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Steve Jobs Has Died  
User currently offlineAeroflot777 From Austria, joined Mar 2004, 3478 posts, RR: 25
Posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5750 times:

I assume more details to come...


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User currently offlinejetjack74 From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 7510 posts, RR: 49
Reply 1, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5742 times:
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Just got the message on my iPhone4. How ironic is that?

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User currently offlineFly2HMO From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 2, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5742 times:

Is this real or just another hoax?

User currently offlinebill142 From Australia, joined Aug 2004, 8508 posts, RR: 8
Reply 3, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5741 times:

Sad news indeed. May he rest in peace.

User currently offlinebill142 From Australia, joined Aug 2004, 8508 posts, RR: 8
Reply 4, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5722 times:

Quoting Fly2HMO (Reply 2):
Is this real or just another hoax?

Check out apple.com and you will find your answer.


User currently offlineHorizonGirl From Canada, joined Mar 2005, 808 posts, RR: 14
Reply 5, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5720 times:

Has this been confirmed? I'm still seeing that this is rumor sparked by a tweet.


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User currently offlineAeroflot777 From Austria, joined Mar 2004, 3478 posts, RR: 25
Reply 6, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5723 times:

Quoting HorizonGirl (Reply 5):
Has this been confirmed? I'm still seeing that this is rumor sparked by a tweet.

It's on Apple's website.

User currently offlineCadet57 From United States of America, joined Jul 2005, 9104 posts, RR: 27
Reply 7, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5671 times:

Quoting jetjack74 (Reply 1):

Not really ironic at all...

Honestly, I've always been a bit critical of Apple and Mr.Jobs, but he was a brilliant man and one who made many groundbreaking strides in personal computing for almost 3 decades. RIP.

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User currently offlineFly2HMO From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 8, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5651 times:

Quoting bill142 (Reply 4):
Check out apple.com and you will find your answer.

Well then, may he RIP.

I gotta say though, I saw it coming. Nobody just quits such an important position in a company for no reason, not to mention he just looked very ill and frail during his last years.

I just hope the Apple extremists don't start doing ludicrous things like building an i-taj-mahal, and that the church of steve jobs may now actually become a true religion. I would not be surprised if they did.  Yeah sure

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User currently offlineKen777 From United States of America, joined Mar 2004, 9248 posts, RR: 10
Reply 9, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5620 times:

Apple has lost someone very special. Someone who comes once in a lifetime. Steve Job's family as lost a husband and a father.

And the world has lost one of those very few shooting stars who guide our lives in ways that were inconceivable before.


User currently offlineHorizonGirl From Canada, joined Mar 2005, 808 posts, RR: 14
Reply 10, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5603 times:

Quoting Aeroflot777 (Reply 6):
It's on Apple's website.

Ahh, the above post must have come in as I asked.
May he rest in peace.


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User currently offlinecomorin From United States of America, joined May 2005, 4909 posts, RR: 13
Reply 11, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5582 times:

He made the world a better place.


User currently offlineredflyer From United States of America, joined Feb 2005, 4494 posts, RR: 26
Reply 12, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5580 times:

America has lost an icon, and the world has lost a rare breed of innovator and one of the greatest entrepreneurs. What a life he lived and what accomplishments he achieved.

Thank you, Mr. Jobs, for all you did in your short life. You will always be remembered and held up as a role model.

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User currently offlineflykev From United Kingdom, joined Jan 2006, 1400 posts, RR: 1
Reply 13, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5579 times:

This is truly sad news, and it is indisputable that this man changed the world. May he RIP. I had a great deal of respect for this man.

On a side note, on behalf of the moderators a polite request; please can we ensure that this discussion is left as a discussion regarding this news and that it does not go off topic to discuss Apple products or an iPhone vs. Whatever thread.


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User currently offlineDreadnought From United States of America, joined Feb 2008, 9836 posts, RR: 24
Reply 14, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5545 times:

Very sad. Jobs was a monument to modern technology. I remember when Apple was completely lost in the mid 90s, and he not only resurrected it but took it to an entirely new level. He will be sorely missed, and I think it's safe to say that the world will advance more slowly without him.

