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Morning Rituals  
User currently offlineKunoichi From Denmark, joined Jan 2007, 796 posts, RR: 14
Posted (9 years 5 days 19 hours ago) and read 1737 times:

Seeing that it's morning here and I'm WELL bored out of my mind, the idea came to me while making breakfast  Smile

I realise there has probably been a thread like this, but it's most likely ages ago, so here's the update Big grin

What's your morning ritual?. In other words, what do you do in the morning from the time you get out of bed, till you're at work?

Here's mine:

6:00 AM: Alarm goes off. I get out of bed.
6:00-6:30: Shower.
6:30-7:00: Making breakfast, eating breakfast, watching TV.
7:00-7:45: Give animals breakfast, walk dogs, empty kitty- and ferret-litterbox.
7:45-7:59: walk to busstop. Bus leaves at 7:59.
7:59-8:20: Busride to trainstation.
8:20-8:30: Shopping in the station cafeteria for lunch. Train leaves at 8:30.
8:30-9:05: Train ride to the station near school. Walk to busstop. Bus leaves at 9:05.
9:05-9:15: Bus leaves and arrives at 9:05, at a busstop, 10 minutes of walking from school.
9:15-9:30: Walk to school.
9:30: Class starts.

The weekends are the same, apart from the alarm clock (which won't be on) and the leaving for school  Wink

Your turn!

"Do you speak fluent Canadian?"
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User currently offlineSpeedbird747BA From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 1, posted (9 years 5 days 19 hours ago) and read 1728 times:

School starts at 0930 there? 0700 here. Much the same tho, minus the bus ride and breakfast.


User currently offlineAsstChiefMark From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 2, posted (9 years 5 days 19 hours ago) and read 1724 times:

First thing I do is go to the fridge and grab a Diet Mountain Dew. That's about all I do lately.


User currently offlineKunoichi From Denmark, joined Jan 2007, 796 posts, RR: 14
Reply 3, posted (9 years 5 days 19 hours ago) and read 1724 times:

Quoting Speedbird747BA (Reply 1):
School starts at 0930 there? 0700 here. Much the same tho, minus the bus ride and breakfast.

No, normal public school starts at 8:00, 8:10 if you're lucky  Smile

I go to a privately owned educational center. My class goes from 9:30 till 1:30 in the afternoon  Smile

"Do you speak fluent Canadian?"
User currently offlineRichPhitzwell From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 4, posted (9 years 5 days 19 hours ago) and read 1721 times:

I dont use an alarm clock ever....but its always the same

Wake up, check clock, kill kittens, do the three S's (Shit, shave, shower), drive to work. Eat either at Starbucks on the way to work or at work. Traffic is between .5 hrs and 1 hr for about 10 miles.

Rinse repeat as needed.

User currently offlineSpeedbird747BA From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 5, posted (9 years 5 days 19 hours ago) and read 1720 times:

Quoting Kunoichi (Reply 3):
I go to a privately owned educational center. My class goes from 9:30 till 1:30 in the afternoon

Lucky you!!  Wink


User currently offlineCarmenlu15 From Guatemala, joined Dec 2004, 4763 posts, RR: 27
Reply 6, posted (9 years 5 days 19 hours ago) and read 1717 times:


7:00 am - radio goes off. I listen to the morning show, still half asleep. Big grin
7:30-8:00 - shower
8:00-9:00 - breakfast, wash the dishes, clean the kitchen
9:00 and afterwards - clean the house and other various chores

As of Monday:

5:00 am - alarm goes off
5:10 am - I get up
5:10-5:30 - get dressed
5:30-5:40 - breakfast
5:40-5:50 - brush teeth, get ready to leave
5:50-6:00 - walk to bus stop
6:00-8:00 - get stuck in traffic till I arrive at work

The traffic part sucks, but since I finally got the job I wanted, I'll be willing to endure it.  bouncy 

Don't expect to see me around that much (if at all) -- the contact link should still work, though.
User currently offlineUSAFHummer From United States of America, joined May 2000, 10685 posts, RR: 51
Reply 7, posted (9 years 5 days 19 hours ago) and read 1711 times:

Since my class schedule varies by day, I'll format mine slightly differently:

Time to first class:
T - 2 hrs. - First alarm goes off, I wake up, still groggy
T - 1:55 hrs. - Last alarm goes off, my signal to get out of bed...then I go surf the web, check email, etc.
T- 1:15 hrs. - Breakfast
T - 1 hr. -Shower, brush teeth, get dressed
T- 30 mins -Leave and walk across street to bus stop
T- 20 mins -Bus theoretically should arrive
T- 10 mins - Arrive on campus and walk to class
T- 0 mins - Some boring class lecture starts...

