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Tell Us A Bit About Your Driving History  
User currently offlineConfuscius From United States of America, joined Aug 2001, 3999 posts, RR: 1
Posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 6651 times:

Here's mine: I've had my license for about 32 years (Dec 78). I learned how to drive on 1977 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon. I've been involved in two minor fender benders (1992 & 2004) and have had two moving violations (1980 & 1991). I currently drive a 1999 Honda Accord EX (V6 coupe) and a 2010 Toyota RAV4 (I4).

Ain't I a stinker?
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User currently offlineWildcatYXU From Canada, joined May 2006, 2989 posts, RR: 5
Reply 1, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 6648 times:

License: 26 years (April 1984)
Learned to dive on 1982 Skoda 105S
Mileage: roughly 1 mil km
Accidents: One collision, caused by the other driver
Moving violations: 2; 1994, 1996
Current vehicles: 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5S M6, 1995 Ford F150 EX

310, 319, 320, 321, 333, 343, 345, 346, 732, 735, 73G, 738, 744, 752, 762, 763, 77L, 77W, 788, CR2, CRA, CR9, DH1, DH3,
User currently offlineJetsGo From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 3125 posts, RR: 4
Reply 2, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 6632 times:

Licensed: September 2003
Learned to drive on: 2003 Honda Pilot and 2001 Lexus IS300
First car: 2000 Dodge Stratus
Former cars: 2006 Ford Taurus SE and 2007 Ford Fusion SE V6 AWD
Miles driven: ~100,000
Accidents: 5. 3 at fault, 2 not at fault. None major.
Moving violations: 5
Current cars: 2010 Honda Civic EX and 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE

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User currently offlinetexan From New Zealand, joined Dec 2003, 4324 posts, RR: 51
Reply 3, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 6622 times:

License: 12 years (Jan. 1998)
First car: 1985 Buick Century
Mileage: a lot
Accidents: 2. One my fault, single car. One the other person's fault. Her car got the brunt of it.
Moving violations: 1, 1996 or 97.
Current car: 2004 Nissan Sentra, since December 2003.
Former cars: 1985 Buick Century: dad's car 1985-1998, mine 1998-2001, became unsafe to drive. 1990 Mazda 929: grandma's 1990-2001, mine 2001-2003, needed $8,000 of repairs, worth $1,000. 199? Dodge Neon: someone else's -2001, brother's 2001-2003, mine August 2003-November 2003, died on the road between Atoka and McAlester, Oklahoma on the way back to college.


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User currently offlineLTU932 From Costa Rica, joined Jan 2006, 14297 posts, RR: 46
Reply 4, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 6615 times:

Licence (Costa Rica, not valid in the EU): 1 year (July 2009)
Licence (EU): Not yet, but since it's a given that I'll eventually go voluntarily back to driving school in order to get my EU licence, it's in progress
Vehicles where I learned to drive: 1994 Geo Metro, 2000 Kia Sephia, 2003 Kia Spectra, 1987 Toyota Tercel
Mileage: Probably just near 200 km
Accidents: Only one, where I missed a stop sign, the bumper of the driving instructor's Toyota was busted and the bus got scratched (fortunately, it ended right there and I paid for the damages to him, the bus company never called about the accident)
Near accident: Once returning to San José from Acosta, on the road to Tarbaca, didn't concentrate for a split second and almost ended up hitting the mountain
Non-accident damages: Scratches to the right rearview mirror and scrapes on the body because of problems entering the garage
Tickets: none
Current vehicle: none
Car I want to have: A simple sedan or a compact car
What do I need to improve as driver: Everything. For example, my concentration needs to improve, I need to learn how to handle speeds beyond 110 km/h, parking, use of reverse and calculate lateral distances better

User currently offlineANITIX87 From United States of America, joined Mar 2005, 3353 posts, RR: 12
Reply 5, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 6614 times:
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License: 7 years (April 2003)
Learned to dive on 1999 Honda Accord V6 and 1992 Mazda MPV RWD
Mileage: no idea how much I've driven, but less than 80,000 miles for sure
Accidents: Two minor, minor taps that didn't even warrant exchange of insurance information. And I ripped my own wing mirror off when pulling out of my garage once because my dad parked the car too far to the left.
Moving violations: None for speeding. Been pulled over 3 times for very excessive speeding, but got out of it every time. Several parking violations, and a cell phone violation once, too.
Current vehicles: 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 (Zetec engine), 5sp manual, 68,000 miles (bought used in 2003 with 10,850 miles on it).


