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November Self-Pic Thread  
User currently offlineUAL747 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 9 hours ago) and read 11639 times:

haha, jk

Happy Posting!


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User currently offlinePlymSpotter From Spain, joined Jun 2004, 12038 posts, RR: 59
Reply 1, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 9 hours ago) and read 11643 times:

Quoting UAL747 (Thread starter):

Christ - that first one is kind of freaky!

Taken last Monday at the Interbuild exhibition at the NEC. Quite a random cow - they used to have one in Schipol airport too, I seem to remember.

Dan Smile

...love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again...
User currently offlineGo3Team From United States of America, joined Mar 2004, 3269 posts, RR: 15
Reply 2, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 9 hours ago) and read 11619 times:

At the beach a coupla weeks ago.

Yay Pudding!
User currently offlineNdebelebev From Sudan, joined Apr 2004, 877 posts, RR: 41
Reply 3, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 9 hours ago) and read 11617 times:

Ok here goes... Here's me about a year ago in Raffles enjoying a Singapore Sling... Mmmmmmmm


Her Pose Is That Of Someone... Who Knows It All And Is In Total Control Of Her World... Little Does She Know...
User currently offlineLASOctoberB6 From Japan, joined Nov 2006, 2380 posts, RR: 1
Reply 4, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 7 hours ago) and read 11570 times:


User currently offlineTZ757300 From United States of America, joined Aug 2005, 2908 posts, RR: 5
Reply 5, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 7 hours ago) and read 11571 times:

My most recent pics are...well....a bit drunk to post on the internet. So I'll post my other one people seemed to have loved.

User currently offlineAtrude777 From United States of America, joined Aug 2003, 5717 posts, RR: 51
Reply 6, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 7 hours ago) and read 11567 times:



Good things come to those who wait, better things come to those who go AFTER it!
User currently offlineUH60FtRucker From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 7, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 7 hours ago) and read 11547 times:

Quoting Atrude777 (Reply 6):

Was that pic taken in your new pad?

BTW: Looking sharp, going on a date?


User currently offlineAtrude777 From United States of America, joined Aug 2003, 5717 posts, RR: 51
Reply 8, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 7 hours ago) and read 11527 times:

Quoting UH60FtRucker (Reply 7):

I WISH, its my room back home.

I was going to an interview.


Good things come to those who wait, better things come to those who go AFTER it!
User currently offlineThepilot From Canada, joined Jan 2010, 5 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 7 hours ago) and read 11520 times:


New T-Shirt. It's a bit big on me, but I thought the people on airliners.net would appreciate it anyways.  Smile

PS-Note airliners.net in the background.  biggrin 

From YVR
User currently offlineHalcyon From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 10, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 7 hours ago) and read 11501 times:


A new picture, which is a rare enough occurrence. I'm on the left.

User currently offlineGraphic From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 11, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 5 hours ago) and read 11422 times:

Quoting Thepilot (Reply 9):


As for me, we had a nice little toy on the apron a few days ago:

User currently offlineAsuflyer05 From United States of America, joined Feb 2004, 2373 posts, RR: 3
Reply 12, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 4 hours ago) and read 11391 times:

Fun with Foggles.

User currently offlineDaleaholic From UK - England, joined Oct 2005, 3212 posts, RR: 12
Reply 13, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 2 hours ago) and read 11317 times:

At a party...

And just a self plug... my car which was recently acquired Big grin Big grin Big grin

Religion is an illusion of childhood... Outgrown under proper education.
User currently offlineEI747SYDNEY From Ireland, joined Oct 2005, 704 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (8 years 3 weeks 1 day 2 hours ago) and read 11307 times:




These are a few of me and my car (Check out the plates)

Rob  Smile

''Live life on the edge, Live each and every day like it's your last, Hell you only live once''
User currently offlineFrontiercpt From Australia, joined Jun 2004, 973 posts, RR: 7
Reply 15, posted (8 years 3 weeks 21 hours ago) and read 11231 times:


Me and my pal, Pepper, both with shaggy hair lol.  bouncy 

User currently offlineFXramper From United States of America, joined Dec 2005, 7475 posts, RR: 80
Reply 16, posted (8 years 3 weeks 21 hours ago) and read 11205 times:
Support Airliners.net - become a First Class Member!

Quoting Atrude777 (Reply 6):

That head board is gonna make a lot of noise...


Quoting Atrude777 (Reply 6):

Future Southwest Airline COO.

