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Racing Fans! - A.Nut F1 Racing League!  
User currently offlineKaddyuk From Wallis and Futuna, joined Nov 2001, 4126 posts, RR: 23
Posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 3507 times:

I've created a 2006 Formula One World Championship

Firstly, you need to register here:-

Once you've registered successfully, click the link below:-

The password you need to register your driver/team is "johan"

I've started as Honda, all the teams are available. We need 10 players minimum and a maximum of 20 spaces are available.

Let the fun begin.

Whoever said "laughter is the best medicine" never had Gonorrhea
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User currently offlineUSAIRWAYS321 From United States of America, joined Jul 2001, 1859 posts, RR: 8
Reply 1, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 3506 times:

Just joined with Red Bull...I've been on BATracer for a month or so now, and it's pretty cool. This should be fun!

User currently offlineKaddyuk From Wallis and Futuna, joined Nov 2001, 4126 posts, RR: 23
Reply 2, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 3506 times:

People, dont forget to add it to your favourites... That way you wont forget to check up on it...

Nice to see you in there brett...

Whoever said "laughter is the best medicine" never had Gonorrhea
User currently offlineGSM763 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 3, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 11 hours ago) and read 3496 times:

I've joined. Should be a laugh!

User currently offlineGkirk From UK - Scotland, joined Jun 2000, 25347 posts, RR: 54
Reply 4, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 11 hours ago) and read 3492 times:

Joined as Ferrari  Wink

When you hear the noise of the Tartan Army Boys, we'll be coming down the road!
User currently offlineKaddyuk From Wallis and Futuna, joined Nov 2001, 4126 posts, RR: 23
Reply 5, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 11 hours ago) and read 3490 times:

Quoting Gkirk (Reply 4):
Joined as Ferrari

Hint: Ferrari lost in 2006...

Whoever said "laughter is the best medicine" never had Gonorrhea
User currently offlineVH-KCT* From Australia, joined May 2001, 479 posts, RR: 1
Reply 6, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 10 hours ago) and read 3486 times:

I'm in as Super Aguri!

Prepare to eat heavily Honda-subsidised dust  Smile

I am The Stig
User currently offlineKaddyuk From Wallis and Futuna, joined Nov 2001, 4126 posts, RR: 23
Reply 7, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 10 hours ago) and read 3485 times:

Quoting VH-KCT* (Reply 6):
Prepare to eat heavily Honda-subsidised dust

Yo My Bitch!

Whoever said "laughter is the best medicine" never had Gonorrhea
User currently offlineNosedive From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 8, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 3476 times:

BMW Sauber checking in

User currently offlineSpeedbird747BA From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 9, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 7 hours ago) and read 3476 times:

Joined Ferrari.

Toodles Comrades,

User currently offlineMelpax From Australia, joined Apr 2005, 1785 posts, RR: 1
Reply 10, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 7 hours ago) and read 3472 times:

Williams Checking in............

Always had a soft spot for them. Our last F1 champ (Alan Jones in 1980) drove for them.

Essendon - Whatever it takes......
User currently offlineKaddyuk From Wallis and Futuna, joined Nov 2001, 4126 posts, RR: 23
Reply 11, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 6 hours ago) and read 3463 times:

Well, it seems we need only one more driver to get this championship underway!  Wink

Whoever said "laughter is the best medicine" never had Gonorrhea
User currently offlineGSM763 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 12, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 3 hours ago) and read 3443 times:

If anyone wants to join Renault it would be much appreciated!

User currently offlineAerobalance From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 4696 posts, RR: 42
Reply 13, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 3 hours ago) and read 3439 times:

I'm Toyota.


"Sing a song, play guitar, make it snappy..."
User currently offlineKaddyuk From Wallis and Futuna, joined Nov 2001, 4126 posts, RR: 23
Reply 14, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 3425 times:

I'll give this league about 24hrs before i manually jumpstart the league... Once its started, no one else can join...

Bill142 Where Are Ya? and BA757 :P

Whoever said "laughter is the best medicine" never had Gonorrhea
User currently offlineEMA747 From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2006, 1171 posts, RR: 1
Reply 15, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 4 days 20 hours ago) and read 3410 times:

I have just joined as Renault.

Failing doesn’t make you a failure. Giving up and refusing to try again does!
User currently offlineGSM763 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 16, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 4 days 20 hours ago) and read 3401 times:

Quoting EMA747 (Reply 15):
I have just joined as Renault.

Thanks. Look forward to racing with you!

