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U.S. Election - Obama Wins  
User currently offlineModerators From United States of America, joined Apr 2004, 517 posts, RR: 0
Posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8794 times:

Though all the votes have not been tallied, the election has been called for Obama. Please continue the discussion about the results and the election process here.

Please use moderators@airliners.net to contact us.
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User currently offlineDLX737200 From United States of America, joined May 2001, 1987 posts, RR: 18
Reply 1, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8789 times:

GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!

Here's to a new day!

User currently offline787seattle From United States of America, joined Feb 2008, 641 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8786 times:

CONGRATS OBAMA!!!!! I hope the next four years are great for us as a whole people in the USA!

Student - KELN
User currently offlineBaroque From Australia, joined Apr 2006, 15380 posts, RR: 59
Reply 3, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8786 times:

Congratulations and well done to America.

User currently offlineGosimeon From Ireland, joined Jan 2008, 668 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8763 times:

Congratulations America. Once again, you have shown the world how it's done and raised the bar of democracy, opportunity, and equality.

Here's to a prosperous and peaceful time ahead.

User currently offlineCharles79 From Puerto Rico, joined Mar 2007, 1341 posts, RR: 6
Reply 5, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8762 times:

Congratulations to Obama, and kudos to McCain for being a phenomenal opponent.

Let's hope the country will now come together.

User currently offlineWestJetYQQ From Canada, joined Jan 2007, 2987 posts, RR: 4
Reply 6, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8762 times:



Will You Try to Change Things? Use the Power that you have, the Power of a Million new Ideas.
User currently offlineSv7887 From United States of America, joined May 2008, 1025 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8763 times:

Hi everyone,
I posted this in the last thread and was wondering about Pres Obama's Cabinet.

Sec Def, Treasury, State, and CIA director.

As for Hillary..I am not sure she'd want a slot in his Cabinet.

I wonder about McCain. He gave an honorable speech and I think will do whatever he can for Obama. His political career is over now so I don't see him trying to make Pres Obama look bad.

User currently offlineWarRI1 From United States of America, joined Sep 2007, 12103 posts, RR: 14
Reply 8, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8723 times:

Let us hope we enter a new era of fairness and prosperity for all.

It is better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.
User currently offlineSunking737 From United States of America, joined Feb 2005, 2112 posts, RR: 7
Reply 9, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8729 times:

Better hold on tight folks this is going to be a wild ride the next four years, as we now have our first Socialist President.

Your taxes are going up, and we will be in a deep recession. The Military budget will be cut almost in half, and you just wait we will have another 9-11 kind of attack.

You can flame me all you want but you get what you voted for.

The Dems now control both houses and the Presidency. You haven't seen nothing yet.

We will become the United Welfare States of America or the Socialist States of America.

You screwed your selves.

User currently offlineINNflight From Switzerland, joined Apr 2004, 3783 posts, RR: 56
Reply 10, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8701 times:

Palin was hot.................................. glad she won't have a shot on the white house in case the oldie would have taken the...errr... hat.

Good times ahead!

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User currently offlineStuckInCA From United States of America, joined Oct 2005, 2026 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8698 times:

A relieving night for sure.

There's no shortage of work to be done in the next four years, but thankfully we have chosen the best man for the job.


User currently offlineKlaus From Germany, joined Jul 2001, 21652 posts, RR: 53
Reply 12, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8698 times:

Congratulations, USA! Well done!  bigthumbsup 

User currently offlineDc-9-10 From United States of America, joined Jul 1999, 586 posts, RR: 0
Reply 13, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8697 times:

Quoting Sv7887 (Reply 8):
posted this in the last thread and was wondering about Pres Obama's Cabinet.

Sec Def, Treasury, State, and CIA director.

As for Hillary..I am not sure she'd want a slot in his Cabinet.

I would say Former Sen. Daschle from South Dakota is a valid candidate for one of the big positions. He has also been by Obama's side the whole way.


[Edited 2008-11-04 20:41:12]

User currently offlineJetBlueGuy2006 From United States of America, joined Jan 2006, 1719 posts, RR: 1
Reply 14, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8697 times:

Quoting Sv7887 (Reply 8):
His political career is over

Not really. Granted, he is not going to be President, but he still is the Senior Senator from Arizona, and his senority gives him great influence.

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User currently offlineMayor From United States of America, joined Mar 2008, 12023 posts, RR: 14
Reply 15, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8659 times:

I can hardly wait for all of the miracles to start happening. You know...like walking on water, turning water into wine, etc.

Sarcasm off.

"A committee is a group of the unprepared, appointed by the unwilling, to do the unnecessary"----Fred Allen
User currently offlineRwSEA From Netherlands, joined Jan 2005, 3286 posts, RR: 2
Reply 16, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8661 times:

I am proud to be American for the first time since 2003.

User currently offlineKlaus From Germany, joined Jul 2001, 21652 posts, RR: 53
Reply 17, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 8619 times:

(Partial repost from the closed election thread)

This event in several respects reminds me of the Berlin wall coming down.

It is a rather similar mixture of elation, a feeling of historical significance — and some people's trepidation about how this change may develop down the road.

From my point of view this is above all a fantastic day for America, which does a lot to boost the image of the nation in the world even before the new president has been sworn in.

You might not be able to imagine how good it feels to cheer for you and with you guys again!  bigthumbsup   champagne 

User currently offlineLaxintl From United States of America, joined May 2000, 29166 posts, RR: 50
Reply 18, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 8619 times:

There goes the country

The Socialist Republic of America  banghead 

From the desert to the sea, to all of Southern California
User currently offlineHerctech From Canada, joined Feb 2005, 61 posts, RR: 0
Reply 19, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 8580 times:

Quoting Sunking737 (Reply 13):
The Dems now control both houses and the Presidency. You haven't seen nothing yet.

Im willing to bet it will still be better than when the republicans controlled all three only a few years ago

User currently offlineL-188 From United States of America, joined Jul 1999, 30408 posts, RR: 57
Reply 20, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 8549 times:

Quoting Herctech (Reply 20):
Im willing to bet it will still be better than when the republicans controlled all three only a few years ago

Thousand times better.

Republicans work to make this country better. Democrats since Truman have worked to bring it down.

It is a by-product of all the bad acid they did in the 1960's.

I for a while figured that we have entered a very dangerous time in our country as ex-hippies who didn't learn about civics in the 1960's enter positions of power in our government.

Unfortunately my worries are quickly becoming true.

User currently offlineSv7887 From United States of America, joined May 2008, 1025 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 8546 times:

Ugh, my last post got deleted, but I'll repost the relevant part regarding some posters here rushing to criticize Obama.