Chief A.net college football stadium self-pic guru
User currently offlineKunoichi From Denmark, joined Jan 2007, 796 posts, RR: 14
Reply 8, posted (9 years 5 days 19 hours ago) and read 1711 times:

Quoting Carmenlu15 (Reply 6):

The traffic part sucks, but since I finally got the job I wanted, I'll be willing to endure it.

Congrats carmen! If anyone deserves it, it's you! (the job, not the traffic part  Silly)  Smile

Quoting Speedbird747BA (Reply 5):
Lucky you!! Wink

It's quite good, yeah Big grin

"Do you speak fluent Canadian?"
User currently offlineHPLASOps From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 9, posted (9 years 5 days 18 hours ago) and read 1696 times:

0400: Go to bed after getting home late, set alarm for 1100, plan to get approx 5 things done in the morning
1100: Alarm goes off, decide that 2 of those things aren't really that important to do, reset alarm for 1200.
1200: Alarm goes off again, determine another thing on the list that wasn't really important, reset alarm for 1230.
1230: Alarm goes off again, decide, oh what the hell, I'm not gonna accomplish anything before work, I'll do it when I get home for work, reset alarm for 1330.
1330: Wake up sheepishly, go over to recliner or computer, mess around with tv, computer, or both:
1530: Cook something grossly unhealthy in the microwave, eat up in 20 minutes while watching tv.
1550: Jump in the shower, try to be done with clean up process by 1605 so that I don't have to race to get to work on time.
1610: Just got done shaving, bitter at myself for not getting this done sooner, rush to put on clothes.
1612: Out the door for my anticipated 18 minute drive to work.
1625: Run from parking garage to clock in point after 2 of the 3 traffic lights I have to go through screw me.
0130: Return home from work, decide I'm too tired to get any of those things done, watch tv (mostly shows I recorded while I was at work), fix a snack, go to bed around 0400. Repeat routine.

Story of my life.

User currently offlineJcs17 From United States of America, joined Jun 2001, 8065 posts, RR: 36
Reply 10, posted (9 years 5 days 18 hours ago) and read 1681 times:

9:00:00AM -- Cell phone alarm goes off.
9:00:13AM -- Have serious discussion with self about the merits of showing up to class
9:00:34AM -- Hit snooze on my cell phone.
9:10:34AM -- Cell phone alarm goes off again
9:10:40AM -- Repeat second step
9:12:00AM -- Get out of bed and head to the shower
9:13:57AM -- Scrub my junk
9:15:16AM -- Shave my face
9:18:00AM -- Shampooing my hair
9:21:00AM -- Get out of shower
9:21:09AM -- Blow dry my hair
9:23:00AM -- Walk to my room and get dressed
9:28:00AM -- Apply hair product
9:31:00AM -- Furiously mess with my hair
9:35:00AM -- Furiously mess with my hair
9:39:00AM -- Give up on hair, walk to my other room, pop open the laptop and check news headlines, facebook, e-mails, and NY Islanders articles.
9:47:00AM -- Make sure I have the books and notebooks I need for class.
9:50:00AM -- Leave house and walk quickly to 10AM class.

America's chickens are coming home to rooooost!
User currently offlineQFA380 From Australia, joined Jul 2005, 2150 posts, RR: 1
Reply 11, posted (9 years 5 days 18 hours ago) and read 1674 times:

Here is mine.

