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Facebook's Airline Manager  
User currently offlineEI320 From Ireland, joined Dec 2007, 1665 posts, RR: 1
Posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 16 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Anyone here trying it? You can create and manage your own airline - buy aircraft, choose routes, make money and expand.



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User currently offlineKLM672 From United States of America, joined Oct 1999, 2639 posts, RR: 3
Reply 1, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 16 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Yes, I was playing it for a while non-stop but didnt realize that you had to buy fuel and got into the hole on both m fuel and on my account. Not sure how to keep going now..any ideas?

User currently offlinePJFlysFast From United States of America, joined May 2006, 463 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 13 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

I just started! If you have any suggestions for me please tell me!

User currently offlinePlymSpotter From Spain, joined Jun 2004, 12166 posts, RR: 56
Reply 3, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 12 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

They need a lot more destinations and a few more aircraft. But it's a good start.  yes 

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User currently offlineRedTailDTW From United States of America, joined Oct 2006, 769 posts, RR: 4
Reply 4, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 12 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Gosh, I am trying to think of a good airline name. I was gonna do "Trans Global" after the movie Airport but it was taken  Smile

Anyone got any clever suggestions?


Northwest Airlines. Now your flying smart!
User currently offlineUSPIT10L From United States of America, joined Mar 2006, 3306 posts, RR: 7
Reply 5, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 11 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Quoting PlymSpotter (Reply 3):
They need a lot more destinations and a few more aircraft. But it's a good start.

Tell me about it. No Pittsburgh!?!? WTF are they thinking?  Wink

I started with ATLCLT.

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User currently offlineMWHCVT From United Kingdom, joined Oct 2008, 899 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 11 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

I wish I had not seen this thread, I just started and already hooked.  banghead   coffee 

Must think up a new one soon, slow moving brain trying to get into gear ;)
User currently offlineAGC525 From United States of America, joined Sep 2004, 989 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 11 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Quoting USPIT10L (Reply 5):
Tell me about it. No Pittsburgh!?!? WTF are they thinking?

I know. I had to pick PHL. I just signed up...JollyRogers Airlines

I have a PHL-LAS route, I'm trying to figure this out....!

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User currently offlineAirPacific747 From Denmark, joined May 2008, 3129 posts, RR: 25
Reply 8, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

I have 69 A380s and currently expanding with 2 almost every day :P

My airline name is World Dominance Airlines.. buy some shares if you like  Wink

[Edited 2009-11-03 12:51:09]

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User currently offlineTexan From New Zealand, joined Dec 2003, 4324 posts, RR: 51
Reply 9, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Guess my problem is that I like small airlines using cheap but solid airplanes. So don't expect to see my airline on the big board anytime soon  Wink


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User currently offlineForce13 From United States of America, joined Jun 2005, 229 posts, RR: 0
Reply 10, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Great...more computer crack LOL. Started with JFK-MIA and JFK-BOS.

Quoting AirPacific747 (Reply 8):
My airline name is World Dominance Airlines

Subtle aren't we? Big grin

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User currently offlineAirPacific747 From Denmark, joined May 2008, 3129 posts, RR: 25
Reply 11, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Quoting Force13 (Reply 10):
Subtle aren't we? Big grin

Indeed Big grin I like provoking.. more than O'leary  Wink

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User currently offlinePlymSpotter From Spain, joined Jun 2004, 12166 posts, RR: 56
Reply 12, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Quoting AirPacific747 (Reply 11):
Indeed Big grin I like provoking.. more than O'leary Wink

You don't by any chance have a side-kick called Mini-AirPacific747?  Wink

Quoting USPIT10L (Reply 5):
Tell me about it. No Pittsburgh!?!? WTF are they thinking? Wink

The one which got me was no BHX. I thought it was odd that BHX-GLA could take 6 or 7 hours!

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User currently offlinePJFlysFast From United States of America, joined May 2006, 463 posts, RR: 0
Reply 13, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

So I decided to sell the 737 they start you with and I bought two Q-400's and a Bae146 and the routes I chose are from Orlando to the Bahamas and Miami to St. Martin

User currently offlineKLM685 From Mexico, joined May 2005, 1577 posts, RR: 17
Reply 14, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

It's my facebook app latest addiction! I go into facebook like 10 times a day just to see how my airline is going. I got a fleet consisting on 737-800, ATR42, ATR72 and a CRJ. Hub in Mexico City, everyone is invited to invest Big grin. My airline is Ground Speed Airlines hehe.

Got routes from Philly - Boston, MEX - MIA, MEX - CUN, CUN - HAV, CUN - MCO, CUN-Nassau. It's a very interesting game, love how the market changes. Although i don't seem to finsh understanding how stock works. I've been climbing since 3 days in the graphic but it stil shows as if they were going down. Any ideas?!

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User currently offlineMWHCVT From United Kingdom, joined Oct 2008, 899 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Well I've sold the 738

Introducing "Hancox Airlines" egotistical duck   

Home base is LPL since there is no BHX

Current Fleet

5 x ATR42


1 x ERJ190


Current destinations LHR, DUB, AMS, TXL, BRU and BCN

Frustration is that I have a fleet of 6 aircraft but utilization is an issue as you cannot more aircraft to different routes


Just had a moment of madness and added a VIP service onto the Airline

2 x EMB 600

LHR to JFK and DXB, just a hint, don't do it you will loose lots of money  Wink

[Edited 2009-11-03 15:49:40]

Must think up a new one soon, slow moving brain trying to get into gear ;)
User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8744 posts, RR: 12
Reply 16, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Hornet International Airlines:

1st route:
2nd route: w/ B1900D


[Edited 2009-11-03 16:03:41]

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User currently offlineTransIsland From Bahamas, joined Mar 2004, 2049 posts, RR: 8
Reply 17, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 7 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

You had to tell us, right?  Wink

So, I started Trans Island Airlines (of course), kept the 738 and let it do NAS - LAS and purchased 3 J41 doing NAS to PAP, MIA, HAV.

Funny thing is, PAP is empty... rofl.

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User currently offlinePlymSpotter From Spain, joined Jun 2004, 12166 posts, RR: 56
Reply 18, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 7 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

I called mine Annthiea Airways.

Currently based in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, serving the following:

Beijing with B738
Vladivostock with An-24
Magadan with An-26
Andyr with An-26
Khabarovsk with Il-114-100

Think I'll sell the B738 and get a Tu154 Big grin

...love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again...
User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8744 posts, RR: 12
Reply 19, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 7 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Quoting TransIsland (Reply 17):
So, I started Trans Island Airlines (of course), kept the 738 and let it do NAS - LAS and purchased 3 J41 doing NAS to PAP, MIA, HAV.

Bought stock in your airline my friend.

I may move my airline to the states or sell the 738. We shall see tomorrow.

