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Face Book Airline Manager Part 5  
User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8743 posts, RR: 12
Posted (6 years 2 months 22 hours ago) and read 20366 times:

Continuing from part 4. This game is very interesting. So lets keep up the fun and enjoy ourselves in the process.

Face Book Airline Manager Part 4 (by MCOflyer Dec 1 2009 in Non Aviation)


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User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8743 posts, RR: 12
Reply 1, posted (6 years 2 months 22 hours ago) and read 20361 times:

Desert Jets,

Send me a link so I can invest in your fine firm.


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User currently offlinePlymSpotter From Spain, joined Jun 2004, 12093 posts, RR: 58
Reply 2, posted (6 years 2 months 22 hours ago) and read 20352 times:

Quoting MCOflyer (Reply 238):
the II96 is a friggin gas hog.

You will have to fly a loooong way before the better economics of the A340 pay for themselves in terms of the extra capital outlay. On my VVO-ORD route the IL9 burns 41,644lbs more fuel than the A343 - although the A340 does carry 35 more passengers further, so it's not a 100% direct comparison. With fuel bought at $400 that means I'm paying an extra $16,657 per flight to fuel the beast, but I've saved $23,778,568 on the purchase price, meaning I would have to fly that route well over a thousand times (more than two years of playing the game every single day) before buying the A340 instead pays off.

Don't get bogged down too much by the efficiency - in this game it doesn't really have much bearing.

Dan  Smile

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User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8743 posts, RR: 12
Reply 3, posted (6 years 2 months 21 hours ago) and read 20325 times:

Well look at it this way:

I could send two 737ER's on the ORD-NRT route and make the same money if a 763ER was on the route. I could do the same for the ORD-PPG route if it gets below 85%.

Whats your most profitable routes? Mine are ORD-PEK, ORD-PPG.


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User currently offlineD l x From United States of America, joined May 1999, 12225 posts, RR: 51
Reply 4, posted (6 years 2 months 20 hours ago) and read 20326 times:

Quoting PlymSpotter (Reply 2):
Don't get bogged down too much by the efficiency - in this game it doesn't really have much bearing.

That is the god honest truth. Go for capacity and range and maximize cheap. There's a reason I have 20 787-8's and no 747s. (though I might buy one for the achievement. How many pax points does that achievement get you?)

also, I've flown over 200,000 passengers without getting any pax points. What do I have to do?

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User currently offlinePlymSpotter From Spain, joined Jun 2004, 12093 posts, RR: 58
Reply 5, posted (6 years 2 months 20 hours ago) and read 20313 times:

Quoting MCOflyer (Reply 3):

Whats your most profitable routes? Mine are ORD-PEK, ORD-PPG.

Probably Vladivostok-Fuzhou, or one of the nearbye destinations which I serve with the Tu-154M. They pull in say an average of $220,000 each time they go out, and I'll send them out maybe 6-8 times a day as I break from work (breakfast, elevensies, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner etc...) so overall they are more profitable than the longhaul routes (not so much with the Il-96). These core routes will be upgraded to the Il-86 eventually, but there's no rush for that just yet.

Quoting D l x (Reply 4):

also, I've flown over 200,000 passengers without getting any pax points. What do I have to do?

It's random, I've found some routes got them when I started it at 99%, but I just did another one and no pax points this time.

Dan  Smile

...love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again...
User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8743 posts, RR: 12
Reply 6, posted (6 years 2 months 19 hours ago) and read 20302 times:

Just started NRT-DCA my gross profit is 1+ mil.


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User currently offlinePhoenix9 From Canada, joined Aug 2007, 2546 posts, RR: 9
Reply 7, posted (6 years 2 months 18 hours ago) and read 20282 times:

Quoting PlymSpotter (Reply 2):
Don't get bogged down too much by the efficiency - in this game it doesn't really have much bearing.

Very true. Afterall, it is just a game.

Even having a streamlined fleet doesn't seem to save you on maintenance costs, so I try to buy an aircraft that I think would be optimal for that route.....that is why my fleet is all over the place  Silly

Anyways...update on Snow Globe Airlines

Account: $100 mil+

Company value: $82 mil +

Routes/Fleet: 85/85

Fuel: 22 mil lbs + (I will purchase it when it hits $400, so the stock might take a slight hit)

Stock: $8.19 Big grin

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User currently offlineStasisLAX From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 3316 posts, RR: 7
Reply 8, posted (6 years 2 months 17 hours ago) and read 20278 times:

FirstWorld Airlines is pleased to annouce its new service from MDM to PHX has been successfully launched, utilizing B737-600 equipment. Initial results indicate 98-99 percent demand and the route is highly profitable. Investors are encouraged to invest now!!  bigthumbsup 

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User currently offlinePhoenix9 From Canada, joined Aug 2007, 2546 posts, RR: 9
Reply 9, posted (6 years 2 months 17 hours ago) and read 20274 times:

Fuel at $400. Just bought 50 mil lbs  Big grin

Account has taken a hit and stock is down to $8.03. But no worries, I have several long haul routes coming up...so it should be ok  Wink

Life only makes sense when you look at it backwards.
User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8743 posts, RR: 12
Reply 10, posted (6 years 2 months 17 hours ago) and read 20272 times:

Quoting Phoenix9 (Reply 9):
Fuel at $400. Just bought 50 mil lbs

Just bought 25 million lbs. It'll get me through to Friday.


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User currently offlineStasisLAX From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 3316 posts, RR: 7
Reply 11, posted (6 years 2 months 17 hours ago) and read 20259 times:

Airline Manager is down for "routine maintenance" as of 1510 Pacific time. Ugh!!!!!!  Angry

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety!" B.Franklin
User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8743 posts, RR: 12
Reply 12, posted (6 years 2 months 16 hours ago) and read 20250 times:

Well my stock is slowly climbing again. I am hoping to purchase another 739ER by the end of this evening.


