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Two Bomb Blast In Boston USA  
User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 30070 posts, RR: 59
Posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 2 hours ago) and read 11169 times:

Sky news breaking that two bomb blasts in Boston USA.


Seems it has happened near the finish line to the Boston Marathon. Lots of injured according to live video on Sky News.

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User currently offline4holer From United States of America, joined Feb 2002, 3124 posts, RR: 8
Reply 1, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 2 hours ago) and read 11166 times:

Sounds bad. Very very bad...

Video on CNN

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Ghosts appear and fade away.....................
User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 30070 posts, RR: 59
Reply 2, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 11148 times:

More here :

Two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon are reported to have left people injured.

Video and photographs from Boston show a scene of confusion, with emergency services descending on the scene.


One of the explosions caught on camera :


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User currently offlinefalstaff From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 6434 posts, RR: 30
Reply 3, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 11096 times:
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This isn't good. I wouldn't be shocked if this some sort of terrorist activity. Unless it was an accidental explosion, I can't imagine it being anything but.

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User currently offline135mech From United States of America, joined Oct 2006, 427 posts, RR: 5
Reply 4, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 11064 times:
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SAD!!! What the hell is wrong with people??? This is sad!

Prayers to those and their friends/families!


User currently offlineMD11Engineer From Germany, joined Oct 2003, 14968 posts, RR: 61
Reply 5, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 11063 times:

Quoting falstaff (Reply 3):
This isn't good. I wouldn't be shocked if this some sort of terrorist activity. Unless it was an accidental explosion, I can't imagine it being anything but.

You wouldn´t have two accidental explosion one after the other and some distance apart. This looks like to old terrorist tactics of exploding one bomb and the other one a short while later when people came to rescue.
I hope they get the perps and treat them accordingly.


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User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 30070 posts, RR: 59
Reply 6, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 11025 times:

Sadly Fox News are reporting that so far three people have died.

User currently offlinepvjin From Finland, joined Mar 2012, 2836 posts, RR: 2
Reply 7, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 11026 times:

Seems quite bad, probably a terrorist attack indeed, hard to imagine what else would cause this heavy explosions in two different places with some distance apart.

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User currently offlineAeroWesty From United States of America, joined Oct 2004, 20822 posts, RR: 60
Reply 8, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 11012 times:

CNN producer on the scene who was 20 yards away from the first explosion is reporting that this is about a mile from the finish line. First explosion seemed to be from indoors, the second from the sidewalk. Another suspected device at the Mandarin Hotel.

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User currently offlineCalebWilliams From United States of America, joined Dec 2008, 318 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 11013 times:

I saw one video on CBS showing the scene after the fact that showed what appeared to be broken glass outside of a store window, indicating that the exposition may have come from inside that location.

User currently offlineAR385 From Mexico, joined Nov 2003, 7513 posts, RR: 41
Reply 10, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10978 times:
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What a bad situation. I will never undertand the people who do this, nor ever condone their actions. The only thing that does not add up for me, is that clearly there is a lot of security given the Marathon event. Maybe it was an accident?

CBS is reporting lots of severedly injured people.

User currently offlineflyingthe757 From UK - England, joined Mar 2013, 260 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10954 times:

Oh my god!!!!!!

BBC just reported reports that one of the explosions came from the Fairmont Hotel, and reports of a device at the Mandarin Hotel

User currently offlineflymia From United States of America, joined Jun 2001, 7606 posts, RR: 7
Reply 12, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10955 times:

The two explosions make it seem like an accidental explosion might not be it but the timing of it seems like it did not go off during the busiest and more watched time of the Marathon when the professionals start to finish the race. Fox is saying 3 dead, can't find any other station reporting deaths. Horrible situation whether it was accidental or an attack.

 redflag  Unconfirmed witnesses say the explosion happened from two bags on a sidewalk. So IF true, clearly an attack.  redflag 

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User currently offlineAeroWesty From United States of America, joined Oct 2004, 20822 posts, RR: 60
Reply 13, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10842 times:

CBS showing video of the two explosions, they were about a block apart on Boylston St., about 15 seconds apart. Apparently within blocks of the finish line, not a mile away as reported earlier on CNN.

International Homo of Mystery
User currently offlinecasinterest From United States of America, joined Feb 2005, 5819 posts, RR: 3
Reply 14, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10846 times:

Quoting flymia (Reply 12):
it but the timing of it seems like it did not go off during the busiest and more watched time of the Marathon when the professionals start to finish the race

Yeah, but they went off when a lot more of the regular runners start to finish, which means more family and spectators at the finish line area.

A lot of the reports may be sketchy to start with, but it seems like it was a powerful blast. My thoughts go out to the injured and deceased( if that is the case).

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User currently offlineRussianJet From Belgium, joined Jul 2007, 7805 posts, RR: 21
Reply 15, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10786 times:

If this was deliberate, then it's an utterly wicked, evil thing to do. I hope those responsible are brought to justice quickly.