PS, Klaus, don't kill yourself! There are still reasons to live!

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User currently offlineJetsGo From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 3125 posts, RR: 4
Reply 15, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 5542 times:

RIP Steve, you will be missed.

Now somebody go check on Klaus...

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User currently offlineBraniff747SP From United States of America, joined Oct 2008, 3176 posts, RR: 1
Reply 16, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 5517 times:

Very sad. A man that changed how the world communicates.


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User currently offlineracko From Germany, joined Nov 2001, 4887 posts, RR: 19
Reply 17, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 5500 times:

Quoting comorin (Reply 11):
He made the world a better place.

Indeed. He's of the visionaries that has led information technology to where it is today. Rest in peace.

User currently offlineracko From Germany, joined Nov 2001, 4887 posts, RR: 19
Reply 18, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 5412 times:

He was also instrumental in getting Pixar (Finding Nemo, Wall-E etc.) where it is today. What a remarkable life.

User currently offlineKen777 From United States of America, joined Mar 2004, 9248 posts, RR: 10
Reply 19, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 5412 times:

A good article on the BBC:


User currently offlineGrahamHill From France, joined Mar 2007, 3115 posts, RR: 2
Reply 20, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 5314 times:

Very sad news. I am not an Apple user, but I acknowledge all the great achievements he's done with his company.

May he rest in peace.

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User currently offlineModernArt From United States of America, joined Jun 2003, 367 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 5291 times:

I hope Steve would appreciate this humor. RIP

User currently offlinePPVRA From Brazil, joined Nov 2004, 9105 posts, RR: 37
Reply 22, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 5282 times:

Very sad news. The world has lost a lot today.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.

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User currently offlinedamirc From Slovenia, joined Feb 2004, 746 posts, RR: 7
Reply 23, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 5375 times:

Kudos to a genius. I might not be a giant Apple fan, but his life and work did change our lives.

May he RIP.

User currently offlinesrbmod From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 24, posted (4 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 5370 times:

For many of my generation, Apple computers were our first exposure to computers. Apple IIs were for many years, the only computers you would see in school classrooms, as Apple was really the first computer company to market towards the education market. In the early to mid-1980s, most folks didn't own a home computer, as they were quite expensive, as for many, the price of an average computer back then was a sizable part of their annual salary. Most folks first experiences with computers were at school or in the workplace, and typically it was Apples in the educational environment and PCs in the workplace. I remember my high school still had an Apple computer lab with various versions of the Apple II series at the time I graduated in the early 90s. If it wasn't for guys like Steve Jobs, an entire generation would have never been introduced to computers at a young age, and it is that generation that were in elementary school in the early to mid 1980s that helped make computers such an everyday device in the last decade or so.

[Edited 2011-10-05 17:47:32]