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User currently offlineD L X From United States of America, joined May 1999, 12225 posts, RR: 51
Reply 13, posted (6 years 2 months 14 hours ago) and read 20222 times:

Just bought a 747-100 so I could get the achievement pax bonus.

10 pax points.


At least I got 100k for it. But still, I'm selling it. there's no point to having anything larger than the 787-8 when it only costs $19M.

Or am I wrong?

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User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8743 posts, RR: 12
Reply 14, posted (6 years 2 months 14 hours ago) and read 20210 times:

Instead of the 739ER, I bought my 10th 73G and two CRJ100's making a total of 10 for each type. New service to ABQ and YJT was initiated using CRJ 1000 a/c while service to Kunming via NRT was started with a 73G. The CRJ's have been very reliable and so have the 762ER/762 a/c. The 737 series have gotten better.


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User currently offlineBohica From United States of America, joined Feb 2004, 2856 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (6 years 2 months 13 hours ago) and read 20197 times:

Southeastern Virginia (SEVA) Airlines has grown a lot in the past week. Our stock price has gone from $3.29 last week to $7.73 today. Our fleet has grown from 48 to 73 planes. We have $167.1 million in cash, $250.3 million in aircraft value, a company value of $79.4million and we have 94.0 million pounds of fuel hedged at $400/1000 lbs.

Highlights of our expansion includes:
Introduction of five new B787-8's to the fleet. Cities include JNB, HRE, DOH, HKG, and PEK.
Flights to ANC, ADQ, SFO, UIO, PBM, and CAY upgraded from B737-700 to B757-300.
Flights to MAR, MSO, SAL, GDL, GCN, FLG, ABQ, TGU and PBC upgraded from EMB-190 to B737-700.
Displaced EMB-190's were used to open new routes.
New B767-200 service to FNA, ALG, BCN, and LUX. New B757-300 Service to BFS.

All flight operate to and from our ORF hub.

The SEVA fleet:











Big version: Width: 481 Height: 241 File size: 7kb

User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8743 posts, RR: 12
Reply 16, posted (6 years 2 months 13 hours ago) and read 20191 times:

Just bought another 73G to do FAE from ORD. So my fleet numbers 49.


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User currently offlineDazed767 From United States of America, joined May 1999, 5519 posts, RR: 48
Reply 17, posted (6 years 2 months 13 hours ago) and read 20191 times:

Whoops, feel asleep at the wheel and I had -724,000lbs of fuel. Luckily it was at $400  Smile

User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8743 posts, RR: 12
Reply 18, posted (6 years 2 months 12 hours ago) and read 20186 times:

Hornet International Announces an order for 20 737-900ER's. These will be used to open new routes from ORD, NRT and upgrade existing routes. HIA will also be taking delivery of two more 762ER a/c making a total of five 762ER a/c.


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User currently offlineAznMadSci From United States of America, joined Dec 2007, 3778 posts, RR: 5
Reply 19, posted (6 years 2 months 12 hours ago) and read 20182 times:

Howdy Y'all! Here's the latest report for TxStar Airlines.

Hub: IAH
Account: $15,500,000+
Company Value: $48,000,000+
Stock Value: 4.74 up
Fleet: 68
Routes: 68
Fuel: 26,000,000+
Total Flights: 4,117
Total Passengers: 336,874

B737-700ER (18)
TX-BAB IAH-TXL (Undergoing C-Check)

B757-300 (1)

B787-800 (4)

B737-800 (1)

B767-200ER (1)

E190-200LR (14)

E190-200 (24)

E190-100 (5)

Preferred Catering Service: Sky Catering
We are pleased to announce with a special promotion with our catering. To and from our Mexican destinations, we are serving some tasty mole and washed down with the finest tequilla south of IAH. To and from our Canadian destinations, we provide a snack consisting of a maple-glazed doughnut served with a "double-double" coffee provided by Tim Horton's. On all our flights, we serve free alcohol, especially a local favorite beer Shiner Bock. While we do not serve vodka and Tang, we will serve a mean Crown Royal and Dr. Pepper!

Future Service
We are looking to add more 787-800, 767-200ER, and 737-700ERs to cities such as ICN, AER, PEK, AKL, ABV, MNL, CEB, PER, and ADL in the near future. We also are researching an international hub.

TxStar Airlines, Bringing Texas Home to the World!

[Edited 2009-12-08 20:15:36]

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User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8743 posts, RR: 12
Reply 20, posted (6 years 2 months 12 hours ago) and read 20173 times:

Hornet International Airlines Company Profile

HIA serves 49 destinations from Narita, Japan and Chicagos O'Hare airport located in Illinois. Our Fleet is made up of 757's, 737's 767's and CRJ's. ORD was chosen due to its prime Business location and resources. NRT was chosen as HIA wanted to expand into the Asian market as well as the Middle Eastern.

Fleet Expansion:

HIA currently has 20 737-900ER and five 767-200ER a/c on order for expansion and to upgrade existing capacity on existing routes.


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User currently offlineCactus739 From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 2457 posts, RR: 28
Reply 21, posted (6 years 2 months 11 hours ago) and read 20159 times:

Another growth spurt over the past 24 hours (day off from my real world work), and now we're totaling 30 aircraft. mPod Airlines fleet numbers 9 ERJ-100-AR aircraft and 21 Bombardier DHC-8-Q400 aircraft. Service is from hubs in Phoenix Arizona (12 cities) and Kansas City Missouri (8 cities). Focus cities are growing as well with Dallas and Minneapolis with service to 5 cities each.

