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This Vs That  
User currently offlineQXatFAT From Israel, joined Feb 2006, 2408 posts, RR: 5
Posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 17 hours ago) and read 7240 times:

This might be totaly stupid but I thought I would try at least something fun right? Okay here it goes...

This vs that. Answer the question above you to your preference of the two and then have your own for the next person to answer.

Muffins vs Dougnuts


Don't Tread On Me!
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User currently offlineIAH777 From United States of America, joined Mar 2008, 0 posts, RR: 4
Reply 1, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 17 hours ago) and read 7235 times:

Quoting QXatFAT (Thread starter):
Muffins vs Dougnuts

I'm a cop, so doughnuts pwn all. Muffins are for those afraid to ride the edge of life. And for those who love life enough to avoid those sweet, sweet halos of cardiac arrest Heaven.

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

User currently offlineANCFlyer From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 2, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 17 hours ago) and read 7228 times:

Quoting IAH777 (Reply 1):
Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

Diet Coke please, to go along with the donuts . . .   

Interstate Highways/Autobahns/Motorways versus back country scenic route?

[Edited 2006-11-26 03:24:03]

User currently offlineYegmaster From Canada, joined Dec 2004, 1023 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 17 hours ago) and read 7225 times:

Quoting ANCFlyer (Reply 2):
Interstate Highways/Autobahns/Motorways versus back country scenic route?

Washers versus Dryers

User currently offlineKFLLCFII From United States of America, joined Sep 2004, 3434 posts, RR: 24
Reply 4, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 16 hours ago) and read 7214 times:

Quoting Yegmaster (Reply 3):
Washers versus Dryers

Dryers...Doesn't do any good if they're still wet  Wink

Ford vs. Chevy?

"About the only way to look at it, just a pity you are not POTUS KFLLCFII, seems as if we would all be better off."
User currently offlineIAH777 From United States of America, joined Mar 2008, 0 posts, RR: 4
Reply 5, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 16 hours ago) and read 7206 times:

Quoting KFLLCFII (Reply 4):
Ford vs. Chevy?

I've owned a Ford T-bird, F-150 and a GMC Yukon. I must admit, the Yukon has given me nearly nothing to fix in the four years I've owned it. The F-150 and Thunderchicken have left me stranded plenty of times. My next vehicle will likely be another GM SUV (Tahoe, Suburban or Yukon) based on that.

Vacation: exotic topical isle or wintry wonderland?

User currently offlineKFLLCFII From United States of America, joined Sep 2004, 3434 posts, RR: 24
Reply 6, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 16 hours ago) and read 7199 times:

Quoting IAH777 (Reply 5):
Vacation: exotic topical isle or wintry wonderland?

Wintery wonderland is not a vacation. Exotic tropical isle...

scrambled vs. sunny-side up

"About the only way to look at it, just a pity you are not POTUS KFLLCFII, seems as if we would all be better off."
User currently offlineCO7e7 From United States of America, joined Dec 2004, 2864 posts, RR: 2
Reply 7, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 16 hours ago) and read 7199 times:

Quoting IAH777 (Reply 5):
exotic topical isle or wintry wonderland?

i'll go with the wintery wonderland

apple pie v. pumpkin pie

User currently offlineANCFlyer From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 8, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 16 hours ago) and read 7188 times:

Quoting KFLLCFII (Reply 6):
Wintery wonderland is not a vacation

 irked  grumpy  wink 

Quoting KFLLCFII (Reply 6):

Quoting CO7e7 (Reply 7):
apple pie

With a slice of Cheddar - nice sharp cheddar - Cheese . . . .

New York Strip or a Ribeye Steak . . . with onion rings of course.

User currently offlineMir From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 22871 posts, RR: 53
Reply 9, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 16 hours ago) and read 7185 times:

Quoting CO7e7 (Reply 7):
apple pie v. pumpkin pie

Either one can be better than the other if made right, but in general apple is better.

Laptop vs. Desktop


7 billion, one nation, imagination...it's a beautiful day
User currently offlineCarmenlu15 From Guatemala, joined Dec 2004, 4763 posts, RR: 26
Reply 10, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 16 hours ago) and read 7183 times:

Quoting Mir (Reply 9):
Laptop vs. Desktop

Desktop, somehow I find them easier to handle.

Airbus or Boeing  stirthepot 

Don't expect to see me around that much (if at all) -- the contact link should still work, though.
User currently offlineHAWK21M From India, joined Jan 2001, 31875 posts, RR: 54
Reply 11, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 15 hours ago) and read 7177 times:

Quoting Carmenlu15 (Reply 10):
Airbus or Boeing

Boeing.....I've not worked on Airbus Aircraft yet.  Smile

Vada pav or Masala dosa.


Think of the brighter side!
User currently offlineFXramper From United States of America, joined Dec 2005, 7475 posts, RR: 78
Reply 12, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 15 hours ago) and read 7177 times:
Support Airliners.net - become a First Class Member!


diet coke (with splenda)

scenic route


tropical island

scrambled eggs

pumpkin pie



beer or wine?

User currently offlineCOIAH756CA From United States of America, joined Aug 2006, 506 posts, RR: 5
Reply 13, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 15 hours ago) and read 7163 times:

Quoting FXramper (Reply 12):

I have the exact same for all. Big grin

Quoting FXramper (Reply 12):
beer or wine?

I like wine... buttttttt.. Bring on the Coors.

Continental vs. American

[Edited 2006-11-26 05:13:46]

Long live Denver-STAPLETON. RIP the old and best KDEN
User currently offlineOldman55 From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 1525 posts, RR: 17
Reply 14, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 15 hours ago) and read 7155 times:

[quote=COIAH756CA,reply=13]Continental vs. American[/quote
Continental: At least they GIVE you meals!!!

Los Angeles vs. NYC

too bad most of us get too soon old and too late smart
User currently offlineQXatFAT From Israel, joined Feb 2006, 2408 posts, RR: 5
Reply 15, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 7145 times:


Adidas shoes vs Puma shoes

Don't Tread On Me!
User currently offlineOldman55 From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 1525 posts, RR: 17
Reply 16, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 7140 times:

Quoting QXatFAT (Reply 15):
Adidas shoes vs Puma shoes

Adidas just because a is first letter of alphabet lol

McDonalds vs. Burger King

too bad most of us get too soon old and too late smart
User currently offlineShyFlyer From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 17, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 7129 times:

Quoting Oldman55 (Reply 16):

McDonalds vs. Burger King

Burger King

Prop vs Jet?

User currently offlineLazarus31 From New Zealand, joined Jul 2006, 161 posts, RR: 1
Reply 18, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 7122 times:

Quoting ShyFlyer (Reply 17):
Prop vs Jet?

Jet of course

Fender strat Vs Ibanez 7 string guitars

User currently offlineCO7e7 From United States of America, joined Dec 2004, 2864 posts, RR: 2
Reply 19, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 7120 times:

Quoting ShyFlyer (Reply 17):
Prop vs Jet?


Blondes or brunettes?

User currently offlineGQfluffy From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 20, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 7120 times:

Quoting CO7e7 (Reply 19):


T or A? Big grin

User currently offlineCO7e7 From United States of America, joined Dec 2004, 2864 posts, RR: 2
Reply 21, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 7109 times:

Quoting GQfluffy (Reply 20):
T or A?