25 MSPNWA : Never been a big fan of his company, but in the end a life lost is a life lost. RIP Steve. You will definitely always be remembered.
26 Klaus : Sad that he didn't have more time, and unfortunate that his exit was not without suffering. Few people are willing to swim against the stream, and of
27 Post contains images wilco737 : R.I.P. Steve Jobs. wilco737
28 Aloha717200 : I was shocked when I saw the news. I guess the Pancreatic Cancer came back and got him. Really terrible and one of the worst forms of cancer a person
29 Pyrex : Never really liked the guy and won't pretend I ever did, but I am sorry for his families' loss. On the bright side, hopefully this will clear up the h
30 Post contains links Klaus : Steve Jobs effectively commented on this day and gave his own perspective in his Stanford Commencement Address in 2005, which is well worth watching:
31 stratosphere : I will give the guy the credit due. He deserved his fortune.. Just goes to show that even if you are a billionaire you can't buy eternity. I always t
32 aerobalance : I'm not an Apple fanboy. My college papers were written on Apple lI's, lately my IPad2 and iPhone have made it easier for me to conduct business as I
33 Pyrex : My point was actually that the people camping out there tweeting against corporations from their iPhones are hypocrites, not that they were doing a j
34 Post contains images RayChuang : In fact, Apple even now has an impact on the airline industry. Remember pilots had to take a big bag of paperwork weighing around 40-50 pounds for lon
35 Post contains links and images N328KF : To provide an airliners.net connection, here is his G-V: View Large View MediumPhoto © S.C. Rubke (Posted on the official airliners.net Twitter feed)
36 rfields5421 : Sorry to see him passing. 56 is too young for anyone to die, especially of a horrible wasting disease like pancreatic cancern. RIP
37 Post contains images Mir : Not just Apple, but the whole world. Face it, even if you don't use an Apple product, the influence of Apple and Steve Jobs is in your devices, becau
38 mirrodie : Read elsewhere: Didn't Steve Jobs always have a surprise at the end by saying "one last thing..." He left that one last thing a for a day later. Looks
39 type-rated : My first computer was an Apple //e then a //c. Nice products at the time. Steve Jobs was a visionary and showman. Remember, behind every visionary is
40 mariner : iThank you, Mr. Jobs. mariner
41 AirPacific747 : RIP Steve! I am sorry to know about anyone dieing at such a young age. Steve definitely changed the world for the better.
42 Acheron : RIP Steve, created a lot of amazing products and inventions. Too bad it had the side-effect of creating a annoyingly rabid fan base as well. Without h
43 Springbok747 : Sorry to hear that he's died, but let's keep it in perspective. Unlike Bill Gates, Steve Jobs didn't go out of his way to help other people, he just m
44 Asturias : Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. At one time he did make things with the motto "insanely great" and there was something refreshing and inspiring by that dem
45 Post contains links and images OA260 : Thats very sad news indeed. He was a very innovative person and will be missed. RIP .
46 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : The man was a hippie pioneer. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs amazing speech at Stanford University 2005 commencement address. . http://connect.krishna.co
47 bill142 : Just because he didn't do it publicly doesn't mean he didn't do it.
48 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : Steve Jobs was adopted. He did not know anything about his biological parents until he was 27. He never bothered to meet his biological parents who th
49 LXA333 : Americas modern day Da Vinci, changed the way we lived our lives globally and Im sure he will be missed by his friends family and colleagues. RIP from
50 MadameConcorde : Steve jobs did quite well for himself, and more power to him for that, but it's not like he perfected nuclear fusion. Let's not loose perspective her
51 Post contains links Springbok747 : http://thenewamerican.com/economy/co...ontributions-he-gave-at-the-office http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2011/08/...tery-of-steve-jobss-public-giving/
52 jessbp : It's always sad to hear that someone has died so young. Steve jobs has made a huge impact on how use technology though. I'm writing this on my iPad, a
53 na : Steve Jobs was instrumental as being the foremost one to think a computer mustnt be overcomplicated or ugly. Latest since the first Imac he put his co
54 Ronaldo747 : RIP Steve Jobs and condolences to his family and friends.
55 Epten : He was a marketing genius. Condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed dearly.
56 einsteinboricua : Sad news indeed. I was in a test when the professor wrote it on the board. No one had noticed until we left the test (I had a question so I confirmed
