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Obama confirmed the death of Osama Bin Laden Pt.1  
User currently offlineNIKV69 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7704 times:

Rumor mill buzzing as Obama is to speak any minute. Sources saying it's about OBL. Let's hope we got him.

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User currently offlineDeltaRules From United States of America, joined Sep 2001, 4173 posts, RR: 8
Reply 1, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7704 times:

CNN, MSNBC speculating OBL has been killed.

Let's Kick the Tires & Light the Fires!!
User currently offlinedragon-wings From United States of America, joined Apr 2001, 4055 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7703 times:

Looks like we posted at the same time,

Don't give up don't ever give up - Jim Valvano
User currently offlineMir From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 22777 posts, RR: 53
Reply 3, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7704 times:

Banner on NY Times home page says he is dead - doesn't say whether we got him or whether we found him dead (not that I really care either way).


7 billion, one nation, imagination...it's a beautiful day
User currently offlineJBirdAV8r From United States of America, joined Jun 2001, 4503 posts, RR: 19
Reply 4, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7706 times:

Geraldo is about to have a stroke.

CONGRATULATIONS to Coalition forces. What an amazing accomplishment. We're proud of you.

I got my head checked--by a jumbo jet
User currently offlineNIKV69 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 5, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7707 times:

Quoting DeltaRules (Reply 1):
CNN, MSNBC speculating OBL has been killed

I am hoping more like we got him alive so he can through the process here and be executed. That would be a bit sweeter.

CNN saying they have three sources saying he is dead!

[Edited 2011-05-01 19:46:34]

User currently offlineaerobalance From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 4696 posts, RR: 42
Reply 6, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7669 times:

Who's going to take his place?

"Sing a song, play guitar, make it snappy..."
User currently offlineMir From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 22777 posts, RR: 53
Reply 7, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7666 times:

Quoting NIKV69 (Reply 5):
I am hoping more like we got him alive so he can through the process here and be executed. That would be a bit sweeter.

Would be a media circus that we don't need - better off that he's dead before he ever sees a courtroom.


7 billion, one nation, imagination...it's a beautiful day
User currently offlinejcs17 From United States of America, joined Jun 2001, 8065 posts, RR: 37
Reply 8, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7665 times:

Thank God!

Congratulations to our military, intelligence assets, and our coalition forces.

America's chickens are coming home to rooooost!
User currently offlineJBirdAV8r From United States of America, joined Jun 2001, 4503 posts, RR: 19
Reply 9, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7665 times:

Quoting Mir (Reply 3):
doesn't say whether we got him or whether we found him dead (not that I really care either way).

Reports coming in that he was killed by a U.S. bomb about a week ago and that DNA evidence has confirmed it was Osama bin Laden.

I got my head checked--by a jumbo jet
User currently offlinestasisLAX From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 3317 posts, RR: 7
Reply 10, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7624 times:

I am so glad that this chapter in America's history is over.

My prayers go to the loved ones of those killed on 9/11 and all those lost in the subsequent military actions to find Bin Laden. Appropriate that OBL is confirmed dead just as the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety!" B.Franklin
User currently offlineCPH-R From Denmark, joined May 2001, 6515 posts, RR: 3
Reply 11, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7628 times:

"Bin Laden Is Dead, U.S. Official Says"

Breaking at NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/02/wo...a-bin-laden-is-killed.html?_r=1&hp

Quoting aerobalance (Reply 6):
Who's going to take his place?

Noone. Presumably al-Zawahiri, but he lacks the, shall we call it notability and goodwill with the Saudis?

Not that it matters much, AQ have never been a centralised organisation anyway. I personally see them more as a franchise-type operation, who lends their name and financial support to budding wanna-be terrorists.

User currently offlineDocLightning From United States of America, joined Nov 2005, 23606 posts, RR: 60
Reply 12, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7628 times:

Quoting NIKV69 (Reply 5):

I am hoping more like we got him alive so he can through the process here and be executed.

My guess is that there was no way to capture him alive.

This is very good news, but I think that most Americans will credit it with too much relevance. OBL's death will not stop AQ and is very likely to lead to retaliatory attacks.

User currently offlinedragon-wings From United States of America, joined Apr 2001, 4055 posts, RR: 0
Reply 13, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7603 times:

I am glad we got him and everything, but this does not mean the terrorists will go away.

Don't give up don't ever give up - Jim Valvano
User currently offlineNIKV69 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 14, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7605 times:

Quoting DocLightning (Reply 12):
My guess is that there was no way to capture him alive.

Very true. Either way it is a good day!

User currently offlineBlueElephant From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2006, 1817 posts, RR: 5
Reply 15, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7604 times:

U.S. News saying a conference coming soon - OBL Confirmed dead.