We've expanded our international presence. New routes from all hubs and focus cities to Cancun Mexico has paid off well. North of the border we launched Vancouver BC from Dallas, Minneapolis and Kansas City. Phoenix - Vancouver will be joining the network shortly.

Route network:
Dallas focus city:
Cancun, Miami, Minneapolis, Philidelphia, Vancouver

Minneapolis focus city:
Cancun, Houston, Miami, Seattle, Vancouver

Kansas City Hub:
Boston, Cancun, Miami, Orlando, Philidelphia, New York, Seattle, Vancouver

Phoenix Hub:
Anchorage, Cancun, Chicago, Dallas, Fairbanks AK, Houston, Kansas City, Memphis, Miami, Minneaplis, New York, and Philidelphia.

Future routes include Dallas - Seattle, Dallas - Anchorage, Kansas City - Memphis, Dallas - Memphis.

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User currently offlineMatt727 From Sweden, joined Jul 2007, 315 posts, RR: 29
Reply 22, posted (6 years 2 months 1 hour ago) and read 20106 times:

Update from Ekva Airlines

We're adding two B787-8 every day and use them on our ULR-routes mostly from North America to SE Asia and/or Australia/New Zealand. Each one of those flights give about 1.300.000 to 1.700.000 profit one way. The B787-8 is really a money maker. All B737-800s and B767-200/ERs have been sold.

***Ekva Airlines - Always a good investment (stock still available)***

Company Value: $76.300.000+
Stock Value: 7.84
Fleet: 29
Routes: 29
Reputation: 100%
Fuel: 146.000.000
Total Flights: 985
PAX of all time: 169.000

* A321-200 - 4

  • ARN - YUL
  • KUL - PUS
  • KUL - PER
  • PER - AKL

* A330-300 - 2

  • ARN - HKT
  • ARN - KUL

* A340-200 - 3

    ARN - JNB
    ARN - EZE
    ARN - PER

* B757-200 - 7

    ARN - PHL
    ARN - MSP
    ARN - ORD
    ARN - PEK
    MSP - LHR
    HKT - PER
    YUL - GOT

* B787-8 - 13

    ARN - DRW
    ARN - SCL
    ARN - BNE
    MSP - HKT
    MSP - JNB
    MSP - SYD
    MSP - AKL
    HKT - LAX
    HKT - ORD
    HKT - JFK
    HKT - IAD
    HKT - YUL
    KUL - IND

// Matt  santahat 

User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8743 posts, RR: 12
Reply 23, posted (6 years 1 month 4 weeks 1 day 23 hours ago) and read 20084 times:

Well added my 8th 739ER. The 739ER will be used to replace the 739 on the ORD-PHX run. The 739 will be used to replace the CRJ1000 on the ORD-SFB run while the CRJ1000 will be used to open a new route.


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User currently offlineYooYoo From Canada, joined Nov 2003, 6057 posts, RR: 47
Reply 24, posted (6 years 1 month 4 weeks 1 day 23 hours ago) and read 20083 times:

I wish we could have multiple hubs. Don't real life airlines have this ?

I've started a hub in YYZ and now expanded to FRA.

Investors welcome... LEAF NATION AIRLINE

...and for those of you that have invested...thank you!

