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Road Rage: Ever Had It?  
User currently offline727LOVER From United States of America, joined Oct 2001, 7452 posts, RR: 20
Posted (14 years 1 month 3 weeks 2 days 10 hours ago) and read 1903 times:

Have you experienced road rage?

Were you the road rager or road ragee  Laugh out loud

Actually, that should be  Pissed

I feel woozy....what did you put in that Pudding Pop?
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User currently offlineSaloth Sar From United States of America, joined Jan 2001, 379 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (14 years 1 month 3 weeks 2 days 10 hours ago) and read 1883 times:

Unfortunately, I've had a few but now very infrequently nowadays.

User currently offlineCfalk From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 2, posted (14 years 1 month 3 weeks 2 days 9 hours ago) and read 1872 times:

Why does this need its own term, like air rage, road rage, job rage, etc., like somehow it is a phenomenon in itself? It isn't. All it is is loosing one's temper, and civilized people know how to control their temper.

Ergo, those who suffer from air air rage and all the other "rages" are simply uncivilized.


User currently offlineSeb146 From United States of America, joined Nov 1999, 14139 posts, RR: 14
Reply 3, posted (14 years 1 month 3 weeks 1 day 16 hours ago) and read 1843 times:

Hmmmm.... I have 'road rage' sometimes. Usualy when I am in the fast lane and some person in front of me is going about 20MPH slower than I want to go. It irritates me that some people just don't get it! If I see someone coming up behind me going faster than me, I move to the right. Why does't anyone else do this for me? Does it still make me uncivilized if I don't give them a gesture or a few choice words? I save that for the ones who are going 20MPH slower than me and decide they want in my lane, move on over then slow down all without signaling.

Life in the wall is a drag.
User currently offlineCfalk From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 4, posted (14 years 1 month 3 weeks 1 day 15 hours ago) and read 1834 times:

That's not road rage - that's just annoyance. You would go beyond annoyance if you start trying to knock the offending driver off the road with your car, or pull out a .44 Magnum and start shooting.

You do not have the right to live without getting annoyed at other people.


User currently offlineMatt D From United States of America, joined Nov 1999, 9502 posts, RR: 43
Reply 5, posted (14 years 1 month 3 weeks 1 day 13 hours ago) and read 1832 times:


I agree with you when you say that it all boils down to being uncivilized.

However, with all due respect, that is a very minimalist way of looking at it. There can be no denying that "______ rage" (feel free to insert situation of choice in the space) is a growing problem.

But "rage" was not born in a vaccuum. There is an underlying reason for it.

My humble £2 says that the two main causes of any kind of rage are:

Instant gratification culture


Population growth.

When you have a society that is spoiled by "open 24 hours", instant messaging, instant coffee, instant breakfast, instant this and that, 1hour photo, same day delivery, same day cleaners, 20 minute Jiffy Lube, 56K modems, and so on and so on and so on, it really makes you demand instant gratification. You become conditioned to it. Not to mention the fact that we, as a society are tending to spread ourselves way too thin.

We got along just fine for generations without the aid of cell phones, palm pilots, pocket calendar organizers, and so on.

When you need to "plan" (by checking with said Palm Pilot) an oil change, or a dinner with the kids, or to breathe, there is something seriously wrong with your lifes priorities. Maybe you shouldn't have bitten off more than you can chew.

Anyway, when you run into an obstacle (such as lines, traffic, Server Overload, and so on), your patience is going to grow thin....

...which ties in with my second theory:

overpopulation, urban sprawl, and everyone working the same time, driving the same roads, driving their own vehicles, combine it with "instant gratification", it soon becomes plainly obvious to all but the most dimwitted what the problem is.

I think that just about any "rage" situation you can think of, if the series of events leading up to it are traced back far enough, would all boil down to this.

The problem is not "uncivilized" or "unruly" people. It is nothing more than normal human behavior responding to too many people making too many demands.

User currently offlineMls515 From United States of America, joined Jun 2000, 3081 posts, RR: 8
Reply 6, posted (14 years 1 month 3 weeks 1 day 10 hours ago) and read 1820 times:

I had some frosty haired prissy frat boy open the passenger door of the offending car and shout at me the other day.

I'm going down a two-lane one way street that goes down a hill and makes a sharp turn to the right and them comes to an intersection. I'm in the right lane because I need to make a right turn a little ways ahead. I'm going the speed limit since I was in no hurry. The offending car comes from behind, passes me on the outside and tries to shoot the gap between a car slightly ahead in the left lane and me in the right lane. All this to be a whopping one position in line ahead at the stoplight. So I put on the horn and speed up a bit to close the gap.