User currently offlineaerobalance From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 4696 posts, RR: 42
Reply 16, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7605 times:

Quoting JBirdAV8r (Reply 9):
Reports coming in that he was killed by a U.S. bomb about a week ago and that DNA evidence has confirmed it was Osama bin Laden

Too bad, I wish he would have suffered.

Quoting CPH-R (Reply 11):
Noone. Presumably al-Zawahiri, but he lacks the, shall we call it notability and goodwill with the Saudis?

Good. Let this be a statement that you can't hide from the US and NATO forces. It may have taken a while, but you will be nabbed. Dog will hunt!

"Sing a song, play guitar, make it snappy..."
User currently offlineCPH-R From Denmark, joined May 2001, 6515 posts, RR: 3
Reply 17, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7582 times:

Quoting DocLightning (Reply 12):
My guess is that there was no way to capture him alive.

Given the location he's been hiding at has been glaringly obvious to everyone for the past couple of years, you can bet on that

This is very good news, but I think that most Americans will credit it with too much relevance. OBL's death will not stop AQ and is very likely to lead to retaliatory attacks.

This. It won't mean an exit from Afghanistan any time soon, which is what I think most Americans will probably associate this news with.

User currently onlinealberchico From United States of America, joined Sep 2004, 3069 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7579 times:

I at least hope it was a painful death..........

short summary of every jewish holiday: they tried to kill us ,we won , lets eat !
User currently offlineBlueElephant From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2006, 1817 posts, RR: 5
Reply 19, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7581 times:

BBC: Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been killed and the US has his body - US media reports - President Obama to speak shortly

User currently offlineMir From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 22777 posts, RR: 53
Reply 20, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7548 times:

Quoting JBirdAV8r (Reply 9):
Reports coming in that he was killed by a U.S. bomb about a week ago and that DNA evidence has confirmed it was Osama bin Laden.

I wonder how they have DNA to confirm it's his. But no matter really - if true, bravo zulu to the military and intelligence communities for finally catching up with the bastard.

Quoting dragon-wings (Reply 13):
this does not mean the terrorists will go away.

Certainly not, but it does make me feel a bit better to know that the guy who planned the 9/11 attacks isn't getting away with it.


7 billion, one nation, imagination...it's a beautiful day
User currently offlineNIKV69 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 21, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7551 times:

Quoting alberchico (Reply 18):
I at least hope it was a painful death..........

I hope he died by ceiling above him collapsing so he can have an idea what the people in the WTC went through.

Good riddance.

[Edited 2011-05-01 19:59:33]

User currently offlineJBirdAV8r From United States of America, joined Jun 2001, 4503 posts, RR: 19
Reply 22, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7535 times:

Quoting CPH-R (Reply 11):
AQ have never been a centralised organisation anyway.

That's true.

Quoting Mir (Reply 20):
I wonder how they have DNA to confirm it's his.

There are lots of his immediate offspring who are not all hostile to American interests. I'd guess that might have helped.

I got my head checked--by a jumbo jet
User currently offline2707200X From United States of America, joined Mar 2009, 10294 posts, RR: 1
Reply 23, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7533 times:

Congratulations to all involved, our soldiers, our intelligence and the international coalition in locating and killing Osama bin Laden, he is accountable for the lives of thousands of innocent people.

"And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by." John Masefield Sea-Fever
User currently offlineflanker From United States of America, joined Aug 2005, 1767 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (5 years 11 hours ago) and read 7532 times:

Hell yea baby!!! Grats to our military and coalition forces.

Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented immigrant' is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist
25 Post contains links and images jcs17 : from: http://www.nypost.com/ [Edited 2011-05-01 20:00:53]
26 HOONS90 : Congratulations to everyone involved in this long and arduous process! Still a LOT of work to do, but certainly a very good step. Today must be good n
27 Post contains links flymia : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13256676 GOT HIM!
28 sunking737 : WOOP, WOOP, WOOP....US MILITARY!!!! Way to go boys and girls. We pray for those who gave their lives up to get him.
29 BMI727 : According to everything I've seen, the common belief within the CIA and other intelligence agencies was that Bin Laden's bodyguards had standing orde
30 DeltaRules : I'm much more excited about this than I am Saddam. Just as long as he didn't die of kidney failure... See you in hell, OBL.
31 KPDX : Absolutely historic moment! Way to go coalition.
32 airtran737 : I hope he rots in hell, and that his virgins end up being ugly men. This in no way ends the war on terror, but is a huge victory for all of those who
33 NIKV69 : Which he would do reagardless but we got his body and intead of being a martyr he really is a cowardly thug.
34 Confuscius : Mission Accomplished
35 dragon-wings : One of the reports on CNN say when they got him he was in a mansion just outside Islamabad.
36 einsteinboricua : A very good day indeed for US forces. Seems these years finally paid off. Everyone is aware of this, but taking Bin Laden out of the map will surely b
37 Mir : Would explain his good mood, though. -Mir
38 jcs17 : According to CNN, he was killed in a mansion outside of Islamabad. Not in a cave. Gotta love those Pakistanis.
39 CPH-R : That's daring, if true. He was somewhat safe in the NWFP and the Tribal Areas, as Pakistan had a hands off approach to those sectors, so for him to v
40 BlueElephant : According to CNN.com he was killed in Afghanistan All Speculation...we'll see in a bit.
41 imiakhtar : I'm going to the mosque for my morning prayers. I shall not be praying for his salvation. Cheerio!
42 Dreadnought : AP is reporting that Bin Ladin was living in a MANSION outside of Islamabad. So much for the stories about living in a cave. I suppose the Pakistanis
43 weebie : A good win for the US today.
44 flanker : They are saying that it was a SPECIAL OPS that took him out on the ground
45 qantas077 : massive political win for Obama...good riddance to bad rubbish. unfortunately AQ stil exists and that is real issue.[Edited 2011-05-01 20:17:49]
46 Ken777 : One unconfirmed report (CNN) has indicated that he was killed in a mansion in Pakistan where he was staying with family members. No comment on if we h
47 CPH-R : He never had kidney trouble. He did, however, most likely have Addison's disease.
48 TheCol : The CBC (TV) has just reported that Prime Minister Harper is going to address the country after Obama speaks. I would like to take this time to thank
49 jcs17 : They're (CNN) now saying that it was a human operation (read: CIA, and possibly ISI), not a bomb or missle.
50 BladeLWS : OUTSTANDING!!!! Check out CNN, tourists at the White House fence singing the star spangled banner and cheering USA USA USA!!! Great day for every Amer
51 Mir : Yeah, I'd kind of like to know more about that. -Mir
52 Post contains links and images Ken777 : One funny line in a very brief 3 paragraph story in the WaPo: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politi.../05/01/AF1D5hVF_story.html?hpid=z1 Sure fellas, n
53 Post contains images MattRB : For those times when you need to reach out and touch someone.. BZ to the folks that got him.
54 Post contains images AeroWesty : How long before Trump demands to see the long form death certificate?
55 MSPNWA : I believe he's been dead for years. I guess now was the time to announce it. We got enough war run out of him, so officially dead he is.
56 Post contains images AI121 : This is awesome. Congratulations to forces from all the countries involved. So what happens now? Do we get to see sex tapes with 72 virgins? LOL.
57 Post contains images OA412 : There's a shocker! The Pakistani Government goes from bad to worse. Indeed, and that's the unfortunate downside in all of this. Sure, the head was ta
58 ltbewr : There has been a delay in the 'official' Presidential announcement, perhaps due to the sensitivity of the circumstances (apparently killed in Pakistan
59 Tower : Seeing that gave me chills and grin from ear to ear.
60 scrubbsywg : unless Canada had some direct impact on this, i don't think it is good for Harper to have a presser. Considering we have an election tomorrow, it sma
61 NIKV69 : If I was there with you I would join you! Cheers! They sang "God Bless America" too!
62 cpd : That's just something we can all do without. If it has occurred through other means, then all the better. He'll probably claim that he was the hero t
64 luckyone : My heart certainly goes out to the 9/11 victims, and I am nothing but proud of my compatriots who serve...but this "victory" rings hollow. How long di
65 bohica : Na na na na...na na na na...Bin Laden...Goooood-bye!!!!! May he rot in hell.
66 STT757 : Thank you to everyone who has put their lives into bringing justice to those lost on September 11th, 2001. Many men and Women from many countries (Can