You know I am a Conservative, but please enough of this. President Obama won
fair and square. Let''s not rush to judge him. I want this country to succeed. I
would have preferred a President McCain, but I want to see President Obama do

If Obama fails, we all fail as Americans. I'll be praying for him. Good luck Mr. President

User currently offlineBaroque From Australia, joined Apr 2006, 15380 posts, RR: 59
Reply 22, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 8546 times:

Quoting WestJetYQQ (Reply 6):

And yet it seems that feeling is more solid outside the US than in it. I am sure the warmth from his supporters will more than make up for that. As Klaus writes:

Quoting Klaus (Reply 19):
You might not be able to imagine how good it feels to cheer for you and with you guys again! bigthumbsup champagne

Just so.

User currently offlineMike89406 From United States of America, joined Mar 2007, 1554 posts, RR: 3
Reply 23, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 8546 times:

The DDR Republic of America in the Western Bloc.......

[Edited 2008-11-04 20:49:32]

User currently offlineJdwfloyd From United States of America, joined Feb 2005, 838 posts, RR: 3
Reply 24, posted (7 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 8550 times:

It blows my mind the we just elected a man that would have a hard time passing the background check to become a FBI or CIA agent. I hope my fears of what his vision of America should be are unfounded.

25 Phoenix9 : You got that right! She looked quite hot on stage today! Back on topic: Congratulations to Obama!! He better buckle up cuz he got his work cut out of
26 SXDFC : Although I am a McCain guy, I will however tip my hat to Obama congratulations to both him and his supporters! I hope though he is a man of his word,
27 WestJetYQQ : Woot! I could have said the same thing when bush was elected 8 years ago. Cheers Carson
28 DiamondFlyer : Welcome to the USSA. I'm glad that I can remember what the United States of America was like, so in 50 years, I can tell my kids, and eventually their
29 Tsaord : The Stormfront servers are crashing!!! LMAO. I want to see what they are saying! Congrats Mr. Obama. I didn't vote for him in the Primary but I'm happ
30 RedFlyer : I'm a life-long Republican and I voted for McCain. And, yes, I was hoping McCain would win. Nevertheless, as an American, I can't help but feel an inc
31 MIAMIx707 : McCain proved to be a true gentleman The best to Patin as well, two excellent public servants and great people. Obama is a smart man, able to overcome
32 TristarAtLCA : Congratulations to President-Elect Obama and kudos to McCain for a gracious concession speech. We do indeed live in interesting times.
33 EZEIZA : Finally a CHANGE!! Sorry but despite all the differences, McCain represented the continuation of the US's worst president in history. In fact, W is pr
34 OA260 : Congratulations USA , faith is restored and today for the first time in 8 years I am happy to fly the American flag on my profile in support of Obama.
35 Comorin : An amazing night for America and the World. I'm really proud of this, and America the Good rides again. What is most moving to me is that Martin Luthe
36 Baroque : Thanks Sv, we do indeed know your views and your balanced wish show that side of politics also has its honorable men, as did McCain in his concession
37 DfwRevolution : A couple of thoughts: 1. McCain is pure class. He's a statesman, a hero, and a patriot, and the type of man who just doesn't come around in great supp
38 EZEIZA : Do you even know what that is? Have you ever been to a communist country?
39 WarRI1 : You cannot say it any better than that, good words.
40 Kevi747 : Me too!!! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!! There are impromptu celebrations forming all around the country. My favorite is the one outside the White House whe
41 ABQ747 : Based on his past voting record, I would hold out too much hope. Get ready for higher taxes.
42 Post contains images Mike89406 : Sheesh!   Have a sense of humor Just being sarcastic. But really I hope he does the right thing.[Edited 2008-11-04 21:05:30]
43 TRVYYZ : Congrats to Obama and USA! I wish all the best for him and America.
44 OlegShv : Finally American people had sobered up and chosen a future path of hope and unity. Go Obama!
45 Post contains images Klaus : Oh, you'll be just fine. Even if he wanted (which he quite clearly doesn't), Obama would have his hands too full cleaning up after the elephant herd
46 EZEIZA : sorry, I took your quote only, but there were other similar ones. I might not appreciate your sarcasm, because I have been there and seen it, and it
47 Ken777 : I wouldn't worry about Obama being a Socialist President. When you look at programs like Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, our support for farmers,
48 Mike89406 : I can honestly say I've never personally experianced communism but I have seen plenty of documentaries, movies and did some personal research on East
49 Sv7887 : To be fair everyone had a hand in this mess. The problem is he won't be able to extricate the US from the Middle East. If not Iraq, then Afghanistan
50 57AZ : Hardly. If you want Socialism, move to Venezuela. That's true Socialism. Truth be told, the Democrats have been far better for my family's financial
51 StasisLAX : Me too. Now all Americans need to pull together, support our new President, and let's get to work so we can build a better future for our kids and th
52 FlybaurLAX : I'm actually crying watching Obama speak because he is so inspiring. I've never been moved by a politician before other than anger. This is a great da
53 ArmitageShanks : Ah well. Nothing will change. Nothing to see here, move on. So what are you all having for breakfast tomorrow?
54 Klaus : Good point!
55 Captaink : I for one support Obama. But I must admit that I enjoyed these elections because they both seemed to be good guys. I really don't know how G.W. Bush
56 Kevi747 : Totally agree. That speech will go down as one of the best in American history. My heart is so filled with pride in this country right now!!!
57 LU9092 : Congrats to Barack Obama. I am immeasurably proud of my country at this moment, and I hope that as the divisiveness and fire of the campaign begins to
58 Mike89406 : I think it will be a wait and see thing. Once he gets in office officially he will realize what he can or can’t cut. You may be right about cutting
59 IADCA : Senator McCain, thank you for your service to our country, in the past, and I hope in our future. Our nation and the world would be infinitely better
60 Silver1SWA : I'm soooooo going to get flamed for this but... In this case, people didn't have to. It was all spoon fed to them by almost every single outlet of the
61 Klaus : There's that saying: America will eventually do the right thing — after exhausting all other options! I think it was Churchill. And it couldn't be
62 Klima : 7:30 am in Bulgaria and it's nice to wake up to this news
63 OPNLguy : Jeez, the guy hasn't even taken office yet and you guys are all writing him off. Why not judge him on his actual performance, once it has a chance to
64 Tsaord : Any news on proposition 8? Florida defeated theirs!
65 KLASM83 : And a nation and a world breathed a collective sigh of belief. GO Obama!!!!! Indeed history in motion. I do hope he can do his best for us, and the wo
66 LU9092 : Brilliantly said. And to GQfluffy, the above is why I haven't felt such pride in the USA that I had in the past. The anti-intellectualism that has pe
67 Sovietjet : I don't understand why people are calling Obama a socialist/communist?
68 Tsaord : I sort feel sorry for Sarah Palin, she didn't want to say no to being a possible VP but so many things went wrong. She has a loving family and I wish