I personally hate people who speed through this area because a couple of my bus routes go through there (there's a screwed up access to the street right at the curve) and my life would be a lot easier if everyone took it slow and safe through that area instead of racing to be ahead of my bus. These are the same types of people who will subsequently fall asleep at the interesction when the light changes putting them no farther ahead time-wise had they just let me and my passengers gone ahead.....

The car tried to run me off the road a couple times but I held my ground and held the horn in for the duration. Since the prissy frat boys didn't get their way (and since they got schooled by my basic four-cylinder Honda Accord) the one in the passenger seat thought it would be prudent to open the door part ways and shout "F--k You! at me and look threatening. Whatever. Yep, two of you and one of me. Yea, you're a real tough guy. I just continued waiting at the intersection and staring at them because I knew they'd do nothing. I've got my Mag-Lite in the back seat if anyone decides they want to get violent.

God, I need to get a public address speaker for my car!

User currently offlineHartsfieldboy From United States of America, joined Sep 2001, 552 posts, RR: 1
Reply 7, posted (14 years 1 month 3 weeks 1 day 10 hours ago) and read 1814 times:

Nearly everytime I drive a car, I get road rage. For me, 99% of all drivers are complete dumbasses who deserve to die.  Pissed I'm getting mad just thinking about  Smile

Because of this, I only ride the bus and subway now. It's much more relaxing and comfortable, not to mention faster.

User currently offlineIlyushin96M From United States of America, joined Sep 1999, 2609 posts, RR: 11
Reply 8, posted (14 years 1 month 3 weeks 1 day 9 hours ago) and read 1802 times:

I wouldn't say I have road rage...I just get annoyed at stupid drivers. This means that I am annoyed about 98% of the time I'm driving here in Milwaukee.  Big grin I mean, c'mon...what else can be said of rubber-neckers who literally stop their cars in the middle of the freeway to look at an accident? That's just the tip of the iceberg.

I have never gotten into a shouting match with, nor threatened another driver. I have also never attempted to use my car as a battering ram (although I've felt like it at times), and when someone is being pig-headed, I usually give them the right of way without any hand signals on my part. However, I have had some pretty freaky things happen to me. Once, when I was in college, I was driving with a few guys on I-35 between Waco and Temple, TX, and a car passed us going rather fast. The guy in the back seat of my car decided to put down his window and flip off the guys in the car that passed us. Well, they SLAMMED on their brakes in the MIDDLE of the freeway, and came to a screeching halt. As I passed them, I could see the driver with is upper body virtually hanging out the side window, his face contorted with rage, screaming. They then proceeded to chase us down the freeway, cutting in front of me and hitting their brakes a couple of times. I'm glad they didn't have a gun, because they were out of their minds, and I am sure they probably would have taken a shot at me if they had one.

Another incident happened when I was in San Francisco. I was driving towards the area of the city I lived in, and there was an old woman driving a station wagon, honking, screaming and swearing at everyone around her. As luck would have it, she turned behind me and followed me down the road. When I stopped at a stop sign, she stopped behind me, and IMMEDIATELY honked at me and yelled at me to get moving. I heard her because I had the window down. I stuck my head out the window and said, "Lady, behave yourself!" She yelled back, "Fuck you, don't tell me to behave myself, you wanna get rammed?" I had two choices at that point - get out of the car and get into it with her, or continue on my way. I chose the latter, but called the police and reported her when I got home. They said they couldn't do anything unless she had actually caused some damage to the car I was driving, or caused me physical injury. I'm glad it didn't come to that.

Wouldn't it be nice if people could control themselves better?

User currently offlineAirworthy From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 9, posted (14 years 1 month 3 weeks 1 day 5 hours ago) and read 1781 times:

Driving is as much a hassle as a convenience in the bay area. Too bad it is a necessity. Parking is also a bitch, and I get Parking RAGE (grrrAAHHHH!) more often than road.

The best parking ticket I've seen was actually a fake one slapped on by a smart Bay Area person who must have gotten a pad of them from a house of humor...

"PARKING VIOLATION (it looks real)

Province or State: ________________
Automobile License Number: _______________
Time: __________________
Make of Automobile: ________________

This is not a ticket, but if it were within my power, you would receive two. Because of your Bull Headed, inconsiderate, feeble attempt at parking, you have taken enough room for a 20 mule team, 2 elephants, 1 goat and a safari of pygmies from the African interior. The reason for giving you this is so that in the future you may think of someone else, other than yourself. Besides I don't like domineering, egotistical or simple minded drivers and you probably fit into one of these categories.

I sign off wishing you an early transmission failure (on the expressway at about 4:30 p.m.). Also, may the Fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.


Fucken hilarious!

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