I am so smart, i am so smart... S-M-R-T... i mean S-M-A-R-T
25 Codeshare : Looks like somebody made a profit and decided to sell my stock so something around 240,000 shares available. WeFlyEverywhere Airlines (not yet literal
26 DesertJets : 737-900 (range ~3800 km) 757-300 (range ~6000 km)
27 PlymSpotter : We are pleased to announce the creation of a new base in Moscow after completing talks with Yakovlev for more aircraft. 40 new Yak 42Ds have been plac
28 DesertJets : Comrade, you wouldn't mind loaning some of those Yaks to your pals in Cuba would ya?
29 RobertNL070 : Ahem ... credit card *cough* venture capital?
30 MCOflyer : The 739ER, 739 or 753 are excellent choices. I have eight 739ER, six 757-300's and one 737-900. TBH, I would rather have a fleet of those types as th
31 PlymSpotter : It would be an honor, comrade If only the game would allow for it - I don't think there's a way, right?
32 Codeshare : I got 12 of these. A321-200 has slightly less pax and less range. 787-3 is too expensive. B739 looks good -ER also but loses out to the A321-200. KS/
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37 Phoenix9 : It has been a busy and expensive day I added about 20 routes I think. Had close to $100 mil in my account in the morning and went as low as $2 mil Acc
38 StasisLAX : FirstWorld Airlines is growing rapidly and is very pleased to annouce its new service from ORD to IAD has been successfully launched, utilizing fuel-e
39 AznMadSci : How many of y'all are encountering bid strikes on a daily basis? I'm averaging about 3 or 4 a day! Is there a way I can install lasers on my planes to
40 StasisLAX : I too have experienced labor relations problems where crew groups go from "happy" to "on strike" within several hours without any real reason. These
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42 Cactus739 : Not a very busy day here as I had to spend time in the real world. We acquired two new aircraft today, Embraer ERJ-190-100AR's. This brings our total
43 GrahamHill : Update on Normandie Airlines. A brand new 787-800 has been purchased and put on the CDG-PER route. 15 hours of flight and €1,5 million for each trip
44 MCOflyer : HIA introduced a new type; the 787-800 on the ORD-MCT route. Each a/c will have RR Trent engines. Plans call for a total of five 787-800's. KH
45 Post contains images DesertJets : Cubano Express is on track to add a 5th Yak-42 to its fleet today -- expanding to another destination in the Caribbean. We've signed a letter of inten
46 Post contains images TurkishWings : Investment opportunity from Think Global Airlines: My airline's stock value on November 29 was: $58,16 and today it is $96,95. About $ 40 increase in
47 AznMadSci : TxStar Airlines is pleased to announces 3 new destinations: B787-800 TX-BCE IAH-PEK "Birds Nest Express" TX-BCF IAH-CEB "Dried Mango Express" B767-200
48 Vega9000 : Vega9000 Airlines quick update: Growing fast here. Stock at 1.69, up from 1.46 18 hours ago. Should be at 1.75 by the end of the day, with the red-eye
49 TurkishWings : Just bought 16 A 300-300s and based them all at LGB. As promised the stock value increased by $5 to $100.85 in a matter of minutes... Thanks to all n
50 Gkirk : GKIA has seen some extraordinary activity going on in the last few days...including going into the red Thankfully now, we're pulling away from that an
51 RGElectra80 : MUC-NDJ and MUC-BGR. Nenem Airlines is based in Munich. The idea was to have an airline near the physical center of the world. I am trying to have a
52 YooYoo : Comon guys, buy some stock in my airline....please. I'd really like to get the "Stock Achievment" under my belt. The airline is doing well. I don't wa
53 Phoenix9 : Just bought 50K. Good luck
54 Post contains images TransIsland : Nassau Airlines is happy to report back to its shareholders that recent expansion has been very successful, and that operations are seeing a very good
55 MCOflyer : Just bought another 739ER for service to OMS via NRT. My next route will be to LGW via ORD on a 753 or 752. KH
56 IHadAPheo : Woo hoo Zippy made it home after a 2 hour 35 minute drive home through a rather nifty lake effect snow storm (all 7 miles of it). In celebration of ma
57 Cactus739 : mPod Airlines announce service to Kingston Jamaica from our home base of Phoenix Arizona, as well as our hubs of Dallas Texas and Minneapolis Minnesot
58 MCOflyer : Hornet International is please to announce the order one 787-800 and one 757-200. The a/c will be used on the ORD-HKG and LUX routes. KH
59 PlymSpotter : With a dual hubs established at opposite ends of Russia it was time to links them with our heaviest metal yet. The first Il-96-400 has arrived and bee
60 RGElectra80 : Invest in Nenem Airlines! I have a diverse fleet serving a wide variety of destinations. Stock has grown 20% in the past 10 days and it's currently at
61 Gkirk : 10,000 stock bought
62 Phoenix9 : Just bought 50k. Good luck.
63 DesertJets : Just did. Of course time to plug Cubano Express. Stock currently at a dirt cheap 9 cents a share. Buy in bulk and your investment will be rewarded. W
64 RGElectra80 : Thanks to all who have invested in my airline! I invested back as much as I could too but since I am trying to expand my fleet, I am trying to save th
65 A332 : Juan De Fuca Airlines is pleased to announce the acquisition of it's first wide-body aircraft, a DC-10-10 (C-GZJD), placed on YWG-GLA to open up trans
66 A333TS : Proud owner of 190000 stocks in your company A333TS
67 Phoenix9 : I am 7001 stocks away from getting the 800,000 achievement status. If anyone is interested in buying some more stock the price right now is $12.68 and
68 Tapman : Winston's.com Airlines is pleased to announce we currently have 22 routes flying currently with the company purchasing a new aircraft more or less eve
69 YooYoo : merci merci
70 Gkirk : GKIA is currently in the process of some drastic realignment of it's resources. All the turboprops with the exception of 4 Antonov 140s will be sold,
71 MCOflyer : Just bought a 787 for HKG, a 739ER for SXM, a 739 for MIA, and a 752 for LUX. All routes were flown via ORD. KH
72 AviationMaster : I've just started a new airline. swisslink Airlines: Hub: Zurich Fleet: 4 Fokker 100 Tay620 (HB-JVA, B, C, D) -> fleet is expected to grow by another