69 LU9092 : Nothing but campaign hyperbole, which I hope will fade in the coming months!
70 MarSciGuy : I always thought it could happen, but am still amazed it DID happen. I am also very proud to be an American tonight!
71 Dougloid : Assuming that what you say is correct how effective could it have been, then? I don't think it worked on you. Probably not on anyone you know. I've h
72 Post contains links RJdxer : This is true. Tomorrow life goes on. I agree. We are seeing the last days of the old America, the one where personal responsibility got you where you
73 767Lover : A commentator on BBC said it so well: that it is remarkable to think that only 40 years ago, we had the civil rights crisis -- and now we've elected
74 Dw9115 : I hope everyone enjoys their new taxes.
75 LU9092 : I was just thinking about this. . .Rather than a conspiracy, I think the media treatment of this campaign may have been a backlash against the anti-i
76 LU9092 : e pluribus unum. It's our national motto dude. Look on a quarter. - That quotation should be attributed to RJdxer. Sorry bout that 767Lover.[Edited 2
77 Klaus : Such as Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld going free after doing massive damage to the USA and to the world? Such as still recently high-flying executives ju
78 767Lover : This was quoting me but I didn't say it.
79 FriendlySkies : Because they are ignorant. Congratulations to President-Elect Obama, I look forward to fresh ideas on how to approach and fix the problems that face
80 Post contains links Sv7887 : Corporate Golden Parachutes are hardly unique to the USA. Have a look at former Daimler CEO Jurgen Shrempp: http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/tag/j252r
81 Santosdumont : When electing a Black president was literally unthinkable.
82 StuckInCA : Great post. This part is important: No, he's absolutely right. Since 2000 there has been a disturbing anti-intellectual theme to the Republican party
83 RJdxer : From the previous thread: Nav20 Astonishing comment. RJdxer. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are e
84 ManuCH : I'm a little bit late, but - congratulations Obama, well done USA! And Kudos to McCain for his superb concession speech.[Edited 2008-11-04 22:17:48]
85 RwSEA : Excuse me, but I'm not a moron. I'm ready for America to be a beacon of hope in the world again. A nation that sets the bar rather than continually l
86 BN747 : Finally, FINALLY! I can be proud of America again... and I by this I mean in the American people. Those American people who choose an abrupt and extre
87 Sv7887 : I have one question: What does the Obama victory mean for NASA? I hope he doesn't axe the Constellation program..America's reputation is one of pushin
88 StuckInCA : Actually it was before the churchies got it changed to "In God We Trust" in 1956. LOL @ RJ though. I actually might have hurt my ribs laughing.
89 Klaus : Of course not. And Jürgen Schrempp has done more than enough damage to Daimler-Benz in Germany as well. Which is one of many reasons why I have none
90 RJdxer : My views of the past go back a lot farther than the last 8 years, evidently yours don't. When electing someone who didn't ask the citizens to do thei
91 Arrow : Good riddance. The America you're talking about was far less about personal responsibility than it was about throwing its weight around. I'm delighte
92 DocLightning : Yup. We did. And maybe, if you are so unhappy, you should consider doing what I was prepared to do if McCain had won: move to a country with politics
93 Santosdumont : The organizational prowess and agility of Obama's campaign are a case study in asking citizens to do their part...for free.
94 LU9092 : I agree in principle with some of what you say - we must guard against our government invading our privacy, restricting our right to dissent, or othe
95 Alias1024 : That wasn't even his best speech of the campaign. The speech he gave on race in America when the Rev. Wright controversy was at its height was the si
96 Mike89406 : I actually thought McCain gave a great speech congratulating Obama he even told the crowd to calm down, he even gave credit to Obama during the race
97 DocLightning : Really? Did you see the turnout? Looks like we citizens did our part.
98 Klaus : Oh, you're quite mistaken about that — the recent financial meltdown is directly owed to the "all regulation is inherently evil" ideology introduce
99 11Bravo : Doc, that only works if you're a centrist or a liberal. There is no other developed country in the world as conservative as the US, not even one that
100 San747 : I think it's more suspect that the CIA would have trouble letting a man like Obama become an agent. I'd like to think we're past the time in our hist
101 RJdxer : I wasn't talking about foreign policy. I'm was talking about United States citizens as citizens. Free? Where exactly did that 700 million dollars com
102 RCoulter : I am so proud to be an American right now We showed we have changed and want change! Congrats and way to go Obama!!
103 FlyMIA : As I did not vote for President Elect Obama I am still happy to be an American and looking forward to the future. Besides for the fact that a man who
104 Ken777 : I'm a vet (Navy) and I find that VA medical is excellent. Unlike the private insurance world the VA doc doesn't have to call 1-800-Mommy-May-I before
105 Alias1024 : Very true. I actually gained a little more respect for Sen. McCain during the last 6-8 weeks of the campaign, as it became more clear that he was ver
106 GDB : Just put the news on and seen the result, not looked at all the responses here, but I note the sour stuff about the US going 'socialist' or with incre
107 RwSEA : Right. Personal responsibility is charging billions of dollars of war costs to a credit card. Personal responsibility is trying to ban any sort of so
108 Continental : I'm glad America got it right this time. Congratulations to Obama!
109 MIAMIx707 : And hopefully Latin America and the world will learn from the civility and class of these two candidates and use it as an example. I won't even say a
110 Klaus : I'm not surprised that you'd rather avoid assigning responsibility where it obviously belongs. But the fact remains: The meltdown is a direct consequ
111 Avek00 : As part of the 3% or so of Black Americans who voted for McCain, I am certainly NOT excited about That One. But I wish him well, and look forward to s
112 Mike89406 : If your referring to me Its ok to address me instead of using a third person, and if you would've read my later remarks you would've seen that I was
113 LASoctoberB6 : If you're screwed, I'm happy.
114 RJdxer : There are all sorts of good jobs for machinists, tool and die makers, electricians, welders, auto tech, carpenters, steel workers, and much much more
115 LASOctoberB6 : That, I agree with you on. He really got my respect for him after his speech. Very honorable of him..
116 Baroque : There you go again, being unkind to gnats (by inference)! Would run an ROTFL if it was not serious!
117 Flymia : Lets see if its 4% and with how the economy is going right now yes this will hurt. People who are making $250,000 are still struggling and this is on
118 Mir : Thank you for that. That's the kind of sentiment we need right now, not the "this will be the end of the country" doom and gloom nonsense that some o
119 Alaska737 : Congrats to President Elect Obama, as well as John McCain, who is a stand up character and a great role model.
120 Thorben : Congrats to Obama and Biden for winning the White House, the Democratic Party for winning the Capitol and the American people, for making such a drama
121 Elite : There are high expectations for Barack Obama right now, so I wish him the best of luck in trying to fulfill all of these expectations. Congratulations