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User currently offlineSabena332 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 6, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 6603 times:

Licence: Car = 15 years (May 1995); 80cc motorbike = 17 years (May 1993); 25cc moped = 18 years (May 1992)
Vehicles I've learned to drive on: Car = VW Golf II; 80cc motorbike = Yamaha DT80; 25cc moped = Zündapp CS25
Mileage: No clue, probably more than 1.000.000 all together
Accidents: One, my fault, on snow with a car without ABS (my first car, a Polo III)
Current vehicle: Audi S4


User currently offlineMWHCVT From United Kingdom, joined Oct 2008, 902 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day ago) and read 6583 times:

Licensed: 14th February 2002
Learned to drive on: 1977 88" Series 3 Land Rover
First car: 1977 88" Series 3 Land Rover
Former cars: 1977 88" Series 3 Land Rover, 1996 Land Rover Range Rover 4.0SE (P38A)
Miles driven: circa. Quater Million
Accidents: 1 at less than 5mph my fault
Moving violations: 1
Current cars: 2001 Land Rover Range Rover 2.5TD County (P38A)

Must think up a new one soon, slow moving brain trying to get into gear ;)
User currently offlineAF340 From Canada, joined Jul 2007, 2786 posts, RR: 4
Reply 8, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day ago) and read 6577 times:

Licensed: Three Years
Learned to drive on: 2007 Toyota RAV4, 2007 Honda Fit, 2003 Infiniti G35
First car: 2004 Mazda3 Sport
Miles driven: 60,000
Accidents: 1 very minor at fault no damage needing repair
Moving violations: 0
Current cars: Mazda mentioned above

User currently offlineLuftfahrer From Germany, joined Mar 2009, 1116 posts, RR: 1
Reply 9, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day ago) and read 6559 times:

License: One year minus a week (passed the practical exam on Nov 24th, 2009)
Vehicle I learned to drive on: Diesel Golf IV
Mileage: For sure > 10 000 km in total. I drive everyday.
Vehicles I regularly drive: 2001 BMW 316i, 2005 Ford Fiesta. They don't belong to me, though.
Incident: Got pushed aside by an idiot driver, and slightly hit the curbstone with the car's front right side – my only incident thus far...
Misdemeanors: None! No speeding, not even parking tickets.   I got pulled over only once but blew a straight 0,0‰.
Cars I'd like to possess/drive: BMW E90 sedan, Ford Mustang. Buses: Mercedes-Benz O 530 G

[Edited 2010-11-17 14:09:20]

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User currently offlineSpringbok747 From Australia, joined Nov 2004, 4387 posts, RR: 9
Reply 10, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day ago) and read 6559 times:

Licensed: Jan 1998
Learned to drive in a 1996 Toyota Corolla, Ford Mondeo
First Car : 1998 Fiat Palio, hatch..best car ever!
Mileage: lots and lots.
Accidents: 2, both hit from behind, not my fault.
Speeding tickets: 5 so far, but none in the last 3 years..
Parking tickets: 3
Current car: 2007 Jeep Wrangler.
Other cars I get to drive when I go home: 2010 Mercedes C220 CDI, ML350 CDI, 2009 Fiat 500.