User currently offlineTZ757300 From United States of America, joined Aug 2005, 2908 posts, RR: 5
Reply 17, posted (8 years 3 weeks 21 hours ago) and read 11206 times:

Quoting Frontiercpt (Reply 15):
Me and my pal, Pepper, both with shaggy hair lol.

I thought ANC didn't have any hair?

User currently offlineFXramper From United States of America, joined Dec 2005, 7475 posts, RR: 80
Reply 18, posted (8 years 3 weeks 21 hours ago) and read 11215 times:
Support Airliners.net - become a First Class Member!

Quoting TZ757300 (Reply 17):

User currently offlineFrontiercpt From Australia, joined Jun 2004, 973 posts, RR: 7
Reply 19, posted (8 years 3 weeks 21 hours ago) and read 11198 times:

Quoting TZ757300 (Reply 17):
I thought ANC didn't have any hair?

What's that supposed to mean lol?

User currently offlineJetsGo From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 3116 posts, RR: 4
Reply 20, posted (8 years 3 weeks 20 hours ago) and read 11159 times:


Quoting Frontiercpt (Reply 19):
What's that supposed to mean lol?

Been here three years and haven't come across infamous pep, pepper, ANC, ANCFlyer, pink hat wearing, Civ-Av cleaning, member here on A.net??  Wink

Marine Corps Aviation, The Last To Let You Down!
User currently offlineShyFlyer From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 21, posted (8 years 3 weeks 20 hours ago) and read 11160 times:

Quoting Graphic (Reply 11):

Said the guy excited over a Slow-tation Mustang.  Big grin

About to take a nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon ride. Summer riding gear, in November!  crazy 

User currently offlineLASOctoberB6 From Japan, joined Nov 2006, 2380 posts, RR: 1
Reply 22, posted (8 years 3 weeks 20 hours ago) and read 11141 times:

Quoting Frontiercpt (Reply 15):
Me and my pal, Pepper, both with shaggy hair lol.

Where did you get that Allegiant MD80 poster from? I want one!!

User currently offlineAmerican757 From United States of America, joined Mar 2001, 475 posts, RR: 0
Reply 23, posted (8 years 3 weeks 19 hours ago) and read 11130 times:

most recent of me. taken friday.

[Edited 2007-11-04 22:56:21]

User currently offlineSunshine79 From UK - England, joined Jan 2006, 1761 posts, RR: 28
Reply 24, posted (8 years 3 weeks 15 hours ago) and read 11045 times:

Let´s see if I can post properly this time as my last picture posts didn´t exactly work:

Formerly alcregular, Why drive when you can fly?
25 Post contains images Frontiercpt : Haha, more like a "Breeze-through-non-av-on-my-way-out-the-door-to-school" member lol. Which is what I'm doing right now Uhm, ripped it out of an Air
26 LASOctoberB6 : Hmm.. Decisions, decisions, decisions..
27 TZ757300 : ANC's last name is Pepper....I think you can figure out the connection.
28 KROC : What did that shirt run you...about $500? You forgot to tell us hom much it cost.
29 UAL747 : er That's not really needed now is it? Not something I would expect from a moderator who's supposed to keep flamebait out of threads and keep peace an
30 Post contains images ZakHH : You owe me a new keyboard...
31 Post contains images Oldman55 : Cute pic;but when did your dog start wearing glasses Ya know I couldn't let that pass by LOL
32 Post contains images Frontiercpt : Ah, well I did not know that lol, guess I learned something today besides cyanosis. Go hobble back to your cave you old man
33 Post contains images FXramper :
34 KROC : Sandy Day today? I mean last time you took the joke in stride. Look, I accept you for who you are. Don't take your issues out on me. Now really...5 b
35 GQfluffy : I'd recognize that hair on the right anywhere... Mr. Super Ramper himself...
36 Post contains images Halcyon : Pretty distinctive isn't it? And just which one of you is it that drives the tug over to the RMC building and leaves it? Anyway, funny that you menti
37 OA412 : I agree! Very inappropriate for a mod to be posting flamebait when the same would get other people's posts deleted.
38 Post contains links and images Siren : Well, here's one of me. And since you guys are posting photos of your personal conveyances as well, I'm game... (it isn't attaching photos for whateve
39 LASOctoberB6 : BTW, that's a cute pic..
40 Post contains images Toast :
41 Post contains links and images N1120A : An old one, as I need more to be taken. Back in May, bearded, taken by MSYTristar:
42 Post contains images AA61Hvy : Oddly enough I have a picture of KROC and UAL747 together...
43 Post contains images KROC : Oddly enough, I have a picture of AA61hvy trying to crack on someone.
44 Doona : *sigh* So pretty... Cheers Mats
45 AA61Hvy : Trying to integrate new KO pics here, Big Popper...
46 KROC : Naw, the classics are really effective still.
47 Post contains images SkyGirl : Im totally new, and unfortunatly I don't have a picture of my car but I promise you aren't missing out on much with that. I took this 2 days ago after
48 Post contains images GQfluffy : Uh oh...fresh meat. Good luck, lady.
49 Post contains images WILCO737 : OMG not another selfpic thread... this must be # 1000 or so?! Anyway... here another of me: :D WILCO737 (MD11F)
50 Post contains images LAXspotter : damn your obsessed with toast Welcome to my RU , is that the traning-flights?
51 Post contains images WILCO737 : Yes, was my 2nd traffic pattern in the MD11F WILCO737 (MD11F)
52 Post contains images Toast : SkyGirl, that's what passes for "welcome" on a.net. The sex-hungry a.netter syndrome at work.
53 Post contains links and images YYZflyer : Another female. You might regret putting 'girl' in your name. Have fun.
54 SkyGirl : you guys can't be half as bad as a full 37 in a 5 hour ground hold that just spent 2 hours in customs at IAD...can you? lol.
55 Post contains links and images Mhodgson : Not quite as impressive as Wilco737's aircraft; however here is me on short finals for an ILS approach into Bristol Filton in a Seneca - Concorde can
56 SkyGirl : Meh, it's better than if I called myself ... I don't know, skybag? or SkyBoy, cause that would lying :P What would you suggest? (this could be danger
57 Post contains images Toast : Given that you're a F/A, how about "Sky Hag"? We're all ears.
58 SkyGirl : mm, we usually save that for the senior mama's. I'm sure you've seen them using that cart as a walker. I hope to god I haven't acheived hag status ye
59 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : Oooh, yes they can...
60 Post contains images Itsnotfinals : please use ICAO terminology, it not "finals" it is "final" approach. British Airways pilots say final, you should too
61 EI747SYDNEY : Does this mean you will change your name?
62 Post contains images Fbgdavidson : A right old random one this...with my brother in law in San Francisco. I'm in the green sweater.
63 Post contains links and images Walter747 : Me from a few weeks ago. I have fun in photoshop.
64 Post contains images 2H4 : Yes indeed! 2H4
65 UAL747 : Okay, I'll bite back.... It's 29.95 from Target (said with a french accent) UAL
66 Post contains images ShyFlyer : Yes, what he said and prepare to have your RR number to sky rocket over the next few days.
67 Siren : I don't know why that pronounciation ever caught on. I've always called it Targhetto.
68 Post contains images LH423 : Awww, Target's not that bad. I mean, it could be Walmart! DISCLAIMER: The following joke has certain racial overtones and is very politcally incorrec