57 Pyrex : Oh, crap, here we go again... can't we have an honest memorial of the man without the over-the-top fanboyism? Thank you.
58 travelavnut : Thanks for the future Steve! May you R.I.P Not only a marketing genius IMHO...I for one applaud his design and usability efforts. My 80 year old grand
59 casinterest : RIP Steve Jobs. The world is a better place because he was were here. Not only because he had great vision and energy, but because he brought out the
60 Dreadnought : My grandmother is 94 and she recently started using an iPad 2 to video-call the rest of the family. She was wary at first but she loves it now, and s
61 aloges : Rest in Peace, Mr. Jobs, and thank you for making Apple and Pixar into what they are today. I had wondered about his previous recovery from pancreatic
62 Ken777 : Bill Gates certainly wasn't helping people when he crushed competitors with monopolistic acts. Did you ever see the video of his deposition for the a
63 sf260 : I certainly agree with this. Requiescat in pace, Steve!
64 Post contains images Fly2HMO : Can we keep it real people? No need to glorify the man. He was not some sort of savior; he did not make the world a better place one bit. He was a bus
65 sw733 : I'll agree with this. Easier, yes. More convenient, yes. More fun, yes. But better...eh, I'm not completely sold on that, even if I do own several Ap
66 Mir : Savior, no. But I would definitely argue that he made the world a better place. This is the internet age, and Apple had a big hand in driving the dir
67 Flighty : Really enjoyed watching his keynotes during the early Quicktime era 1997-2001. During these years, Steve was a true underdog. I think he loved being d
68 Flighty : And did he make the world better, absolutely. This website would not exist in anything like its present form without Steve. He designed and propagated
69 Silver1SWA : If you have a smart phone, you haven't missed anything because that smart phone and its features exist thanks to what Steve Jobs and Apple have done.
70 casinterest : Maybe you know about that Somalian Kid from a Web Post on an Iphone or a Twitter to your internet browser. Maybe the Charities that raise awareness a
71 Fly2HMO : Again, go tell a starving Somalian kid if he'd agree. I think we all know the answer to that one. In fact, I can't think of a single person that on h
72 Stabilator : Tailwinds, Mr. Jobs. On a different note, I was not disappointed when I found the iCult posting in full force today. He bettered the competition in th
73 Post contains images KPDX : You call that making the world better? RIP Steve Jobs.
74 jessbp : And you're right. And iPad 2 to a somali is as much use as a rain boot to a saudi. However, apple doesn't exsist to make the lives of somali's better
75 Post contains images sw733 : Thanks to the Phelps clan of Topeka, Kansas for a bit of "you're an idiot" humor from this situation (pulled from Failblog.org, and I heard it on the
76 Post contains images aloges : Ahhh... how refreshing. Even his obituary thread isn't spared the usual Apple vs WTF ever drama.
77 Mir : Is the standard for making the world a better place that one has to improve the lives of EVERY person in the world? And yes, the internet has been ve
78 Aesma : He was a great enemy, so I pay my respects to him (but I won't be seen putting flowers in front of an apple store). When I was a kid in the 80's, my s
79 T8KE0FF : RIP Steve. You have changed the world and inspired so many people.
80 sw733 : I would argue that mobile phones have done more than the Internet, though. It's easier and cheaper in rural Africa, for example, to get a phone signa
81 Mir : That's fair, but then we start talking about smartphones and Apple's influence in that area. -Mir
82 Ken777 : Spoken like a true lover of the command line. And how long have you been fighting cancer? The point you clearly missed was that he was working full d
83 Superfly : Rest in peace Steve Jobs. This is very sad and we have lost a visionary.
84 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Enjoy your life to the full, death sometimes knocks on your door early.
85 LMP737 : They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Just look at how many imitation I Pads appeared shortly after it was launched.
86 Post contains images Acheron : I doubt he was pretending to be anything other than a businessman with quite a good grasp of what the market wanted. The ones glorifying, idolizing h
87 Mir : One never is certain of anything. But I feel pretty confident about this one, particularly about the influence of the iPhone and iPad. -Mir
88 RobertNL070 : R.I.P. Love the man or hate the man, he was a visionary. And there ain't many folk around like that any more. Mores the pity.
89 Post contains links MadameConcorde : Steve Jobs was a part of the Berkeley LSD scene. "Steve Jobs has never been shy about his use of psychedelics, famously calling his LSD experience 'o