73 DesertJets : I'd love to invest but you're not showing up in the airline list yet.... BTW the Fokkers are a good choice to start out with, though I'd dare say for
74 Gkirk : a Yak42 with 126 seats is now operating on MAN-Murcia
75 Post contains images Phoenix9 : Fuel is at $400. I'm going to buy a massive quantity, so my stock will probably drop a bit ($12.89 right now before the purchase). If you want to inve
76 StasisLAX : FirstWorld Airlines annouced today that they have purchased 3.5 million pounds of top-quality Jet-A fuel at a bargain price of $400 per 1,000 pounds!
77 Gkirk : Consider it done
78 StasisLAX : Thank you very much!
79 Phoenix9 : Just bought 200k. Good luck
80 StasisLAX : Jet-A cost just jumped back up to $1600 per 1,000 lbs!!!!!! Whoa, glad I got my order in JUST in the nick of time!!!
81 StasisLAX : Thanks - glad I got Jet-A hedged BEFORE the increase!!
82 Post contains images Phoenix9 :   It changes every hour, so if you want more, you can buy it in an hour   C'mon people...I need only 7001 stocks to be sold to get the 800,000 stat
83 MCOflyer : HIA announces a total of 50K shares bought in FirstWorld Airlines. CEO KH is pleased with his decision. KH
84 Ihadapheo : Sorry but I have already invested the maximum 200,000 shares in your way cool airline. I would invest more but even going to 200,003 shares (via poor
85 TransIsland : Why does the stock price drop so rapidly when I buy fuel for $400... after all, my 100,000,000 lbs are as important an asset to my airline as my aircr
86 A333TS : Invest in "rusty airline" Currently have 19 routes with 11 wide body aircraft + one more wide body coming on-line tonight. Stock is growing fast, will
87 Post contains images Phoenix9 : Update on Snow Globe Airlines: Account: $20 mil+ I had $140 mil+ before I bought 100 mil lbs of fuel. Then l went on a spending binge and bought a 747
88 StasisLAX : Jet-A just dropped back to $400 per 1,000 pounds!!!!!!
89 MCOflyer : HIA announces purchase of intern capacity in the form of a 727-200 for the NRT-SGN route. KH
90 Phoenix9 : Have fun with maintenance cost for this beast. I bought these and they have had the most maintenance issues out of all the other aircraft I have. Onc
91 Ihadapheo : WhineAir is positively giddy to announce the addition of yet another DC-10-10 for use on the Snowball Express from KBUF-KROC. In other news WhineAir
92 MCOflyer : Hornet International announces an order for two more 788's with six options to replace 762ER's on current runs. I would like to use the 762ER's on oth
93 MWHCVT : HANCOX Airlines are please to make a few announcements Firstly we are very impressed with the performance of our recently acquired fleet of 73G and ar
94 StasisLAX : Roger that!!!
95 MCOflyer : Just bought some more shares. HIA announces a new 737 type previously operated by HIA. Wth the CRJ's being mx queens, HIA has decided to operate the
96 Post contains images StasisLAX : FirstWorld airlines is also extremely pleased to announce new service from Chicago Midway (Loop) to Bangor, Maine along with the purchase of another n
97 MCOflyer : Just bought another 100K shares. Try getting a 73G and a 739ER/752. All are great a/c and fit nice into my fleet.
98 StasisLAX : I am trying to keep a somewhat "rational" fleet - not sure whether that helps to keep maintenance costs down to a minimum or not, but that's why I've
99 RussianJet : Alas you are not - I too should be joining Airline Manager Anonymous. I'm just glad I can work it from my mobile phone when I'm away from home. Helps
100 StasisLAX : I have just purchased stock in your fine airline.....
101 GrahamHill : I bought 10 million lbs, but my stock rate has not dropped. Is that normal?
102 Post contains images RobertNL070 : It has been a while since the last update from the Low Countries Fly Dutch Airliners Having recently phased out those little Fokkers Fly Dutch Airline
103 RussianJet : What does everyone think of the new curved lines on the route map? Not sure if I like it or not.
104 MCOflyer : I am addicted too. KH
105 Matt727 : After a recent delivery from Seattle, Ekva Airlines now has a B747-400 in its fleet operating MEL - YUL with 416 satisfied passengers onboard. Stock i
106 RobertNL070 : Like it too
107 Post contains images RGElectra80 :
108 RobertNL070 : To be honest, it has sunk a bit since Fly Dutch Airlined purchased another load of fuel on the cheap
109 IHadAPheo : I have tweaked my stock holdings a bit and have managed to free up just under 5K shares and have invested them all in your quite nifty firm. In other
110 MCOflyer : HIA announces an order for three 737-900ER a/c that were options of the previous order made by HIA. These replace two 727-200's and one Q400 currently
111 Post contains images Vega9000 : Vega9000 Airlines We are pleased to announce that due to our agressive expansion plans, we have reached 41 Planes/Routes, all short and middle haul. O
112 RGElectra80 : Dear Investors: I needed to buy some fuel so I took advantage of the current $400/1,000lbs price. In light of that, my stock dropped a little bit. Res
113 Bohica : This is a crack game. I'm addicted to it. I like it. It's a big improvemrnt over the straight lines. The map still needs improvement though. The line
114 RGElectra80 : Is it just me or do you sell more meals when you get the better rated catering services?
115 A333TS : I have noticed that also. A333TS
116 MCOflyer : HIA takes great pride in announcing BRU-PHL, and BGR using 73G's. HIA also announces NRT-MNL using our 25th 73G which will be delivered tonight. HIA h
117 Bohica : The more expensive meals sell much better than the cheap ones. I normally use Sky Catering in the morning, then when I run out, I will get a smaller
118 MCOflyer : HIA announces new service from NRT to PHL using a newly acquired 762ER. KH
119 YYZALA : Please invest in Aeroleet Airlines. With a fleet compromising of 26 planes, we offer services to South America, North America, Europe and the the rece
120 MCOflyer : Bought 30K shares man. KH
121 Phoenix9 : Just bought 100k. Good luck.
122 Cactus739 : mPod Airlines announces continued expansion and growth with the acquistion of 3 Boeing 737-800 aircraft! These Boeing 737-800's join a fleet of 15 Emb