Sprite v. 7up

User currently offlineOldman55 From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 1525 posts, RR: 17
Reply 22, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 7105 times:

Quoting GQfluffy (Reply 20):
T or A?

uhhh what???? = signed by 95% of a.net
for me neither I prefer P

too bad most of us get too soon old and too late smart
User currently offlineQXatFAT From Israel, joined Feb 2006, 2408 posts, RR: 5
Reply 23, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 7105 times:

Quoting CO7e7 (Reply 21):
Sprite v. 7up

Sprite deffinatly  Smile

FedEx vs UPS

Don't Tread On Me!
User currently offlineOldman55 From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 1525 posts, RR: 17
Reply 24, posted (9 years 6 months 1 week 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 7095 times:

Quoting QXatFAT (Reply 23):
FedEx vs UPS

FedEx to keep FX Ramper happy since Texas lost today  Cool

aisle vs. window geez this is a.net lol

too bad most of us get too soon old and too late smart
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105 QXatFAT : Geography for sure! WW 2 movies or Vietnam movies?
106 Oldman55 : WW2 We were the good guys then!!!
107 QXatFAT : Who would you want as an ally more... North Korea vs Iran Ohh this might be a touchy one...
108 Oldman55 : Iran has oil also so really a no-brainer!!
109 QXatFAT : Well it is hard because we do have other oil sources. I would have chosen North Korea. Motorola or LG cell phone?
110 ANCFlyer : More to the fact than fiction I believe . . . Would rather have North Korea as an ally. Iran, and middle east as a whole, might profess tobe allies,
111 Post contains images Oldman55 : I am still stuck in the 20th century so no cell phone lol Dog or Cat?? forgot to do this part the last few times
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125 Saxdiva : Ahem... you're supposed to post another comparison for the next player. Sheesh. And here I thought *I* was the drunk tonight.
126 Post contains images QXatFAT : Hey had to give you some kind of a nock right? I mean I have never really talked to you so it might have been uncalled for so I am sorry but I see yo
127 Oldman55 : Zoo at least there most of the animals don't have to put on *shows* snakes or alligators??
128 Saxdiva : Depends on my mood, but most days I eat chicken or fish. Sucks gettin' old. Snakes. I don't like reptiles that can outrun me. Red or white?[Edited 20
129 QXatFAT : Alligators if they are in the Zoo haha Corn on the cob or Corn out of a can
130 Saxdiva : Cob. Canned corn is just too weird. Red or white?
131 QXatFAT : If we are talking about wine Red of course Chips and Salsa or Chips and Guacomole
132 Saxdiva : That's a tough one. I'm gonna say salsa, because if I'm gonna have all those calories, I'd rather it be in the form of margaritas. Dogs or cats?
133 Oldman55 : Salsa Tex- Mex or Mex-Mex?? if there is such a ting lol
134 Post contains images QXatFAT : Dogs Mexican real! Nothing like it Shoes or Flip Flops
135 Thom@s : Shoes, always shoes... Thom@s
136 QXatFAT : Sienfeld or Friends?
137 Post contains images Oldman55 : Another one who didn't read the rules arms or legs??
138 Post contains images Thom@s : Rats... forgot to add my own question... Erm, since I've never heard of Sienfeld, I'll go with Friends. Sun or snow? Thom@s
139 QXatFAT : How about both at the same time? haha Snow though Oak or Cedar wood?
140 Oldman55 : oak??? Sunlight or moonlight
141 QXatFAT : Ahhh I love the Sunlight in the Amazon jungle right after it rains. I think I have a few pics of it on my laptop somewhere from when I was in the Ama
142 Thom@s : Encycla..enscy.. the first one. Terminator or Govenor? Thom@s
143 Post contains images QXatFAT : Haha nice one! It is hard to say...I will have to go for Govenor. He has done a good job here so far in California. Happy to say I voted for him Jack
144 Post contains images Thom@s : Hmm, Jeckie Chan has some fun films and stunts... but Bruce Lee is Bruce Lee. Action or Romantic comedy ( ) Thom@s
145 Saxdiva : Oh, gawd... isn't there a third choice? Action, I guess. Regular or light?
146 Thom@s : Sigh... light. Live Concert or a concert DVD on the Widescreen with surround? (Kinda long one, I know...) Thom@s
147 QXatFAT : Haha Action right off the bat! Regular Brown Rice or White Rice?
148 Saxdiva : White... I've tried to like brown rice, but I just can't stand the stuff. Beer or mixed drinks?
149 HAWK21M : Beer. Black pen or White pen regds MEL
150 QXatFAT : Black pen Lake house or Ocean house?
151 HAWK21M : Lake house. Abs or Biceps. regds MEL
152 QFA380 : Abs Whiskey or Scotch
153 IAH777 : Scotch! The original... Game-watching fare: potato chips/crisps or pretzels?
154 TWISTEDWHISPER : Chips/Crisps Watch sports with a pal vs Quality time with a gal (or what ever your preferences are in that area, I'm not here to judge)[Edited 2006-11
155 TZ757300 : Watching with a pal, I can get away with more stuff. Next LCD or Plasma TV's
156 IAH777 : Depends on the definition of "quality." If its my definition of "quality" then the pal gets ditched for some hide the salami. If its her version of "
157 Post contains images Fca767 : Digital camera(pixels) or Professional chemical film camera (like what they use to make films onto film)
158 Futureualpilot : Digital Mac or PC?
159 Kmh1956 : MAC!!!!!!! Boxers or briefs?? (the age-old question from the girls)
160 Thom@s : Boxers Pizza or Burger? Thom@s
161 LHMARK : Boxer's pizza sounds crappy, so I'll go with burgers. Legos or Lincoln Logs?
162 JGPH1A : Lego, definitely. Lincoln logs are boring. Regular or decaf ?
163 OlegShv : OJ or Milk? Carbonated or Still? Advil or Tylenol?
164 Post contains images StrasserB : Carbonated Milk with Tylenol. Uruguay or Guatemala? (Hi Carmenlu)
165 JGPH1A : Depends what with. Milk with cookies, or bread and jam. OJ with bread and peanut butter, or bread and honey. Generally, OJ with savoury food, milk wi
166 Post contains images OlegShv : tampons or pads?
167 QXatFAT : Sorry I dont use those haha Guatemala Wood fence or Stone fence?
168 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : DO YOU REALLY NEED TO ASK?! Stone fence, harder for the burglars to break in. Britney Spears or Kevin Federline? (as in, who would you rather punch i
169 QFA380 : Britney... Niclone and Keith vs Tom and Katey (tomkat)?
170 Post contains images Oldman55 : uhhh what about em?? Clinton vs. Gore HAHA lesser of 2 evils
171 YooYoo : Clinton Camping vs. Hotel?
172 Dba4U : Hotel! Vodka Energy or Vodka O
173 QXatFAT : Vodka Energy Country Club Member or Gym Club Member?
174 YooYoo : Country Club Member Lease vs. Own ? ( a car)
175 Oldman55 : Gym Club= better chance to see scantily clad members lol automobile vs. pickup truck?
176 QXatFAT : Automobile Shell gas vs BP gas?
177 Post contains images OlegShv : Both!