Never be afraid to stand up for who you are.
User currently offlineRedTailDTW From United States of America, joined Oct 2006, 769 posts, RR: 4
Reply 20, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 7 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Well in remembrance of American Trans Air (ATA) I chose to name my airline "AmTran Airlines." Kinda cheesy I know...

I have two routes:


(Im making Northwest Version 2.0  Smile )

I have two aircraft and hope to get another 737 soon...


Northwest Airlines. Now your flying smart!
User currently offlineSan747 From United States of America, joined Dec 2004, 5012 posts, RR: 12
Reply 21, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 6 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

For some reason, the musician Jack Johnson came to mind as I was thinking of a name (which is weird because I don't even listen to his music)...

Jack Johnson Airlines
Based at SFO
1x 738
1x ATR-42


Like the rest of you, I wish there were some more airports to choose from, and I wish the game didn't run in real time... I'm kind of an impatient person, I'd like to buy another 738!  Wink

Scotty doesn't know...
User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8744 posts, RR: 12
Reply 22, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 6 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

I changed my airline. I am Orlando International Airlines. My fleet is Two ATR42, one ATR 72 and a Boeing 735. My routes are:


New Routes coming soon:



[Edited 2009-11-03 17:37:21]

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User currently offlineDesertJets From United States of America, joined Feb 2000, 7906 posts, RR: 14
Reply 23, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Something to do when I should be doing something else.

My airline is AirNewMex Airlines.... based out of ABQ.

Currently I have a fleet of 3.

My 737-800 flying ABQ-LAX.
An ATR-72 running ABQ-PHX.
An ATR-72 runing ABQ-DFW.

Kind of an interesting app but it requires too much micromanagement. Why can't the flights just operate w/o my intervention?

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User currently offlineMarSciGuy From United States of America, joined Jun 2007, 551 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (6 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Shannock Airlines here...

738 - JFK - CLT
AT72 - BOS - CLT

If BGR or PVD were avail I'd be all over those two...