אני תומך בישראל
User currently offlineMattRB From Canada, joined Apr 2005, 1624 posts, RR: 9
Reply 11, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day ago) and read 6546 times:

License: 16 years (March 1994)
Learned to drive on: 1991 Chysler Caravan
Mileage: No clue, probably closing in on 100K.
Accidents: 0
Moving violations: 0
Current vehicles: 2010 Toyota Matrix

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User currently offlineMCOflyer From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 8744 posts, RR: 12
Reply 12, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 23 hours ago) and read 6529 times:

License: seven years, CDL Holder one year
Car(s) learned to drive on: 2003 Lexus ES330, 2004 Lexus SC430
First Car: 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara
Current Car: 2007 Dodge Caliber
Mileage: N/A
Accidents: two both at fault
Speeding Tickets: None
Parking tickets: None
Miles Driven: Approximately: 115K including 20K over the road miles
Cars/Trucks I've driven: Freightliner Columbia, Volvo 780, Volvo 610, International 9400I, Ford E350 box truck, Jeep Wrangler, Lexus SC430, Lexus ES330, Ford Escape, VW Beetle, Various Toyotas


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User currently onlineUltimateDelta From United States of America, joined Sep 2007, 2345 posts, RR: 5
Reply 13, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 23 hours ago) and read 6511 times:

License (Well, technically learners permit only)- 6 1/2 months
Car- 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix, 2007 Fod Fusion, 1999 Saturn SL2
First car- none yet
Mileage- 91,000
Accidents- none (one would hope)
Tickets, etc- none (again, I would hope not...)
Miles driven- Maybe 1500
Other cars driven- 2003 Mercedes E320 (thanks, Grandpa!) and 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman S

Midwest Airlines- 1984-2010
User currently offlineflymia From United States of America, joined Jun 2001, 7607 posts, RR: 7
Reply 14, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 22 hours ago) and read 6488 times:

Licensed: August of 2005 so 5 years
Learned to drive on: 1999 Land Rover SE V8
First car: 2004 VW Touareg V8
Former cars: None
Miles driven: Probably around 50,000miles
Accidents: 2 both I was not at fault. Both cars needed decent repairs. Both other drivers were at fault and ticketed.
Moving violations: 1 but dropped in court. Been pulled over 3 other times but no tickets.
Current cars: 2002 G500, 2008 SLK-280, 2009 Jetta TDI.
Other cars I have driven: A lot but my favorites would be: 1984 Chrysler Minivan, 2005 VW Jetta GLI, 2005 E55-AMG, 2006 Audi S4, 2007 G35S, 1999 CLK320, 2008 Mini Club Man.
Areas I have driven a car: Southeast and Central Florida, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Madison Wisconsin, Maryland, Los Angeles metro area, Corfu Greece, Pennsylvania.

"It was just four of us on the flight deck, trying to do our job" (Captain Al Haynes)
User currently offlinekaitak From Ireland, joined Aug 1999, 13273 posts, RR: 34
Reply 15, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 22 hours ago) and read 6483 times:

Licensed since 2001, although I've been driving for a few years before that, on provisional licences (in Ireland, it used to be possible to do that for years).
Cars: 1995-1997. Fiesta. 2001-2004. Fiesta. 2004-2010: Volvo S40. (Going very well, lovely car, so no plans to change).
Accidents: Was hit from behind by a car in c.1996; no injury and car was repaired.
Speeding tickets - none
Parking tickets - 2.

I live in Jersey, (Channel Islands), which has some of the highest car ownership (and ratios of cars to population) in the world. The highest speed limit is 40 (only on a few roads), most are 30, but there are many rural "green lanes", where the limit is 15. It's a civilised place to drive; not much in the way of road range and most drivers will let you out/in at a turn or junction.

User currently offlinefr8mech From United States of America, joined Sep 2005, 6711 posts, RR: 16
Reply 16, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 22 hours ago) and read 6467 times:

License: 1986
Learned on a Corolla
Owned: 1979 Z28, 1982 Accord, 1988 Cherokee, 1997 Explorer, 1998 Sebring Conv (wife), 2003 Sebring Sedan (wife), 2009 Flex, 2011 Edge (wife).
1993-2005 Emergeacncy equipment operator (Fire/EMS)
Fire equipment driven: 1975 Mack Pumper, 1982 Mack pumper, 1980 & 1982 Seagrave tractor drawn, 2001 & 2003 E-One Rescue Pumpers, 2004 E-One 75' Rear-mount. Various utility vehicles.
No accidents
2 violations: speeding & failure to yeild
Miles driven: 400,000+

When seconds count...the police are minutes away.
User currently offlineYVRLTN From Canada, joined Oct 2006, 2954 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 6421 times:

License: May 1998 in UK

Learned to drive mostly on instructors Vauxhall Corsa but also my first car (which was an ideal learners car somehow) and my dad Honda Acty microvan.