69 Post contains images Ouboy79 : I think it depends on the Target you go to. I've seen some pretty ghetto ones, but I also have a new Super Target in my city...and it is very nice. De
70 Post contains images Frontiercpt : Lol I was bored and realized I needed some pics of me and my man I know, and he doesn't even try!
71 Post contains images LASOctoberB6 : He must be your bestest friend!
72 Post contains images Frontiercpt : Ya, he's somewhere up there
73 Post contains links and images Flipdewaf : Newest I got. Fred
74 Post contains images LH423 : I'm down for that. You start first! LH423
75 Post contains links and images Ctbarnes : [quote=LH423,reply=74]Quoting Ouboy79 (Reply 69): Am I the only one who thinks we need a nothing-but-skin thread? OK. I'll start the ball rolling: Cha
76 ORFflyer : You could have gotten it for $19.95 at that other French store - Jacque Penney
77 Post contains images Matt727 : Me, my bf and a friend last Saturday (I'm the one in the middle) Just me and Viktor.
78 Post contains links and images LHMARK : Me with a Belgian friend
79 Post contains images Toast : Hey, that's a friend we have in common!
80 Post contains images San747 : Newest shot of me... I went to Disneyland on Monday with family, including my cousins who I hadn't seen in 2 years. My favorite shot of the day- My 4-
81 Doona : Er, yeah... Yeah, I was talking about the dog. Yeah. The dog. Definately. Cheers Mats
82 Post contains links and images Springbok747 : Ouch my eyes... Here's one with my new set of wheels
83 Post contains images Walter747 : They are that powerful
84 Post contains images Frontiercpt : Lol stop, you're making me blush!
85 GulfStreamGirl : UAL your such a poser
86 Post contains images LGWspeedbird : Well heres me in BGI this year. Enjoying a strawberry punch mmmmmmm
87 UAL747 : OOH NO! (Sheds a tear, albeit a small one)[Edited 2007-11-08 06:40:35]
88 Btblue : How cool... self pics. Me out on the lash last week.
89 Post contains images Foppishbum : Took this last weekend when I was in San Diego. That's La Jolla Shore...don't think the pic is large enough but those sea lions there smell! A bit clo
90 Post contains images IFEMaster : Screencap from iChat a few minutes ago...
91 Post contains links and images Pawsleykat : Anyways... as is usual... here are a few from me [4 to be exact] ^^In the mirror^^ ^^Bored As Hell^^ ^^Peace Out Folks ^^ ^^Twas In MaccyDee's today a
92 Post contains images AirKas1 : OOOOOH that drink reminds me of the old days. A restauarant in BON had those. Sadly, the restaurant was blown away after a hurricane Drink was called
93 Post contains images Btblue : Bingo....
94 Post contains links and images ANCFlyer : Jack and ANC in Iowa, Sept 2007.
96 Post contains images ANCFlyer : Thanks . . .Yeah, she is . . . . I'm thinking she's nutz though . . . she is going to marry me afterall . . . something must be wrong . . .
97 Post contains links and images Airfoilsguy : Me and my current toys. What I got to drive around the last time I visited my dad. Hopefully I will get it one of these days.
98 Post contains images Klaus : Hey... ModFight!!! [grabs popcorn and sits back in anticipation]
99 Post contains images Carmenlu15 : She definitely must be! Here you go...
100 Post contains images LH423 : I'll hopefully have some new photos from my birthday shindig this weekend. LH423
101 Post contains images FlyDeltaJets87 : Performing a Color Guard in Orlando (well, kinda goofing off before hand) "I see your schwatz is as big as mine!" (If you haven't seen Spaceballs, yo
102 Post contains images Gunsontheroof : In the library at school sometime this summer--undoubtedly a.netting when I should have been working! (Note the "post" finger positioning itself to s
103 Post contains links Shep2 : Me holding a 7 pound walleye I caught on that day... I make this one look small... I'm 3 inches under 7 foot tall - weighing in at 290... Yeah - I'm a
104 Halcyon : Dang nice fish....that might be a good plan for a thread one of these days...pictures of your fish.
105 Post contains images Doona : Did you trick her, or something? Cheers Mats
106 Post contains images DavestanKSAN : You've got the Smoke shirt on, she's got the Jeff Gordon on, how does that work?!?!?!?! Dave
107 Post contains images ANCFlyer : VERY VERY Carefully. . . I can get sporty in the Family Room on race day! I dunno . . . maybe tim'es come to have her Contact Lenses replaced . . .
108 Post contains images Kieron747 : It's a shotgun wedding. ANC looks about 20 weeks gone nowadays with that gut! Kieron
109 Post contains links and images Speedbirdie : Hello Btblue, I think I love you!! Anyway... me and the fella, 3 days ago, Tate Gallery, London. It was freeeeeeeezing cold.
110 Post contains links and images UTA_flyinghigh : Me and my better half in a TK 738 : Two of my vehicles : UTA
111 Post contains images Btblue : Oh god yeah! Ditto.
112 Post contains images ShyFlyer : You look a bit, um, surprised.