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25 TransIsland : Then now may be a good time to sell this stock. It's up $0.01 from last night, and I don't see it rising much higher. Exactly. I also find it annoyin
26 Post contains images Captaink : I am a bit addicted myself, I have a hub in NY with 12 757-300 doing flights to some interesting destinations. I recently bought a 787, hope to get an
27 KiwiRob : I haven't tried this one yet, I'm still hooked on Mafia Wars.
28 D L X : No Pittsburgh? That's nothing. There's no WASHINGTON!! How do you not have the capital city of the US on there?
29 MCOflyer : Well, I started another airline due to my two recent failures. I am TransCanadian Airlines with 4 a/c. I have 2 Q400's, one J41 which is about to be s
30 PlymSpotter : How come you managed to bankrupt yourself twice? I'm managing to make a hub work in the most remote habituated corner of the globe, bit of a challeng
31 MCOflyer : I bought some of your stock under Hornet International. I went bankrupt three times using wrong equipment etc.... Now I restarted up Hornet Internati
32 Sabena332 : I just signed up for Facebook and the Airline Manager. My airline is Sabena World Airlines and I am flying tourists from FRA to PMI and back with a 73
33 AviationMaster : My airline is Swiss European Airlines. I started out with a couple of ATR72s and 42s and am now in the process of replacing these with BAe146. Current
34 Texan : Feel free to invest money in my wonderful airline: Aspen Mountain Air. Rockin'. Texan
35 Shamrock604 : One gets bored of this game quite quickly. Once you've bought 20 A380's, and opened routes to very obscure places, it loses it's challenge. They need
36 AirPacific747 : Huh? :P
37 RGElectra80 : I'm out of DFW and flying DFW-MSP on the 738, DFW-DEN on ATR72 and DFW-YVR on a CRJ 200 (yikes! I'd hate to be a pax on that flight!)
38 AirPacific747 : The challenge is to open a route to each airport in the game served by A380 only..
39 Sabena332 : I just discontinued my FRA-PMI touri flights and switched to a high-yield route (FRA-ACC), it seems to be a money maker. Patrick
40 MCOflyer : I just ditched my CRJ and added a new route to HSV from MCI on the ATR72 I just bought. I am running passengers on the LAX-MCI run. I want a 735 or 73
41 TransIsland : Right, so I just tried switching equipment on the NAS-MIA route to something smaller (30 -> 19). You can't. Had to close the route, and re-open. Probl
42 DesertJets : The use of smaller planes seems to be a problem. While the fixed cost of buying a larger aircraft is a major barrier, the marginal costs are pretty ne
43 MCOflyer : I am running into the same problem with the smaller planes too. It is why I sold the CRJ and bought the ATR72. I may sell the ATR72 or switch the rou
44 Virgin747lgw : Had a go based on recommendations here, but can anyone tell me how they sold the 737 you get? i click on action button on the fleet page and nothing h
45 Post contains images Nkops : This is addictive... I just started and hubbed in PHL.. doing PHL-LAX in 737-800, and PHL-YYZ and PHL-YUL in ATR42... so far so good... the nice thing
46 AirPacific747 : You really have to suck a lot then because it's very easy to make some money...
47 PlymSpotter : Ditto - that problem is very frustrating. Downgrading to a smaller aircraft should increase the loadfactor not keep it constant.
48 MWHCVT : I'm going to go down the single fleet option for a while see what that will do for profits. Fleet LPL Base G-HANA - AMS G-HANB - BCN G-HANC - TXL G-HA
49 MCOflyer : Well, I reset the page. KH
50 BNE : This could be addictive; I got an invite so I thought I should give it a go. Compass Mk3 Airlines; Compass and Compass Mk2 both went broke. I just pic
51 NZ107 : I got bored of this game.. All you do is send planes to other cities and it doesn't really mean for much strategy etc. And the things like incidents a
52 MCOflyer : Same here. I am sold my 1900D. Was a mistake in buying that pos in the first place. My new fleet is 2 ATR 72's and 1 Boeing 738. I am buying a ATR42.
53 Post contains images FlyDeltaJets87 : Just created my airline: Trans-America (The person who gets this one wins a prize). I have one route running so far - ATL-JFK. Now the question become
54 NZ107 : Haha. Too bad the app's so simplistic..
55 EMBQA : How do you sell a plane...?? I have to say the routes are pretty lame and you can't build a realistic hub and serve real markets.
56 RedTailDTW : The airline from the movie "Airplane!" and also the name of the airline in the novel that the movie "Airport" was based upon. Wonder why they chose T
57 Captaink : Hate when that happens. Dunno if it just the games programming but I had a fleet of Airbus before and spent a lot on maintenance. Sold them and repla
58 San747 : Have some of you been playing this game for a long time? I've been playing since Tuesday morning, and have a decent fleet- 1x 738 1x ATR72 3x ATR42 Wi
59 MCOflyer : I am wondering that myself. According to the prices they set, the ATR's hold their value pretty well. KH
60 EA CO AS : The airline from the movie "Airplane!" was actually Trans-American.
61 MCOflyer : Good news from Hornet International Airlines. We have just started ORD-DFW service with ATR 42 equipment. Aircraft in Service ATR 42/72 N120HA ORD-DFW
62 Nkops : I have 6 ATR-42's going PHL- YQB/YUL/YYZ/CLT/BNA/DAY and 1 737-800 going PHL-LAX.. Who knew ATR's were so cheap!!
63 TransIsland : Trans Island Airlines announces that it has ceased operations, because its CEO got bored by the crudeness of the game and the slow page loading times,
64 Captaink : I I have some cash I will open a hub of ATRs in NAS to cover its loss. HAHA
66 MCOflyer : Well what do you think of me selling the 738 and getting a pair of MD80's or three 735's? KH
67 MWHCVT : I'd sell it, 3 x 735 will make more for you IMO
68 Nkops : If this app is true to real life.. your passengers won't know you ceased ops, and show up at the ticket counter anyway!!
69 Post contains images Bohica : The first thing I did was sell the 737 and buy 2 Q300's. I'm starting off small, basically a mom-and-pop operation. My airline is named SEVA Airlines
70 RedTailDTW : Thanks for the correction I knew there was something missing...
71 Nascarone : Just found this last week I like it has a great selection of aircraft and lots of airports. I like these types of games.
72 RussianJet : I have a hub in Yakutsk. I currently operate flights to: Tiksi (AN-24) Khabarovsk (AN-24) Irkutsk (AN-24) Blagoveshchensk (AN-26) Beijing (Sukhoi Supe
73 NZ107 : I guess you'll enjoy something like Airline Mogul then.. I used to like them but they were all overly simplistic compared with Airline 6 (which was e
74 PlymSpotter : Brilliant! Glad I'm not the only one playing with Russian airliners I've switched things around a little as the An-26s were making hard work of the l
75 DesertJets : I am getting impatient.... I could buy a Fokker F100, but I also need to buy gas but the price is insanely high at the moment. But my logical side say
76 D L X : Yeah, seriously. THis game sucks.
77 N1120A : This game really seems to like the ATR. Did Aerospatiale develop it as advertising or something?
78 Foppishbum : Daiwan Airlines! B737-800 for TPE-PVG and ATR-72 for TPE-KHH! Any investors? Add me! Link on my a.net profile.
79 Nkops : I know.. I have 17 of them...basically running a commuter airline out of PHL