Cars owned:
England - 1997 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting 1.1, 2002 Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 Lusso & 2005 Mazda RX8 192
Emigrated to Canada November 2005 - 1998 Ford Explorer 4.0 & 2006 Ford F150 5.4 Triton XLT XTR (plus ran around in a friends VW Beetle for a few weeks when I first moved here).

Violations: 0 (I got stopped for speeding for the first time a year ago but the cop was no impressed I had never been stopped in 11 years he let me off.....)

Accidents: Two minor parking lots scrapes plus the hood opened on my Alfa on the M25 at 90 mph... and I wrote off a company Citroen Relay van rear ending someone when my boot got wedged between the accelerator and brake on the motorway...

[Edited 2010-11-17 20:05:26]

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User currently offlineKent350787 From Australia, joined May 2008, 1033 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 6409 times:

License: January 1982
First accident: March 1982 (span the Toyota Corona I'd learnt in around a bend and head on into a telegraph pole)
First car of my own: 1957 VW Beetle Special (36hp 1200cc, first of the square rear window but still had the flip out turn indicators. Managed to snap the crankshaft....)
Other cars I've owned: 1986 Honda Civic, 1991 Honda Civic (rear ended another car in this), 1998 VW Golf (IV), 2004 Subaru Outback
Current Car: 2010 Skoda Octavia Scout (I enjoy driving on dirt/gravel roads, but not full-on 4WDing)
Places I've driven: Most of the SE third of Australia, plus Central Oz and top of the Northern Territory. Also UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain and France.

User currently offlineYellowstone From United States of America, joined Aug 2006, 3071 posts, RR: 4
Reply 19, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 6407 times:

License: since 2005. Current license is from California.
Cars I learned to drive in: 2004 Honda Accord, 2005 Honda Pilot, 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan
First car: 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan (parents owned it, but I was the only one that drove it)
Cars since then: none (went to college in town with good public transit)
Tickets: none
Accidents: none
"Accidents": Bumped side mirrors with a parked car at very low velocity, no damage. Backed into a telephone pole while attempting to turn around, no damage.
Near accidents: failed to spot gridlock that was backing up onto a freeway interchange ramp I had just entered. Would have hit the car in front had they not moved over into the next lane.

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User currently offlineSuperfly From Thailand, joined May 2000, 40298 posts, RR: 73
Reply 20, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 6399 times:

License: May 1989 (my 16th. birthday)
First car: 1974 Ford Pinto
Learned to drive on: 1986 Nissan Sentra and 1989 Ford Taurus owned by my high school
No accidents
A few speeding tickets I talked myself out of and/or took traffic school to erase from record
Other cars I've owned, 1976 Mercury Cougar XR-7, 1977 Lincoln Town Coupe, 1974 Lincoln Mark IV, 1978 Lincoln Mark V, 1980 Volkswagen Dasher diesel, 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit diesel, 1987 Chrysler Lebaron convertible, 1977 Lincoln Town Car.
Currently walk to work or ride a "Motorsigh--taxee" to work as well as ride canals, tuk-tuks or subway around town.

Quoting Confuscius (Thread starter):
I learned how to drive on 1977 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon.

Probably the best car you've owned!  
Quoting Confuscius (Thread starter):
I currently drive a 1999 Honda Accord EX (V6 coupe)

Ah yes, the delivery vehicle for software and tech support. Thanks Confuscius!

Quoting Confuscius (Thread starter):
2010 Toyota RAV4

People are going to think you're a lesbian.