113 Post contains images Runway23 : Wait until the divorce
114 JGPH1A : I thought that was something you put in the laundry to stop your underwear going pink. CD plates ? My my, meester ambassadeur, you are spoileeng uzz
115 Post contains images Skidmarks : Man, don't you EVER learn? Once bitten, twice shy! Still, she might slow you down somewhat, mellow you out and domesticate you. Well, congratulations
116 Thorben : Man, LH pilot uniforms seem to have changed a lot. Rod Stewart 2008?
117 Post contains images LH423 : OK, so my friends all suck and no one brought a camera to my birthday dinner and the drunken debauchery that ensued so I'll just have to use an older
118 Post contains images Trav110 : On the left, at about 4AM in the common area of the dorms.
119 JGPH1A : Mmmm, cosmo !
120 Luv2fly : Do those come in Hetro????
121 JGPH1A : Yes, but they're called "beer".
122 Post contains links and images Chepos : Me in the island of Maui, Hawaii Chepos [Edited 2007-11-11 09:36:31] [Edited 2007-11-11 09:38:25][Edited 2007-11-11 09:47:32]
123 Post contains images Braybuddy : Braybuddy, you are SUCH a poser . . .
124 LOT767-300ER : Out of curiosity, when you fill out a credit card application or any other financing are you usually the co-applicant or is your hat the co-applicant
125 Post contains links and images ANCFlyer : Ha Ha Ha, ok - here ya go, sans hat . . . Better keep this one, doesn't happen often . . . Same Great looking Girl, Same Place . . . . no hat . . .
126 Post contains images Mir : No bumping, I assume. -Mir
127 Post contains images RicciPettit : There hasn't been an actual picture of me in a long time so you'll have to make do with this one... last night after I woke up after falling asleep in
128 Post contains images LASOctoberB6 : What're you talking about, you've only been here 2 months..
129 Post contains images TurkishWings : Hello Chepos
130 RicciPettit : haha, I meant just in general. I hate pictures.
131 LASOctoberB6 : Blasphemy!!
132 Kieron747 : Guiness from a plastic glass!? equals ... Although those women you're with ain't half bad. Kieron
133 Post contains links and images RicciPettit : Hey, it was fireworks night! Everyone was drinking out of them. Combination of lack of glasses in the bar for everyone and I suppose the pub staff di
134 Post contains images Oldman55 : Still looking quite moody about the name Ricci;I see from Rick Now that should bring a smile to your face
135 Kieron747 : Wey Hey! Nice one! Best of luck fella, she's a fantastic catch by the looks of it! Kieron
136 Post contains images SafeFlyer : In a very nice sushi place in SFO last month. I really wasn't expecting the photo to be taken at that moment.. Aaah friends! Ahaha, let's see, I think
137 Post contains images MEA-707 : Nice to finally see a picture. I always fantasized you to look like Ricky Martin but this isn't bad either
138 Post contains links and images LTU932 : Welcome to my world. I like taking pictures every now and then, though I admit I'm not spotter material, but I hate getting pictures taken of me. Las
139 Post contains links and images GOCAPS16 : Spending this past weekend in Tokyo with some friends from SFO. I'm the middle rhaaaaaaaaaat.
140 LASOctoberB6 : The guy in the orange on the far left looks kind of..... distanced..
141 Post contains images TEBguy : -TEBguy
142 Post contains images JGPH1A : Geez, Queen Victoria* - who died ?   (* - in the sense of "We Are Not Amused", rather than in the sense of libidinous German trollop with a cousin f
143 Post contains images Daleaholic : You have hair!?!? When you next coming round this way?
144 Post contains images KaiGywer : How did you like Aker Brygge?
145 LH423 : At least I'm not flashing my belly on the internet :P LH423
146 Post contains images GOCAPS16 : Please don't tell me that person wearing the pink bikini is you and I actually thought it was a girl. He actually gets all the girls.   Yes I do. Ac
147 Post contains images SafeFlyer : No and well... how can I say hum. Aaah, I'll tell you in private
148 TEBguy : sorry, huh?
149 Post contains links and images Bruin787 : this is me proudly looking like a dork...
150 Post contains images JGPH1A : Don't worry about it. Just remember you are allowed to smile, nobody will mind
151 Post contains images Nworlnsbearcub : With my molestache....
152 Post contains images RicciPettit : Earlier in the thread i posted my look for November. But things have changed and this is my new look.... It actually feels really refreshing after hav
153 Post contains images LASOctoberB6 : You should grow it out again...
154 Post contains links and images FlyDeltaJets87 : Here we go: Taken yesterday on a KC-135 flight with Air Force ROTC. (Expect a trip report tomorrow or some time over the weekend too, along with pictu
155 Post contains images StasisLAX : Here's a pic of me that was just taken a couple of days ago.... and a pic of my newest toy when I picked her up from the dealer's lot.