80 MCOflyer : I have two 42's, one 733, and one fokker 100 after 75% of my investors backed out. New planes have become available such as the dash 8 series. Anyone
81 AznMadSci : I am now addicted to this game, but nowhere near getting even another 738 for my airline! Thanks!
82 MCOflyer : Moved some freight from Oslo to Hamburg via 733F. Dang I wish I could add some to the fleet. I signed a lease and expect to receive offers very soon t
83 PlymSpotter : I had that offer too, but you can't negotiate until you have leased the aircraft, so I didn't bite.
84 Californiamate : this game is more addictive than crack. San Bruno Airlines
85 JFKMan : Sounds cool. Thanks for the heads up, im gonna try it
86 Post contains images MWHCVT : I got that offer, and went for it, was not sure what to ask for so they offered 15K I offered to do it for 17.5K offer accepted that was 24hrs ago an
87 PlymSpotter : Ditto! There were only 5 of my 12 flights making a profit at $2000 per 1000lbs, so I stocked up. Of course this means fuel will probably go down to $
88 EMBQA : ..and guess what it just did.. and I just bought a s#it load...!!!
89 Vhqpa : Just started my airline is Brolga Express Air. The lack of smaller airports is a bit annoying I just brought a AT7 and found out there isn't any suita
90 PlymSpotter : Really? Oh well, I was in the shower then, and by the time I was out it had gone back to $1600 - so I'm happy enough!
91 MCOflyer : I did too. I may donate via paypal and get the 5 million they list. That would be nice. Anyone know what a c-check cost? KH
92 MCOflyer : Good news from Hornet International Airlines. I am replacing my ATR's with Dash 8 Q300's. They burn 3lbs less per km than the ATR's. So I will replace
93 Post contains images Bohica : Fuel went down to $400/1000 pounds a little while ago. (The lowest fuel price in the game) I just stockpiled 2,000,000 gallons. Too bad the advertisin
94 NZ107 : Good to know you guys have a hedging strategy going! When the app was in its infancy, it had the opposite of hedging too.. I went into the negatives
95 FRACO7X : No. Fuel is from time to time $200/1000 lbs
96 Leezyjet : Does the game even take that into consideration ?. I thought each flight was a separate entity. You can't even have 1 a/c flying more than one route
97 MCOflyer : I added two Dash 8 Q300's and I happy with them though the ATR's have more range. I may get rid of the ATR's for Dash 8 Q's though every single flight
98 Nkops : Ahh.. so you are my competition on these flights... I was actually running an ATR on ATL-PHL and upped it to a 735..
99 MCOflyer : I am going to buy another 733 or a 800 as they burn less than the 735. I may replace my F100 with a 733. Try the Q300. You will not regret the purcha
100 Codeshare : It's definately a time stealer I got 3 Dash-8-300s and two E190s so far. I dropped the Boeing Hub is at WAW. KS/codeshare
101 AirPacific747 : So who has the biggest...... airline? :P Current company value is at: $ 2,496,387,968
103 Post contains links Bohica : I was using the following as a reference: http://www.greatsalestoday.com/2009/...ine-manager-calculation-table.html It's taking my time away from a.n
104 D L X : Is there still no Washington, DC? If so, I'll continue to ignore this game.
105 San747 : This sounds stupid, but I can't seem to find how to sell aircraft... I want to follow MCOflyer's example and replace my ATR42s with DH8Cs, and maybe a
106 RussianJet : 'fraid so chief. Ah well, at least we can 'fly' to Fort Smith.
107 MCOflyer : Do not get a 735. Go for a 733. More range plus more passengers. KH
108 Nkops : No, but you can go to Sault St. Marie or Highfill.. (wherever that is).. I noticed the names they use are kind of weird... took me a while to find Ha
109 JFKMan : There must be a faster way of getting money than this... just doing flights. I can only afford ATRs....
110 PlymSpotter : I thought having a hub did something, but I'm not sure tbh. I just like to see it that way and I don't care what the figures say, I'm not going to ma
111 San747 : OK will do, but I still don't know how to sell my a/c yet. Good to see they added SAN/ONT/PSP and SMF... new routes for my ATRs!
112 JFKMan : AHH!!! You actually need money to buy fuel? Im in so much debt I don't know if I'll make it! lol
113 Vhqpa : Ok after the first 24 hours I have sold the ATR 72 which had no purpose in my fleet at the time my fleet is now Brolga Expess Airbus A340-200 VH-BEH A
114 Nkops : Go under fleet and click on the aircraft... when it expands, it will say sell aircraft... BTW, you can't do it while the plane is in flight
115 San747 : Ahhhhh. Ok thank you.
116 MCOflyer : ATR 42 N122HA ORD-DFW N127HA ATL-PHL Dash 8 300 N4HA ORD-DFW N45HA Dallas - Ciudad Juarez N47HA ATL-NAS Fokker 100 N121HA Philadelphia - Stephenville
117 D L X : WTF is wrong with these people? FRESNO?!
118 USPIT10L : I think it was designed with Europeans in mind. Why else would it list items in pounds AND dollars? I'm not wasting my time on it without a lot of US
119 Extspotter : I've been playing for a few days now, I wish there were more european airports, the US people complain there arent that many airports in the US, there
120 PlymSpotter : Just launched ANC as hoped with a brand new An-148-100B, returned $67,000 profit on the first flight, which I'm happy with. As may have been mentioned
121 MCOflyer : Whats your opinion about the F100? I may start a new European base with a fleet of 3 Q300's to follow EXT spotter. Just did that and am happy with my
122 PlymSpotter : Great aircraft, but loves to go tech at the last minute! Whether airline manager replicates that in the game though, I'm not sure. If it's a secondar
123 MCOflyer : My fokker is burning up too much fuel at 9lbs per km. KH
124 PlymSpotter : You'll need to work out what's more economical overall - it's only a saving of 1/2 lbs over similar capacity aircraft. Does the cost of the additiona
125 MCOflyer : Dan, I bought the 650 version for its long legs. I do plan on selling my two ATR 42 500's for Q300's. KH
126 PlymSpotter : That just means you lose a bit more money with the F100 then if you sell. Dan
127 MCOflyer : Trur. I'll just keep her. Shes on PHL-Stephenville. May switch her to euro route and assign her a euro registration. I am thinking G-SEZ. Edit: Sold
128 MCOflyer : Just sold the F100 and bought Airbus Corporate Jet. New route NYC-London. KH
129 PlymSpotter : Do they account for premium pax/fares on those aircraft, or not? I have thought about getting that type in the future to test routes out, as there are
130 Extspotter : Plymspotter; you can almost go around the world on our airlines together, maybe if you include MCOflyer. I now have started to expand my Omsk base, wi
131 Extspotter : I also just bought 207000 stocks in your airline, Dan. I hope you like
132 PlymSpotter : Ahh cheers! Stock is going up slowly, once I've reached a subfleet of more than 5 An-148s it should go up much more rapidly. As the An-26s reach C ch
133 Extspotter : How do you know when they are approaching C-check?
134 RussianJet : That is annoying, but I also wish the TU-104 was available! That would be sweet.
135 PlymSpotter : You should get a message in maintenance. Apparently you're fined a large amount if you continue to fly without the check on an overdue aircraft. Need
136 MCOflyer : I sold my 733 and do not regret it. As noted earlier I sold the F100 tay 650 and closed PHL-Stephenville. I closed DFW-PHL. Intead I bought two A319CJ