178 Oldman55 : Neither BP is unavailabe in Harrisburg and only 1 or 2 Shell stations Its usually Sunoco or Sheeetz for me. Fresno or Modesto?? LOLOL
179 QXatFAT : Fresno of course! thats a silly question! lol Herseys Chocolate vs Gueradelle Chocolate (spelling?)
180 Oldman55 : Hershey and who????? LOL Hershey of course!! Yosemite Nat. park or Yellowstone?
181 Carmenlu15 : Haven't visited either, so I guess I'd go for both. From what I know they are great places. To get from point A to point B: One longhaul trip or seve
182 Oldman55 : One *Git er done* coast-to-coast vs. overseas
183 Post contains images LTU932 : Both whenever possible.  If you were to compete in an Ironman competition (2.4 mi/3.9 km swimming, 112 mi/180 km biking and 26.2 mi/42.2 km (or simp
184 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : Well, assuming I was fit enough to compete in an Ironman (and I knew how to swim, of course)... Germany. Tequila: pure or mixed in a drink?
185 LTU932 : Pure, as a shot with salt and lime. Phone Support or E-Mail Support?
186 IAH777 : I want a voice. One I can understand. Cell phone: useful secondary number or primary point of contact?
187 QXatFAT : Yosemite Nat. Park of course! Primary point of contact. Drink your soda (or pop) right out of the can or in a glass?
188 Post contains images Oldman55 : Glass I usually like to add ice to make it ice cold FAT or thin
189 QXatFAT : FAT for an airport but deffinatly thin for my body haha Black or Brown
190 Oldman55 : Choices are usually black or white???? Grass or mud?
191 QXatFAT : Mud for my Jeep England English or American English
192 Kmh1956 : Shoes or barefoot?
193 Oldman55 : American English of course olde chap!! East Coast or West coast??
194 SW733 : East Coast, no comparison... California vs. Florida?
195 QXatFAT : Barefoot East Coast actually Chedder cheese or Peper Jack
196 Oldman55 : barefoot in the house shoes outside Chedder Pizza or Spaghetti?
197 QXatFAT : Spaghetti with meat sauce AARP or Mc Donalds Senior Citizen Discount haha
198 Post contains images LTU932 : McDonald's Senior Citizen Discount. Signed, Skidmarks Quiznos or Subway?
199 IAH777 : Quiznos fellates donkey. Subway is better, but Blimpie rules. Burger toppings: loaded or meat & bun only?
200 Oldman55 : PFFFT!!!!! Actually AARP's discounts are quite a bit more substantial!!! Billy Graham or Pat Robertson hehe
201 QXatFAT : Haha nice Loaded Billy Graham Newspaper or News on TV
202 IAH777 : Neither are accurate, so TV, I guess. Colbert or Stewart?
203 Oldman55 : Stewart Leno or Letterman?
204 Speedbird747BA : Leno, deff. British Airways or Cathay Pacific? Cheers, Kyle
205 Oldman55 : just to bug you kyle I say Cathy Pacific LOL. Actually I haven't flown either one so no opinion and i will let someone else reply.
206 Speedbird747BA : thats cruel. steak or burger? Cheers, Kyle
207 Post contains images Oldman55 : Steak!!!! British Airways or AirFrance now feel better kyle??
208 Saxdiva : BA. Not even a contest. Night or day?
209 Post contains images QXatFAT : Colbert for sure! Letterman..."will it float?!" Steak Night Creation or Evolution?
210 LTU932 : Evolution. Rolls Royce or Pratt & Whitney?
211 Post contains images QXatFAT : Rolls Royce Creation just in case you were wondering Polo the game or Polo Ralph Lauren?
212 Post contains images Oldman55 : Polo Ralph Lauren but only from an outlet lol Nope not wondering at all Clark Gable or Scarlott O'Hara?
213 QXatFAT : Dont know any of those haha University or State College
214 Oldman55 : State College is prolly cheaper and for the masses instead of the elite like you HAHA
215 UsAirways16bwi : state college...... in movies, good guys vs. bad guys?
216 QXatFAT : That is a hard one....Bad guys usually Formula One Raceing or NASCAR?
217 Oldman55 : [quote=QXatFAT,reply=216]Formula One Raceing or NASCAR? NASCAR Yeehaw!! US AIR or Delta? hehe
218 QXatFAT : Oh man that is a tough one! I love US Airways but I also love Delta. Gosh to hard. My miles are with US Airways too! Boy I am just gona have to say D
219 Oldman55 : Saturday Night Live Chevy Chase or Steve Martin??
220 QXatFAT : Agree! Chevy Chase Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fay?
221 OlegShv : SNL! Nikon or Canon?
222 QXatFAT : Canon for me Pancakes or Waffels?
223 Post contains images OlegShv : pancakes Tina Fey coz she's pretty.
224 LTU932 : Tina Fey Canon Pancakes Douglas or Lockheed?
225 Post contains images Oldman55 : Lockheed: Constellation The neatest propliner ever L-1011 or DC-10?
226 Backfire103 : DC-10 Intel or AMD?
227 Oldman55 : Intel Sunrise or Sunset?
228 Iamcanadian : Sunrise Christmas or New Years (Eve)?
229 Oldman55 : New years Eve cans or bottles?
230 AirTranTUS : Bottles. Cosco vs. Sam's Club
231 Oldman55 : I think its Costco!! Wal-Mart vs. Target
232 IAH777 : Target. Wally World is only "OK." Target seems to carry a higher-quality. Skin bars: "Yes, please!" or waste of time/money?
233 QXatFAT : AMD L-1011 New Years Eve Cosco (I am anti WalMart) Target (look above) Sorry cant answer lol Sushii or cooked fish?
234 Post contains images IAH777 : Sushi = fresh fish = Holiday shopping: brick & mortar (stores & malls) or eBay & Amazon?
235 Oldman55 : Cooked!!!! Shrimp vs. Lobster?
236 QXatFAT : Brick and Mortar Lobster!!!!!!! Canada or Mexico?
237 Oldman55 : Canada LA or Frisco??
238 QXatFAT : Frisco. Clam Chowder or Chicken Noodle Soup?
239 Oldman55 : Ckn Noodle Soup Catsup vs. mustard
240 QXatFAT : Mustard all the way! Water with lemon or Iced Tea with lemon?
241 Oldman55 : Iced Tea..........no lemon muchs sugar!!! Coke or Pepsi??
242 OlegShv : Clam Chowder! Water with lemon!
243 Duff44 : Pepsi Power vs finesse...
244 Oldman55 : Power!!! Boxing vs. wrestling??
245 Duff44 : Boxing, but only Middleweights or lighter OK, three-way matchup: Sex, Drugs, or Rock & Roll?
246 Oldman55 : Sex!! 2m 1f vs 2f 1m
247 Fumanchewd : Yes, but muffins spelled backwards is sniff um. Prefer 2g 1m but if I had to....2f 1m g=goat MJ or Lebron?[Edited 2006-11-29 02:39:43]
248 Oldman55 : EWWW are u Gkirk in disguise??? hamburg hotdog or BLT??
249 ZBBYLW : BLT Cessna vs Pipper
250 Oldman55 : Piper not pipper the company started in PA!! Artic vs. Anarctic??
251 TZ757300 : You mean Antarctic? I take Antarctic anyday. Eastern Russia or Western Russia?
252 Halls120 : 1 m, 1f. But if I have to choose, 1 m, 2 f. Baked or mashed potatoes?
253 Duff44 : Hamburger Baked Takeoff vs landing
254 Garri767 : takeoff. sprite/7up[Edited 2006-11-29 04:27:13]
255 LTU932 : Coke. Pizza or Calzone?
256 FutureUALpilot : Pizza Pacific or Atlantic?
257 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : Good call! As a customer, or as the customer service rep? Christmas... New Year's Eve is the unluckiest day of the year for me. Atlantic, the best be