67 Post contains images Ken777 : Now that is funny! I added you to my RR List for that one. His first responsibility is to inform some senior members of COngress as well as some worl
68 Post contains images OA412 : Agreed. It would make for some interesting reading.
69 STT757 : Put his body on display in Manhattan.
70 qantas077 : not sure he has been in charge for a while...not that AQ needs a leadership.
71 BMI727 : Well, as long as there's no hockey on... No shooting guns in the air?
72 acidradio : I stand with you all as history unfolds. I don't think any of us expected something like this to happen tonight. Wow. It is hard to believe that this
73 Post contains images steeler83 : HE'S ON A HIGHWAY TO HELL! A HIGHWAY TO HELL! Yep, I played ACDC's Highway to Hell twice for that reason just now. Sianara you piece of sh&t! Good
74 NIKV69 : Better yet drag down the west side highway!
75 Baroque : Well MAF always maintained that wherever he was he would be nice and comfortable thank you very much. Better without OBL, but I don't like to rain on
76 Mir : Make sure to take it on the Cross Bronx first - more potholes there. -Mir
77 Mudboy : Good Op, Good kill by "the Teams"!
78 scrubbsywg : Interesting to hear there are still times where old fashioned firefights in countries that are not at war are still needed. Will be interesting to hea
79 CPH-R : Abbottabad is 150 miles north of Islamabad. Sounds like the Islamabad report was closest.
80 Ken777 : There are crowds outside the White House tonight celebrating. Bush II released a very kind message, indicating that Obama had called him earlier today
81 STT757 : President Obama just spoke: Bin Laden was killed in a fire fight, not a drone or air strike. He was killed by a US Special operations team deep inside
82 canoecarrier : I guarantee there's video of this operation. When they went in to get Jessica Lynch they had video, they'll have video on this op too.
83 STT757 : The President said the CIA has been working the lead that led to the news tonight since August.
84 B595 : I wonder who carried out the operation (Delta, DEVGRU/SEAL Team 6, Rangers)? Maybe a joint op with SAS? Hopefully some details will trickle out.
85 ronglimeng : Sorry boys, but I don't see much to crow about here! Up until now I had assumed that OBL had been spread out in some nameless bomb crater back in the
86 stratosphere : Lets see Gadddafi's Kid and now OSB...I don't know as much as I have issues with Obama this will be a couple of feathers in his cap....I tip my hat to
87 einsteinboricua : Let's not forget that at least part of the credit goes to GWB. Even if his presidency was a flop, his decision to pursue OBL even when things seemed t
88 imiakhtar : Abbottabad is home to the Pakistani Military Academy. Go figure! I've tried to get an update from my dad who doesn't live far away. Apparently, he's
89 Post contains images flanker : I love all the people singing outside the white house. Epic. Cant wait till that streams all over the world.
90 national757 : Great day for Americans all over the world! May 1st - The day we all learned the United States finally killed that SOB
91 STT757 : Absolutely, both President Bush and President Obama deserve credit. However the real heroes are the men and Woman in the military and Intelligence co
92 Dreadnought : Did I hear correctly Obama say that the mission happened today, rather than last week? With a big slab of bacon in his mouth. Send pictures to all isl
93 BMI727 : Maybe you can bring Nancy Faust out of retirement. Either way you're still gonna need a new deck of cards. I don't have any idea what state the body
94 NIKV69 : Well we do. Seems you were mistaken. These things don't happen overnight. Some may think 10 years is a long time some may think not. In the end all t
95 Mudboy : There has not been a SEAL T6 since 1987! NSWDG(DEVGRU, or SFOD-D would be the most likely for this kind of Op.
96 Post contains images jcs17 : Now they just need chicks taking their tops off in front of the White House and the spring break atmosphere will be complete .
97 STT757 : This is the culmination of an effort nearly 13 years of effort, President Clinton in 1998 launched the first attempt to kill Bin Laden in the wake of
98 DocLightning : Yeah, my crystal ball shows me some rather embarrassed Pakistani officials answering some rather embarrassing questions. See, he should have read the
99 Post contains links NWA330nut : not sure if this is here yet.... but.... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/42852983#42852983 Its Obama announcing it.
100 Mir : This is about the closure, not the way in which he was living. It is VERY significant, especially to those who witnessed the attacks that that man pl
101 STT757 : Crowds are now gathering in Lower Manhattan, cheers and crying.
102 Post contains images Baroque : You have a point there ronglimeng - mind you not uncommon for that to be the case!! FWIW, Fisky thinks that AlQ is beginning to irritate the Pakistan
103 B595 : Hence why I said DEVGRU/SEAL Team 6.... SEAL Team 6 is still used as a colloquial name for it.
104 STT757 : I imagine they helicoptered in from Afghanistan, carried our the operation, grabbed the body and flew back. Hey there's a certain poster here who's be
105 BMI727 : I think that there were probably plenty of American intelligence and special forces types in Pakistan anyway. He is neither the first nor the last te