Quoting Yellowstone (Reply 19):
1994 Dodge Grand Caravan (parents owned it, but I was the only one that drove it)

I think you drove that to the last Airliners.net meet at SFO last year.

Bring back the Concorde
User currently offlineMaverick623 From United States of America, joined Nov 2006, 6043 posts, RR: 7
Reply 21, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 6391 times:

License: February 2004 Learned in a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan

Vehicles driven regularly: The above Caravan, 2002 Dodge Neon (learned stick on it), 1984 Ford Bronco II (my first car I owned outright, lasted to almost 200K miles), 2005 Hyundai Accent (current car), 1985 Ford Ranger Pickup (work truck).

Miles driven: Somewhere around 150-200K.

Tickets: None. Been pulled over for speeding 3 times (always with a verbal warning), and once for racing (also a verbal warning. They were looking for drunks, not stupid kids accelerating to only 50).

Accidents: Tapped someone's bumper because some idiot couldn't move completely into the turn lane and stopped. No visible damage, no report filed. Was involved in a serious crash, a car tried to pass me doing about 90 on a sharp turn on the I-10, he spun out, missed me (thankfully), and hit the guard rail backwards - rear passenger was ejected. He somehow walked away with just a few cuts and minor bruises.

Areas regularly driven: PHX area, SoCal, NY/CT area.

"PHX is Phoenix, PDX is the other city" -777Way
User currently offlineCXB77L From Australia, joined Feb 2009, 2794 posts, RR: 3
Reply 22, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 6383 times:

Licensed: 22 February 2000 - just over 10 years
Car I learnt to drive in: 1989 Daihatsu Charade
Cars I've owned: 1982 Ford Laser Ghia, 1989 Ford Falcon GL, 2005 Ford Fairmont
Accidents: 1, hit from behind. Although I will admit to having some near misses - most prominent being last December when I was on Highway 99, heading into Vancouver. I was half asleep and almost drove into gridlocked traffic.
Violations: 0. I admit to speeding on occasion, but I've never been caught.
Kilometres driven: approximately 120,000.

Boeing 777 fanboy
User currently offlineczbbflier From Canada, joined Jul 2006, 1035 posts, RR: 2
Reply 23, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 16 hours ago) and read 6363 times:

License: Personal- 27 years (1983). Professional 17 years (1993)
Learned to drive on: 1975 Chevrolet Malibu station wagon, 1972 Mercury Comet, 1967 Ford Anglia (manual transmission)
Learned to drive bus on: 1967 San Francisco GMC transit bus (4-speed square-cut, solenoid reverse) 1981 Prevost Excel
Mileage: A million kilometres at least.
First car: 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit
Accidents: Depends: Two in my own car, all rear-enders, none of them my fault. Professionally, a couple: 2 my fault- cut a turn too tight and sideswiped a car & pulled ahead to leave bus stop when a car was turning into a driveway. 1 not my fault- T-boned in an intersection. Do trolley pole collisions count? How about having my left-side mirror clipped by oncoming traffic?
Moving violations: Personal: 1 speeding ticket. Professional: 2 speeding tickets. All years ago.
Current vehicles: I own no car right now. My partner was given a Ford Taurus so that's what I drive now and again.

Past vehicles:
1980 Volkswagen Rabbit
1978 Volkswagen Rabbit
1984 Toyota Tercel hatchback
1989 Volkswagen Jetta
2001 Volkswagen Jetta
2005 Mercedes S500
2005 Smart FourTwo Passion

Current buses:
New Flyer 40' and 60' trolley buses
Nova Viva 40' diesel and hybrid transit buses

Favourite buses:
#10- MCI DL3 40': 8V92T 5-Speed manual
#1040- MCI DL3 45': Caterpillar Engine, 7-Speed manual
#342- MCI DL3 45'- black with a totem pole motif: Detroit Series 60, Allison 6-speed Electronic Automatic
#1842- Prevost H-341 Detroit Series 60, Allison 6-speed Electronic Automatic
#1115- MCI DL3 45' (Greyhound): Detroit Series 60, Allison 6-speed Electronic Automatic... picked it up from the factory in Winnipeg. I signed for its delivery- $306K. It had 56 kilometres on the odo. Drove it back to Vancouver.