258 Post contains images FutureUALpilot : Beach, and I disagree...the Pacific is better...the surf tends to be more fun for the most part. Public university or private?
259 ArmitageShanks : Private, probably. Would you rather be rich and famous and in the public eye or average and out of it?
260 QXatFAT : Coke Power Boxing Rock and Roll MJ BLT Mashed Landing Private Average and out of it Season tickets to soccer (footboll) or Season tickets to Football
261 Oldman55 : Real American Football!!!......... Glad I got to answer befoe anny of dem ferriners LOL pitching a shut-out or hitting a winning-home run??
262 QXatFAT : Pitching a shut out of course! I was a pitcher for high school baseball all 4 years. Speaking another language or having a girl who speaks another la
263 Oldman55 : Speakin another language Spanish or Chinese??
264 QXatFAT : Spanish Imports or Domestic cars?
265 Post contains images Oldman55 : Imports....... sorry to say Wine or Beer?? Hey QX as a minor and a Christian, I better not see an answer from you which means i am one post closer
266 Post contains images IAH777 : Wine = spoiled grape juice Beer = TV preference: latest dopey sitcom or latest overly-complicated drama?
267 Oldman55 : Comedy Need a break from reality!! CNN or FOX??
268 QXatFAT : FoxNews! French fries or Potato logs?
269 Kesbe : french fries! ok kate moss VS sienna miller?
270 IAH777 : *pfsh* No contest. I had to Google Ms. Miller and she makes Moss look like an anorexic coke head. Oh wait... Sienna is totally hot. Kate is a flake.
271 Kesbe : passenger! Radiohead VS Muse.......
272 Lazarus31 : muse is ok BUt Radiohead is Better therefore i have to go with Thom and his chums. RADIOHEAD it is! Surfing Vs Wakeboarding
273 Oldman55 : Surfing; but at my age only watching LOL Pajamas or nothing something I am more familiar with now: Sleeping
274 QXatFAT : Surfing for sure. Cant live in Cali and not surf. Pajamas for me are just soccer shorts. Long sleeve shirts or short sleeve shirts?
275 FutureUALpilot : Surfing Short sleeve In the spirit of surfing, long board or short board?
276 Post contains images LTU932 : Both. Season tickets to real football from either the FC St. Pauli or another decent team from the Bundesliga. Neither, I don't surf. In and Out Burg
277 QXatFAT : Short Board (6'5'' or so) Well, I do live in California haha In N Out Burger for me! Fall or Spring?
278 Post contains images LTU932 : Spring, because it's the time when skirts get shorter. Northern Hemisphere Winter or Southern Hemisphere Summer? Sometimes I'd like to go to LAX just
279 Kmh1956 : Northern Hemisphere Winter every time. Birthday party or small birthday dinner with friends?
280 QXatFAT : Haha LTU small birthday dinner with friends Army or Navy?
281 Post contains images IAH777 : Sorry, Pep. Navy. Army works too hard. New thread or keep this one going?
282 Post contains images Oldman55 : Keep going untill it gets shut down!! Ford vs. Chevy?
283 Halls120 : Neither - Acura, of course!
284 Post contains images LTU932 : Small birthday dinner with friends Hey, it's the truth. At my last school in Germany, that's what we've always said and knew. Navy. Keep this one goi
285 Oldman55 : Could be!!! but NOT one of the choices lol. Ford then Lawyers or Sharks?? HEHE
286 Halls120 : It's supposed to be either/or, not redundant! reminds me of one of my favorite lawyer jokes......
287 Oldman55 : So give us and either/or lol
288 QXatFAT : Lawyers Black and White movies or Current movies?
289 Oldman55 : Old movies; not necessarily black and white!! Drippy Roast Beef Sandwiches or on a plate?? LOL
290 QXatFAT : Drippy Roast Beef Sandwiches Philly Steak and Cheese Sandwich or Ruben Sandwich?
291 Oldman55 : Philly Cheese!! I am from Pa LOL Airbus vs Boeing?? This is A.net!!!
292 QXatFAT : Boeing of coruse! Wide body or Narow body (aircraft)?
293 Oldman55 : Narrow body in all my crafts HAHA L1011vs. DC-10?
294 QXatFAT : L1011 Turbo Prop or Regional Jet?
295 Oldman55 : Turbo-prop American or United?
296 QXatFAT : United Southwest or Alaska?
297 Oldman55 : Southwest Jet Blue or Frontier?? out!!
298 LTU932 : Both. Regional Jet, as long as it's an Embraer E-170/175 or E-190/195. AA. AS. B6. Virgin Atlantic or British Airways?
299 QXatFAT : Frontier Virgin Atlantic North West or JAL?
300 CO7e7 : NW pen or pencil?
301 Post contains images QXatFAT : Pen for sure. Uniball Gel Impact 1.0 NATO or UN Security Council?
302 CO7e7 : Neither! They both suck... but i'll pick Nato. Tap water or mineral water?
303 Post contains images QXatFAT : My city actually was voted not to long ago as the best water in California Tap water for me please. Off roading in the sand or Off roading in the mou
304 Bwest : The UN... though handicapped by its form of decision making and unwillingness of its members it does represent a larger, more representative part of t
305 QXatFAT : Paper one NewsWeek or Time?
306 Post contains images LOT767-300ER : Newsweek in Polish edition Fanta or Sunkist Orange?
307 QXatFAT : That is such a tough one! I love Sunkist so much though! Fanta is amazing for some reason when in Mexico not so much here in the USA. USA - Sunkist O
308 Halls120 : there's a lawyer, doctor and priest out on a fishing boat, which suddenly springs a leak. There's no radio, and the only way to get help is for one o
309 IAH777 : Chilled to begin with. Ice just melts and makes your drink too watery. Steak: well done or still twitchin'?
310 QXatFAT : I agree totaly Well done lol. I dont want it mooing back at me Soup or Salad?
311 Post contains images IAH777 : Salad's what food eats. Gimme a fat bowl of real seafood gumbo! Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese: mild or suck-on-a-fire-extinguisher spicy?
312 QXatFAT : Deffinatly suck on a fire extinguisher spicy. Sourdough or French bread?
313 Futureualpilot : French bread Odd or even?
314 Oldman55 : even White meat or dark meat??
315 Post contains images Allstarflyer : You got denied on your 1st two q's, so I'll respond to this one - Ribeye (you made it too easy throwing in the onion rings    ). "P"? That could me
316 Oldman55 : pussy..... if i has to spell it out lol In the mouth!!!! stitches or casts??
317 Allstarflyer : Just so everyone knows, I was talking about thermometers before the edit. -R
318 Oldman55 : ok ssuuuureee you were?? Afros now again stitches or casts
319 Post contains images IAH777 : Lacerations should take less time to heal and you should be able to get some sleep. Broken bones, however, lend to uncomfortable sleep. I'll take the
320 Oldman55 : arm better one right left or middle leg?
321 QXatFAT : Middle leg haha College sports or Professional sports?
322 Oldman55 : College!!! motorcycles or ATV's?
323 QXatFAT : ATVs Gold or White gold?
324 Oldman55 : Soooryy no clue what that means, I guess my oldness is showing lol