106 FlyDeltaJets87 : News I've been waiting nearly 10 years to hear. Congrats to the US Special Ops and Intels teams that carried this out, and congrats to President Obama
107 LMP737 : I wonder how long it will take for the first wacky conspircay theories about this event to pop up.
108 NIKV69 : Seriously though I am not surprised. Mirrodie en route I told him to bring his camera![Edited 2011-05-01 21:34:34]
109 STT757 : More reports coming in, others besides Bin Laden killed. One US helicopter went down due to mechanical issues, but no US lives lost. Seems like they f
110 flanker : What a noob hiding in a house 8x larger than anything around it.
111 Dreadnought : Don't think I'm hoping for it... No question AQ had little to do with the rebellions, other Islamist organizations perhaps a little more. But history
112 Post contains links mariner : Lest we forget and we reminding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_kmf...c5Pw&feature=player_embedded#at=17 mariner
113 imiakhtar : Very unlikely. Pakistan's nuclear research labs are near by. They're covered by a very dense SAM system. US would do very well to fly 400 miles undet
114 STT757 : Huge crowd gathering in Times Square circling FDNY fire trucks. 343 FDNY firefighters were killed on 9/11. They gave their lives trying to save other
115 Post contains images Superfly : Good riddance! Glad he was caught! LOL! [Edited 2011-05-01 21:38:16]
116 Post contains images OA412 : Agreed. I have to wonder how much influence he's actually had over Al Qaeda over the last few years. I suspect you're correct, and that he has not be
117 aerobalance : What's with our damn helicopters going mech. at the worst times? 1979 Tehran hostage rescue attempt (Op. Eagle Claw) and now this? Pathetic.
118 scrubbsywg : CNN is reporting that they did in fact helicopter in from Afganistan. The sources were also saying that Pakistani intelligence operatives were on the
119 Baroque : I guess the early ones will rapidly be Trumped. He was not a happy bear at that shindig the other night! See, you should pay more attention to MAF an
120 STT757 : There are conflicting reports on whether it was brought down due to a mechanical or hostile fire, regardless no US casualties.
121 D L X : This is why I f**king love our military. The crash is extremely unfortunate, and not continuing the assault would have likely let the roach get away.
122 Baroque : How do you suppose they got permission to attack? Obama was part of the critical path, but it must have been approved by Pakistan first. Otherwise the
123 Post contains images NIKV69 : I doubt we would have called off the attack if they said no.
124 OA412 : Forgive my ignorance, but I'm drawing a blank as to who the MAF are. He used a woman as a human shield. The clown was nothing but a coward up until t
125 CPH-R : You're way behind the curve on that one. So far I've seen "OBL never existed" and "OBL has been dead for 10 years and his body kept in a fridge", sur
126 Post contains images 11Bravo : We made them an offer they couldn't refuse.
127 Baroque : You might find you were invited. It must have been clear where he was for a long long time. No recent discovery this. No Pakistan approval, no attack
128 OA412 : Exactly. Every time something like this happens, they all come out in droves. I'm sure we'll soon hear someone say that "OBL was ordered by the US go
129 Mir : Obama has said he would go after bin Laden with or without Pakistan's permission, so I'd agree that their input was merely for appearance's sake. -Mi
130 kaitak : It would surprise me if the US got Pakistani permission for the attack; the US intelligence agencies know that the Pakistani authorities/govt is abou
131 Baroque : That might well be true, but if it is, how is it that they have probably been refusing it for a few years now?
132 Dreadnought : Food for thought - I am curious to see the reactions in Muslim streets.
133 Post contains images imiakhtar : For American users who aren't too familiar with Pakistan's geography, see location below: Abbottabad (centre right) is about 150 miles from the Afghan
134 Mudboy : Only by posers, not by anyone in the NSWC or USSOCOM or on the TEAMS! I wish people would leave the politics out of this, this was a Military Operati
135 irelayer : He got his due. -IR
136 Newark727 : So far I'm a bit confused as to the nature of the loss of the helicopter and the involvement/non-involvement of Pakistani intelligence. I guess that w
137 PSA53 : I can't remember when the last time I hung "Old Glory" outside my house.But she's hanging there now! Great day for America.Maybe since VE or VJ day.Wa
138 czbbflier : This is a momentous time for Americans worldwide. It has been a long hard and grueling ten years. You must all be very happy and in a celebratory mood
139 D L X : What if anything is the Pakistani media reporting? Are they reporting that he's dead?
140 Post contains links TheCol : Prime Minister Harper http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/insi...n-to-death-of-osama-bin-laden.html
141 LMP737 : So much for all that talk over the years of him living in caves and being used to a spartan existance. In the end it shows he enjoyed his creature co
142 cpd : Of course they should get the credit, but if the conditions were different and the other side was in power, they'd be just as much looking to score m