137 JFKMan : My airline is called Thomish Airlines. I fly: DUB - FRA DUB - CDG DUB - LHR DUB - MAN DUB - CWL (ending soon) DUB - MAD DUB - AMS DUB - JFK DUB - FCO
138 Nkops : I bought 3 Beech 1900D's to run the short routes (PHL- HVN/JFK/BDL)... the planes broke at least once a day (apparently I bought old Mesa Beeches....
139 Ihadapheo : Well I resurrected an old facebook account and launched WhineAir. Sadly I could not purchase any Trislanders so I am just having a bit of fun by runni
140 MCOflyer : Hornet International Airlines. I need help with this game. It seems the regional operation may not be for me as my stock goes down. Now maybe expande
141 PlymSpotter : I did try and offer some advice, but this is without doubt your problem: Selling aircraft and then buying new wastes huge amounts of money. As a smal
142 MCOflyer : Dan, My EZE-LHR route makes 134K and thats with the ACJ. All my Q300 routes are making 15-25K depending on traffic. I will keep following your advice
143 TransIsland : So, as a Facebook friend of mine is playing, too, I restarted and rebranded... Nassau Airlines is currently serving EZE, ACC and BEG from its NAS hub
144 PlymSpotter : That looks good to go Hunter, I don't see why you should be having any problems there to be honest? :-? I take it you have a dark red stock symbol wit
145 MCOflyer : Thanks Dan. I choose to get rid of all my ATR's to maximize my earnings versus range. I found all of my routes either too short or had a higher cost
146 EMBQA : I got to say right now it is not at all very realistic. I have one plane down right now with an autopilot issue. It was reported that it 'tripped once
147 Leezyjet : The stuff people bitch and moan about, for a FREE game !!. If you can do any better, then make your own game up or don't play if it bothers you that
148 EMBQA : Here is a thought... design in some failures that must be fixed, some failures that can be flown for a few days ( like in the real world MEL's) and s
149 Post contains links Caliatenza : Just started AeroPacific Airlines.. . Check out the #1 airline: http://apps.facebook.com/airline_manager/users.php?uID=632069610
150 Caliatenza : how do u close a route??
151 PlymSpotter : In the 'Flight' section, click on the route you wish to close, then you will see a blue box beneath the green passenger graph which allows you to do
152 PlymSpotter : Well I just checked back and we have all the Tu-204 models available, plus the Tu-214 and Tu-134 and Tu-334. I am happy... just need the Il-96 and I'
153 DesertJets : Patience really is the key to this game. That and buying fuel cheap. Just added my 8th plane. My fleet is now up to 5 Fokker F100s (Tay 620), 2 ATR 72
154 Extspotter : Because I am expanding so fast, my last fuel at $400 ran out (I bought 500,000 lbs when I had 3 planes). And I had to buy 800,000 for my fleet of 10 a
155 PlymSpotter : I'm starting to get worried if my fuel drops below 1,000,000 - especially if I'm looking at the prices and seeing $1600+! Just purchased a Tu-134A an
156 Extspotter : Launch Omsk or Igarka and New York so we can go around the world! I have swapped my 738 from Amsterdam - Ulan Ude to Amsterdam - New York, transferred
157 PlymSpotter : As far as the US goes I'm only planning on serving SEA, LAX and possibly SFO in the future, basically long haul is waiting on the game to provides ei
158 MCOflyer : I am doing long haul business from MYC-LHR and EZE-LHR. Very profitable. If timed right I make approx 135K per EZE-LHR flight and 70K per NYC-LHR flig
159 Acho : I just got started. I named mine Monterrey Airlines. I currently have 3 routes: Monterrey-Cancun with the default 737-800 Monterrey-Mexico City with a
160 MCOflyer : Add me on Facebook and I'll invest in it. Edit: Just bought 5K worth of stocks. KH[Edited 2009-11-09 16:38:34]
161 MCOflyer : Dang fuel is $2100 per 1K. Glad I bought it at 600 per 1K. I just bought a CRJ200LR for long and thin routes. I am thinking of switching MCI-BNA to ML
162 Mirrodie : I'm sorry, but did you JUST start and compile all that in a matter of days? Its just a game. A free one at that. Its deplorable. All the complaining.
163 Ihadapheo : My favorite bit is their tossing in $800K+ fines for illegal cargo/custom fines. I am quite happy that I passed on the some of the more suspicious car
164 Mirrodie : Or how about repairs that are upwards of 20% of the total aircraft's cost? At first, I just did all repairs but now look at the cost of the a/c repai
165 RGElectra80 : I completely re-tooled Nenem Airlines. I now have a MUC hub, a somewhat centralized European hub, and serve the following routes: Q400 MUC - PMI MUC -
166 MCOflyer : My A319CJ seats 39 pax versus a normal 319 that sits 100 something. The tickets are sky high too with my LHR-EZE price being 5K+ per ticket. KH
167 Captaink : I now have 34 routes with two hubs one in NY and one in MIA. I have 16 753s 2 783s in NY, a few 734s and ERJs in MIA, and some ATRs in SJU. Hope to cr
168 YooYoo : Try investing in Leaf Nation Airline !!
169 Matt727 : Ekva Airlines 2 routes ARN - JKF B737-800 ARN - CPH BAE146
170 DesertJets : I hope you included a few empty 2-liter bottles, unless you were kind enough to install a lav on that over grown King Air of yours. Well I just went
171 Codeshare : So far 7 Dash-4-300 and 2 ERJ-190-200. Saving up for another ERJ-190-200. I'm going for an organic growth. Although my card is screaming to pay for th
172 EZEIZA : I discovered this app a few days ago and I can say I am hooked big time! It's been around two weeks more or les, but I'va managed to grow a bit. My cu
173 EIJFK : I just started, named mine "An Iarmhi Airlines", which only the Irish folks here will get. Just like my fantasy football teams [that always fail] I ha
174 DesertJets : Just bought 1000 shares. Best of luck..... oh and feel free to invest in AirNewMex before my stock price goes through the roof.
175 JFKMan : It's always having maintenance....
176 IHadAPheo : WhineAir aims to please and as a result we have withdrawn the 1900C from the 2000Km flight. though we did provide used 1.75 litre empty Putinka bottl
177 RedTailDTW : As an Update, here are my stats (I seem to have a small regional airline going on): AmTran AIrlines 1 Embraer 190 3 Dash-8 Q200 6 Dash-8 Q300 Routes:
178 Foppishbum : Fuel currently at $400/1000 lbs. Stock up, folks!!
179 MCOflyer : Just bought $420K worth of fuel. Now my stock is going down. However I think I made the right move with fuel going up all the time. KH
180 DesertJets : Maybe if you had a time machine you can go back and remember why...... Oh and I will invest in your fine airline.
181 RGElectra80 : Fuel is $400/1,000 lbs right now, guys! Stock up!!!
182 EZEIZA : bought 15 million lbs
183 Extspotter : I bought $1ms of fuel. Should be enough for a few days...
184 PlymSpotter : Stocked up on the fuel too, almost enough for a week now. Right now I'm looking at withdrawing the An-26s from a few routes by buying some Tu-154Ms wh
185 RW170 : I just discovered this a couple days ago, and I'm pretty addicted, too. It's somewhat limited, but still fun. ValuJet Airlines Hub: ATL Fleet/Routes:
186 Captaink : Still loving this game: Caeruleus Airlines is doing well with its 2 hubs, simplified the fleet somewhat... Company Value: $ 35,274,264, Fleet: 33. 100
187 Captaink : Best decision you can make. Lot of capacity and great for all routes under 6000km. I have 17 in my fleet and it is because of them my airline has gro