325 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : Oh, from this side of the counter I'll take email support any day -- I may not be getting paid for it, but it's easier to deal with difficult custome
326 QXatFAT : Middle of the city. Jungle or Forest? (Forest as in pine trees)
327 Oldman55 : Forest....... I love the smell of pine mountains or plains?? btw Fat what is white gold??
328 QXatFAT : Mountains White gold is still gold but in the "silver" color form. So it is not the color "gold" or yellow Wood Stove or Heater?
329 Oldman55 : Heater I don't like smell of burning wood window seat or aisle?? Hey back to aviation!!
330 QXatFAT : Window Casual cloths while flying or Suit while flying?
331 LOT767-300ER : Casual. DKNY Jeans or Calvin Klein?
332 Oldman55 : Casual but more than shorts and a t-shirt lol free Ife or free meal??
333 QXatFAT : I havent worn eather pair. Calvin Klein boxer briefs are the BOMB though! (I am an Amberombie/Volcom jeans guy) I dont know what Ife is so I will say
334 Halcyon : Phantom of the Opera. Pocket-watch on perfect condition from the 1600s or a brand new Aston Martin? Lucas
335 Oldman55 : Not familiar with either one so will pass!! the Opera or grand ole opry ( Country Music )?
336 Post contains images QXatFAT : I like Opera and I like Phantom of the Opera Rap or Country (which one to toss out?)
337 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : Rap To get in holiday mood: Santa Claus or the Grinch?
338 Jamesbuk : Santa To give or To recieve?
339 Post contains images Oldman55 : Receive!! I am a greedy shallow santas elves or reindeer??
340 IFEMaster : Reindeer. Elves are somewhat scary. Charcoal Fired BBQ vs. Gas Fired BBQ?
341 Carmenlu15 : Charcoal does the trick for us at home. Digital or film camera?
342 Oldman55 : Film I am still stuck in the 20th century lol Telephone or e-mail??
343 VHVXB : Telephone Business or First??
344 Allstarflyer : First, of course, but jumpseat if I can't have either. Booger hanging out or visible dandruff?
345 Oldman55 : Dandruff headache or Backache?
346 Allstarflyer : Advil. Stuck in an open field in a tornado or stuck in a valley with oncoming flood? -R
347 Carmenlu15 : Gimme the tornado any day... drowning is one of my worst fears. Visa or MasterCard?
348 Post contains images Allstarflyer : Visa - it's everywhere you want to be . Get pinned by a girl or 5 rounds against Ali? -R
349 Oldman55 : pinned by girl!! could be fun before and after lol A romp with G-kirk or his sheep??
350 QXatFAT : Romp as in fight? I wouldnt mind fighting a sheep haha Electric Shaver or Razor?
351 Post contains images Oldman55 : Romp does NOT mean fight hAHA. I will let your imagination do the rest Razor when I have the time long hair or short??
352 QXatFAT : Well I like my hair between the two haha Cards or Slot Machines?
353 Oldman55 : ahh Kyle gambling is the devils playground LOL> having said that Slots Poker or blackjack??
354 Post contains images QXatFAT : Poker (I love Texas Hold'em) Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees
355 Post contains images Oldman55 : Red Sox.........actually anyone except the yankees Dodgers or Giants?
356 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : NY Yankees... my grandpa was a great fan. Basketball or baseball?
357 QXatFAT : Dodgers! They are my favorite team! Baseball all the way. Latin America Baseball or USA Baseball?
358 Oldman55 : USA are you kiddin?? Babe Ruth or Mark Mcguire?
359 Post contains images QXatFAT : Babe Ruth. But you might know him better sense hes from your time haha Snickers or Butterfinger?
360 Oldman55 : HAHA PPFFTT!! Snickers; I love caramel!! potato chips or taco chips??
361 QXatFAT : Potato chips...jalepeno but chips and salsa is good. Horse shoes or Boche Ball?
362 Oldman55 : mmhh sounds like an old persons games lol howz about neither!!!! earrings or noserings??
363 FutureUALpilot : Horse shoes summer or winter?
364 Oldman55 : Summer in winter and Winter in summer lol Fall or Spring?
365 QXatFAT : Fall Sunglasses or take on the sun with just your eyes haha
366 Post contains images Oldman55 : HA HA sunglasses old wise friends or young stupid ones? LOLOL
367 Allstarflyer : Can't go wrong with trusted mentors around. Tripping over your own feet or walking into a transparent window (both in public)? -R
368 Oldman55 : Trippin over feet........ Walking into glass could be really bad!! passing gas or loud burping??
369 Post contains images Kesbe : loud burping is ok... how about elctronic tickets VS normal paper tickets?
370 57AZ : Paper tickets... Steam locomotive v diesel electric locomotive?
371 Oldman55 : Steam!! train or bus?
372 QXatFAT : Train for sure multiple stops for flight or direct flight?
373 Oldman55 : Multiple if not in a hurry like to chek out diferent airports........btw FAT direct flt is not necessairly nonstop! Las Vegas or Reno??
374 QXatFAT : Vegas of course! Taxi or Subway?
375 Oldman55 : SubWay...........love their RB Sandwich.........oops wrong subway LOL Taxi or Bus?
376 QXatFAT : Oh old ladie tisk tisk tisk haha always thinking of food Taxi KFC or Long John Silvers?
377 Oldman55 : KFC me always thinking about food?? Whopper or Big Mac?? might as well keepit on food!!!
378 QXatFAT : I dont eat eather of those so I will say Whopper. Boxing or Ultimate Fighting?
379 Kesbe : Boxing...! how bout SQ girls VS hooters girls?
380 QXatFAT : SQ girls please MTV vs VH1
381 Kesbe : MTV! Discovery channel VS national geographic channel
382 Oldman55 : Discovery channel..........don't get national geographic mtv or vh1?
383 HAWK21M : Mtv. Karate or Boxing. regds MEL
384 QXatFAT : Depends. Karate is good at times and Boxing is good at times. Ill go with Boxing though. SUV or regular car?
385 Carmenlu15 : Regular car, easier to find parking spaces. MSN or AIM?
386 Oldman55 : MSN Its alll I got Laptop or Desktop?
387 ANCFlyer : Laptop - no question. Toshiba or Dell?
388 YOWza : Toshiba by a country mile. Dell = garbage. Crazy night out partying (and more) with two women till 4 in the morning or 4 women till two in the mornin
389 Post contains images ANCFlyer : All I've ever had . . . If I have to work the next day, I'll take the 4 til 2, otherwise, I'm up for the all nighter Quiet, intimate club or loud, no
390 Lutenist : The quiet, intimate club, hands down. Survive a face-to-face encounter with a great white shark or a face-to-face encounter with a grizzly bear?
391 Post contains images ANCFlyer : Been here, done this and I have no interest in that kind of adrenaline rush with a Great White - so I'll opt for "D" None of the above.    Intersta
392 Lutenist : Scenic byway, no question. The real beauty of a drive is the sights along the way and the opportunity for the driver to enjoy them. Win an Oscar or w
393 QXatFAT : Win an Oscar Movies or Theater (plays)?
394 Oldman55 : Movies....... hands down Movies or TV??
395 QXatFAT : TV to an extent but I love going to movies Blockbuster or Netflix?