5:30: Get up.
5:31: Walk the 2m to the computer.
5:31-6:30: Go on a.net.
6:30-7:00: Have shower/get dressed.
7:00: Go upstairs, talk to the dog and mum.
7:10-7:30: Make/have breakfast.
7:40: Brush teeth/put shoes on.
7:40-7:45: Fill bag with school books.
7:45-7:50: Walk to bus stop/hit kids with sticks at bus stop.
7:50-8:30: Be bored on bus:
8:30-8:50: Bum around at school.
8:50>: Be at school.  hyper   sarcastic 

And all this happens while many of you are in bed.

User currently offlineLTU932 From Germany, joined Jan 2006, 14225 posts, RR: 46
Reply 12, posted (9 years 5 days 18 hours ago) and read 1674 times:

My regular work week goes like this:

08:55: Alarm goes off
09:10-09:40: Shower
10:00: Leave the house
10:10: I take the bus to the city centre
10:50: I take the bus to the mall near work
11:20-11:50: Brunch and a cigarette after brunch
12:00: Take the taxi to work
12:20-14:00: I check my inbox (private and corporate), check on A.net and other forums
14:00-22:00: Work, cigarette breaks, get bored and browsing through A.net and other forums
22:15: I take the corporate bus back home
22:45-01:30: Browse A.net, smoke, watch TV and check my inbox
01:45-08:55: Sleep
08:55: Repeat routine (unless it's weekend)

User currently offlineCarmenlu15 From Guatemala, joined Dec 2004, 4763 posts, RR: 27
Reply 13, posted (9 years 5 days 18 hours ago) and read 1672 times:

Quoting Kunoichi (Reply 8):
Congrats carmen! If anyone deserves it, it's you!

Thanks Janni! Being a travel agent is gonna be lots of fun...  cheerful 

Don't expect to see me around that much (if at all) -- the contact link should still work, though.
User currently offlineN243NW From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 1658 posts, RR: 18
Reply 14, posted (9 years 5 days 18 hours ago) and read 1655 times:

0800: Alarm goes off...press Snooze.
0815: Stumble out of bed, head to shower.
0815-0830: Shower.
0830-0835: Get dressed, pack backpack.
0835-0850: Eat breakfast in meal hall.
0850-0900: Walk across campus to first class in McDonnell Douglas Hall.
0900-0950: CSCI 145 - Scientific Programming (MATLAB, C++)
0950-1000: Stop by student center on my way back to the residence hall, check mail, grab a pastry.
1000-1050: Hang out in room, check e-mail, A.net, Facebook, do last-minute Physics homework, etc.

-N243NW Big grin

B-52s don't take off. They scare the ground away.
User currently offlineManuCH From Switzerland, joined Jun 2005, 3030 posts, RR: 44
Reply 15, posted (9 years 5 days 17 hours ago) and read 1649 times:

0710: Alarm goes off, I get up
0711-0720: Shower & get dressed
0721-0725: Breakfast
0725-0745: Check emails and news
0746: I'm out of the house walking to work, where I'll arrive at 0800

I'm probably the quickest one here  Smile


Never trust a statistic you didn't fake yourself
User currently offlineKaddyuk From Wallis and Futuna, joined Nov 2001, 4126 posts, RR: 23
Reply 16, posted (9 years 5 days 17 hours ago) and read 1647 times:

Wake Up
Boil Kettle
Make Pot-Noodle
Search For Porn
Have a W**k

Signed By,

Whoever said "laughter is the best medicine" never had Gonorrhea
User currently offlineGSM763 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 17, posted (9 years 5 days 17 hours ago) and read 1643 times:

07.30 - Alarm Gets off snooze button is hit I don't get out of bed
07.35 - See Above
07.40 - See Above
07.45 - I get out of bed (maybe)
08.00 - Have Brekafast and watch BBC News
08.15 - Have Shower
08.25 - Get Dressed
08.40 - Leave

User currently offlineWestJetForLife From Canada, joined Jun 2005, 814 posts, RR: 1
Reply 18, posted (9 years 5 days 17 hours ago) and read 1643 times:


0625-Out of bed
0630-Apply deoderant/body spray
0640-Downstairs, ready to drink Instant Breakfast and pour coffee
0650-Brush teeth, comb hair, admire facial features
0655-In car waiting for dad
0710-At C-trainn station
0715-On my way to school
0740-Downtown, walk to bus stop
0745-Meet up with friend, grab more coffee
0755-Board bus, go to school
0830-Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Physics; Tuesday, Thursday: Spare
*I shower at night on the weekdays.