188 Extspotter : With some of my saved money, I had a go at experimenting with new aircraft types to see whats what. 1 x 738 3 x CRJ100ER 6 x Q300 1 x An26 1 x Legacy
189 A333TS : Investors Welcome to a new airline "rusty Airline " It is a seriously run airline (unless you look at the name) A333TS
190 DesertJets : I've been having very good luck w/ my Fokkers.... depending on the route and how patient I was waiting for cash, I have a mix of F70As, F100-Tay620,
191 EZEIZA : excellent! I bought it and it's working fine. I almost doubled the income on that flight! If anyone's interested in buying some stocks, the airline i
192 PlymSpotter : I'm loving my next An-26 route is though: Vladivostok-Kyoto. Environmental protocol, huh? What environmental protocol? Sure they burn a good bit of f
193 MWHCVT : Just invested in 7500 share, do me well
194 A333TS : Invested in 20000 shares A333TS
195 MCOflyer : I have them on NYC-LON and EZE-LON and they are my money makers. I added a CRJ200LR and put it on service from MLB-NYC just for kicks for it has a 5l
196 Nkops : I now operate 38 routes out of PHL and 15 out of LAX... (Upwards Airlines).. have a mix of E135/145 , 737-600/700, and 757-300... phased out the ATR's
197 MCOflyer : I am going to put CR7' on my US routes. I am debating between Airbus or Boeing for my narrowbody fleet that seats 100+. I added a new route with a new
198 Nkops : Just bought 30,000 shares of your stock
199 MCOflyer : Thanks, as I get richer I will invest more into your company. KH[Edited 2009-11-11 16:44:30]
200 Ihadapheo : The infamous a.net time machine!!... back to the YYZ meets of yore.. Oh yes, I am now the proud owner off 110,000 shares of your way cool AirNewMex A
201 MCOflyer : We should form the Airliners.net alliance to consolidate our airlines. If it did happen it would be an interesting fleet combination. KH
202 EZEIZA : you won't be dissapointed
203 MWHCVT : Brought 50,000 Shares Brought 100,000 Shares Brought 100,000 Shares Buy advertising now!!! $1000-$5000, I have just advertised my entire network (26
204 ABQ747 : My airline is called Albuquerque Airlines. My hub is at ABQ, and I have 4 aircraft. 737-800 (ABQ-JFK) ATR-72-210 (ABQ-DFW) ATR-42-300 (ABQ-PHX) ATR-42
205 AznMadSci : My dinky airline is called TxStar based out of IAH. I've got 12 routes Domestic: DFW, JFK, SFO, TUS, ATL, KCI, MSP, PHL International: MEX, CJS, CUN,
206 AirPacific747 : Currently 81 A380s and expanding with two extra every day...
207 ABQ747 : The ATR42s have been switched to ABQ-MZT, and ABQ-MEX. I also purchased an Embraer Legacy 500. That was a huge mistake. It is currently flying PHX-HN
208 EZEIZA : I told you I would not dissapoint you .. stocks up from 0.89 to 0.94 in a few hours
209 Post contains links Vhqpa : Just Brought my 20th Aircraft Brolga Airlines Headquaters and Main Hub - Brisbane Other Bases - Melbourne, Auckland and Denpaser ATR 72-500 **PK-TAA D
210 Lewis : Just started Hellenic Sky Airlines, sold the 738 with 11 ATR-72s flying: Athens-Thessaloniki Athens-Nicosia Athens-Tirana Athens-Sofia Athens-Belgrade
211 MCOflyer : In order to maximize my profits I am adding a 735. New route: NYC-MLB. If I can turn a 50K+ profit on this a/c per two hour run, I can make 300K alone
212 EZEIZA : Just bought the 762/ER FCO-SCL and it gave me a net profit of over $ 1 million!
213 PlymSpotter : Thanks - all going up for now, the next slow will be when I restock on fuel. My next big decision is which medium size jet to go with. I basically ha
214 MCOflyer : I ended MLB-NYC and started MLB-Stephenville. On a CRJ it gave me a profit of 60K plus. My next move is ATL-MLB with a Q300 I am pulling off MCI-BNA.
215 AirPacific747 : Can't really decide... max profit or a realistic airline....??
216 Codeshare : And I put some money in the airline, you better not make a loss KS/codeshare
217 RW170 : I've expanded some more in the last couple of days. Loving this game in spite of its limitations! New Aircraft/Routes: ATR-72-600 / ATL-PWM ATR-72-60
218 EZEIZA : thanks and don't worry, since yesterday stocks have gone up from 0.84 to 1.05
219 Codeshare : OK, so I have the max allowed number of shares, and I'm going away for a few days. And when I comeback I want to see high value KS/codeshare
220 EZEIZA : same hgere, I just got a few thousand of your shares ... make me rich! lol!
221 YooYoo : LEAF NATION AIRLINE my routes TorontoMontreal TorontoChicago TorontoNew York CharlotteToronto OrlandoToronto PhiladelphiaToronto CalgaryVancouver Edmo
222 A333TS : I couldn't make Toronto Philadelphia route work that well with Q400. Profits were averaging at $5000 to $7000. I found Toronto to Montreal and Ottawa
223 YooYoo : So, you're not investing in my airline? I know making a profit is key, but i have no idea what i should be expecting to make per flight.
224 Mainland : Announcing Spruce Moose Airlines! Potential slogan: "To (destination here)! We'll take Spruce Moose, hop in!" [Bonus points if anyone can complete the
225 A333TS : For some reason i can't find your airline. I would like to invest in to your airline. I like to support A.net team. A333TS
226 Hjulicher : I started playing just 5 days ago. I 'increased' 5 dollars to buy actually fuel when it was too expensive using the PAX bonus? (WTF is wrong with me.
227 Nkops : Now have 62 a/c... just started PHL-AMS in a 757-300.... nice money-maker..
228 Extspotter : Still expanding sporadically around the world, from Santo Domingo to Phnom Penh! Sold the An26, saving up for something shiny. I wish there was someth
230 PlymSpotter : Have you thought about the An-148VIP? It's around $500,000 and Hunter has been having success with the A319CJ which is over $1,500,000. It burns 1lb
231 MCOflyer : Question on profits: Is the route analyst always correct on routes that are profitable or is it your own opinion. KH
232 PlymSpotter : I find it inaccurate purely because it assumes fuel has been bought at $500 per 1000lbs. Most of the time I'm buying my fuel at well under that, but
233 MCOflyer : Thats what I have been thinking too. KH
234 AirPacific747 : Sounds like an interesting approach though! Maybe I should stop going only after profits after I reach 100 A380s
235 Radarbeam : Is it too late to join this thread? Hope not... Well Pan West Airlines currently has the following 1 753 flying YYZ-FRA 1 738 flying YEG-AMS (Ohhh tho
236 AznMadSci : Hey! Just saw IAD posted as Dulles and not Washington Dulles. So for those that want to start service to DC, IAD is ready and waiting.
237 MWHCVT : It's never to late to join, thought I suspect we are about 70 posts from a Part Deux I like the look of your routes and the prudent spend on advertis
238 YooYoo : Well, i should be there somewhere. What's the name of your airline.?
239 CXB77L : Alert Airlines currently have 5 aircraft: 1 737-800 PER-SIN 1 CRJ200LR SYD-BNE 1 ERJ190-200 SYD-MEL 1 ERJ190-200LR SYD-PER 1 ERJ145ER SYD-ADL Expansio
240 EZEIZA : I have my pax cramped in a 737 ER onthe ruotue FCO-UIO they must hate me!
241 DesertJets : Investments are always welcome... AirNewMex.... I'll usually remember to invest back. Stock is already up to $.25 today so get in while its still chea
242 YooYoo : i just tried looking for my airline (Stocks) and i'm not listed. Do i have to do something or be at a certain level (?) to be listed?