122 Derico : I got to give it to the Americans, they upstaged the Europeans big time here. I don't see how Europeans in this forum can again talk down the United S
123 Beaucaire : A truely great and historic day for the great people of the United States ! I say this in all honesty and despite harsh critizism on many of the (stil
124 Klaus : Oh, I'm even more unkind in person and explicitly! If a family is struggling to put food on the table I have a lot more sympathies than when a childl
125 MIAMIx707 : Out of all things possible that's all you care about, guns?. What ever happened to getting a dog, learning martial arts or something... A society whe
126 Klaus : With the hillbilly-in-chief soon a goner and the rabid christian taliban in retreat, you'll see a drastic reduction in this kind of criticism. And li
127 Mike89406 : Do you realize future debates could be rather boring? I mean what will we argue about now?
128 Post contains images Klaus : Actually, I was really getting a bit tired these last years... But I'd say the transition to an Obama administration and his policies might still pro
129 HAWK21M : Congrats to Obama.....Now it would be interesting to see what happens on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. regds MEL
130 Sebolino : HA HA HA ! After the catastrophic 8 last years, you're quite funny saying that. Congratulations to the USA ! For the 1st time in 8 years I feel proud
131 ThePRGuy : Probably just the cleansing people like you need {rotfl]
132 Toulouse : Congratulations to the USA. I nearly had tears (of joy) in my eyes this morning watching RTE (Irish TV coverage) of the results on the internet here
133 Macc : homeland security in fact does recall some scents of DDR, but then it was not a democrat to bring it up. It was all reps and neo cons. and socialist?
134 Post contains links MadameConcorde : Meet the new boss Same as the old boss We'll be fighting in the streets With our children at our feet And the morals that they worship will be gone An
135 L410Turbolet : "Congrats to America"... going from wall to wall. From electing Bush twice to voting for a media fabricated, inexperienced candidate. For the sake of
136 GrahamHill : Congratulations to Obama and the democrats!!!! Truly a new hope for the United States and the whole world
137 Post contains images Keesje : Well Americans, roll yourselves in pride and joy. You inspired the world by showing the peoples power to change. There are lots of things to restore,
138 Beaucaire : Turbolet- if you consider a Bush-style ,Skull & Bones inspired grip on world-politics as beneficial,I wonder how you respond to the millions of "stup
139 UAXDXer : They are going to have to get in line because 3/4 of the US people are expecting the same. Everything from Obama putting gas in their cars to paying
140 Aaron747 : Funny, he's using all the same language Reagan did. Is the shining city on the hill such a bad vision? It's his policies you (and to an extent, I) do
141 EA CO AS : "Professional POW," you say? You should be ashamed of yourself. How ugly of you.
142 Beaucaire : If he used his time as prisoner in Vietnam to sell his credentials as war-hero,it is instrumentalizing those years in a professional way. Thousands h
143 L410Turbolet : You seem to struggle with reading comprehension. 2x4 years of Bush in the White House, the looming crisis, Iraq etc. were disastrous enough that most
144 GrahamHill : It is welcomed in the UK, in France, in Spain, in Germany, in Italy, in Ireland, in the Netherlands, in Belgium, in Australia, in Japan, in Brazil, e
145 Aaron747 : Way too overgeneralized to be taken seriously so ultimately a careless comment. If citizens in the named places welcome Obama, that's only good for t
146 EA CO AS : How pathetic - you're actually trying to justify your sad comment. I'm embarrassed for you.
147 Cpd : After the last turbulent and unpredictable 8 years, anything is better. Congratulations to America - as the song says, it's your time to shine!
148 L410Turbolet : If you can't tell the "slight difference" between the governments in Tehran and Tokyo or Moscow and Madrid respectively and their motivation behind s
149 EZEIZA : 8 years of Bush hurt everyone, including his Party and its candidate. I can't imagine how many people voted for Obama as a way of being against Bush'
150 DocLightning : Was more McCarthy than anyone else. You keep saying this: specifics, please. Like direct quotes. He didn't. Obama brought it up more than McCain did.
151 Klaus : Reagan's ideology laid the foundations for the current crisis; It still overshadowed the recent G8 summit in Heiligendamm, when the US and british de
152 Radarbeam : Congratulation USA on a job well done!
153 GrahamHill : I am fully aware of the differences, thank you sir. But it's not because three countries supposedly dangerous or not in agreement with our western po
154 Aaron747 : You're making it a bit too academic. Markets and the governments that preside over them are a bit more complex than a given paradigm or prevailing id
155 DocLightning : Knock it off. That's like blaming the Democrats in the '70's for it. Bush and the GOP were in control of the entire government for six years and Bush
156 OHLHD : Congrats to Obama! He is the better choice although McCain had no chance because of the previous administration.
157 Klaus : I was exactly talking about the difference between ideology and policy in my last post. Not really, when you get to the core of it. It was a politica
158 Aaron747 : But you left out the most important part when dealing with this kind of regulation, or deregulation, as it were: action. See the above comment. Congr
159 Klaus : Not exactly. The impetus and justification for both upwards income redistribution and the financial crisis go back to the Reaganomics ideology, not t
160 Aaron747 : Then we must also recognize that Democratic policies going all the way back to the New Deal in the 1930s federalized the underpinnings of the mortgag
161 Klaus : No. Much more important is to have safeguards in place which are designed to prevent emergency situations rather than trying to kill the problem afte
162 Klaus : Absolutely. Our german social democrats have also suffered badly under the reforms they simply had to undertake to reform social security, the health
163 MSYtristar : I fell asleep early last night but the sound of blaring car horns and a bunch of cheering woke me up around midnight so I knew who won. Honestly, I co
164 NAV20 : Sad how acrimonious this discussion has already become. Personally I'm proud to see the United States making history. Worth remembering that black peo
165 Aaron747 : I fundamentally disagree. It's impossible for people outside of an industry, with little working knowledge or experience of it, to anticipate, much l
166 Elite : "Experienced professional POW from Arizona"? That comment is disrespectful to John McCain to say the very least. It doesn't matter what your politica
167 Beaucaire : You are right in that my remark was disrespectful - I apologize and withdraw the statement. He has been defending Obama in some of his speeches agains
168 Mal787 : Well done USA and may he be the President you need and the rest of the free world wants. no more invadiing countries as Daddy never finished the job.
169 Aaron747 : On that, I think we can definitely agree
170 DLPMMM : You guys can cheer all you want. Now I'm stuck with trying to figure out which employees I need to get rid of when Obama's new employment, defense, an
171 Sebolino : Come on, cut that hypocrisy ! Reagan said "the governement (or the state ?) is the problem". Thatcher agreed. Now Bush has to use taxpayer's money to