User currently offlineLegoguy From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2006, 3318 posts, RR: 35
Reply 17, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 4 days 20 hours ago) and read 3399 times:

Quoting Kaddyuk (Thread starter):
The password you need to register your driver/team is "johan"

Bummer, it took me 15 minutes to read that part...I spent ages trying to stick my own password unsuccessfully! umph!

I've joined Honda!

Now its time to make a kick ass helmet...

Can you say 'Beer Can' without sounding like a Jamaican saying 'Bacon'?
User currently offlineDavestanKSAN From United States of America, joined Sep 2005, 1678 posts, RR: 12
Reply 18, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 4 days 19 hours ago) and read 3393 times:

Muwhahahah McLaren. I hope Adam doesn't join a NASCAR league.


Yesterday we've sinned, today we move towards God. Touch the sky....love and respect...Safe Star!
User currently offlineMrChips From Canada, joined Mar 2005, 985 posts, RR: 0
Reply 19, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 4 days 19 hours ago) and read 3390 times:

Alright Nosedive, I'm in with you at BMW Sauber - bring it on guys

[Edited 2007-02-03 01:45:33]

Time...to un-pimp...ze auto!
User currently offlineBill142 From Australia, joined Aug 2004, 8508 posts, RR: 8
Reply 20, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 3372 times:

Rhaaa.. it was either Red Bull, Williams or Toyota.. So I went with Red Bull

User currently offlineUSAIRWAYS321 From United States of America, joined Jul 2001, 1859 posts, RR: 8
Reply 21, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 4 days 12 hours ago) and read 3361 times:

Welcome aboard Bill!

User currently offlineKaddyuk From Wallis and Futuna, joined Nov 2001, 4126 posts, RR: 23
Reply 22, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 3343 times:

There is a race every 48hrs... This gives people a chance to setup their cars and perform all the testing when they're free and hopefully will make it easier for everyone cross-timezone

Whoever said "laughter is the best medicine" never had Gonorrhea
User currently offlineMelpax From Australia, joined Apr 2005, 1785 posts, RR: 1
Reply 23, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 3290 times:

The first race has been run.........

Essendon - Whatever it takes......
User currently offlineBA757 From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2003, 2832 posts, RR: 13
Reply 24, posted (9 years 3 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 3288 times:

Yes I noticed - I missed it and had the wrong setup on the car.

A Mclaren should never be qualifying 16th... outrageous.