396 Oldman55 : Blockbuster dvd or vhs?
397 Kesbe : dvd!! google or yahoo?
398 Carmenlu15 : DVD Go to the movies or wait till it comes out on DVD?
399 FlyDeltaJets87 : It often depends on the film for me. I'll just go with see at the theater. Who do you find more obnoxious: Terrel Owens or Chad Johnson.
400 Oldman55 : Terrel haven't heard of the other one basketball or hockey?
401 QXatFAT : Google all the way! Yeah I am a hockey fan Terrel Owens byt the way Delta. I like Chad Johnson. Very entertaining! Monopoly or Risk? (board games)
402 Oldman55 : Momopoly Chess or checkers?
403 HAWK21M : Chess. Night shifts or Day Shifts. regds MEL
404 QXatFAT : Day shifts Sunlight or Moon light?
405 Oldman55 : Sunlight electric light or candlelight?
406 Post contains images Legoguy : This old thread, or a new thread!
407 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : This thread, let's make it to at least 500 Watching TV or reading a good book?
408 Post contains images LTU932 : Watching TV. Flying with CM or with TA?
409 QXatFAT : I am a CM fan! Online Banking or Balancing Check Book by hand?
410 Oldman55 : Check book by hand Amazon or Barnes and noble online?
411 Speedbird747BA : Toughy..... Amazon online, but BandN if offline (as if there is a Amazon store....) Your wife/girlfriend or Jessica Alba Cheers, Kyle
412 Post contains links and images Carmenlu15 : Never thought I'd get to use this phrase twice in this thread. DO YOU REALLY NEED TO ASK?! View Large View MediumPhoto © Snorre - VAP ( the shot
413 FlyDeltaJets87 : I'm single, so that's easy. Jessica Alba. Jay Leno or David Letterman?
414 Oldman55 : Leno Conan O'brian or Jimmy Kimmel?
415 Kesbe : Tigers VS Lions Polar bears VS black bears
416 Oldman55 : Real bad either way; I vote neither Black bears are probably a little less dangerous. Rattlesnakes or Water moccasins? continuung in that vein.
417 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : Maybe rattlesnakes... at least I'd hear it before it bites me! Tarantulas or cockroaches?
418 WrenchBender : cockroaches Drive across your country, or sail around it? WrenchBender
419 Oldman55 : Drive definitely!! I get seasick LOL Bike cross-country or Hike the Appalacahin Trail?
420 FlyDeltaJets87 : I'd want to say bike but I don't know if my ass could handle that, so we'll go with hiking. You see a lawyer and an IRS worker both drowning in a poo
421 Saxdiva : Sandwich, as long as it's a panini and comes with red wine. Otherwise, I'll save the calories. Pepperoni or onions? (This should be my litmus test for
422 QXatFAT : Pepperoni haha Mayo or Mustard?
423 FlyDeltaJets87 : Pepperoni. Would you rather be on a CRJ-100 next to a quiet person or First class on a 737 next to a crying kid with a parent who won't shut the kid
424 QXatFAT : CRJ100 seat next to the engine or seat next to the lav?
425 Post contains images FlyDeltaJets87 : Engine of course! (At least for daytime flighs) Four engines or Two engines for transoceanic travel? (Or three if you had a DC-10/MD-11, etc. in mind
426 Oldman55 : Lav..........sitting next to engine gives me a headache catsup or salsa?
427 Saxdiva : Salsa, unless it's going on a hot dog. Talkative or reserved?
428 Oldman55 : I am reserved read a book or magazine?
429 Post contains images FlyDeltaJets87 : Well, that would obviously depend on the type of magazine now wouldn't it. But I usually prefer a book when flying. It can keep my interest longer. F
430 Oldman55 : Four NS,flt NYC-Singapore or stopover?
431 Oldman55 : non-stop get it over with Art Bell or George Nouury?? guess I'll play with myself lol
432 Mir : Art Bell (don't know who George Nouury is) Peanuts or cashew nuts? -Mir
433 StrasserB : Cashew nuts of course. Nokia or No KIA?
434 Oldman55 : actually he does same show as Art Bell during the week Bell does it weekends now Nokia phone and NO KiA car lol creamy peanut butter or crunchy??
435 Mir : Crunchy, but not too much. Toast: with butter or jam? -Mir
436 StrasserB : Always both, no jam without butter! Take a shower: Cold or warm water?
437 Oldman55 : Warm shower or bath?
438 StrasserB : Shower BBQ or Beach Party
439 Trekster : Beach Party. You get a bbq with it, and can enjoy sunsets lol Blue or Red
440 Yellowstone : Blue. ORD or DFW?
441 StrasserB : Blue and/or Red (Neo, Matrix) Cruiser or Sailor?
442 BR076 : Sailor Hasj or Weed ?
443 StrasserB : Milkyway Tjalk or Kotter
444 QXatFAT : Tjalk? ORD Card games or Board Games?
445 Oldman55 : Card Games; ie strip poker lol Chess or checkers?
446 QXatFAT : Chess Cell phone or Mobile (what do you call it?)
447 Oldman55 : Neither I don't like phones.......... Lemons or Limes........ HAHA
448 Adopim88 : Both are good in pop (or soda, or whatever you call it) Pets or no pets?
449 Oldman55 : pet; Cat Cats or Dogs?
450 Adopim88 : Well, i'm allergic to most cats, so I'd rather have a dog. BUT i can't have dogs in my apartment, so I have hamsters for now. LOL CSI or Without a Tr
451 Slyguy : csi summer or winter??
452 Oldman55 : Summer Fall or Spring?
453 AirframeAS : FALL! (Expecially in WA State with the storms.) Disneyland or Six Flags?
454 Oldman55 : Six Flags Six Flags or Seaworld?
455 QXatFAT : Disneyland over everything! Seaworld for sure! Seattle Space Needle or That big tower in Toronto haha?
456 Oldman55 : Space Needle Empire State Building or Mt. Everest?? ha Ha yerself??
457 Post contains images QXatFAT : Mt. Everest Home Town Buffet or Sweet Tomatoes (another buffet) haha
458 Saxdiva : Vegas. I hate the local buffet places. Here's a good one... 500 replies, or new thread?
459 Bwest : 500 ! And then go above and beyond... Beach holiday or skiing in the mountains?
460 StrasserB : Of course Beach Holiydays! Trinidad or Tobago?
461 Oldman55 : Hey I'm for that!! How high can we go?? Trinidad Puerto Rico or Jamaica?
462 AirframeAS : Puerto Rico Deserted Island or Mainland?
463 Oldman55 : Mainland! not much for roughing it lo Los Angeles or New York??
464 AirframeAS : Los Angeles for sure! Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock Cafe?
465 Oldman55 : Hard Rock Cafe A little bit country or a little bit rock and roll? Donnie or Marie Osmond lol
466 QXatFAT : Donnie (no im not like that) The "myth" of King Arther or the "myth" of Troy?
467 Oldman55 : howz about Helen of Troy?? lol man we are getting desperate. Camelot or Atlantis??
468 AirframeAS : Atlantis a dirty, smelly fishing boat across the Atlantic or a dirty, smelly barge across the Pacific?
469 Oldman55 : Atlantic much shorter distance!! Artic or Anarctic?? really grasping now!!
470 COIAH756CA : Vegas or New York City?
471 Oldman55 : NYC a lot closer+ I am no big fan of gambling lol Los Angeles or San Francisco??
472 StrasserB : LA. "This vs That" or "Word Game #150"?
473 Speedbird747BA : What a toughy. Uh, I like the people in here more, but Word game is better. Word game. Kai Tak or the crummy new one. Cheers, Kyle