90 Post contains links mariner : How very condescending. At work he was famously "not a nice guy" at all, and even his enemies might admit that he was more than just very bright. It
91 Klaus : No, he explicitly disavowed that idea, and when you look at the products he kept presented to an initially consternated and sometimes outright sh the
92 Post contains links MD-90 : If you want to know more about why Steve Jobs's legacy in computing is so important, read this post: http://plus.google.com/104681313125038107957/post
93 canoecarrier : I'm no Apple fanboy, but we own more than a few of the products his company produced over the years. He was a visionary, a genius, and a great entrep
94 mham001 : Don't own an Apple anything and deplore the iCult, but to deny he has not had a profound impact is ridiculous. Just for a start, he dreamed up the mou
95 Revelation : Many here complained about some pictures posted of him at the time of his resignation as Apple CEO, but I think it helped many of us understand that
96 Post contains links MadameConcorde : Nearly all conversations about contemporary hypomanics start with the Apple chief executive, Steven P. Jobs. Like Mr. Ford, he is a pitchman extraord
97 Stabilator : Why does the iCult think Apple/Jobs was the first to create every piece of technology? The next gen iPhone is playing catch up to other phones already
98 Post contains links mariner : So if you know all that, I'm not sure where your concept of him as "a nice guy" came from. I don't expect driven, over-achieving leaders - visionarie
99 Post contains images virginblue4 : I woke up to this news this morning, and it was absolutely awful. I don't care what anyone else says, I believe he really did make a difference to thi
100 sw733 : So? Just curious - why? What did Apple fans do that impacts your life in any negative way?
101 ManuCH : I've always been a big fan of Steve, his company and his products. My condolences to his family, his friends and those who worked with him. Event thou
102 Springbok747 : Yeah sure..making more money. Too bad all the money in the world didn't save him. I can't believe people are going into Apple stores to leave tribute
103 OA412 : Unfortunate. It was obvious that he was sick, but had he announced that he was battling pancreatic cancer prior to dying? Anyway, I'm certainly no koo
104 mariner : All the money in the world can't "save" anyone - that's the point. Sir Christopher Wren didn't invent architecture. But he was a great exponent of it
105 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Wealthy as he was - he amassed a fortune - he took nothing with him when he died. The same as everybody else. "All your money won't another minute bu
106 TheCommodore : So why are you bothering to comment on him here then, don't waste your time ??? Wow. Really, appears that millions and millions all over the world do
107 ltbewr : Like many, Steve Jobs was a complex and imperfect person. He did have that spark of genius to be take others ideas, to adopt them with his staff, to m
108 mham001 : They are annoying. Really. Are you saying the desktop computer was insignificant?
109 Mir : Nobody said he was the first. He often wasn't. But he was the first to take those pieces of technology and make them mainstream. He was the first to
110 canoecarrier : I think that had more to do with marketing. Arguably there are a number of devices that do exactly the same thing that Apple products do, they just d
111 redflyer : I'll take it one step further and say the key to Mr. Jobs' success was giving people what they didn't know they wanted. That entails creating a marke
112 Post contains links Acheron : Not really. http://www.friedbeef.com/the-man-who-invented-the-mouse/ It would have happened anyway, sooner or later. Jobs only sped up the process an
113 Klaus : Yup. That's what I wanted to express.
114 Springbok747 : He did not invent the desktop computer. Get your heads out of your behinds for a minute before heaping all this praise on this guy and comparing him t
115 canoecarrier : I didn't want my previous post to seem like I was bashing on Jobs. But, you're right he saw a product that someone else developed and found a way to
116 Klaus : The Apple II as the first personal desktop computer as a finished product was indeed what Steve Jobs turned Steve Wozniak's self-assembly kit (the Ap
117 Post contains images Braniff747SP : Oh, of course not. A man with over 300 patents never invented a thing.
118 mham001 : But he and Woz did buy the tech, improve and market it when Xerox would not. I am not a Jobs fan but the stridency of those who want to denigrate a d
119 canoecarrier : My father in law is an electrical engineer who started his career with Bell Lab. He has over 20 patents to his name. Having a patent doesn't mean tha
120 Klaus : Just shortly before I made my own first contact with the digital world, Apple had introduced the Apple II to a world in which computers still were li