25 Nosedive : Damn it.... retired while in P2!
26 Melpax : I came 10th. Typical for a Williams.
27 Post contains images Legoguy : 6th from 13th! Bring it on Heres the results for you lazy bums... Hahaha Cobb, eat your words 1 Priaro (BMW Sauber) +0.000 2 Cadd (Honda) +44.339 3 Ma
28 GSM763 : I get a new engine next time and had I not been hit I would have wiped the floor with you!
29 Post contains images Legoguy : Slow and steady wins the race... or in my case slow and steady kicks cobbs ass This game is quite good actually. Isn't 48 hours between each session
30 GSM763 : I have to agree. 48 hours is a little long. I should point out that I have not (yet) bet anything of value on my quest to beat the lego one.
31 Post contains images Cornish : Seems like I missed out on all the fun while I was away Oh well maybe next time......
32 BA757 : I wondered why you weren't on the list... Adam
33 Kaddyuk : OKay, I've updated it to run every 24hrs... And it seems that is still going to take 43hrs till it runs again... Maybe it will change after the next s
34 Kaddyuk : Oh yeah... Go Honda!!! W000t! Top of the Constructors!
35 MrChips : Whoo! P1 for me after what appeared to be a very boring, Schumacher-esque drive.
36 Speedbird747BA : Lifes a bitch. Ill have to make a few adjustments in dirving style I guess. Cheers, Kyle
37 BA757 : Or maybe it will change after this race... Adam
38 Post contains images Legoguy : Adam!!! You're not last in the practise!!! Somebody must've tampered with the results!!! That honour currently goes to GSM763
39 Post contains images BA757 : You sound surprised?! However I am still +2.178 behind you, that's not good... however I lost a run as I forgot I still had Monsoon tyres on for whic
40 Bill142 : Woot I made it into the points! I need to alter my setup, but since I'm such an engineering n00b I'll probably make the thing go slower.
41 Post contains images Legoguy : My runs were just pure luck. Best go by Priaro's top time. Yes I am surprised. LOL Especially after Bahrain's performance. Yea its awkward. File, Edi
42 Post contains links BA757 : Haha. Like I said I didn't realise there was a race over the weekend and had a totally wrong setup on the car! Ta. http://www.f1gamers.com/f1/apanel/
43 Legoguy : Opps I ment it DOES sound good if it's anything like this game. LOL my bad! Brain fart there. This game is addictive. Pitty theres not a 2006 one. Ba
44 Post contains images BA757 : Back in the day there used to be a few F1 games on the PC. It's about time EA released one on the PC, or Geoff Crammond released one again. It's some
45 Post contains links and images DavestanKSAN : This game is fun. Hey guys I was just thinking...... Maybe we could set up an actual online racing league. I mean one where you get to drive your own
46 Bill142 : Sony has an exclusive licence. So Playstation only for F1 sims. Atleast for authentic ones.
47 USAIRWAYS321 : Word is that they're releasing a new F1 game in March for the PS3. I'll believe it when I see it, and until then I'll keep playing F1 Career Challenge
48 Post contains links DavestanKSAN : It's true, and it looks freaking amazing, check it out: http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/driving/f1/index.html Dave
49 USAIRWAYS321 : Too bad it's coming out just before the start of the 2007 season but will have 06 teams.
50 Bill142 : is it just me or is Toro Rosso missing from this game we're playing?
51 Legoguy : Only 16 people started the game out of a possible 22. That leaves 6 guys without a team mate...which makes me think, is the game harder for them?
52 Kaddyuk : When I start the next league, I'll keep it open longer so that more people can join... I wasn't sure if we'd get 22 players but it seems that we migh
53 BA757 : " target=_blank>http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/driving/....html It's a shame its on PS3... I just have no wish to go spend £400-500 on a games console.
54 Post contains images Gkirk : n00b! Yer letting the team down! Sepang, here we come.
55 Post contains images Legoguy : Yea same here. I'm too impatient though at the moment. I can't bear the 24 hour wait between each session. You could almost get away with 12 hours be
56 Post contains images Gkirk : Not so good, I believe I have the solution though. May not come into effect until the next race though
57 Legoguy : It's strange. The fast laps seem to be completely random. Some times its easy to do well, othertimes it's impossible to do any better than get past 1
58 Post contains images Kaddyuk : I'm betting we wont see ferrari until Barcelona!
59 Post contains images Jamesbuk : Well guys, im utterly p'd that i missed this, but I have created an account and I'm practicing, ready to come and woop all your asses Rgds --James--