1000-Out of bed
1040-Downstairs, make coffee, turn on TV/radio
1100-Listen to sister bitch about her ruined social plans for the day because of chores

As you can tell, my weekend schedule is less than my weekday schedule.


I need a drink.
User currently offlineLOT767-300ER From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 19, posted (9 years 5 days 17 hours ago) and read 1635 times:


8:25AM - First alarm goes off on cell.
8:27AM - Second alarm goes off on cell.
8:35AM - Third alam goes off and get out of bed.
8:36AM - Shower, Brush Teeth, Piss etc.
8:45AM - Shave if necessary
8:46AM - Have breakfast...this sometimes is some whipped cream, sometimes a sandwich sometimes a Heineken.
8:55AM-9:00AM - Leave for ATC class.


Repeat those steps except wakeup at 1030AM and go to Aviation Insurance class

Sa/Su (Permitting there is no work)

Wakeup 12:00-3:00PM and do nothing.

User currently offlineAirTranTUS From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 20, posted (9 years 5 days 17 hours ago) and read 1629 times:

7:40 Alarm goes off, then gets turned off
7:55 Cellphone alarm goes off, I get up and turn on computer
7:57 Make myself a bowl of cereal
8:00 Login to computer and begin to eat
8:01-8:20 Check airliners.net
8:20-8:25 Finish eating
8:26-8:30 Play around on FlightAware
8:31-8:35 Check the news online
8:35-8:44 Get dressed, wash dishes, brush teeth, etc.
8:45 Begin walk to class

Tues Thurs
Same except I wake up at 10:00 and go to class at 1:45, usually skipping lunch because of a late breakfast. Do a small amount of work.

Sat Sun

Wake up between 10 and 11, skipping lunch as again. Spend more time at Airliners, refuse to do any work.

User currently offlineAeroWesty From United States of America, joined Oct 2004, 20822 posts, RR: 60
Reply 21, posted (9 years 5 days 17 hours ago) and read 1626 times:

Sometime between 3AM to 10AM - Wake up and remove pussy from appendage.

Then - Turn on TV. Prior to 6AM tune to Imus on MSNBC, after 6AM tune to some nonsense on morning television.
A few minutes later - Lift lid on laptop, see who's on iChat.
Then - Make tea and take pills. Think about treating myself to a valium.
Then - Brush pussy if he's not decided to go off doing cat things.
Then - Make breakfast. Current favorites: Oatmeal or French Toast.

Then - Drink tea while surfing Non-Av, making smarmy remarks as necessary. (This may take a while.) Check pulse of a.net on 'whiners. Decide if it's worthwhile to wade through Civ-Av in-between all the new threads about DL, B6 and PTVs. (Funny how this hasn't changed one bit since the last Morning Ritual thread.)

9AM - CNN International
10AM - Tune to Channel 6 for The Price Is Right.
11AM - Tune to Channel 8 for Live with Regis and Kelly.
12 Noon - CNN news

Meanwhile - Listen to people whine about work on iChat. Make growling noises at pussy while he tries to sit on the bed between me and the laptop. Check funny links people have sent me. Check gay Russian website for new things to download. Scroll through blogs of friends, see if there's anything I should IM them about. Cruise through IHT online. Make phone calls. Check e-mail. Do paperwork as necessary.

Then - Take shower. Take another round of painkillers. If I'm staying in, have lunch and move to sofa to continue surfing, IMing, and watching TV.

Afternoon - Variable. Perhaps go out to lunch, do shopping, go visit the doctor, harass the rental office about some nonsense, or check to see if anyone's on MSN.

6PM - Think about dinner. Have cocktails instead. Current favorites: Campari with orange juice or Peach Schnapps with cranberry juice.
8-9PM - Actually have dinner while watching something on TV. Listen to people ask how I can eat so late.