121 Braniff747SP : Of course not. But saying that the man never did anything is wrong; that is all.
122 canoecarrier : My point is that Jobs is only noted as the "lead inventor" 33 times in those patents. If we're going to use the number of patents to someone's name a
123 Braniff747SP : I'm not using it as any yardstick. I'm just using it to say that the below comment is ridiculous, that is all. To say Steve Jobs invented nothing is
124 canoecarrier : Fair enough. Just to be clear, I never said he didn't invent anything. I was only clarifying what it really meant to have your name on a patent. Some
125 malioil : First of all my condolences to all who mourn his untimely passing, and may his kin, family and friends find comfort in their grief. There is no doubt
126 Post contains links MD-90 : - The Macintosh 128K was the first mainstream computer in the world to have a graphical interface controlled by a mouse and keyboard instead of a com
127 MD-90 : And because Apple products look good and work without frustration (better than the competition, at any rate). Jobs and Apple don't have to brainwash
128 Klaus : You're misrepresenting what I've actually said: The whole point in most mythical stories is that they resonate with our lives in some capacity. That
129 Flighty : He's certainly not the greatest man ever, but he was a totally unusual figure in today's business world. He rejected ~80% of conventional business an
130 mariner : I don't understand why people keep harping on this. All the money in the world doesn't buy anyone a moment of time, not kings or princes or world lea
131 Post contains images Klaus : You're correct, but he sure appreciated presenting products he himself thought were exactly like they ought to be and getting an enthusiastic reactio
132 sea2sky : Hmmm.. Of course I am a bit down, but I dont think people care as much if someone were to die if they were less "famous" And that is the only thing th
133 canoecarrier : If I did, then I apologize. While his passing is a tragedy, we shouldn't loose sight that people like William E. Boeing, Henry Ford, and Reagan shape
134 Post contains images Klaus : No harm done. Perspectives differ on some of these points. Eradicating Steve Jobs from history would not just take the products away that are actuall
135 canoecarrier : Don't get me wrong! I don't want his work "eradicated". I've already said he was a visionary. When you enter the PC market there's not a whole lot th
136 Post contains links bookishaviator : I do admit to finding some of the idolatry (not here, just generally) a little disturbing, however I also quite enjoyed reading Stephen Fry's obit (of
137 Pyrex : That has to be a joke, right? We're talking about the same guy who made his sole life purpose to make his clients as dependent from him as possible b
138 MD-90 : People care because if they use Apple products, whether they carry iPhones in pockets or use Photoshop on a Mac Pro, they know that Steve Jobs has ma
139 bill142 : But to say he created all the apple products is also wrong.
140 travelavnut : Why are your grapes so sour? And why do you think it is necessary to fill an obituary thread with your rants? Leave it be or start another thread if
141 vikkyvik : This is utterly ridiculous but also rather funny. Anyway. 1.) I'm sad that he has died. 2.) My best wishes go to those who mourn him. 3.) I grew up on
142 Braniff747SP : Of course it is. Apple has thousands of people creating their products. Sure, Steve Jobs probably had a lot of input and whatnot, but there is no way
143 malioil : Agreed- I'm not trying to diminish his achievements, they were great in anyone's book, just simply trying to put the man in prospective.
144 Post contains images D L X : Really? Jobs is the Henry Ford of computers. And I really don't get why you would include Reagan with the likes of Boeing and Ford. That might be tru
145 sw733 : I disagree. Just because Apple did something first doesn't mean it would not have been done without them. I think there is this false sense that Stev
146 D L X : The track record speaks for itself. It's not like Apple was the second company to make a cell phone. They were what, the 50th? And it's not like the
147 vikkyvik : Just like [Ford, the Wright Brothers, Edison, Bell, Watson & Crick, Newton, Galileo, Da Vinci, Kepler, Euler, Hubble, Darwin, Fermat......] would
148 racko : For the thousandth time, LG Prada. Technology was very much going in this direction, it just happened faster due to Apple. That would be Bill Gates.
149 mariner : That's true of most inventions. People had been trying to get a machine off the ground for centuries - da Vinci drew some sketches for a flying machi
150 jcs17 : I like Apple products a lot. However, I think the veneration is a bit over the top. He was a very flawed character who came up with some great ideas.
151 Post contains images Klaus : That wasn't my point. My point was that Jobs pushed into the right direction at several crucial junctures of the development of the information age.