60 Post contains images VH-KCT* : Rhaa! Almost the end of practice and Super Aguri are 2nd and 6th! You'd all better look out - we're a shoe-in for a podium finish this round!
61 Post contains images Kaddyuk : Trailing a honda on both accounts!
62 VH-KCT* : Yep we're up there, Caddy. Maybe an all Honda podium? Although you and I will have to pick up the pace if we're going to manage that!
63 Post contains images Kaddyuk : I was errrr... running a different strategy in practice Now my strategy is just to race as fast as is humanly possible...
64 Kaddyuk : I dont believe it! I was running EXACTLY the same setup as Dave was and I only managed a 1:36.4... First run on practice and I ace a 1:34.5!!! Freakin
65 Post contains images BA757 : Thats life! Hey at least your car didn't break down! Adam
66 Post contains images DavestanKSAN : haha oh well. I crashed in warmup/testing. Oops. Must have had some more misunderstandings or something like that. Do you guys read the Engineer's adv
67 Kaddyuk : Its the first thing I read... set the car up as the engineer suggests and then test... Adjust as required....
68 Nosedive : Driving styles Qualy: Pole: Legoguy-Honda: 1:35.912 P2: VH-KCT*- Aguri: +0.274 1:36.186 P3: MrChips- BMW Sauber: +0.385 1:36.297 P4: Nosedive- BMW Sa
69 Kaddyuk : Literally a fraction faster than me!
70 Post contains images Pipo777 : That would be me!!! had a couple of good practice runs but it appears I crashed in the first run of the qualy Oh well, let's hope that the good test
71 Post contains images Legoguy : Ekkkk I've no idea what strategy to use in the race! I will be happy to get at least 4th in this race Goodluck, this time tomorrow, we will know the r
72 Post contains images Nosedive : Sucks to be you
73 Post contains images Legoguy : At least I have a head start
74 VH-KCT* : We need to get some reliability! I only managed one lap before I "rolled to a terminal halt with some kind of problem" Hey Kaddyuk or Legoguy, got an
75 Post contains images Nosedive : I'm now faster
76 Post contains images Legoguy : Reduce the limiters in your racing style section. Your probably pushing too hard.   Only in practise, not in qualifying. I'm still starting first  
77 Post contains images Gkirk : I screwed up my warm up
78 Bill142 : usually after I've done all my laps. Perhaps I should start doing it the otherway. Yeah I had a few fups as well.
79 Post contains images Kaddyuk : Excuses Excuses...
80 Post contains images Bill142 : ok the camber of the corner had changed from the previous lap. This caused me to put it into the wall
81 Post contains images Legoguy : Wow! Where the hell did all you guys come from!?!?! I mean... Taylor you dark horse....And Mayes! The Honda's are struggling! The championship could g
82 Post contains images Nosedive : Hey, you have teamwork, we have teamwork No, I steal the setups from the CART league
83 Bill142 : When does the next race start?
84 Kaddyuk : The next race is in about 15 minutes then we go to Qualif round on the next race which i believe is Melbourne!
85 Post contains images BA757 : Practice, actually... Do you know if they have tests in this game, or is it just races? Adam
86 Kaddyuk : I Dont freaking believe it!!! I Stalled on the grid!!!
87 BA757 : Well what a bitch, if I hadn't made such a bad start, I could have been a lot higher up. Adam[Edited 2007-02-08 13:17:06]
88 Kaddyuk : That completely messed it up for me... One thing i dont like about this game is that you have no chance at changing your strategy during the race... I
89 Melpax : Some crap driving & shitty pit crew on my part...... at least I finished (12th place)
90 Post contains images Kaddyuk : I guess i'm still in 2nd place... Honda still lead the constructors championship! Now for the setup ready @ MEL!
91 Nosedive : Good job Lego! blah blah blah
92 Legoguy : Hahahaha YES! What happened Priaro? He was leading then something happened? Ah well. Unlucky Kaddy. Without that stall, we mightve had a double podium
93 VH-KCT* : Here are the results in full. I had to nurse my Aguri for the second half after oil pressure problems. Anyway, well done, Legoman! And what did happen
94 Post contains images DavestanKSAN : BLAAAAH. Me and Kirkie crashed. Some kind of conspiracy. I hate it Congrats Lego Dave
95 Post contains images Legoguy : Cheers guys, but it was just pure luck Thomas and Snyder... one of you guys could possibly quit your team and join the other guy in his team... having
96 Nosedive : B/w laps 27-28 it looks like his car began to deteriorate, but no reason why.
97 Post contains images Kaddyuk : I'll just put it down to you being an absolutely JAMMY bastard...
98 Nosedive : Found it, suspension lap 28.
99 Post contains images Legoguy : There you go...pure luck on my behalf If it hadnt have been for McChip's dodgey suspension, I'd have been second Now back to work for the qualifying,