User currently offlineflanker From United States of America, joined Aug 2005, 1767 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (5 years 6 months 2 weeks 15 hours ago) and read 6375 times:

Licensed: 2003
Learned to drive on: Ford, Oldsmobile, Dodge, Opel
First car: Audi A4
Former cars: Neon, Saab 9000CS, Aurora, Toronado Trofeo, Audi A4
Miles driven: many
Accidents: 2 not at fault
Moving violations: Speeding 120+mph in a 55 zone, various speeding tickets. at least 5.
Current cars: 1991 Mercedes Benz 420SEL, Saab 9000

All it all it has been great. I have loved all the cars here in their own little way.

The A4 holds a special place in my heart though.

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25 Go3Team : Licensed almost 20 years (Jan 1991) CDL-A licensed for almost 15 years I have driven over 2 million miles. First car was a 1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Wa
26 757MDE : Learned: 2010 Learned on: Cheverolet Luv 94' First car: Renault Twingo 2006 (belongs to my mom but I use it the most) Crashes: None (But I admit havin
27 OA412 : License: 14 years (January 1996) Learned to drive on: Early 90's Mercury Topaz (what a sucky car that was). Mileage: Lost count, but well over 100,000
28 Post contains images Superfly : Now that you have our driving records, who will you hire? Sounds like you have a driver position open.
29 Post contains images ACDC8 : I've been licensed since 1989 - professionaly since 2006. Speeding tickets - lots Accidents - 4 .... got rearended twice, t-boned once and 1 my fault
30 vhqpa : Licensed - October 2005 (Provisional) October 2008 (Open) Learnt in - 1997 Toyota Landcruiser Prado, 1990 Holden Commodore, 1989 Honda Prelude Assesse
31 Post contains images swissy : Licensed since 1988 for cars and bikes... Learned on a BMW 320... total hrs, with the teacher 11 and a test of 1 hour. First car was a rabbit, olive g
32 KINDFlyer : License: 1986 Learned to Drive on: 1970 Chevrolet pickup truck 1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale First Car Owned: 1971 Ford Mustang Other Cars Owned: 19
33 ShyFlyer : Licensed Since 1994 Learned on Ford Escort (94), Crown Vic (85), F350 (91) Mileage Under 1 Light Year Moving Violations 1 - Speeding Accidents At Faul
34 Post contains images ajd1992 : Licenced since 19th March 2010 Driven since: Never. I drove my girlfriend and her mum home after she hit/killed a rabbit and was too distraught to dri
35 richm : Licensed: February 2005 Learned to drive: Vauxhall Corsa First car: Ford Fiesta Former cars: Ford Fiesta, BMW 316, BMW 318 Accidents: 0 Violations: 0
36 Post contains images oldman55 : MMnnhh This could take awhile I got my license in 1964; before the 747 LOL. I had to upgrade my horse and buggy license My first car was a 1964 Plymou
37 Post contains images sovietjet : Licensed: December 2004 Learned to drive: East German Trabant in 2003(no license) First car after license: 1997 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor
38 Post contains images Fly2HMO : Licensed: Provisional: 1999. Full license: 2000 Learned to drive on: 1991 VW Passat Variant/1995 Chrysler Concorde 3.5 Learned stick on some shit Niss
39 MasterBean : License: 3 months 2 weeks and 1 day after my 17th birthday. Learned to drive in my mum's Peugeot 306 1.8 5dr and instructors Vauxhall Corsa 1.3CDTI 5d
40 WildcatYXU : Hmm, I looks that I learned to drive on the shittiest car. Darn...
41 Post contains images RobertNL070 : License: October 1979 (in the UK on the first attempt, five months after my 17th birthday) Learned to drive: Triumph Dolomite 1850HL First car: Triump
42 CargoLex : Licensed: 15 years. Learned to drive on.. 1987 Mazda 323 (auto), 1976 Triumph TR-6 (manual) First Car... 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ (first owned outri