143 NIKV69 : I seriously doubt it. Me too. Good job!
144 OA412 : Indeed. Everyone needs to be a bit more vigilant over the coming weeks and months.
145 Post contains images imiakhtar : It's very low key. Snippets here and there. The big news in Pakistan at the moment is Pakistan's win over the West Indies in the cricket!
146 Post contains links Baroque : Not yet the street but here is an English language version (and you really should watch Al Jazeera you know!!) http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2..
147 Baroque : So God is indeed in his heaven. Mind you, a bit of a push over though!!
148 Post contains links B595 : Ok, then here's your opportunity to edit the Wiki piece on DEVGRU: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_..._Special_Warfare_Development_Group "The Uni
149 soon7x7 : A long time in coming...while some may say this is insignificant, this is huge!...Qudos to the American Forces, and to our President for standing behi
150 D L X : INteresting notes on the auspiciousness of this day: May 1, 1945: Adolf Hitler's death was announced. May 1, 2011: Osama bin Laden's death was announc
151 Mudboy : Dude, I don't get my info from Wiki.
152 LMP737 : I'm going to put my money on not much if anything. Maybe a few goofs here and there but that's about it. You have to remember that Al Queda had not q
153 Mir : Another, somewhat more relevant one: May 1, 2003: George W. Bush makes "Mission Accomplished" speech. I'm not trying to draw comparisons between Bush
154 Post contains links BlueElephant : http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42853221...world_news-south_and_central_asia/ More info coming in. Apparently Pakistan was NOT notified in advance of the
155 Post contains images B595 : Unfortunately, a lot of the general public does, so until someone knowledgable (like yourself) edits that Wiki, people are going to piss you off by c
157 NIKV69 : No President or any Military official would put the whole mission on a chance that he could be tipped off. On the verge of a huge coup Obama would ha
158 imiakhtar : As I said, very unlikely. Just spoken to my uncle in the Congo. According to his friends at Army GHQ Rawalpindi, the US asked and got Pakistani permi
159 BlueElephant : Note...Advance. meaning this was a U.S. mission with Pakistani officials notified at the last second.
160 jcs17 : They just showed the body on Pakistani TV. The helicopter crashed on the compound grounds, and that's why the compound caught fire.[Edited 2011-05-01
161 Dreadnought : Ooooooooh, boy... There is a big opportunity for some psychological warfare here. How can we show to his fanatical followers that God was not on his
162 imiakhtar : Conflicting reports at the moment. Pakistani news is saying Pakistan army helicopter crashed in Abbottabad.
163 11Bravo : You're right. I'm quite certain we gave your government advanced notification,.... to stay away from this area and not interfere with US military for
164 flymia : Mostly college students and mostly students from George Washington University which is 3 blocks from the White House. Saw the speech on TV then I hea
165 Post contains images flanker :
166 Mudboy : My God man, for once can we be Americans, instead of Reps and Dems?? Leave the politics out of this!! I will drop dead if Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh
167 oa260 : Just seen the picture of him on Sky News certainly looks like him. Nice trophy for Obama to have under his leadership. I just wonder what the response
168 Post contains images imiakhtar : Lol. Please ignore my flag. I'm in the UK. The area you refer to is home to the PMA (officer academy) and is home to quite a few fat, balding and ret
169 NIKV69 : There was an hour delay in Obama's speech. There weren't fine tuning the speech trust me. Yep Rep Ackerman and Wassmerman have already done that. To
170 qantas077 : best thing the US street can do is not gloat and allow this party to go on too long.
171 B595 : I for one wish they would have carted OBL's body away and made it quietly disappear and not said a word about it. A quiet fade to obscurity and irrele
172 etherealsky : I think you're forgetting the motivational power of martyrdom. Perhaps this is an unpopular view right now and I'm sure I will get flamed for it, but
173 Post contains images Mudboy : As for what to do with OBL's body, anyone ever see Braveheart?
174 AeroWesty : I think you're seeing relief more than anything. Don't read too much into it. While I believe in non-violence as a basic ideology, if bin Laden chose
175 Post contains links Superfly : I am so glad that Osama Bin Laden didn't live to get protection from THIS guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ON0SfNK44g http://www.youtube.com/watch
176 Post contains images TheCommodore : Yes, Like this.......
177 flanker : There is a pic floating around of his body but i am not sure if its real yet so i wont post it until i know for sure.[Edited 2011-05-01 23:41:25]
178 GDB : Well done to the forces who made this happen. In terms of actual effectiveness against current terrorism, this is not likely to have a huge effect, in
179 NIKV69 : Thanks for the concern Monty but they will probably go into the morning. Rightly so. Nahh Blackhawk down would be better.
180 Silver1SWA : I'm feeling a bit uneasy about some of the reactions, especially the celebrating going on outside the White House. I mean, remember how upset everyon