100 Post contains images Gkirk : A disappointing race for me
101 Post contains images Kaddyuk : Scots just weren't designed to win in modern day race cars... just look at David Coulthard to start with!
102 Bill142 : I bet it's not the first time he's just driven off the road.
103 Post contains images MrChips : We had a minor suspension problem with the car, and our pit strategy was less than optimal. We were running strong all weekend and although it is a t
104 Kaddyuk : Bastards! 1 Mottley - Red Bull - 1:22.698 +0.000 2 Mayes - Red Bull - 1:22.770 +0.072 3 Taylor - Super Aguri - 1:22.936 +0.238 4 Espinal - Super Aguri
105 Post contains images Legoguy : Hmmm, we might want to add Red Bull and Super Aguri to the championship contenders. Welldone guys, Nice to see the Honda B team and the Bull De Rouge
106 Post contains images Kaddyuk : Next we know honda will be the honda B team...
107 BA757 : I am genuinely gutted. My car IS fast, yet it only did one run in quali. I am happy with my warmup time, and with a bit of luck, my strategy should m
108 Bill142 : Holly fuck... I'm drunk and I just found out I put the fucking thing on pole. An RBR front row. Go us!
109 Post contains images USAIRWAYS321 : I'm proud of the effort at Red Bull so far. We've really come out of the gate strong, with Woooooo
110 Post contains images Kaddyuk :
111 Legoguy : I just realised that Bridgestone runners get different number of laps to Michelin Teams. e.g 7 laps to the bridgestone runners at the moment compared
112 Kaddyuk : 22 Minutes till showdown!
113 Post contains images Kaddyuk : I HATE this championship!!! Gearbox failure WHAT?!
114 Melpax : The race is now run....... Taylor (Super Aguri) +0.000 Intermediate 2 Thomas (Williams) +3.942 +3.942 Intermediate 3 Mayes (Red Bull) +6.364 +10.306 I
115 Post contains images VH-KCT* : I won! Yayers! I just had a fantastic race today, the car was fantastic and I was very lucky that the rain came at the same time as my pitstops, which
116 Melpax : (Runner-up sprays the champagne)
117 Bill142 : After Race Quotes Bill142: "I was looking forward to having a great race today, unfortunately I had a small incident at the start of the race. Then th
118 Post contains images Speedbird747BA : #5!!! Booyah! go me, go me, go me....... Cheers, Kyle
119 Legoguy : Ohhh crap! I had such a shit strategy. Lesson learnt for next time. Welldone Rick 1 Chris Priaro BMW Sauber 18 2 Brett Mayes Red Bull 17 3 Dave Hender
120 Kaddyuk : 1 Thacher BMW Sauber 1:18.960 +0.000 2 Priaro BMW Sauber 1:19.215 +0.255 3 Mayes Red Bull 1:19.342 +0.382 4 Henderson Honda 1:19.383 +0.423 5 Cadd Hon
121 Nosedive : YAY! now just have to get it down pat for tomorrow
122 MrChips : Look at our warm-up times! Thacher BMW Sauber 1:19.674 +0.000 Henderson Honda 1:19.679 +0.005 Priaro BMW Sauber 1:19.690 +0.016 This is gonna be a rid
123 Kaddyuk : Certainly Will!
124 Post contains images Legoguy : I'm screwed then LOL I choose the most ridiculous strategies
125 Nosedive : Got you a win a while back, did it not?
126 Post contains images Legoguy : Pure luck though It's your turn for a win, then Kaddy's turn!
127 Post contains images Kaddyuk : *ahem* No, its my turn on both accounts...!
128 USAIRWAYS321 : You're all wrong...it's my turn to win. Two straight weeks of Ferrari enhancements in the back of my RB1!
129 Nosedive : Play nice or I'll do to you what Senna did to Prost. Or what MS did to Hill. You get the point. All coming down to the start and the pits. One thing
130 VH-KCT* : MrChips takes the victory at Imola! Well done! My 1 stop strategy was working well, but a driver error on lap 40 ended my afternoon. 1 Chris Priaro BM
131 DavestanKSAN : Did you have to rub it in?? I didn't see the race, I was having a shit. Dave[Edited 2007-02-12 13:30:28]
132 BA757 : Oh what a bastardo - I stalled on the grid. Seriously, I would have probably being changeling for the lead had it not been for that. You see how many
133 Post contains images Legoguy : Kev.... our mechanics are shit!!! They screwed up my first pitstop and messed up your second pitstop! Nearly identical to when they messed up Buttons
134 Kaddyuk : 27 Seconds on my 2nd pit... Disgraceful... I would have been 2nd had that not happened i reckon...
135 Post contains images Jamesbuk : Wasnt that when button drove off with the fuel thing still in? Hardly all the mechanics fault Well im all signed up and im in a public game. Im not d
136 Post contains images Nosedive : I imagine there will be some scores to settle by then
137 Post contains images USAIRWAYS321 : I could've been on podium if I wasn't called in for a 2nd unscheduled stop with only a handful of laps left...
138 Post contains images Legoguy : Indeed Button did drive away with the fuel hose attached however it was the lollypop man who raised the lolly pop indicating him to go. Therefore the