152 Ken777 : Hard today that Jobs ignored his shareholders when he delivered the best results of any major CEO. Look at the growth in share value. Then look at ca
153 Post contains links LMP737 : Headline from the Onion, has a ring of truth to it. http://www.theonion.com/articles/las...-what-the-fuck-he-was-doing,26268/
154 mariner : I'm an obsessive about my work. I want (and intend) to spend the last years of my life putting all my energy into my writing. I tried giving it up, a
155 Springbok747 : I didn't write that..someone else did...please quote correctly before blaming people here..thanks.
156 mham001 : Nonsense. What program are you required to use to access any media content on your Apple products?
157 Pyrex : He never returned a single dollar to shareholders. He was an obsessive hoarder who accumulated $70 billion of shareholder cash (enough to cover three
158 TheCommodore : Um, was it just up to him to decide this course of action, or were there a board of directors that made these types of decisions. Anyway, whatever th
159 wn700driver : Seriously. That app isn't due out for another week! Soooooooooo.... you're not doing anything worth anything unless you're helping starving Somalians
160 canoecarrier : There's been a lot of back and forth on this thread. I think I'll leave it as, yes he was a very intelligent, marketing genius, with an industry leadi
161 mariner : I can't think of many companies that pay a divided that represents anything bur fractional return on the investment. Most investors, institutional an
162 Post contains images Klaus : Classic Onion! As a non-american I always thought that Steve Jobs seemed very much "un-american" in his approach to most things: Concentration and re
163 Pyrex : Wrong, All investment decisions are based on cash flows. Even the most pie-in-the-sky start-up business plan is predicated on eventually being able t
164 Ken777 : And, in reality, just what did it accomplish? Big time profitability? Doubt it. The other reality, companies like LG and Apple spend a fait amount of
165 mariner : Most start-ups - even the most pie-in-the-sky - are based on perceptions of profitability and the venture capitalist(s) getting rich. But very few ve
166 racko : What's your point? All I said was that the claim that a "touch the screen with your fingers phone" concept existed without the iPhone. His claim was
167 D L X : I really don't think you believe that all an iPhone is can be reduced to a "touch the screen with your fingers phone." Hell, I don't think you believ
168 Post contains images Ken777 : Looks like you have problems understanding Apple, both in the products they sell as in the approach they have taken in the area of financial manageme
169 Springbok747 : There is no doubt that Apple refined the iphone and made it an appealing instrument - a phone, a music player, a PDA etc all in one, no wonder it sol
170 mariner : Sure the technology was there - and Apple used it. What's the issue with that? The technology for Windows was there long before it happened. Windows
171 Flighty : Right, it's the "obvious in retrospect" fallacy. Elegant business models and artworks are considered obvious once somebody has thought of it and demo
172 Post contains links Ken777 : To a very large degree it is about software and the efforts that Apple puts into their OSes, and consumer suites. As far as the aluminum goes, head t
173 Pyrex : Oh, I am sorry Professor Ken, must have missed that class in Corporate Finance that said the optimal capital structure was to accumulate a crapload o
174 Post contains images mariner : Of course. That isn't rare on Wall Street. But almost all start-ups are funded initially by "venture capitalists" - even if those vc's are only the p
175 Post contains images Asturias : Very true! Now let's see if Klaus understands such fundamentalities, he sure didn't last time I tried to explain exactly the same to him asturias
176 Klaus : Maybe you should re-check on that: Whether any money earned would have been discharged to the stockholders or re-invested in the company had absolute
177 Pyrex : Agreed. But when that venture capital comes from some VC fund, most of the time all they are thinking of is "how much money will I make once this thi
178 D L X : This is what I don't understand. People hate that Apple has fans, call ANYONE that lauds them a "fanboy," and then overreact by downplaying Apple's a
179 Ken777 : I'm not a Professor - just a guy who had his own little business and discovered the hard way the difference between debt and cash holdings. I'm not t
180 Acheron : No, all companies usually have their fanbase(lol, do you really think that Apple is the only company with fans as well?). What people hate is how OBN
181 SA7700 : This thread will be locked as unfortunately it has been derailed from a memorial thread into an Apple bashing thread. Any posts added after the thread
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