172 MIAMIx707 : I believe your first post in this thread was great but unfortunately you had to cancel it out with this. I would suggest reading about McCain and his
173 Baroque : Hints taken.
174 JakeOrion : I've effectively lost my job (defense contractor.) So share the wealth my way guys, I'll be jobless in less than two years.
175 Post contains links NAV20 : As a matter of interest, the election isn't over yet. Obama won in Indiana, and therefore currently has 349 electoral votes. McCain has 147. The resul
176 Flying Belgian : Congrats to Barack ! Well deserved win. Much needed by the U.S, their image is appalling at the moment. Now we get rid of the Bush-band, Rice, Rove,..
177 MIAMIx707 : It was definitely a concern after seeing Chavez and Cuba's foreign minister Perez Roque endorsing him. I think they'll end up being somewhat disappoi
178 GQfluffy : Maybe its your limited "view" of us, and not the supposed "image" we project.
179 NA : Congratulations, Obama! Wonderful outcome. A clear vote as hardly anyone before. Thank god the crooks and warmongers who crashed the US against the wa
180 EZEIZA : Not really, believe me that Mr. Bush has made the image of the US abroad hit record lows
181 NAV20 : Sorry to hear it, JakeOrion. But surely that can't be the result of Obama becoming President-Elect? Bush will still be the President for the next thr
182 GQfluffy : I doubt this, as I doubt your view of us as well. Our sitting President has been all but disastrous for us, true. But to judge THE United States on o
183 Oa260 : It already went down the pan years ago ! Now the re building begins and America will get some respect back. Just look at the world reaction. Well don
184 JakeOrion : Its proven through history that Democrats always cut the US defense buget (Carter, Clinton to just name a few.) First thing to go will be the contrac
185 GQfluffy : The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west. My pants still go on the same way as they did yesterday. Nothing has changed, and nothing will.
186 JakeOrion : Just one question, if things become worse while he is in office, then what?
187 NAV20 : Sorry to hear it, JakeOrion. But I suspect that you're kinda talking about the 'offence' budget, rather than the 'defence' one? Meaning that if the U
188 A332 : WAAAAAHOOOOO!!!! I'm a bit late on expressing my excitement on the board, but I'm still just as thrilled this morning as I was last night, watching th
189 Sv7887 : It's not about just attacking people but maintaining a deterrent. Like it or not whenever there is military action the world does expect the US to ge
190 JakeOrion : Uhhhh as far as I know the defense budget refers to both "offense" and "defense" so not exactly sure where you are going here. My current job as of t
191 Oa260 : Not true. Why not put Mickey Mouse there then? It would sure be better than who has been in it for the last 8 years. I doubt they will. People will s
192 Klaus : Then on that note let's adjourn the rest of the side discussion to a separate thread at some time. I'm a bit tired right now.
193 STT757 : It's a huge win, the fact that he won the Presidency by carrying Indiana, Virginia, Colorado and possibly North Carolina is simply amazing. Secretary
194 Shamrock604 : I am thoroughly delighted that the US has chosen Obama, and rejected the last 8 years of their politics. It was difficlult to see the US view the outs
195 NA : Bush is responsible for the highest country debt in history almost right from the beginning. And that curve accelerated in a frightening speed. Compa
196 JakeOrion : I asked IF things become worse under his administration, then what? You'll call for his head too just like Bush or continue to think Obama is the bes
197 EZEIZA : Of course it's wrong to judge anything based on one man alone, but when this one man is the president of the most powerful country on earth, everythi
198 Sv7887 : They key here is that we've been on quicksand for a long time since the mid 1990s. It was the Fed's policy of cheap low interest money that encourage
199 Oa260 : Well Obama would have to do alot wrong to catch up with Bush. There are so many things that Bush did and his policies set your country back years and
200 NAV20 : That's already taken care of, Sv7887 - in the form of 'M-A-D,' Mutually-Assured-Destruction.' The Russians (the only nation with the capacity serious
201 JakeOrion : Pay attention to my question! I ask, again, if (IF) things become worse under OBAMA, then what? I didn't ask about Bush, I didn't ask about the war,
202 NA : Good comparison. Lets hope he ends like a drunken sailor, too. According to many articles I read the seed for the financial trouble was laid during R
203 EZEIZA : Then it would mean Obama is just as bad as Bush, meaning he'll get re-elected in 4 years (seriously, how did he pull that one!?) and then we'll be in
204 Charles79 : I'm not sure why everyone is making such a fuss about military cuts. Our defense budget can stand a substantial cut, don't believe the right scare ta
205 Post contains links AirportSeven : Obama May Continue Defense Growth, Lifting Lockheed, Northrop "He does understand the criticality of an adequate defense budget and importance of str
206 Sudden : Congrats to Obama! And not to forget, Congrats to all Americans as I hope this will bring lots of good things for you and you families. As US has a bi
207 Beaucaire : If the budget gained from cutting into the MIL spending is invested into new energy-research and alternative ,non-fossil ways to make electricity or p
208 Greggarious : Ha ha ha ha, apparently SKY News included me in their footage of celebrations in Times Square from last night. For all you Brits, if you saw an overjo
209 AGM100 : The finacial trouble may go back alot further . Like the New Deal and its long reaching effects for instance ... We now have a dependent minded elect
210 Aaron747 : Oh how annoying...you're not even old enough to have adult memories of what he's talking about! A good start would be telling Japan to get off its as
211 SlamClick : Congratulatons to President-elect Obama and all of you who worked toward this. He won, in large part because you were all very serious about it. In th
212 Arrow : I hope this s**t doesn't happen to you. But to blame it on Obama (he doesn't take over until Jan.20) is bizarre. And it's time for a reality check an
213 NA : I fully agree with you. There will be change, but less than many expect or hope for. The problems are too big, the money too small for a dramatic qui
214 767Lover : You do have a point. I honestly don't believe Obama will have a strong effect on the country either way, except PR-wise and political awareness-wise.
215 11Bravo : If he proves to be a naive simpleton who repeatedly shows poor judgment and surrounds himself with incompetents, we should all "call for his head". I
216 NIKV69 : Because he hates free enterprise and people that make a lot of money. He wants to tax them to death to give to the lazy people that don't like to wor
217 Mayor : While I didn't vote for him, I can support him because he is OUR president. Having said that, it seems that this election had a ring of "style over su
218 EZEIZA : I was thinking that too ... why so much emphasis on "black" president all the time ... I understand it's an important thing, but the most important t
219 Post contains links Confuscius : Quick! better tell the intelligence community before it's too late! Obama to begin intelligence briefings By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer C
220 JakeOrion : Because the serious f**k ups Bush pulled didn't happen until his second term. When your job is possibly on the line next time, we'll see where you st