139 Kaddyuk : About 40 seconds into the video you can see the pitstop mistake...
140 Bill142 : Another win to Priaro and BMW! Driving away with the fuel rig still attached is a pretty big mistake. Kimi? Is that you!?
141 Post contains images VH-KCT* : Nurburgring qualifying results are in and it's a mighty fine sight up front! 1 Rick Taylor 1:33.454 2 Carlos Espinal +0.168 1:33.622 3 Chris Priaro +0
142 Legoguy : Ahhh but you guys have the correct setup for wet weather....a dry race is something completely different :-P Well done Honda juniors!
143 Post contains images VH-KCT* : In response to the poor performance of the main Honda team in qualifying, Taylor suggested that a minor but important testing role could be made avai
144 Nosedive : Had some computer problems that I couldn't get sorted in time. See if I can make a charge.
145 Post contains images Pipo777 : I think I risked too much on my last run... "You damaged your car on your last run, and was not able to complete a lap. In addition, time taken to re
146 Post contains images BA757 : Anyway Lego, you held me up on my last run in European quali, so it seems. I was on inters, that lap looked like it could have been significantly fas
147 Post contains images Legoguy : LOL, tell us that after the race is over Well to be fair, I crashed halfway through both Practice and Warm up, missing at least 6 to 7 laps, so Kev h
148 Post contains images BA757 : Wahoo, I bagged a podium at long last. I knew I had a good setup for the race! I had one or two technical problems with the car, had it not being for
149 Melpax : LOL!
150 Post contains images Gkirk : What a fantastic season I'm having
151 GSM763 : Isn't it typical that I've done better in my time away from the game than when I actually made an effort!
152 VH-KCT* : What a shocker of a race for Super Aguri! We went from both cars on the front row of the grid to both cars on the side of the track with us hitching a
153 Post contains images Legoguy : LOL Brilliant! Your always welcome as test drivers for Honda
154 Post contains images VH-KCT* : Results from Barcelona are in! 1 Carlos Espinal Super Aguri 2 Jason Thacher BMW Sauber +25.544 3 Chris Priaro BMW Sauber +26.380 (Passed on the last l
155 Post contains images Legoguy : I can't believe it. Once again the rain ruins my day again. Something tells me I should now bother my ass to change the race tyre choice settings Well
156 Bill142 : Rhaa... There was a problem with my car and I didn't record a lap time in Monaco.
157 VH-KCT* : Here are the top stories following the eventful Monaco race: Espinal makes it 2 in a row! The Super Aguri driver takes the victory in Monaco, his seco
158 Kaddyuk : Cadd Pulls Through And Shows F1 Exactly What He's Made Of After a cockup at Michelin left Honda driver Kevin Cadd with only 3 sets of tyres. These bei
159 Post contains images BA757 : I am not having the best luck . The lack of speed was due to my one stop strategy (Scheduled stop was lap 46). Things are looking great for Silversto
160 Nosedive : "What ought to have been another great 1-2 turned into a sham. Priaro's early mistake and my bad pit calling race killed any chances for a haul of po
161 Legoguy : I'm presuming it's because it's your home race. I got 12 laps aswell, and wasted them all crashing about the place. It's a double home race for you a
162 Kaddyuk : Cadd in response to a furious outburst from Thatcher had this to say... "If thatcher wishes to attempt to take this matter to the FIA, i'm ready. I d
163 Bill142 : Mottley blasts Kyle "Sometimes you have to wonder what those Ferrari drivers are thinking. First you have Kirk with his pit on lap two strategy and Ky
164 Post contains images Legoguy : Silverstone Race Results - Today the home of the British Grandprix witnessed something amazing... A race podium consisting of TWO british drivers on t
165 Post contains images BA757 : AT LAST! Mclaren's first win of the season, on HOME soil! All I can say is it is a simply amazing feeling, the car worked perfectly over the whole wee
166 BA757 : And how wrong could I be... what a surprise! Macca romp to victory again! I am most happy now, I am clawing my way up the championship! 1. Waterfield
167 Post contains images VH-KCT* : I drove like Ralf. I was so boring and of standard pace that even I lost me and one stage! Well done BA757! You're really climbing back into contentio
168 Legoguy : UMPH! A repeat of silverstone again. Well done... again. BMW's are starting to fade :-p How many people are actually still playing out of the origina
169 Nosedive : Is all well in the BMW Sauber camp? Chris Priaro, quite possibly the best driver on the grid, has dropped out of the last 2 European races, often runn
170 MrChips : Priaro speaks out, "nothing more than bad luck" After considerable criticism from the media and others, BMW Sauber's #2 driver, Chris Priaro, has weig