123 Post contains images TurkishWings : Yep.. That's normal.. The other day, I stocked up my fuel to 999,999,999 Lbs and my stock rate dropped by 4 USD. But as you will not need fuel for a
124 MCOflyer : HIA announces new flights from ORD to LCA and DUB. LCA will be flown with a newly acquired 767-200ER while DUB will be flown with a 757-200. KH
125 Post contains images MSYtristar : Newly updated route map for Crescent World Airlines (CWA): * Company value approaching $77 million * Stock approaching $8/share * Now operating 65 air
126 B747forever : Just a question. How much can a 787-8 bring on a flight that is quite close to its max range?
127 MSYtristar : Well my longest flight with a 787-8 is about 1000km short of its max range and I'm bringing in about 850K per flight...my second longest, just over 1
128 Codeshare : I'm making a little experiment: replacing B757-300 with A321s on routes up to 6000km. Saves fuel, the 23 pax less doesn't make much difference. It's 1
129 YYZALA : Codeshare, Let us know how it goes. The only problem with the game is that the demand percentage is based on the total seats of the plane not the amou
130 A333TS : I got 2 flights at 15000km on b787-8 and they can bring in around 1.8mil in ticket sales each. A333TS
131 Codeshare : That's where advertising comes in. I have a few 85%-ish routes that fly full but are billboard advertised. The switch is working well. True there are
132 Iainbhx : I'm being hit by a lot of maintenance faults this weekend, but have managed to reach both my targets for Monday morning by Sunday evening. Slapper Int
133 RussianJet : If you're only flying that kind of range, why not get an A333 for the same money and earn more from it?
134 A333TS : I actually prefer IL-96-400 for routes under 10000km. It costs less, has 100 more pax, but it uses 10lb/km more. In long run you still make good mone
135 Post contains images Bohica : Southeastern Virginia (SEVA) Airlines is up to 95 Airplanes and 95 routes. The fleet includes: 30 X EMB 190-100 31 X B737-700 14 X B757-300 8 X B767-2
136 B747forever : Thanks guys. Looking to buy one 787-8 tomorrow!
137 RGElectra80 : Well, I've decided to drop my ATRs and start transitioning short to medium range routes with EMBs 190s. I'm getting to the point where the $50-75k I w
138 Iainbhx : I did think that, but I decided I'd build a small fleet of 332's and then buy 333's and transition the 332's to longer routes. I'm operating under a
139 TurkishWings : Count me in I have 125 of them currently and am very happy with them... On a side note: I am spending around 1 billion USD tomorrow morning at around
140 StasisLAX : Duh!!! Airline Manager is down!!! "We are doing maintenance on AM We are taking regular backup of the servers, and doing some system optimization.We e
141 RussianJet : That's fair enough. I myself am guided as much by which aircraft I like as anything else, but the A333 is a good, profitable craft.
142 GrahamHill : Your wish was their command: billboards at $5,000 and fuel at $600
143 YYZALA : Yes prices dropped on advertising! Just bought $500k worth of advertising all billboards for 5 days . Fuel on the other hand is still high. I only buy
144 Vega9000 : Actually, buying 5 days of advertising is wasting money, since it will be at 5000 again on Thursday. The best plan is: buy 3 days on Mondays, and 4 da
145 RGElectra80 : And I thought I was playing this game too much...
146 StasisLAX : FirstWorld Airlines is pleased to announce new service from Chicago Midway (Loop) to LGB utilizing newly purchased B737-600 equipment. Initial results
147 Post contains images Phoenix9 : Update on Snow Globe Airlines: Account: $30mil + - had $200 mil+ in the afternoon, but I've added about 32 more aircraft (replaced couple of long hour
148 Ihadapheo : Zippy faints, stirs and starts counting the virtual profit of $ 3,616,844 from your wonderful profit making skills WhineAir sadly announces several m
149 Bohica : Southeastern Virginia (SEVA) Airlines announces the purchase of it's 100th aircraft, a Boeing 747-400, which will be utilized on it's 100th route from
150 StasisLAX : How did your experiment turn out? Inquiring minds want to know
151 Iainbhx : Plus I really like travelling on the 332. I suppose I'm looking at a 332, 333, 77W fleet for long haul, 320, 190, AT7 for short haul. Trying to limit
152 Codeshare : Go for the A321-200. Now I'm replacing E190-200 with B737-900. Worst case now is finding something in the range of 6000-10000km. All options seem to
153 A333TS : I would go for IL-96-400 more money for your buck. IL has pax capacity of 436 where A330-300 has 335. A333TS
154 Vega9000 : Vega9000 Airlines We're proud to announce our first long-haul route, LIS-GIG, using our brand new A330-300, opening the South-American Market. Stock i
155 DesertJets : Again I don't check the thread all weekend and there are 70+ new replies.... oh well. Still impatiently waiting on enough cash to buy some Tu-154Ms...
156 Alias1024 : $78,000 to replenish the hydraulic fluid??? I must have the same purchasing agents as the federal government.
157 DesertJets : Its the environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid made from kitten farts and unicorn tears.
158 RussianJet : I was thinking along the same lines, but I couldn't ignore the fact that the 787-8 is cheap to acquire, has massive range and 250 pax. Makes too much
159 StasisLAX : FirstWorld Airlines is pleased to announce new service from Harlingen (Rio Grande Valley International), TX to Chicago utilizing a newlyly purchased 7
160 Ihadapheo : Wow everyone must be a bit busy today as this thread is strangely today..... WhineAir is woozy with joy over the $35 million in profits that have roll
161 StasisLAX : Good information - thanks! Anyone else utilizing the ATR 72 on shorter-haul flights? They've been very-reliable, but I don't feel like I'm making eno
162 DesertJets : I am of the opinion that anything tty much a waste of time. They don't carry enough or fly fast enough to make enough money. Sure the ATRs are cheap
163 Phoenix9 : Never ever trust a relative with your bussiness If you have the money get IL-86. Sure it is a fuel hog, but it carries 350 pax and is fairly reliable
164 Cactus739 : mPod Airlines announces continued expansion from hubs in Phoenix, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis and our newest hub in Miami! We now have 50 aircraf