221 Charles79 : NA, ideally we would have had two Americans running for President; unfortunately, we are so obsessed with race, skin color, and labels that we make s
222 Aaron747 : Of all the lowest common denominator (read: stupid) partisan commentary on this site...we have a new winner. That's why exit polling indicates he did
223 NIKV69 : Oh yea I noticed all the people cheering for him last night made over a 250,000 a year. . Trust me pal the people that put him over the top are not m
224 IADCA : I agree wholeheartedly. McCain's speech hit exactly the right note. I feel bad for the guy. Had McCain been the candidate eight years ago, the world
225 NA : Here I disagree. I think that indeed he will take action in these tow fields. The energy problem of the US is mostly due to the waste, waste, waste p
226 Post contains links RJdxer : You still don't get it. I'm was not talking about political policy, I was and am talking about Americans as citizens. What the citizens have done is
227 PlanesNTrains : Perfectly put, and sums up my feelings exactly. Thank you for saving me the need to read through the entire thread! Yes, because that worked so well
228 EZEIZA : Oh come on ... it's Obama, not Stalin yeah right, as opposed to 8 years of no phone tapping, of anything is ok as long as its in the name of national
229 Aaron747 : The polling data doesn't agree with you at all, and neither do a lot of Republican strategists who were surprised he did as well as he did with that
230 DLPMMM : Sounds like blue territory to me. SFO legal firm involved in insurance litigation? Which side of the litigation doesn't matter, as long as lots of su
231 Baroque : Sorry I usually do try to rebut point by point but that is so ridiculous it hardly bears bothering about. Of course that is not what the electorate s
232 FlyMIA : Also I hope this democratic congress with President Elect Obama does not end the patriot act because guess what it WORKS. I don’t care if the FBI is
233 NIKV69 : Oh yea exit polls are so accurate. I guess you know how many hours I put in a week? My line of work entails much more than just playing golf. Then ag
234 Bochora : Fantastic! Barack Obama is eliquent, young and in-tune with politics. What a day for the world! Stock up on the local newspapers and keep them somewhe
235 Post contains links Baroque : No it is what happens when you vote for an ideologue: http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/warriorshtm/ideologue.htm The most common variants of Ideologu
236 Klaus : Generic cardboard cutout propaganda with no relationship to my points. You don't get something for nothing. I'm sorry to bust your illusions there. O
237 NA : Its you who is accusing others, just one sentence before you attack someone else of what you do yourself. You seem to be full of prejudices. Its as m
238 Aaron747 : My line of work doesn't involve any kind of 'playing' - just number-crunching, interviews with local executives, and several months at a time working
239 EZEIZA : Yeah, he's planning on opening concentration camps in Alaska ... come on, you can't be serious. Which would be what exactly?
240 Santosdumont : Ok, The shelf-life of the Right's shrill, corrosive, jingoistic, hare-brained, hateful, and sophomoric rhetoric -- exemplified by the post above -- p
241 GDB : I that's a bit unfair, in the UK, we've only had numbers of people of African/Caribbean descent for 60 years, in much smaller numbers too, here they
242 Post contains links Garnetpalmetto : Not necessarily Wallace, Santosdumont. Interesting opinion piece by his daughter. http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/11/...3/wallace.kennedy.obama/inde
243 MCIGuy : He's not my president and I'll never give him the respect that the title of the office deserves, he doesn't deserve it.
244 Klaus : Well, you're free to pass judgment about yourself that way if you absolutely must... Sad for you, largely meaningless for Obama and the world.
245 NA : You must be talking of Bush. I fully agree with you then, thank god that fool is (bad) history now.
246 Post contains links RJdxer : Oh I'll standby but I don't expect any real surprises. What will suprise me is how long people will allow this ship to take on water until they decid
247 Oa260 : He IS you president , the majority of your countries citizens have voted him in and by the defaults of democracy he IS the President of the United St
248 Santosdumont : " target=_blank>http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/11/....html Yeah, I thought about that after I posted...maybe I should have replaced Wallace with Lo
249 Post contains links RJdxer : Unfortunately the people in charge now are going to take more fuel and toss it on top of the already out of control fire. As to setting the fire, I w
250 FruteBrute : Republicans listen up! You are out of power for a reason. You screwed up ROYALLY. You let the xtian whack jobs, and a President run wild with power, s
251 Oa260 : Very true. Exactly. Alot of it is that some hard core Republicans cant stand that there is a Black president at the White House. They need to get ove
252 BW424 : CONGRATS TO BARACK OBAMA. I think with just his appointmant as President,that the US has gained some points worldwide in trems of its popularity.
253 Springbok747 : Congrats to Obama, and kudos to McCain for being such a gentleman. Many people here in Georgia are disappointed with the outcome...saw several cars wi
254 Oa260 : All hotels in Washington and surrounding areas have been booked out for the inauguration of Obama.
255 RIHNOSAUR : WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! My wife and I just had our first son, born 6 months ago, in the U.S. ....watching and listening Obama's victory speech last night i
256 N867DA : I saw that too. Disgusting reaction.
257 Post contains images AircraftGeek : Quite shameful sentence. You shall respect YOUR OWN fellow countrymen who elected YOUR OWN president.   [Edited 2008-11-05 11:34:11]
258 Danny : Congratulations to all Americans! I am really happy for your "liberation day" guys
259 A332 : Oh man... if people making $250K are 'struggling'... then they made some real poor choices in life. How about those who make $25K a year trying to su
260 DocLightning : Then grow a pair and do what I was going to do if McCain won: Move and start working on renouncing my U.S. citizenship. I'm glad I don't have to do t
261 DocLightning : Woah woah woah. The country's in deep trouble. Like DEEP trouble. Like Obama may not be able to save it. It might go bankrupt yet; it might completel
262 EZEIZA : You wish sir. He is YOUR president because YOUR citizens decided so, so if you really believe in Democracy and what the US claims to stand for and go
263 767Lover : Nope. First, electricity needs to be used relatively close to the source. Most of the US population doesn't live near the big empty spaces. Second, o
264 Arrow : On the contrary, they are very disappointed today. George W. Bush was the best thing to happen to Al Qaeda since sliced bread. Their recruiting drive
265 RJdxer : Thank goodness we didn't have the audacity to promise what we won't now be able to deliver. As a matter of fact the first thing President Elect did w
266 StuckInCA : You weren't listening. He's outlined that it will be a long road for quite some time. From his "Closing Argument:" It won't be easy, Ohio. It won't b
267 RJdxer : No time frame referenced there unless you knew what his definition of "quick" was. Not until he had secured the election did we here "We may not get
268 WunalaYann : The UK had it a bit before the US...
269 StuckInCA : OK. That may be the case and I can't take the time to read every speech. If you think that repeated statements that we have a lot of work and that it