11PM - Take evening painkillers, think about treating myself to a valium. Move to bed, greet friends from the UK and Europe on iChat before they go off to work. Throw things from the bed to see if pussy will chase them if he's not doing a round of Kitty Rips or Happy Cat Dancing.

Then - Sleep, perchance to dream.


International Homo of Mystery
User currently offlineMelpax From Australia, joined Apr 2005, 1776 posts, RR: 1
Reply 22, posted (9 years 5 days 13 hours ago) and read 1591 times:

07:30 - Rudely woken up by alarm, stagger into shower
07:40 - Get dressed for work while watching TV (usually sunrise)
08:00 - Drive to work
08:30 - Arrive at basement carpark at my building, park car
08:35 - Get 1st coffee of the day at cafe owned by a VERY camp singaporean.
08:40 - walk into office, turn on PC, check emails & any updates on the intranet. Talk to mates about crap.
09:00 - Log onto phones, dialler system starts making calls & I'll get a few inbounds as well.
10:45 - Morning tea break. Depending how I feel, might get another coffee, or else talk crap with mates again.
11:00 - Back on phones
12:30 - Lunch, usually at the local mall, or maybe one of the many resturants in the area, mostly Chinese or Vietnamese
13:15 - Back on the phones!
14:45 - Afternoon tea, off to the coffee shop again.
15:00 - back to work
17:00 - Log off for the day, drive home
17:45 - Walk in door, collapse on couch in front of TV, maybe log onto net
20:00 - Have dinner
20:15 - log onto net, have a beer or 2, watch TV etc etc
00:00 - go to bed, watch TV
01:00 - turn off TV

Essendon - Whatever it takes......
User currently offlineGoAround From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2003, 616 posts, RR: 0
Reply 23, posted (9 years 5 days 13 hours ago) and read 1580 times:

It all varies so much. Usually:

15 minutes before tutorial: Wake up drunk
10 minutes before tutorial: Look at clock and groan
9 minutes before tutorial: Put on whatever clothes are in reach
7 minutes before tutorial: Eat. Anything. And drink water lots. And take paracetamol.
5 minutes before tutorial: Clean teeth. Realise you look like a tramp. Think it doesn't matter, at least you're not as ugly as the tutor.
2 minutes before tutorial: Find the essay. HAVE to find the essay amongst all the crap in the room!
1 minute after tutorial starts: Run to tutor's room. Stagger in late, drunk, clutching a pile of crumpled papers, looking like you slept in a doorway, stinking of booze and about to fall asleep.

We are the future generation!

User currently offlineMIAspotter From Spain, joined Nov 2001, 3009 posts, RR: 23
Reply 24, posted (9 years 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 1571 times:

06:30 Phone Alarm goes off/smash phone/turn on TV and listen to GMTv half asleep
07:00 Get out of bed and walk to the bathroom knocking off everything on the way.
07:05-0720 Pee and Shave (if required) and Shower.
07:25 Get dressed for work/tune in Channel 4 to watch "Friends"
07:30 Make breakfast
07:30-07:50 Eat breakfast/watch friends and browse the net.
0750-08:00 Wash dishes/brush teeth/slap some aftershave and leave for work.
08:00-08:40 Drive to work (traffic in Bournemouth is a bitch)
08:40-08:55 Walk to work (thanks to Poole Borough Council who put up a 2 hr limit on the residential area I have to go and park miles away from work)
09:00 Clock in at work and be depressed for the next 7 hours.
17:00 walk back to car
17:20-17:50 Drive back home (traffic in Bournemouth is a bitch)
18:00 Get home, make some coffee and watch the Simpsons on C4
18:30 Bum around on the Net/cook dinner if arsed/bum around on the net some more
21:00 Go to bed and watch some TV, news etc
23:30 TV off... ZZZZZZZzzzz....

Repeat next day.


09:30 get up have breakfast... and whatever.



