted our reply that you see your spelling errors? I meant to write: would it have something to do wi
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