270 QANTAS077 : you still don't get it Nick, c'mon mate, it was a referendum on the last 8 years of GOP rule and the people resoundingly chose hope over fear. I told
271 Mir : If not him, then who? Obama IS your president. Deal with it. You should be embarrassed to make such comments. Obama deserves the respect of the offic
272 Toulouse : Are you a citizen of the US? Do you currenty reside in the US? Well here's a little geo-political lesson for you I hope is not too difficult for you
273 Oa260 : Yes and the Anet poll I carried out on here was above 80% . Anyway we really should not take anything posted here too seriously by people who cant ac
274 Post contains images Flymia : Well 4% of 250,000 is $10,000 that’s a lot of money for even someone making $250,000. Second I agree with you that’s why a good tax plan would be
275 Seb146 : For the past 8 years, anyone who dared oppose Bush has been told "Respect the office" even taking it so far as to say the president and his/her decis
276 747srule : I served in the USMC for 8 years to keep communists,terrorists and socialists out of the USA. Seems like wasted time now. America as we know is DEAD a
277 Post contains links StuckInCA : The increase isn't on the entire amount, right? It would be on an amount over some figure. You know... tax rates? Here's how it looked for 2007. Imag
278 Oa260 : Well some may say it was a waste anyway
279 Seb146 : What about all the money the Bush administration gave to corporations since 2000? No one ever sees that. No one ever sees the stagnant wages since Bu
280 Aaron747 : And didn't learn a damn thing. I'm from a family with long military traditions - and nobody is talking like you today.
281 BN747 : And I thank whatever God, that my brother, a life long US Marine.. feels the COMPLETE opposite ...as you 747SRULE, along with many of his compadres!
282 A332 : I guarantee you do not know the actual definition of 'communist', 'terrorist', or 'socialist'... just a hunch. We need to stop feeding these people w
283 LU9092 : Or maybe organized crime will smuggle in cigs by the millions, thereby creating a huge black market along with more crime? Higher "sin taxes" are a g
284 767Lover : Thank you for your service, but calm down. This is the same sort of hyperbolic crap that left wing nutjobs have said for years, and the sky didn't fa
285 AirframeAS : Seems like we have problems addressing who Obama is at this current time-line. Obama is NOT president now. He is still Sen. Obama AND now a new title
286 Charles79 : Is this statement a joke? Could you care explain why is America dead? As a former Air Force officer I dealt with many folks from the USMC, and I doub
287 EZEIZA : So Obama is a Commie, a Socialist and a Terrorist? All that together? wow he must be a real busy guy ... It's comments like yours and people like you
288 11Bravo : No you didn't. Communism and Socialism are economic systems not physical threats to national security. You took an oath: I think you are confusing yo
289 AustinAllison : GWB is NOT the worst president. Several years down the line people will look back and realize GWB was a GREAT president. Not good, but great.
290 Aaron747 : Are you related to Tim Leary? I thought that guy's movement was long-over...
291 Charles79 : Would you care elaborate what exactly makes GWB great? I'm serious, what do you see that he did that makes his time in office great. I'm not calling
292 MIAMIx707 : brilliant. It's scary how naive and gullible people are that they put their faith in one person who hasn't even started governing yet, to the point t
293 A332 : Care to elaborate as to why? I'm curious.
294 EZEIZA : how so? A great liar maybe? or do you still think Iraq was justified (based on HIS allegations)? Saddam was a major sob, but why lie to everyone with
295 Aaron747 : The only two positives I see are that his administration's foreign policy moderated somewhat in its last two years - with discernible victory in the
296 AirCop : Must be something in air down in Texas All of the Presidents that historians have judged as "great" "effective" had one trait in common. The ability
297 RJdxer : I'd have to agree. Average but that's about it. Certainly not the worst.
298 FruteBrute : LOL! You're hilarious. Where did I say it needs to be or should be expected overnight? Doing a 180 degree turn takes some time. Bush has screwed the
299 MIAMIx707 : Thank you. Extreme right wingers are as bad as extreme left wing nutjobs, these people are making the country carry too heavy a baggage that prevents
300 Aaron747 : Fighting for a fundamental right is tantamount to bitching? Wow...just wow.
301 FruteBrute : You do realize she graduated from Princeton with honors for her undergrad degree, and cum laude from Harvard law school right? In addition she is Vic
302 RJdxer : Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, there's two right there.
303 AustinAllison : Why GWB is a GREAT president: -He is fighting an unpopular war on terror, and refuses to give up. That shows a lot. Most presidents would give up but
304 Aaron747 : Well that pretty much negates the need for further discussion right there Thanks for playing.
305 WunalaYann : While I am by no means a W supporter (see "What will Bush do after Jan 20" thread), history has a way of teaching patience like no other matter. I th
306 Mir : God help you indeed if you really believe that. Your comments are sickening. No, he was a bad president. Not the worst president, but bad. He steered
307 Dougloid : The obstructionists have a head start because they'd already written McCain off several months ago, as a perusal of Limbaugh transcripts will attest.
308 EZEIZA : The war is unpopular mainly because it was based on lies, and because the goals behind tha war are far less than the noble ideas they want ou to beli
309 Charles79 : I'm not sure I follow you. -Are you grouping the War on Terror together with the War in Iraq? Please explain, because they are two different campaign
310 NIKV69 : One in which your punished for making a lot of money and taxed to death to give the lower income brackets a free lunch. Oh yea thats it. They used th
311 BN747 : Ahem...are any of you replying to this poster, stopped to realize he's a 16, 17 year old kid? Why go there with him? He's only known one president. B
312 AustinAllison : -What are these lies everyone talks about? Saddam Hussein was a TERRORIST. There for there is a link between the war in Afghanistan and the war in Ira
313 BA : Congratulations to President-elect Barack Hussein Obama! I haven't felt this proud to be an American in a long time and wish the best for this great n
314 Aaron747 : Blah blah - McCain himself said the rich pay more because they can afford to. Either we do away with progressive taxation entirely or continue the sa
315 EZEIZA : Do you have the link? Oh, and thank God the world is so much safer now ... oh wait Al-qaeda wasn't in Iraq! But at least the WMD's were found and des
316 Post contains images Aaron747 : And a check on Iranian power and influence. Did you forget that part? I'm not really interested in getting any of Dr. Leary's stuff into my system, b
317 Falcon84 : Congratulations to the President Elect! I'm just thrilled that it came out the way my family and I had hoped it would. On another site, I called the e
318 RJdxer : Why bother to compromise. The Democratic leadership doesn't need the GOP minority to help them, they should have all the votes they need to pass what
319 Arrow : Wow. I'm trying to remember at what age I got that right wing -- I think it was 53. I'd like to see your posts in about, oh, five years time. I bet t
320 TristarAtLCA : No, he was a DICTATOR and was executed for crimes against humanity by a court of Iraqi's. So therefore: what the hell are you talking about?