I think, therefore I don´t fly Ryanair.
25 Lorenz : 4:15AM - Ring Ring Ring!! 4:20AM - Entering the bathroom 4:28AM - My uniform is done and my hair is were it should be (Shower is done the night before
26 Post contains images ScarletHarlot : My weekdays always vary. Between 5 am and 8 am - alarm goes off (radio). Get up, take meds, head downstairs to make tea. Awake + 15 minutes - log on t
27 ZBBYLW : 0500- Alarm goes off 0510- Alarm goes off again 0520- For the third time the alarm goes off 0530- Roommate wakes me up 0540- Roommate wakes me up agai
28 Post contains images BMIFlyer : When you work shifts, like me, no 2 days are the same. This week, im up outta bed at a different time every day, starting with 4am Monday, then rotati
29 JAGflyer : School days 7:30am : Wake up 7:35am: Get out of bed, turn on comp, check email, a.net, facebook 7:38am: Get dressed 7:40am: Eat breakfast 8:10am: Get
30 Ilikeyyc : Tues-Sat wake up around 09.30 and roll out of bed surf a.net, do chores or run errands until 13.00 fix something to eat at 13.00 get ready for work fr
31 YYZflyer : Weekdays: 06:40- alarm goes off 06:40:15- get out of bed to turn it off 06:45-07:20- shower, dry off/other bathroom stuff, get dressed 07:25-07:55- ea
32 Legoguy : 7.00 - Wake up, hit snooze button 7.10 - Wake up, hit snooze button 7.20 - Wake up, hit snooze button 7.30 - Wake up, hit snooze button 7.40 - Wake up
33 Post contains images BMIFlyer : Typical student then Lee
34 Post contains images RobertNL070 : 06:52 - radio alarm clock, hit snooze button; 07:00 - listen to news bulletin and weather forecast, ignore traffic bulletin; 07:04 - hit snooze button
35 Post contains images Legoguy : but I think I made myself seem lazier than I actually am
36 Post contains images Oldman55 : I doubt it!!!!
37 Avianca : 06:00am: first alaram 06:30am: second alarm 06:35am: download e-mails (only the once from the work) 06:40am: shower, washing my teeth, dressing 07:00a
38 Post contains images Kunoichi : Wow, this thread is growing steadily Since someone has added the rest of their day too, I'll do the same 9:30-10:15: Class... usually "how to improve
39 Legoguy : Most mornings lol Sleep in Uni, as its all things I've done before in stage 0
40 Notar520AC : My mornings are rushed- school starts at 7:40 6:00 AM: Alarm (if I have homework to finish & was too tired the night before, I'll go to sleep & wake u
41 Diamond : 7:00:00 AM - Wake up, go downstairs, drink large amounts of water. 7:15:00 AM - Jump in pool and do some laps. 7:30:00 AM - Shower 7:45:00 AM - Log on
42 Post contains images FCA767 : 07:30am Alarm goes off 07:31am-08:26am Continue to stay in bed watching BBC 08:26am Get t-shirt on while in bed to get it warm 08:27am After watching
43 Post contains images Avianca : looks like there are plenty arround that do not like a shower in the morning
44 Post contains images Greasespot : Common be honest. How many of you guys have a little "tug" in bed before the shower...I mean if i had one of them winkies that is what I would do...I
45 Post contains images BHXFAOTIPYYC : Morning rituals? Just one:
46 Texan : 0654 - Alarm 0658 - Turn off alarm, stumble across apartment to shower 0659-0715 or so - Shower 0715-0745 - Eat, pack the book bag for school, dress,
47 AeroWesty : Since the natural inclination is to roll over and go to sleep afterwards, the morning is a very bad time to have a bit of a go at it unless you're ei
48 Halls120 : weekdays 0430 - wake up. 0440 - make a deposit on the throne 0500 - put on running gear and head out 0535 - back at home, eat breakfast, shower and dr
49 Post contains images ShyFlyer : Workday: 6:30 am - drag self out of bed. 6:31 am - answer the call of mother nature. 6:32 am - turn on TV for morning news, adjust heating, turn on m
50 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : My actual Monday morning schedule: 4:50 - phone alarm goes off, I switch it off 5:00 - phone alarm goes off again, radio turns on 5:10 - I get up, st
51 Miamiair : 0400 - Alarm goes off 0410 - Walk Dog 0420 - Send Telex to Fidel/Chavez 0430 - Cardio 0515 - S**t, Shower & Shave 0530 - Wake up the wife 0545 - Leave
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