43 greasespot : License:26 years,Got learners at 14 and full DL at 16 in Alberta where I grew up. Motorcycle licence 3 years but have been riding off road all my life
44 Yellowstone : Yep, although it would have been three or four years ago at this point.
45 type-rated : Licensed to drive: 1966 Car I learned how to drive: 64' Ford Galaxie 500 XL convertible, automatic. 62' Ford Falcon, learned to drive standard on this
46 JBirdAV8r : Licensed to drive: 2000 First car: 1996 Honda Civic First car I "drove": My grandparents' Chevrolet Caprice in the late 80's, sitting in their laps Fi
47 WarRI1 : First license 1955 Learned to drive in a 1953 Ford PU. First car owned 1941 Chevy, bought from my brother. Graduated to 1950 Plymouth, sold that to my
48 EASTERN : I got my license in 2004. My first car was a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird LE coupe. The car is still running, with my friend now. I've been in only one accide
49 Superfly : Geez time flies! Seems like yesterday. Is she still driving that in 2010?
50 JJJ : License since 2000 (I got it pretty late, over 22 I used to ride a bike or take the bus everywhere until I took a job out of town and had to buy a car
51 aero145 : Learned to drive on a 1987 Ford Courier stick when I was a kid (9 y/o) 'Legally' learned to drive on a VW Golf V Diesel and Golf VI LPG Licenced since
52 mal787 : License in 1975 learnt to drive in a VW beetle now drive a Ford Falcon XR6 never been caught for any traffic violation despite driving on a highway th
53 Post contains images Mudboy : I drive too fast, and have several awards to prove it, and would have several more, if I did not know half of the Troopers in MS, LA and AR
54 falstaff : Got my license in March of 1992. Accidents 1997, 2000, 2005 one was not my fault, one was my fault and one I wasn't in the car when in happened (parke
55 sovietjet : Hahaha I second this
56 Post contains links and images Schienenflieger : Got my Mofa license, valid for a blazing 15 mph, when I was 15 and my car license on the very day I turned 18. Like everybody else in Germany, I learn
57 flanker : As soon as I read your post I let him know of the dilemma and he quickly found the remedy... Since LOT767-300ER is banned he is conveying this to me:
58 Post contains images Confuscius : IIRC, you worked on an Acura Vigor with a faulty cylinder. I wonder who was the owner. Just sold the Honda last night. I'm down to one car. Which one
59 idealstandard : Got my license: Feb 2008 - so not even 2 years. Car I learnt to drive in: 2004 Fiesta Cars I've owned/own: 1997 Ford Mondeo, 2002 Mercedes V-Class, 20
60 Post contains links and images PlaneWasted : Licensed: August 2005 Current Car: Citroën Xsara 1.6L 2004 First car: Chevrolet Matiz Former cars: Chevrolet Matiz (destoyed it ), another Chevrolet
61 WarRI1 : She did not keep it long. I forgot to mention that it did not start too well on rainy days, in fact it did not start on rainy days. She married me an
62 type-rated : ... Jeeesh! I am surprised he still isn't sitting in Cook County jail! Some people have all the luck.
63 falstaff : I missed my 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. That was a real turd. Nothing like a car with no compression on one cylinder..... Probably a burned val
64 Post contains images sudden : License car: 21 years (1989), License motorbike (125cc): 19 years (1987) First car: Golf 1.6 -76. Good first car, but never ever again. First and only
65 NWA330nut : Licensed: 2005 Vehicle learned to drive in: 1999 Chevrolet Suburban Person who taught me how to drive the most: Mom First/current car: 1998 Saturn SL
66 moose135 : License: 33 years (August 1977) Learned on: 1969 Plymouth Satellite (4 doors, Slant 6 engine, 3 on the tree...became my first car) Mileage: About 1/2
67 WarRI1 : Exactly right, it was a cracked distributer cap, it took awhile to find it though.
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