321 TUNisia : Well said! Karl Rove said pretty much the same thing on FOX this evening... it was actually quite refreshing.
322 FruteBrute : LMAO! Oh please! He's only trying to scrape together some shred of objectivity to try and salvage his career. Let him go run the Palin 2012 campaign.
323 RJdxer : How long should we wait before putting out a missing persons bulletin on Vice President Elect Joe Biden? Sometime late last night he must have heard t
324 Post contains links FruteBrute : LOL! What didn't you check FAUX News today? The VP Elect was in meetings working on the transition team. http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/11...-data
325 Usair320 : Don't give me that . Look at Obam's policy in comparison to Pres. bill Clinton's, read it. It's quite the same. Was he socialist? No!! Read up before
326 RJdxer : Not according to that link,,,according to that link he's not even part of the team.
327 Dougloid : Preferrably from some spot in nowheresville. I understand Adak is nice this time of year. I shall donate a cardboard tube from a roll of sanitary tis
328 FruteBrute : So I've listened to you Republicans blab about "patriotism", "loving America" and "country first" as cheap punch line these past 8 years. "Why bother
329 AirCop : According to that link Obama isn't part of his own transition team, so come on RJ lets get real and come back to earth. Both Obama and Biden are both
330 Post contains links AirCop : From Fox News tonight; Palin the gift that keeps on giving http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWZHTJsR4Bc Let see she didn't know the countries in NAFTA,
331 RJdxer : Lets see the link of Biden working with the transition team. The guy is buried alive. You'll see him once more for sure on inauguration day and then
332 FlyMIA : I dont know about great but Good to average for sure. He was put into office during a hard time. 9/11 started everything obviously. This is something
333 Charles79 : I just saw that a while ago on O'Reilly. To be fair, though, nowhere is it written that you have to pass a geography test to be a candidate (I wish i
334 Post contains links AirCop : Will this work for you? http://realclearpolitics.blogs.time....ma-biden-announce-transition-team/
335 RJdxer : First off, what have I told you about using blogs. Did you wash your hands after linking? It's a pretty font but if you compare the two links they say
336 Mirrodie : Congrats on a great race. AS I watched on CCN last evening, I recall the showing scenes from Los Angeles, California, and Kenya, but also Sydney Austr
337 AirCop : And you do realize there is a transition team for the Veep also?
338 RJdxer : Sure. My point is that you won't see him in public without a handler and a very short leash. He served his purpose and that purpose is done. I highly
339 Mir : I think you're mistaken on that one. He won't make many public appearances, but he'll definitely be at the table when it comes to making decisions, a
340 767Lover : I agree. She never promised to be anything other than what she was.
341 Post contains links Superfly : The conservative era is OVER! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuZjd78xun4 Congrats to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. This is not just a nationa
342 Post contains links MIAMIx707 : But why don't you point fingers at the @$$holes at OPEC? Why doesn't the international media grill them? It's a lot more "sexy" to say it's the US fa
343 WunalaYann : Because they are not arse-holes as you call them. OPEC is a cartel. It is a way for some organisations (of which, I agree, a high number are very uns
344 RJdxer : Tell that to gays in several states as well as the pimps in SFO.
345 Arrow : Sayonara Sarah. But there's one little tidbit left over from her candidacy that still troubles me. She kept promising for weeks to release her medica
346 QANTAS077 : conservatives are good people, its the neocon era that is over!
347 FruteBrute : Psst....your youth and inexperience are showing. Really stop believing sound bytes & election ads. People don't "hate" America for our freedoms. They
348 MIAMIx707 : and why did you leave out the sentence that followed? Could apply to all politicians, except that those I mentioned are useless and do nothing but cr
349 FlyMIA : Well I don’t exactly get information from sound bytes and election ads but from some pretty credible sources but that’s not the point. I agree wi
350 RJdxer : That line of reasoning makes as much sense as saying that State government of New York should be under suspicion because Timothy McVeigh was from New
351 EZEIZA : Bush just made that number increase to huge proportions, and has made traditionally US-friendly people be against the US too. 9/11 ... GWB was Presid
352 RobertNL070 : We cannot blame George W. Bush for everything. He was inaugurated in January 2001. Eight months before that fateful day. Those heinous acts were bein
353 Sebolino : ?? Saddam Hussein never was a terrorist. He was a brutal dictator, a danger for his neighbours, but that's not what we call a terrorist. I wonder wha
354 FlyMIA : Exactly. And as I said no one in the world was prepared for something like 9/11. I am confident that Senator President Elect Obama will be able to ke
355 Elite : Agreed. Less than a year in office he was faced with one of the greatest challenges since World War 2. And there is much evidence that it was the ina
356 L410Turbolet : On the other hand it would not be THAT surprising if they actually did that.
357 Beaucaire : Wow ! what a bold statement ! You should apply for the job as next national security advisor ...
358 Sebolino : Funny vision of history. It's obvious that since Bush has taken a more aggressive attitude than he did before the attacks, terrorism has decreased in
359 Post contains images OA260 :
360 DocLightning : I actually agree to some extent. BUT... you have to remember that the beauty of terrorism as a tool is the fact that you only need to succeed ONCE. S
361 Post contains images Keesje : 1968 1988 2008
362 EZEIZA : I'm sorry, but the attacks did not happen the day after he took office. Eight months had passed of his administration, therefore as head of state, he
363 DocLightning : Timing. It was afternoon and evening in Sydney when the results started coming in. I was in Christchurch at the time and it was about 9PM when I lear
364 Post contains links MIAMIx707 : One of the best posts of this entire thread which is also factually correct and already a few lefties don't like it Fact is Clinton dropped the ball
365 EZEIZA : yet many here are not even willing to give the guy a chance. What if things do work out after Obama? The same people that are saying Bush had only be
366 Santosdumont : Oh, the humanity! Obama doesn't believe in free enterprise? I don't recall him saying that the solution for the current economic crisis is massive ex
367 MIAMIx707 : I'm sorry to disagree with that part The so called "war on terror" (hate the term) is the only thing that has worked well for Bush lol . Everyone is
368 EZEIZA : has it, really? What terrorist organisation has he managed to capture and whipe out? Where is Bin laden? In so many years, why haven't they managed t
369 Post contains images Aaron747 : The best we can do is hope his decisions will be wise. If they're not, I'll feel vindicated in having not voted for him. At any rate, I hate to have
370 Charles79 : Talk about unintended consequences!
371 DLPMMM : Well, after looking at our product mix, the prospects for future sales, and the likely tax law changes, I found that the results in my company will b
372 RJdxer : But don't you find it a bit odd that with all the Bush bashing, not one single attack has occured like 9/11 since that atttack on the U.S.? Say what
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