474 Oldman55 : Kai=Tek Florida or Hawaii?
475 AirframeAS : Im totally down for HAWAII!!!!! Oahu or Kona?
476 Oldman55 : Oahu Maui or kauai?
477 StrasserB : Miau. I love cats. Global Warming or Ice Age?
478 AirframeAS : Ice Age.... I love snow. Caveman or Gekko? (Even a caveman can reply to this!)
479 Oldman55 : Gekko but early gekko who didn't sound quite so *English* Superman or Batman?
480 Speedbird747BA : Superman, tentatively, because both are fags. Skiing or snow boarding. Cheers, Kyle PS -- Hiya Rick!
481 MBMBOS : Skiing. I'm an old fashioned guy...or maybe just old. Raspberry or Blackberry?
482 Post contains images Oldman55 : Maybe you should ask Lois Lane about that Kyle I am old Kyle hows about sledding lol Ice Skating or rollerblades?
483 Speedbird747BA : LOL, maybe YOU should ask her. N - O !!!!! CHEATER ALERT!!!! BTW, everyone know youre old, its written in your name!!!! lol Rasberry Ice Skating Nike
484 Oldman55 : [quote=Speedbird747BA,reply=483]Nike or Under Armour (Rick might have to look these up)[/quote PFFT Nikes are athletic shoes so Nike ! Kyle or Rick? L
485 Post contains images Speedbird747BA : Kyle, naturally, it has elegance and candor, meanwhile rick just reminds me of some grumpy old waiter!! LOL Florida or Pennsylvania CHeers, Kyle
486 Oldman55 : Florida at least in winter without kyle HAHA Orlando or Miami Beach?
487 StrasserB : Don't know Orlando. So I'll take the Miami Bitch. Amex or Visa?
488 AirframeAS : Visa. Dell or Gateway?
489 StrasserB : We have alot of Dell. Hell or Heaven?
490 Oldman55 : uhhh/ Heaven........maybe lol Rome or Jerusalem??
491 AirframeAS : ROME!!! North Pole or South Pole? 9 more posts till 500!!
492 StrasserB : South. I like penguins rather than ice bears. UTC or Local Time? (Still 8 to 500!)
493 Oldman55 : Local I always try to change UTC to Local time anyway England or France?
494 StrasserB : I love France. Too Soon Old or Too Late Smart?
495 Post contains images Kesbe : man i dont know!!! how bout British Music VS American Music?
496 StrasserB : Rolling Stones. So British. Ping Pong or Tennis?
497 AirframeAS : Ping Pong, I like watching how the Chinese get so competitive with it! PowerAde or Gatorade?
498 StrasserB : None of them. Paulaner White Beer. Happy or Lucky?
499 Kesbe : Happy! stoned VS drunk
500 Mir : Drunk Oil on canvas vs. Watercolor (for those artists out there) BTW: REPLY #500!!!! -Mir[Edited 2006-12-16 08:14:09]
501 Post contains images StrasserB : We'd hit it! My grandma was a paintress. She preferred oil on canvas. Seafood or Beef?
502 AirframeAS : BOTH! McDonalds or Burger King?
503 TZ757300 : Burger King most def. They might have piss poor service, but they no how to whip up some fantastic fast food. Moon or Sun?
504 Post contains images QXatFAT : The moon as long as its full Southern Living Lifestyle or City Slicker Lifestyle lol? By the way, than you everyone for letting my post get to 500! K
505 AirframeAS : City Slicker lifestlye for me... Speaking of City Slicker lifestyle: City Bus or Carpool?
506 TZ757300 : The Bus, being a passenger with someone you know driving drives me insane. Free Airline Meals or IFE?
507 AirframeAS : Free Airline Meals for me! Gotta eat! a seat in front of the lav or a seat in front of the first class/coach class divider?
508 StrasserB : If there's no other choice I'll take the divider. Cabin or Cockpit?
509 Kesbe : Cockpit ofcourse! how about getting buried alive VS eaten by a great white shark?
510 TZ757300 : How about neither, very odd for me to think about it. peas or carrots?
511 StrasserB : I'd prefer to be BBQ'ed as main dish of cannibals. Rubber Gum or Rubber Duck?
512 TZ757300 : Rubber Duck, although I prefer the Rubber Chicken Tolled Expressways or Untolled Highways
513 StrasserB : Tolled? I'm driving in Germany! So untolled Autobahn. Happy Day or Happy Draw?
514 AirframeAS : Happy Day Microwaves or stoves?
515 Oldman55 : Microwaves Potato chips vs. Nacho chips?
516 ZRHnerd : Potato chips mountain vs. valley?
517 Slyguy : valley paris hilton vs shoe lace - which has more brain cells?
518 Mir : Mountain. Couch vs. Sofa -Mir
519 AirframeAS : Shoe lace! LOL! I wouldn't give Paris the benefit of the doubt! Arn't they the same thing? MSN or AOL?
520 ZRHnerd : > MSN Roger Federer vs. Tiger Woods?[Edited 2006-12-18 05:56:25]
521 Post contains images Oldman55 : Federer as tennis is a more "demanding" sport. Jack Nicklaus vs. Arnold Palmer? a question for us
522 QXatFAT : Jack Nicklaus Ricky Bobby vs Jeff Gordan
523 StrasserB : Jeff Gordan, even though I like more F1. Potatoes: Mashed or Fried?
524 Siren : Mashed. Can do more with them in terms of seasonings - pepper, salt, butter, nutmeg, all sorts of crap. Not to mention the texture involved. It's more
525 ZRHnerd : European/Japanese Conan O'Brien or Jay Leno?
526 AirframeAS : Definately Conan. Leno is lame. Toyota or Honda?
527 ZRHnerd : couldnt agree more Honda early morning vs. late evening?
528 Oldman55 : Evening..... I am not a morning person lol Heat vs. Cold?
529 Post contains images Adopim88 : Well typically I'm a cold person myself. I love to cuddle under blankets...but there are certain....times that heat is very good   CD player or MP3
530 Oldman55 : CD but actually cassettes i m old and old -fashioned lol Direct tv or Dish network?
531 StrasserB : Dish Network (Astra Satellite in Europe) Candy or Chocolate?
532 Post contains images Cabso1 : Chocolate Boeing or Airbus
533 Oldman55 : Boeing..............USA 777vs. 747
534 Kaddyuk : B777 Bose or Altec Lansing?
535 StrasserB : Altec. What else? Yogi Bear or Tom & Jerry?
536 Boston92 : Tom and Jerry. Plasma, LCD, or DLP????
537 AirframeAS : None, I like my current TV, the normal 'box' LOL! PSP or Nintendo DX?
538 Post contains images Adopim88 : I've never played either one. I have a PS2, but my dad still has an original NES system.... which i love and want to steal from him! Old School or Eu
539 Post contains images StrasserB : I prefer the old school method. Once per week or once per month?
540 ArniePie : And from that I'll take TOM, can't stand that mouse. Bush pilot or fighter-pilot?
541 StrasserB : G.W.Bush pilot. Funny or Serious?
542 Post contains images ZRHnerd : funny, laughing is healthy Short hair or long hair?
543 Oldman55 : Well; at my age any hair is a bonus LOL Glasses or contacts?
544 Post contains images ZRHnerd : neither of both Sun or Moon?
545 AirframeAS : Moon. I dont want to burn up! Jupiter or Saturn?
546 Oldman55 : Saturn........Those rings are the coolest thing in solar system Pluto Planet or no planet??
547 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : Pluto Planet, poor thing must be feeling so frustrated now that it was downgraded. Solar eclipse or lunar eclipse?
548 QXatFAT : Lunar Trip to the moon or trip around the moon?