165 StasisLAX : FirstWorld Airlines is pleased to announce new service from Chicago Midway (Loop) to Vancouver, Canada utilizing newly purchased B737-500 aircraft. In
166 Post contains images GrahamHill : Update on Normandie Airlines Several aircrafts have been purchased since the last update, among others 2 brand new 757-300 and 2 brand new 787-800. Fl
167 Post contains images LHRjc : Drayton Airlines has been steadily growing since the last update and with our share price now topping $6 a share I hope all our investors thus far are
168 Post contains images YooYoo : Here's the latest with Leaf Nation Airline. B747-400 x 1 A321-200 x 3 B787-8 x 3 A340-200 x 4 A319-100CJ x 1 B787-3 x 1 ERJ 190-200 x 10 ERJ 190-200LR
169 Post contains images Gman94 : It's been well over a week since the last update for Supergman Airlines but our relentless growth has continued. Our shorthaul fleet of Embrear 190-20
170 A333TS : My stock just got to $10 per share. I'm planing to open up two Australian routes from Toronto with B747-400. You should invest in Rusty Airline before
171 A332 : Juan De Fuca Airlines is pleased to announce the aquisition of our 5th DC-10-10 widebody aircraft, inaugurating trans-Atlantic services to Dublin, Ire
172 YooYoo : What has been your highest repair bill to date? Mine was just over $100,000 for a hyd. leak or something to that effect.
173 RGElectra80 : I think $70k for hydraulics. Sigh. On a plus note, I just took the plunge and bought a 787 which is serving MUC - Broome. I figured the only way I co
174 Post contains images RW170 : == ValuJet Airlines == It's been a while since the last update, and the airline has grown significantly. The IND hub has grown drastically, new hubs h
175 RGElectra80 : Do I ever have to pay payroll??
176 A333TS : I just got my first B747-400 and send it to Melbourne from Toronto. I get over $3mil in ticket sales per flights. It's going to be a long time by the
177 Post contains images DesertJets : Good news comrades, we've inaugurated non-stop service from Havana to Montreal utilizing a Tu-154M trijet. We here at Cubano Express are excited to st
178 Ihadapheo : Not my highest but one of my most overpriced repairs to date was $84,000.00 for low tire/tyre pressure indicator. $84K for a some low tire/tyre??...
179 Dragon6172 : Nice.... now that 787-8 first flight has happened, I can eliminate that plane from my self imposed rule of not buying planes that have not actually fl
180 Phoenix9 : Same here. I'm running on fumes right now I have less than 15 mil lb of fuel left right now. As soon as it comes down, I will be buying at least 100-
181 StasisLAX : UGH!!! In the midst of launching the afternoon bank of flights (at 1515 PST), I received this error message from AM...... thus not all flights were ab
182 AznMadSci : Fuel had just gone down to $400 at the top of the hour, but now the website is undergoing maintenance! Go figure! At least I stocked up. P.S. Any one
183 Phoenix9 : Just bought 200 mil lb of fuel. Stock dropped almost $1 Buy now if you want....it shall be going up again as most of my long haul routes are going to
184 StasisLAX : FirstWorld Airlines has just purchased 3 million pounds of delicious Jet-A fuel at a bargain price of $400 per half-ton. Stock prices for the airline
185 StasisLAX : Just bought 1000 shares of your fine airline's stock!
186 Cactus739 : Fuel just dropped to 400... bought 35 million pounds. mPod airlines announces two new Boeing 737-900ER additions to our fleet. Those are running fligh
187 Post contains images GrahamHill : Normandie Airlines bought its first Airbus! An A321-200 is now operating YUL-FAI. Another B757-300 has been bought as well and is operating CDG-BJM. F
188 Post contains links and images Vega9000 : Vega9000 Airlines Quick update. Planes/Routes now at 45, including two new A321-200 serving Canada. We are planning a new expansion tonight, as advert
189 JRadier : For those who have invested in Trans Travel Airlines I have news: I'm stopping with Airline Manager. It's no fun for me anymore, so your funds are pro
190 Vega9000 : OK, thanks for the information. I've more than tripled my investment with you, so thank you for your fine performance. But you should use the "mail i
191 Ihadapheo : WhineAir is in a state of semi-continuous joy (those pesky fuel, maintenance and salary costs do shake us for brief interludes). This joy is brought o
192 MCOflyer : Hi guys. I bought a 741 and out it on the NRT-MCT run. Sorry I have not been posting. I have been busy with school. Take care and be safe. KH
193 Phoenix9 : Does this answer your question?
194 Falcon84 : Big milestone this evening for Union Airlines. We just carried our 1 millionth customer! Happened on our FWA-ORD Q300 on the last trip of the evening.
195 StasisLAX : FirstWorld Airlines Update: $113,900 unexpected maintenance cost due to "low tire pressure on LH main gear" of a B737-600???? Unexpectedly expensive,
196 AerorobNZ : My Airline Coreolis Company Value: $ 4,621,875,022 Stock Rate: 462.19 Account $812,336,775 down from around 5 billion due to 18 more A380s purchased F
197 Pilotdude09 : Please delete, for some reason my airline doesnt come up when you do a search for stocks.......[Edited 2009-12-17 00:26:50 by pilotdude09]
198 TurkishWings : Just bought my first Concorde and deployed it on the BKK-MEL route After about 3-4 months, I am not as excited about the game as I was when I started.
199 GrahamHill : I guess that, when you have reached the position where you can afford the most expensive planes of the game, you start losing your motivation. I bet
200 MWHCVT : News from HANCOX Airlines, well we have been conspicuous in our absence from this thread, this is more because of a lack of time more than anything wi
201 DesertJets : Morning comrades. Cubano Express has been growing like a weed expanding services throughout Mexico, Central, and South America. Particularly we are pl
202 Post contains images TurkishWings : Check out my newly designed logo
203 Phoenix9 : Very nice! Well, Snow Globe airlines has just bought its first A380 for Toronto-Melbourne route. First flight made $5 mil+....which is not that great
204 FuturePilot16 : Could you design one for me.