243 DYflyer : Time to present my airline too...... Name: PrivJet HUB: OSL Fleet/route: 2 Q300 flying to: CPH, AAR 1 ATR42-500 flying to FAE 3 ATR72-500 flying to RI
244 RW170 : More changes! Discontinued Routes: ATR-72-600 / ATL-SAV / Redeployed to ATL-MIA New Routes: Boeing 737-800 / ATL-LHR / Redeployed from ATL-MIA New Ai
245 Gkirk : Well, Fly Scotland Airlines have started operations using 1 x 737-800 and 2 x ATR42-300s Startup routes are; Glasgow-Barcelona 738 Glasgow-Manchester
246 Ihadapheo : Woo hoo!!, your stock just hit $.30!!, since I am the proud owner of 140,000 shares of your fine firm I am quite happy. I am starting to invest in ot
247 MCOflyer : My stock went to .16 today and continues to climb. I am happy. My value of my company went up to as well. KH
248 A333TS : I think that you have to become AM Trusted status. My airline is "rusty" and don't let the name full you. I run a trusty airline A333TS
249 DesertJets : Sounds more like a hostile take over to me.... Of course that significant jump in stock price was almost completely due to the purchase of my 737-900
250 Ihadapheo : A challenge!!! ... Ok I just went up another 10,000 shares to a total 150,000 shares of your firm... only 50,000 shares to go before I reach the max
251 ABQ747 : Fuel just went down to $400/1000lb. Stock up!!!!
252 EZEIZA : My stockholders will be pleased: I replaced 2 Fokker 100, 1 Superjet and 1 MD 80 for 3 B739 and 1 B753. In addition, when the fuel went to $400, I sto
253 Post contains links Vhqpa : I have since added another 4 Boeing 737-700's (VH-BRC - VH-BRF) and reintroduced Melbourne - Perth Melbourne - Adelaide and started Brisbane - Adelai
254 AerorobNZ : My airline Coreolis . Stock value $286.60 162 aircraft. B747-400 11 A380-800 47 Concorde 1 B777-200LR 50 B787-8 41 ATR 72-500 2 MD11 10
255 MCOflyer : I have three ACJ's running NYC-LHR, EZE-LHR, and LHR, LHR-Vientaine. I do make money but my true money makers are my regional a/c if they run 16hours
256 MCOflyer : I think the ACRJ is a good a/c but I am saving my money to replace them and am buying 735's or 738's. KH
257 RAFVC10 : I have just founded "Need Magic Airlines" on the BCN-LON route... Let's see if it works... Regards, Gerard
258 Vhqpa : Thank you I put a ACJ on BNE-HKG and while the first flight was profitable without any advertising (not paying 40k a day for a billboard) I got littl
259 Aviationmaster : Here's an update for my airline: Swiss European Airlines The fleet now consists of jet aircraft only and has since increased to a total of 28 aircraft
260 Gkirk : Fly Scotland Airlines fleet now consists of: 4 x ATR42-300 2 x J41 1 x B737-800 Routes are; GLA-BHX J41 GLA-Aalborg J41 GLA-MAN ATR42 GLA-LPL ATR42 GL
261 GrahamHill : I just started! This game looks fun. I've been hooked the whole day yesterday at work (did not have much to do, what a great Friday ). I have only one
262 GrahamHill : I just bought 6,000
263 MWHCVT : Just brought 100,000 shares in both airlines
264 YooYoo : invested !!
265 Mirrodie : Buying shares of 100000 is an annoyance, isnt it? My stock just went on sale. Good stuff.
266 YooYoo : Wow, i just bought a tonne of stock!! You guys better perform !!
267 GrahamHill : Fuel is at $400! It's time to buy! Thanks a lot!
268 MWHCVT : Yeah, but I do feel sorry for my investors as I just invested $2,000,000 in fuel, however I am very profitable but my share price is in the pit's any
269 MCOflyer : I just 500K bought of fuel and my stock went from green to red. I feel for my investors but my stock has been going up. For members considering the A3
270 Post contains links TransIsland : Just bought a bunch of stock of various companies, but essentially trying to get money together for a fleet expansion... eyeing a CRJ1000 at the momen
271 EZEIZA : you are now a future (virtual) rich man
272 MCOflyer : Just bought 9999 stocks of your airline. I am proud to announce the sale of 2 ACJ's and am ordering 2 second hand 733's. New routes will be MCI-YHM a
273 RussianJet : Invest in Pan-Siberian Airlines - you know it makes sense!
274 IHadAPheo : On behalf of WhineAir I am pleased to announce the purchase of 15,000 shares in your nifty airline IHAP Making milk runs to pad the bottom line
275 PlymSpotter : So long as it was cheap fuel, they'll like you for it Overall update: Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, Russia: RA-002 An-24 Vladivostok RA-003 An-148-100B B
276 MCOflyer : Announcement from Hornet International Airlines: HIA will retire its 735 and sell the remaining A319CJ's. I want my investors to know intern a/c will
277 Mirrodie : I bought 85 million pouds of fuel today. I think I am set for a little bit. So the stock goes on sale for the short term. Buy low! Second hand? How d
278 Ihadapheo : Dang I thought I was doing well when i was over 10 million pounds!! Anyone who has 85 million pounds of fuel is worthy of some $ investment,, what is
279 Mirrodie : I just saw that it was on sale a LOT today so I stocked up!
280 RW170 : ValuJet updates: The fleet has been restructured for profit optimization and fuel efficiency. - All Embraer 190s have been replaced with Embraer 195s.
281 MCOflyer : Just an exaggeration. I have just bought 733 with one more due to replace the 735. KH
282 RussianJet : Thank you most kindly. There has already been growth, and I promise a great deal more! Latest new route - Novosibirsk to Makhachkala (TU-334-100). Yo
283 MCOflyer : I have just started AMS-YJT with the 735. I plan on closing MCI-Hamilton and starting up AMS-YQX with 733 a/c. My stock is up too .20. KH
284 Bill142 : Can you get the routes to start automatically?
285 Flyboysp : Unfortunately not. You have to manually click on start flight for it to commence, which imo is a pain.
286 EMBQA : No kidding. I'm leaving for vacation so they'll sit all week loosing money. Wish there was a way you could set up a schedule. Set a departure time ti
287 Gkirk : Just had a TCAS fault on a J41 flying Aalborg-Glasgow....$61k to fix, argh
288 GrahamHill : I bought my second plane yesterday and advertised my new route in newspapers. But today it's still written "Estimated passengers: N/A". When should I
289 TransIsland : You will have pax as soon as you fly, regardless of advertising. The "estimate" is nothing but the number of pax on your last flight on that route -
290 TransIsland : How do you do that? It won't let me sell damaged aircraft.
291 GrahamHill : Thanks a lot for the clarifications!
292 Hjulicher : PRIVJET; I invested in your airline as I think we have the same strategy with our fleet. Russian Imperial Airlines - UPDATE - INVESTORS WANTED! STOCK
293 Ihadapheo : I am not a fan of some of the fines/repair prices. Three times in the past 2 days I have been hit with the following bit of nastiness "Failed to catch
294 Gkirk : Fly Scotland Airlines have started to offer complimentary vodka and tang to all it's customers and shareholders
295 Ihadapheo : WhineAir is pleased to announce the purchase of 30,000 shares of Fly Scotland Airlines. (A vodka and tang bribe always sends an old chimp into a stoc
296 Gkirk : Grand, cause I've just had to pay a load of money to replace a faulty valve on an ATR42...damn it..
297 MCOflyer : For those who have invested in my airline @.08 and .11 thank you. My stock is @ 21 cents and rising. A case of bulley hill wine is going to all that h
298 Phoenix9 : I've finally given in and started an airline: Snow Globe Airlines. I gotta go do some stuff, but I'll be back later to add routes etc. In the meantime