181 DocLightning : To be fair: the people killed in the WTC were innocent civilians, OBL was not. Also, a lot of the celebration is "job well done" celebration. Elimina
182 NIKV69 : If you were born and raised in NY you would probably feel a little differently. The DC celebration was most likely manufactured by the WH but in NY i
183 KiwiRob : Personally I don't see why you lot are so excited, you should be embarrassed that it took 10 years for the mighty US war machine to hunt down and kill
184 Silver1SWA : Fair enough. I just think it looks bad... That's how I'm feeling about it anyway.[Edited 2011-05-01 23:50:03]
185 Post contains links Superfly : Was it his son that wanted to marry Drew Barrymore? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDNJIkSEGII&feature=related
186 NIKV69 : Good to see that even on a great night the USA bashing rears it's ugly head. I won't even begin to try to explain the difference of Nazi Germany to A
187 TheCol : People will rejoice in the streets, just as they did on VE day and VJ day. Bin Laden's death proves that nobody can strike our democracy's with impun
188 flymia : What in the world did I say about a speech?? Absolutely not!! From someone who was there I can tell you these were just students of DC and people who
189 EA CO AS : Actually, you should be ashamed to have posted that. Poor form.
190 dragon-wings : On CNN there was a reporter in Israel and he said he was talking to some Israeli citizens and they said that if Israel was hunting Osama they would o
191 GDB : I can well understand people celebrating, yes it's never an attractive trait to do so, however I think in this case a lot of people have every right a
192 Klima : Regarding his body... I heard on FOX news that he will be buried tomorrow (today?) by 4 pm in accordance with islamic tradition. But no one seems to k
193 clipperhawaii : I have been waiting a long time for the news that this scoundrel is at last DEAD! May he rot in hell for all eternity. A big thank you and congratulat
194 SOBHI51 : Job well done USA. Thank you
195 EA CO AS : CNN is reporting the body has already been disposed of at sea.
196 dragon-wings : CNN just said he was already buried at sea.
197 Post contains images clipperhawaii : Bin Laden is dead. Tough to deal with for some I'm sure. Vengeance is sweeter when old. Just like fine wine. CH
198 B595 : Where did you hear it was the SEALS? All I've found in the news thus far is that it was a small American team that used two helicopters. That doesn't
199 Klima : I've heard it a few times on the US networks that it was the SEALs. I don't know if that's been confirmed 100%, but that seems to be everyone's guess
200 wn700driver : Nope. Just you and couple others who likely weren't affected by the events precipitated by this individual. Generally, people like to hear about it w
201 mham001 : Huh? I don't think we had any obligation to worry about Muslim traditions here, it's not like he didn't kill plenty of Muslims as well. This hurry up
202 DocLightning : I'm just glad they killed him. If they'd captured him alive, then there would be calls from within our ranks to abandon our values and execute him gru
203 san747 : I agree, its a little macabre, but I really can't blame anyone for celebrating. Absolutely. I can't imagine how my grandfather, whose son-in-law was
204 sabenapilot : Well, to bad the US didn't capture him alive! Now he was simply killed (or he killed himself, who will tell?), meaning he managed to become a real mar
205 Baroque : Well there are at least four or five of us. Not least because it is all a bit premature to assume it makes a positive difference. Bit like cheering t
206 Post contains images NIKV69 : Someone nearby live tweeted the whole event. Trust me he is dead. He was killed hours ago and Obama was nice enough to observe Muslim tradition. I do
207 andrej : Kudos to all that planned this! Justice was definitely served tonight!
208 DocLightning : I guarantee that a number of people would have demanded execution without trial. "Terrorists don't deserve rights."
209 san747 : Absolutely, that's why I felt this is the only way this should have ended. I can't even begin to imagine the political nightmare that would have occu
210 DocLightning : It costs nothing to follow the traditions, and it gains us nothing to desecrate the corpse.
211 mham001 : Only pictures i've seen are from Pakistani TV. Another has been determined a fake by somebody. How do you know? Somebody tweeted some disturbance but
212 Severnaya : Congratulations to all the people in the US, the US military and the US President. Well done! You should be proud of the men and women involved in thi
213 oa260 : Very true ! Hope he has been disposed off at sea then there is no place to gather on anniversaries. He is dead thats great but now lets get on with l
214 wn700driver : Sabena, I generally agree and take the stance that the death penalty is a stupid anachronism that we can all live without. But in this situation, I d
215 Post contains images TheCommodore : Just like GWB and the famous "victory speech" This whole thing should be celebrated "quietly" !.. We are not barbarians, salivating out of the corner
216 Springbok747 : Just heard the news...best news ever! Congrats to the people who finally got him! Its been a long long time but justice has been served.