171 BA757 : Quali Results for USGP: 1) Carlos Espinal (Super Aguri) 1:09.481 2) Rick Taylor (Super Aguri) +0.121 3) Dave Henderson (Honda) +0.717 Mclaren 4) Dave
172 VH-KCT* : Super Aguri tops the timesheets at Indy The Indianapolis grand prix has so far been dominated by the Super Aguri team, with practice and warmup being
173 Post contains images Legoguy : Interesting results. It's all down to stretegy, and i'm feeling quite lucky with my strategy
174 Post contains images Gkirk :
175 Post contains images Gkirk : Finally hit some form Singer Waterfield Priaro 4 Graham Kirk Ferrari +31.815 5 Jonathan Mottley Red Bull +38.179 6 Kyle Blank Ferrari +58.306 7 Dave H
176 Melpax : Damn, crashed out...........
177 BA757 : Maximum Mclaren At Indy Firstly I would like to congratulate Dave on his first win of the season, like mine, at his home GP too. Well done Dave. Mysel
178 Post contains images Legoguy : I guess its a decent enough result when I had to nurse home a sick car from lap one!
179 Post contains images BA757 : Excuses excuses... Adam
180 Bill142 : Should have gone with the hard tyre in qualifying. The car typically likes the softer tyre, but at this track the hard compound appears to be the bett
181 VH-KCT* : 1 Chris Priaro BMW Sauber 2 Carlos Espinal Super Aguri +0.005 3 Jason Thacher BMW Sauber +5.197 4 Dave Singer McLaren +26.238 5 Rick Taylor Super Agur
182 Post contains images BA757 : A very disappointing result for me. I had been rather quick during practice and quali, starting from P2, and finishing in P7. I think it all went wron
183 Nosedive : BMW Sauber is Back After suffering questions about integrity and reliability, BMW drivers Priaro and Thacher responded with a 1st and 3rd place finish
184 Post contains images Legoguy : I hang my head in shame and blame Taylor Honda will return.... (Hopefully sooner rather than later!)
185 Bill142 : Perhaps a one stop strategy wasn't a good idea.
186 VH-KCT* : Honda drivers' banter continues Honda driver Henderson and Super Aguri driver Taylor's banter has stepped up a level, after the brash Honda driver acc
187 Bill142 : How do you do that? On a side note, you're the only driver who hasn't had a retirement this year.
188 Legoguy : Honda in deep crisis The F1 Honda team consisting of drivers Cadd and Henderson is starting to struggle badly now towards the end of the so far, excit
189 Melpax : Damn Damn Damn DAMN.............
190 Bill142 : Hockenheim results are in. My race was compromised by the stupid game running me on hard tyres. 1. Chris Priaro 2. Jason Thacher 3. Rick Taylor 4 Adam
191 BA757 : Perhaps a two stop strategy wasn't the way to go... Ah well.
192 Nosedive : BMW Sauber to Blamed of Loss of Viewership With another 1-2 by the boys from BMW, Bernie and Max may consider changing the specs of the BMW to what wo
193 VH-KCT* : F1 Championship heats up as end draws near As the F1 season enters its final phase of 6 races, the drivers' and constructors' championships are closer
194 Legoguy : Honda hits rock bottom 'Yup, the last 3 races have been shit for Honda!' exclaimed Henderson when asked about his last race performances. 'Team morale
195 Bill142 : I'm hoping McLaren offer me a seat.
196 BA757 : Rumors rife that Waterfield is off to Renault Rumours being passed around the paddock are that Waterfield could be driving a Renault next season. Howe
197 Legoguy : Thinking next season should be played with a team you DON'T have the set up for. Might make things fair for everybody and then everybody might remain
198 BA757 : You can't keep the setup for next season anyway can you? Unless you have KoolTools? I suppose you could make a note of your settings, but that would
199 Nosedive : Thacher seen in a GP Legends 1986 Tyrrel "Just a run for charity," replied Thacher.
200 MrChips : Priaro off to Ferrari? Rumors continue Hot off his decisive victory at Hockenheim earlier today, rumors are abound that current Driver's Championship
201 Post contains images Legoguy : Henderson off to Renault? Word has it that Henderson is looking towards a Renault seat in next year's gandprix season. Renault have not yet released a
202 Bill142 : Mottley linked with McLaren and BMW Rumors doing the rounds this week have indicated that Mottley is in talks with both BMW and McLaren after being sp
203 Post contains images Jamesbuk : Hey guys, Cant be long till the end of your season is it? Well I'd like to join the next season so if you can keep a spare place for me, preferably at
204 Post contains images Nosedive : Thacher linked to Penske, Renault or Honda "As you may have noticed, we're voting for teams by the a.net forums, and I vote for a CART series 1st " sa
205 Bill142 : 1. Thatcher BMW Sauber 2. Waterfield McLaren +19.229 3. Espinal Super Aguri +29.691 4 Rick Taylor Super Aguri +45.706 5 Dave Henderson Honda +46.887 6