299 Gkirk :
300 Ihadapheo : WhineAir is pleased to announce the purchase of 75,000 shares in your fine firm (is it true that your firm has a commuter line called Time Machine Ai
301 MCOflyer : I have invested 9999 shares. I will invest more as time goes by. KH
302 Phoenix9 : Hey, you gotta give public what it wants Well, thank both of you. Lets hope you make some money soon. We used to, but the name was changed to EasyTra
303 Max550 : A few days ago I read that someone couldn't find Washington. It took a few days but I figured them out. DCA is Arlington County, IAD is Dulles, and BW
304 Gkirk : Unfortunately, I'm having to sell my cash cow, the 737-800 from my fleet for financial reasons
305 Extspotter : Back from AMS! On similar business, Just bought my first 737 (not including my 738), a 733, which is now flying from Amsterdam - Igarka. You can now f
306 Gkirk : I've replaced the 738 with 2 x CRJ-100LRs, opening GLA-FRA and replacing the 738 on the GLA-BCN flight with the second CRJ-100LR And bought a crap loa
307 RussianJet : That is just hilarious. Have a little look into what Igarka is actually like, size, situation, history etc. A direct link with AMS just has me splitt
308 MCOflyer : As I make profit, I am realizing I would like a fleet of 738's. Those would help me expand @ AMS to destinations in Canada and in Africa. KH
309 A333TS : Just got 100000 of your stock A333TS
310 Extspotter : Aparently the entire population of the Netherlands wants to go see the award-winning permafrost museum! At least thats what the 99% demand says...
311 RussianJet : Award-winning permafrost museum?? That would be in Yakutsk
312 PlymSpotter : Well, the last An-26 is about to disappear from my fleet. The Tu-134As will be next to get the chop, replaced by a mix of Yak-42Ds and Tu-154Ms which
313 Extspotter : Apparently Igarka has one too - but don't take it from me, I am no geomorphologist, unlike wikipedia! You can't do that! Every russian airline has to
314 PlymSpotter : Don't worry, the An-24s are staying for at least the next little while, they do pretty well even on the five hour routes I'm flying a couple of them
315 Ihadapheo : I have faith in your fine firm and have added another 40,000 shares of you stock to my growing portfolio Just do not cut the gratis vodka and tang sh
316 MCOflyer : Well, I have had two major mishap. To me a major mishap is when I need to spend over 100K that could have went in my pocket. I will be making a few ch
317 Iainbhx : Slapper Airlines (known as Slapper International Airlines internally) is a full service airline operating out of Birmingham, UK (BHX). We currently op
318 Nkops : Upwards Airlines now has 69 routes out of PHL and 28 out of LAX... stock up around 2.41... thinking about 3rd hub!!
319 GrahamHill : I've bought 30,000 of your stock. I've bought 30,000 of your sock.
320 MCOflyer : I have decided to start selling off my CRJ's in favor of the Embraer 170LR model. Both CRJ's will be sold and replaced with one with 170LR then anothe
321 TransIsland : Current Fleet/Network: NAS-ACC A319-100CJ NAS-BEG A319-100CJ NAS-EZE A319-100CJ NAS-MEX Challenger 300 NAS-RST Challenger 300 NAS-UIO Challenger 300 N
322 RussianJet : Pan-Siberian Airlines has just moved over to 100% check in. Failure to bring your boarding pass with you results in a charge of £1000. In spite of th
323 MCOflyer : What are your maintenance costs with this fleet? KH
324 MWHCVT : Thank you, I hope I prove a decent investment
325 MCOflyer : I am have started replacing all my Q300's with ERJ145LR's. My fleet value has gone up and I hope once all routes are started they will. ORD-DFW was di
326 DesertJets : I'm worried that you have the equivalent of Facebook apps ADD. My style of play is to set up some routes that look like they work and let em run, mak
327 Gkirk : Ventura Electronics 2009-11-16 Freight of 2000 kg Hi. We are writing you because we need your help. We have just concluded a big order, and therefore
328 Phoenix9 : How do you lease an aircraft?
329 TransIsland : Daily $ 8,700 Monthly $ 261,000 Well, let's hope your stock value goes up then, because I bought at $0.10, and they're currently at $0.05. Mind you,
330 Gkirk : When ye get approached to carry some cargo, you get the option to lease an a/c for it...the choices were IIRC, DC-3F, B733F, A300F and MD11F. For Osl
331 Post contains images Captaink : Caeruleus Airlines is going well people. Invest now.. I don't know how to paste the direct link. Company Value: $ 67,492,568 Fleet: 53 (mostly narrowb
332 GrahamHill : I just had two incidents in a row with my 738 . I feel for my investors, because I lost money on the last two flights with this aircraft...
333 Extspotter : I have got the 733F leased too, I have had it for about 4 days now; in that time I have had 3 cargo things, the last one was seafood from Keflavik to
334 Nkops : Taking the long way to Asia from SFO flying over the Atlantic, aren't ya?? Seriously, how does that reflect on fuel, do they actually calculate that
335 PlymSpotter : I bought 200,000 shares at $0.05, so I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a FlyGlobespan
336 Gkirk : Wheesht you! If need be, I'll withdraw the Saab 340, J41s and Learjet, and concentrate on a fleet of ATRs for domestic flights and CRJs for Euro flig
337 Captaink : It is only like that on the map, but when you look at the actual flight stats, 12000km etc, you realize that is it actually over the pacific. I do so
338 MCOflyer : I have 7 ERJ145LR's and 4 733's. I am happy with my fleet. KH
339 DesertJets : Up to 19 aircraft now. 5 ATR 72s 2 Boeing 737-900s 2 Embraer EMB-190-200s 2 Fokker F70As 8 Fokker F100s Plus I opened up two additional international
340 Gkirk : The CRJs seem to be quite decent moneymakers. Show me da money
341 Vhqpa : LOL it looks like Boeing sold you a lemon. I had a brand new SSJ have a severe bird strike on it's inaugural flight from DPS-CGK cost me 71k to fix A
342 DesertJets : Clearly this game has no basis in reality. So I wrote down all the stats and compared a ton of different planes.... 50 seat CRJ, ERJ, the BAe 146, th
343 TurkishWings : Curently flying 33 widebodies inc: 10 - 777-300ER 9 - 777-300 9 - 330-300 3 - 747-400 2 - 747-400D Company value: 377,159,833 USD Stock rate 37,74 and
344 Phoenix9 : Just out of curiosity...how many of the people here paid to get more money in their account? If you did, is it worth it?
345 MCOflyer : I like my fleet of ERJ145LR. Very flexible a/c and would have ordered the XR version but wanted a good replacement for the Q300's. Now mx has gone up
346 PlymSpotter : I didn't pay anything. Yes, it's a fun game, but it would need to be considerably more accurate and detailed for me to consider paying or making a don
347 Phoenix9 : Well, I think it is supposed to be a slow playing, out of your head, relaxed game instead of being on it 24/7, be-all/end-all tense online games. I j
348 MCOflyer : Well they want you to log on. Who wants to take over while I am in trade school? KH
349 Phoenix9 : I leave it logged on. No one else uses my computer, so its not an issue for me. Are you really going to let people use your facebook account while yo
350 MCOflyer : Good question. I was hoping someone could take it over while I was in trade school for three weeks so I could avoid getting distracted. KH
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