156 Oldman55 : Then you can be the English wild-haired kid lol
157 Post contains images FighterPilot : Hammered outa my mind. Cal
158 Post contains images LH423 : Cute... The cat behind you, that is! LH423
159 Post contains images TurkishWings : Here are two very recent pictures of me celebrating my birthday recently...
160 Post contains links and images Vio : This is me with my current girlfriend, at a wedding, in Chicago IL This is me with my future girlfriend flying around Calgary... Just kidding...
161 JGPH1A : WHOOPPP WHOOPPP - Warning - Snowglobe Alert is In Effect. Step AWAY from the Young Lady !
162 Post contains images Bagpiper : ok, first time ever posting a self pic.... Homecoming this year... (on the right, obviously, in a kilt)
163 Post contains images DC10extender :
164 GOCAPS16 : Wow, who wears a kilt at a homecoming dance, wow.
165 Bagpiper : you have a problem with that??
166 Post contains images JGPH1A : Only if it's made out of a tablecloth (apparently)
167 Post contains images Bagpiper : yeah, don't you see the spaghetti sauce stains on it??
168 Post contains images Skidmarks : Just because it's not 16 acres of taffetta, covered with dubious stains! Andy
169 JGPH1A : Taffeta ?! Oh please, how very last season. Gold lamé tulle chiffon with hand-stitched beadwork, I'll have you know. And there are no stains - champ
170 Post contains images Skidmarks : Maybe champagne doesn't stain - other dubious substances do! Andy
171 Post contains images Wunala : And as luck would have it, JGPH1A in his latest threads.[Edited 2007-11-17 13:34:29]
172 JGPH1A : God, I'm GORGEOUS !
173 Post contains images ANCFlyer : As compared to . . . . . . . . . . .
174 Post contains images LASOctoberB6 : What are you, an e-bully?
175 GOCAPS16 : No, but don't your school have some sort of a dress policy? I know it's tradional wear but not a religious item, like a yamaka or something. No offen
176 Post contains images LAXspotter : hey, good to see youre on anet. Now everyone from the LA area is going to the flightpath museum to get some pictures
177 Post contains images Skidmarks : It doesn't matter what you put a dogs dinner in, it's still a dogs dinner! Andy
178 Post contains images LASOctoberB6 : (In good humor) Do you ever regret your decision for your screen name? I think of two things whenever I see it...
179 Post contains images JeffSFO : Up too late wasting time...
180 Post contains images Skidmarks : You obviously have a mind that spends most of it's time scrabbling around in the gutter or lower! To a normal and sophisticated person my screen name
181 Post contains images JGPH1A : Well, you, for one :-P Not being a pensioner, I don't have to worry about the relative palatiblity of dog food The only burning rubber you come in co
182 Post contains images Skidmarks : Some of the weakest and peurile responses I have seen from you Jon. What's up? Nice getting a snowstorm? Cornish stolen your beat? Dressmaker refusin
183 Post contains images PlymSpotter : I believe there was more of a 'The Emperor's new Clothes' situation actually... which has caused severe mental scarring and long term psychological d
184 Post contains images JGPH1A : Oh please. Now who's being weak ? You and Fiatpunto should compare notes Tsk tsk - some of us CAN carry it off, stringbean.
185 Bruin787 : lol. especially in two weeks.
186 Post contains links and images A340600 : Wow a new look fornightly, your hairdresser has work on their hands This is the only picture I have of me lately taken on the soon to be vintage W810
187 Post contains images JGPH1A : Look at you in your new uniform ! Coffee, tea or me ?
188 Post contains images A340600 : Love it even more everytime! That and PamAnn's "You FuCoffee"
189 Post contains images PlymSpotter : But you weren't 'carrying' anything at all Very smart Sam - better than a Thomsonfly uniform, you think? Dan
190 RicciPettit : haha, my hairdresser would be bankrupt if it was up to me to keep them going. That was my first hair cut since like July.
191 Post contains images PlymSpotter : Hehe, I think mine feels the same. Last haircut was in late 2005 - although an Aunt has thinned and tidied it a few times since then
192 Post contains images A340600 : Never got to don that one so who knows It's funny going through pictures on my computer you're in as your hair gets longer and longer and longer
193 Post contains images PlymSpotter : The goatee beard is doing the same at the moment. I have an upcoming fancy dress party, for which I shall dress as Jack Sparrow. Couldn't be doing wi
194 Post contains images A340600 : And for your next party trick....
195 Post contains images PlymSpotter : Well, I'm thinking of going as the Easter Bunny to one next March - so I'll have to work on growing the fur
196 Post contains images LASOctoberB6 : No, I live in Las Vegas and I was born in October...and the jetBlue part, well that was just because I should of put DL, and was then obsessed with j
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