217 travelavnut : Congratulations to the US Military and all the American members on this forum. I can only imagine how I would feel when a person responsible for the d
218 AirPacific747 : Yes! Some very good news to wake up to! Congratulations to the US army for a job well done! Why would you think that, when several tapes with OBL comm
219 Baroque : Yes, well at the time, I suppose my parents told me it was different. Not least because my father was spending his nights wandering the suburb as a w
220 Post contains links Severnaya : Here was his mansion located: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&sour...872&spn=0.002387,0.005284&t=h&z=18 - Approximately 1 km from the
221 777way : Funny that in the west they cant pronounce an English name ABBOTT-abad it was named after a Brit named Major James Abbott who founded it in 1853, and
222 WN738 : Clerly AQ will still exist, but loosing Bin Laden will HURT them big time...NO ONE in that organization had the kind of charisma, or ability to develo
223 GDB : Smart move burying him at sea, no shrine for the nutters to have. The US has had access to Bin Laden family DNA for a long time, he was very tall for
224 dragon6172 : I am sure the "approval" was gained with something along the lines of "we are coming to get him, make sure you stay out of our way." Says a lot about
225 MD11Engineer : Exactly. While not in Muslim tradition, it prevents a political burial and a possible shrine. The bodies of the German war criminals executed in Nure
226 PPVRA : Congratulations to all involved in this hunt. The world rests a bit more easily tonight.
227 777way : CNN reporting he's been buried at sea alredy, fishy, what was the rush? btw the place he was found is pronounced ABBOTT-abad named after Major James A
228 Klaus : Good news. Congratulations! The Al Qaeda franchise may or may not live on – but they've lost their figurehead which is a heavy blow to them in any c
229 Post contains images WN738 : Oh boo hoo, poor Osama isnt being MOURNED...really? Are you REALLY going to pull that card? He WAS a monster and any reaction to his death is justifi
230 na : Very good news. I must say that I´d given up believing that he was still alive. That he was thrown into the sea is good in terms his idiot followers
231 simonriat : I wont celebrate another human beings death and I'm not sure how much of a game changer this will actually be, in fact its probably made the world a l
232 bookishaviator : No, we're not, and celebrating the fact that he was brought to justice (of a sort) doesn't make us so. Humanity is better off without the likes of Os
233 HAWK21M : The Location where OBL was found is going to raise suspicion.......... It will be Surprising if the Intelligence of that country did not know the fact
234 MD11Engineer : The longer they would have waited, the more pressure would have come ed.g. by OBL´s family or other groups to have the US release the body for a "pr
235 dragon6172 : Nice 200 square foot square grass patch for landing a helo.
236 na : This good news will undoubtedly trigger "revenge" actions of his followers. Lets hope they make mistakes in their haste and get caught before they can
237 Klaus : No, but I am glad that a mass murderer was stopped on his path to further massacres. As the case of the german terrorists has shown, such a movement
238 Baroque : Well there seems to be you, me and a couple of others Hawkie who think that. For heavens sake it is a major military base. One of my homes is near a
239 Klaus : Another thought: The pro-democratic rebellions have pushed the Islamists to the sidelines as well – they have very publically lost the option to pre
240 dragon-wings : I wonder if people like Rush Limbaugh will have anything negative to say about Obama now that Bin Laden was found and killed on Obama's watch.
241 Baroque : Please send a message to this effect to one of Admiral Fisher's earlier efforts. Perhaps the hatches are closed up!!
242 AR385 : Pakistan has some explaining to do: 1. How was it OBL was living in a mansion a lot of millionaires I know would envy. 2. A mansion in what amounts t
243 Klaus : You may need to explain that one to me – I don't get the connection...
244 janmnastami : 3,000 victims on 9/11, 15,000 civilian deaths in Afghanistan, 100,000+ civilian deaths in Iraq. OBL was a terrorist and I'm not sad for his death, but
245 futurepilot16 : We should be going there soon, that's their safe haven. This is proof. However, i'm a little hesitant to read about the reports that his body was lai
246 Springbok747 : Yes. Absolutely. He was scum, he was responsible for killing thousands of innocent people, and he will certainly not be missed. I think the best part
247 MD11Engineer : Could it be that the Pakistani intelligence community and military are deeply divided? I doubt that units fighting the Taliban (and taking casualties
248 Post contains links and images futurepilot16 : On a lighter note. Guess they just couldn't resist Obama Bin Laden huh ?
249 Post contains images Klaus : Freudian slip, anyone...?
250 777way : possibly to avoid media bugging them to see him, its likely they still have the body tucked somewhere.
251 Post contains links SA7700 : This thread will be locked for further discussions as it is becoming quite long and slow to load for some users. Feel free to make use of the continua
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