205 DesertJets : well apparently the people in the route planning department were asleep at the switch. They failed to notice that HAV-YVR was 500 km beyond the range
206 Mcoflyer : HIA has been grwoing with the new introduction of three 787's assigned to various routes from ORD and NRT. Overall I am happy with the airlines perfor
207 Pilotdude09 : Hi Guys please invest in my new airline: Karratha Airlines When you do a search there should be 2 Royal Karratha and Karratha please just select Karra
208 StasisLAX : Starting to have anxiety - where the heck is the $400 per half ton Jet-A pricing??? Lowest price that I've seen all day was $600 per half ton......
209 B747forever : Tomorrow the fuel will get down to $400!
210 Post contains images RussianJet : Pan-Siberian Airlines continues with its massive expansion. Fleet now stands at 68m including 4 x IL-960-400, 3 x A330-300, 10 x 787-800, 18 x A321-20
211 YooYoo : I just read that soon one will be able to form alliances. Should be interesting. I just bought my second 747-400 yay, for me !
212 RGElectra80 : Over at Nenem, we are slowly phasing out our EMB190-200ARs for A321s, and almost doubling our profits per flight. In addition, our MD80 fleet continue
213 Planespotting : Any idea if the model will be able to add connecting passengers? Doesn't seem like it would be that hard of a function to write into the game?
214 A332 : Why is a 787-8 cheaper than a 767-300? Just out of curiousity.
215 Gman94 : Hi guys, does anyone know what the AM trusted status is that you can purchase with pax bonus points and is it worth purchasing?
216 StasisLAX : Fuel prices actually went UP!!! $2100 per half-ton is the pricing right now!
217 DesertJets : Tell me about it... I am almost running on fumes now. Thankfully I got a largish pile of cash to buy when it does come down. Otherwise I just buy 250
218 StasisLAX : Same situation here - I have been immediately turning around flights last night and today to create a huge stockpile of cash in anticipation of a dro
219 DesertJets : Make that $2100..... well that and I blew my cash reserves on a new plane. Oh btw Cubano Express is proud to announce new non-stop service to Vancouv
220 Post contains images Ihadapheo : WhineAir has been running in a reduced capacity as some family medical concerns have kept me away for a bit. (my mother fell and broke her leg requiri
221 StasisLAX : Fuel back to $400 per half-ton. FirstWorld Airlines announced today that it has purchased 7.5 million pounds of high-quality Jet-A fuel at the low ra
222 Chris78cpr : Just launched Panda Express Airlines! Watch out they are going to take over the world!!!
223 DesertJets : I had Panda Express for lunch... it kinda sucked. but I will gladly invest in your fine airline.
224 Chris78cpr : Haha, i do miss panda express! Feel free to invest! Going to corner the chinese market first!
225 Phoenix9 : Update on Snow Globe Airlines: I just purchased another 200 mil lb of fuel and now have 465 mil+ lb available Stock briefly passed $30 but due to fuel
226 Post contains images Ihadapheo : WhineAir is mind numbingly happy to see those numbers as in equates to our making a profit of $ 5,962,834.00 to date on our initial stock purchase pr
227 MWHCVT : HANCOX Airlines, has just hedged 260,000,000 lbs of fuel at $400/1000lbs of fuel in attempt to mitigate the share price hit I have also just purchased
228 ABQ747 : Update: Albuquerque Airlines Account: $3,665,338 Company Value: $21,078,454 Fuel: 12,362,148 Lbs Stock Rate: $2.11 Fleet: Boeing 737-800 (ABQ-JFK) (N1
229 Post contains images StasisLAX : FirstWorld Airlines route map - note expansion to Vancouver, Honolulu, and Quito.
230 MWHCVT : HANCOX Airlines would like to announce the carriage of our millionth passenger this was Mrs A Beer aboard our NCE-LPL flight, this was incidentally ou
231 Post contains images GrahamHill : Normandie Airlines is proud to announce the purchase of an Airbus A330-300, which has been put on the Paris-Rio route. I also bought 8 million lbs of
232 MWHCVT : HANCOX Airlines are pleased to announce that we are going to start an expansion push from our BHX Main Hub adding aircraft as a amazing rate, have jus
233 Post contains images Srbmod : I guess I'll finally post in one of these threads. Trans Coastal Airlines Stock currently @ 2.91 Hub: LAS (Also have a hub @ BWI, but the game only al
234 Post contains images A332 : Juan De Fuca Airlines is pleased to announce the acquisition of our 1st 787-8 aircraft, opening up a direct route to Singapore from our Montreal (Trud
235 Cactus739 : mPod Airlines announces continued expansion and fleet growth! We welcome Albuquerque, Bermuda and Ciudad del Carmen Mexico to our route network! (that
236 Cactus739 : Also discovered the other day that the Facebook app for iPhone will let you play Airline Manager...
237 Post contains images Vega9000 : Progress report: Growth has been steady in our airline. We're now exploring the potential of the USA market with a fleet of 788's, serving 4 destinat
238 AznMadSci : Really? I couldn't get it to work on the app when I tried last month, but I could on Safari. Maybe should test it out now.
239 StasisLAX : FirstWorld Airlines is extremely pleased to announce new service from Chicago to Lisbon utilizing a new Boeing 737-800 aircraft. This is the airline's
240 Cactus739 : Do you have the latest version of Facebook and the iPhone software? Works great for me, sorry to say.... all my break at work today I was running fli
241 AznMadSci : Yeah, tested it out last night, and works a lot better than on Safari. Thanks for the heads up!
242 Post contains links and images Captaink : I use my Pre, and I have made a launcher app, that goes directly into the Airline Manager, but using the normal browser. the app for facebook as it is
243 RussianJet : You get my vote for having the most beautiful, considered and well-balanced route network.
244 Post contains images Ihadapheo : WhineAir is a 7.2 on a 1-11 giddy scale. Sustained growth in routes/fleet has resulted WhineAir having just a bit under $450 million in cash on hand,
245 Post contains links Srbmod : Please continue the discussion here: Facebook Airline Manager Part 6 (by MCOflyer Dec 20 2009 in Non Aviation) In the future, when starting a new part
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