549 Oldman55 : To the Moon; If I am gonna go that far I would like to land and see it!!! Mars or Venus??
550 QXatFAT : Mars Satilite Radio or Regular Radio
551 Adopim88 : I love the XM my boyfriend has in his car which I believe to be from Satellite, otherwise I don't listen to the radio I listen to Mp3s on my CD player
552 Oldman55 : Regular soda!!......... I don't like diet anything lol Coke vs. Pepsi??
553 Adopim88 : well, if it's just between the 2 I like Coke better, but Mountain Dew is a Pepsi product, and I drink a lot of Diet dew! Beer or hard liquor?
554 Oldman55 : Beer Lite; I am a wimp lol Coors or Budweiser??
555 HAWK21M : LCD TV or Plasma Tv regds MEL
556 Santosdumont : Plasma, for sure. Fender or Gibson?
557 Oldman55 : Have no clue!!!! Pizza square or round??
558 QXatFAT : Round Drink with ice or drink without ice (as in non-alcoholic)
559 Chachu201 : Drink with ice. Plain bagels or cinnamon and raisin?
560 Adopim88 : I'll say cinnamon raisin, but only because that's the only other option, i prefer apple cinnamon. Phone call or text message?
561 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : Phone call... less strain to the fingers Phone call or e-mail?
562 Adopim88 : phone call, much nicer to hear someone's voice e-mail or hand written letter?
563 Aloges : letter if it really matters If it's just a quick exchange of info, e-mails are fine as well. For vacation: ocean or mountains?[Edited 2006-12-31 02:2
564 Oldman55 : well mtns at the ocean lol Like Big Sur in CA. skiing or swimming?
565 Post contains images Adopim88 : Since i live in MN I love both equally, one in the winter, the other in the summer Summer or winter?
566 Go3Team : Winter. Flying, or driving?
567 Post contains images BMIFlyer : I prefer Summer to be honest Lee
568 Post contains images Oldman55 : Uhh...Considering the name of ths site.... Flying of course Window or Aisle?
569 Post contains images Adopim88 : That's cool, but A) You didn't answer the previous This or That from the post before you and B) You didn't ask your own This or That! I prefer window
570 Go3Team : Donald Duck - he likes to tool around without any pants on. Scrooge McDuck or Huey, Dewey, and Louie?
571 Post contains images Adopim88 : I'll save Huey, Dewey, and Louie... i can relate to their deviousness AIM or MSN?
572 Go3Team : AIM > MSN Cell phones now vs Cell phones then?
573 Post contains images Adopim88 : Now. chocolate chip or sugar cookies? (PS: aww that's too bad hehe )
574 Oldman55 : Chocolate chip but soft!!! chocolate chips or raisins??
575 Adopim88 : Well, to pick the lesser of two evils I'll say raisins (I'm not a chocolate fan.... one of the few females in the world who isn't!) Oatmeal Creme Pie
576 BMIFlyer : Oatmeal Creme Pies Sofa or Bed? (to sleep on)
577 Post contains images Aloges : bed, which brings me to One shared blanket or one for each?
578 Post contains images BMIFlyer : Definately a shared blanket OK, erm, one pillow or 2? Lee
579 Aloges : One pillow, it makes the kissing more frequent. Holy Grail or Life of Brian
580 Post contains images BMIFlyer : Haha, there is that yes Life of Brian Camera or Camcorder?
581 Post contains images Chachu201 : Camera! (but camcorder if its a Nikon on offer ) Birmingham or Manchester?
582 Post contains images BMIFlyer : Manchester London or New York? Lee
583 Marquis : New York BMW or Mercedes?
584 Chachu201 : BMW Walking or Driving?
585 Adopim88 : Depends on where I'm going, mostly driving because I live in a nowhere farm town! City or Country living?
586 Post contains images KaiGywer : Country living near a big city Winter or summer?
587 Chachu201 : Summer! Skiing or snowboarding?
588 Adopim88 : Niether, i prefer spring or fall despite allergy season IPod or MP3?
589 KaiGywer : MP3. Ipods are evil. Just watch Scary Movie 4 if you don't believe me. Car or truck?
590 Adopim88 : Skiing. Never had the chance to learn snowboarding I prefer SUV (or something close to it) Early Bird or Night Owl?
591 KaiGywer : Definately night owl, even though with my job, I have no choice but to be an early bird.
592 Post contains images Adopim88 : That's nice, but way to kill the thread! You didn't post a this or that!!!!
593 KaiGywer : Oops... Minnesota Vikings or St Louis Rams?
594 AirframeAS : Sorry, but Seahawks fan here 100% New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox? (Is this the LONGEST thread in A.net history?!)
595 Post contains links and images KaiGywer : Minnesota Twins Nope, that honor goes to the Superthread. Open at your own risk! The Official SuperThread... (by Btriple7 Jan 2 2006 in Non Aviation)
596 KaiGywer : Just FYI from the superthread: Btriple7 From France, joined Sep 2005, 1025 posts, RR: 3 Posted Mon Jan 2 2006 19:53:01 UTC+1 (12 months 2 days 23 hou
597 Post contains images AirframeAS : Football, because of the holidays! Im putting my down that he'll do the same with this thread.... Rain or snow?
598 Adopim88 : Rain on a warm summer night Snow in the winter when it's soft, light snow. Strawberry or cherry?
599 TZ757300 : cherry cold & windy or hot & humid?
600 AirframeAS : The 600th post on this thread! Im honored!! Cold & Windy, hence Im from Washington State! Ski Resorts in Colorado or Ski Resorts in the Alps?
601 Oldman55 : Alps; just because i have never been there lol skiing or snowboarding?
602 Mir : Skiing Wine: red or white? (probably been asked already, but I'm too lazy to look through the thread) -Mir
603 Bohica : White Bud or Miller? (I'm not searching 600+ replies to see if it was asked before)
604 Oldman55 : Miller LOL I think before it was between Budweiser and Coors Beer or wine?
605 Mir : Wine Violin or Viola? -Mir
606 TUSaadvantage : Viola (I've been playing for 7 1/2 years) NCAA vs. NBA?
607 QXatFAT : Wow dude dont be a This or That Nazi. Just post your own its all good. NCAA anytime EMB or CRJ?
608 Post contains images KaiGywer : Haha, first, she's a chick, second, it's just because it's me she said that. Just a friendly rivalry in games CRJ Snow or rain?
609 Deskflier : Back country route, since Motorways are suicide on a motorbike. By the way, bike or car?
610 Post contains images KaiGywer : Ehm, you're supposed to quote the last post, not the one 607 replies before yours I'll still quote ya though. Motorcycle
611 Post contains images Chachu201 : And Kai, you're supposed to leave one for me | Gabe
612 TZ757300 : And you're supposed to give a question for me to answer, lol Anyway, American Muscle Cars or Foreign sports cars? (Anyway this thread can be started
613 Muddydwagon : Snow of course, Much more fun than rain. Subway or Elevated Rail?
614 Chachu201 : Elevated rail, see more! Carrots or peas?
615 Post contains links and images KaiGywer : Yeah, it's getting too damn long This Vs That - Volume 2 (by KaiGywer Jan 1 2007 in Non Aviation)
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