206 Legoguy : Mottley ruins Henderson's comeback Despite the lack of a team mate, Henderson made a great start to the Hungarian Grandprix. He had managed to battle
207 Nosedive : Thacher takes the Checkers It took the American over 1/2 the season to do it, but the BMW Sauber driver finally takes the top step of the podium in Hu
208 Bill142 : Mottley rues strategy Jonathan Mottley told us exclusively after the race that his decison to go with a two stop strategy was not the right one. Mott
209 Post contains images BA757 : 2nd - I can live with that. Hopefully I will get second or third in the DC, and with Dave on form at the moment too, we should be able to get Mclaren
210 VH-KCT* : Turkish qualifying sets up fight for constructors' championship After tonight's qualifying session, the fight for the F1 constructors' championship ha
211 Bill142 : Results from Istanbul are in 1 Espinal 2 Henderson 3 Blank 4 Rick Taylor Super Aguri +67.050 5 Graham Kirk Ferrari +70.056 6 Jonathan Mottley Red Bull
212 Bill142 : Qualifying Results 1 Rick Taylor 1:26.411 2 Carlos Espinal +0.458 1:26.869 3 Chris Priaro +1.047 1:27.458 4 Jason Thacher +1.970 1:28.381 5 Dave Hende
213 Post contains images VH-KCT* : Espinal takes the win at Monza, making it back to back victories and taking the lead in the drivers' championship for the first time this season! Pria
214 BA757 : Race Results For Gran Premio d'Italia 1. Espinal Super Aguri +0.000 2. Waterfield McLaren +22.476 3. Priaro BMW Sauber +23.328 4. Thacher BMW Sauber +
215 Bill142 : I was having such a good race untill something went wrong towards the end of the race and I was hemmoraging time.
216 Post contains images BA757 : I have qualified a nice third in Shanghai, hopefully if my strategy is right, I could be looking at more solid points or maybe even a win in the race.
217 Pipo777 : I can't believe I didn't change my quali strategy from the last race!!!! Oh well...I guess I'll need a very good race strategy to save some points...
218 VH-KCT* : Shanghai Results 1 Carlos Espinal Super Aguri 2 Rick Taylor Super Aguri +33.269 3 Kyle Blank Ferrari +49.054 4 Dave Singer McLaren +60.965 5 Graham Ki
219 BA757 : Waterfield bins it while P1 Mclaren's star driver crashed out of the Chinese grand prix while leading in the atrocious weather conditions. We met up w
220 Melpax : It's the drink, It's the drink............
221 Bill142 : Disappointing race for Red Bull Red Bull Racing have left Shanghai disappointed with Jonathan Mottley managing to finish 7th while Brett Mayes failed
222 Post contains images VH-KCT* : Read it carefully! Word around the paddock is that Super Aguri are now aiming to take out both the drivers' and constructors' championships and are f
223 BA757 : Bollocks. I missed free practice for Brazil, so did qualifying with my Suzuka setup which resulted in me being at the lower end of the grid. I then we
224 Bill142 : Sure why not? It's the only way we're going to be able to live out the fantasy of being an F1 driver with all the politics, speculation and antics th
225 VH-KCT* : Only 4 hours remaining until the last race of the season! Espinal is on pole and is also 4 points in the championship lead but will he beat Priaro by
226 Nosedive : If we open the new championship right away, I won't be able to play. A bit too much school work between now and the end, not to mention a school trip
227 Post contains images VH-KCT* : Hmm is that the same kind of school trip as when JPM broke his arm playing tennis? Or when Sebastien Loeb broke his leg/foot/whatever it was bike rid
228 Nosedive : That school trip is this weekend to CPH. No, it's a proper school trip to Poland, university style.... aka alcoholic education.. soooooo maybe. How a
229 Post contains links and images Legoguy : New game has been created... http://batracer.com/-cj?&D&11874 Password is Johan again I have joined as Renault Someone else can post the results of la
230 Post contains links BA757 : A.net Racing League - Season 2 (by BA757 Mar 12 2007 in Non Aviation)
231 Legoguy : Cheers for setting up a new thread. Im too gutted after losing out in the last few laps! Welldone adam! cough cough bastard cough cough cough Season
232 Post contains links BA757 : Quoting Legoguy (Reply 231): Cheers for setting up a new thread. Im too gutted after losing out in the last few laps! Welldone adam! cough cough basta
233 Legoguy : You beat me! I guess that's because you had more wins? Also my entire season went past with no failures until the last two races... then all the bad
234 GSM763 : Right that was fun and I'm going to have another go and actually try this time!
235 Post contains images Bill142 : I don't think I did to bad considering I was unable to set up my car for the race
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