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User currently offlineAustrianZRH From Austria, joined Aug 2007, 1429 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10766 times:

Pictures don't look like an accident at all, two blasts within seconds and, most importantly, the pavement is undamaged making a pipe blast very unlikely. Injiries are reported at 6 by CNN but looking at the pictures that's unfortunately likely to rise. I hope all victims get well soon and my thoughts are with all Bostonians! It might turn out lucky for the injired that many EMS crews were on site cause of the race!

WARNING! The post above should be taken with a grain of salt! Furthermore, it may be slightly biased towards A.
User currently offlineCalebWilliams From United States of America, joined Dec 2008, 318 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10682 times:

Live news from Boston.com: http://live.boston.com/Event/Live_blog_Explosion_in_Copley_Square

User currently offlinejetblueguy22 From United States of America, joined Nov 2007, 3136 posts, RR: 3
Reply 18, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10682 times:
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This is just horrible. My prayers go out to all of the victims involved. Fox is reporting the bomb squad is about to do a controlled blast. Perhaps of another device that was found.
Although I haven't ran a marathon I have attended plenty run by my father. It never crossed my mind that someone who try and do this. I thank God my dad couldn't qualify. It's selfish, but he's in this bracket of runners.

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User currently offlineflymia From United States of America, joined Jun 2001, 7606 posts, RR: 7
Reply 19, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10667 times:

Fox still reporting 3 deaths and many very serious injuries. CNN reporting very serious injures.

Police are searching the area for more devices with bomb sniffing dogs. As things look a bit clearer seems like an attack. From who, we won't know but I have faith the FBI and ATF will be able to find out.

Quoting AustrianZRH (Reply 16):
It might turn out lucky for the injired that many EMS crews were on site cause of the race!

Yep. Reports are some went to the fairly large medical tent there for the marathon. Medical and Police response was almost instant which will probably end up saving lives.

"It was just four of us on the flight deck, trying to do our job" (Captain Al Haynes)
User currently offlineDocLightning From United States of America, joined Nov 2005, 23757 posts, RR: 60
Reply 20, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10654 times:

Quoting RussianJet (Reply 15):
If this was deliberate, then it's an utterly wicked, evil thing to do. I hope those responsible are brought to justice quickly.

All major news outlets I've checked so far are using the word "bomb" now. Only Fox is reporting fatalities. Let's hope that they're wrong.

Other news outlets are reporting that there were "lots" of people who suffered amputations in the blast. Sometimes, the injuries sustained during these attacks are not fatal, but wind up being worse than death to the victim. To go from marathon runner to quadruplegic in one short instant...

User currently offlineAustrianZRH From Austria, joined Aug 2007, 1429 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10631 times:

CNN now confirms 2 dead, 22 injured  . Conolences to all affected! Hope they get those bastards, be they islamists, "patriots", or just psychopaths!

WARNING! The post above should be taken with a grain of salt! Furthermore, it may be slightly biased towards A.
User currently offlinejetblueguy22 From United States of America, joined Nov 2007, 3136 posts, RR: 3
Reply 22, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10603 times:
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Quoting DocLightning (Reply 20):
Only Fox is reporting fatalities. Let's hope that they're wrong.

Boston Police just confirmed it according to @BreakingNews on twitter.
The New York Post is saying 12 dead and dozens injured, but they are pretty sensational so I'd take that with a grain of salt.

All of the opinions stated above are mine and do not represent Airliners.net or my employer unless otherwise stated.
User currently offlineDocLightning From United States of America, joined Nov 2005, 23757 posts, RR: 60
Reply 23, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 10607 times:

Quoting AustrianZRH (Reply 21):
CNN now confirms 2 dead, 22 injured

Yup. I refreshed after my last post. Fox now saying "at least 2" dead.

User currently offlinethunderboltdrgn From Sweden, joined Jan 2012, 1566 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (3 years 1 month 1 week 4 days ago) and read 10560 times:

Quoting DocLightning (Reply 23):
Yup. I refreshed after my last post. Fox now saying "at least 2" dead.

Boston PD also says

"Boston Police Dept. ‏@Boston_Police 9m

Update 23 injuries 2 dead #tweetfromthebeat via @CherylFiandaca2

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25 OA260 : Sky News saying ball bearings found at site of explosions which would point to a crude device aimed at inflicting terrible injuries . Sick people.
26 Post contains links detroitflyer : NY Post is reporting 12 deaths and over 50 injured!! Seems pretty bad http://www.nypost.com/p/news/nationa...on_marathon_iMR0LCkcwASg0RQfVsH1yI "A fed
27 Stabilator : Video of one of the blasts: https://vine.co/v/bFdt5uwg6JZ Cowards. Sick to my stomach. 27,000 participants from 97 nations competed today.
28 alberchico : Was this a manhole explosion or some hooligan trying to get some media attention ?
29 thunderboltdrgn : That is a false statement. Official statement is 2 dead 23 injured.
30 RomeoBravo : I wonder what the motives could have been?
31 FCAFLYBOY : So sad. My thoughts are with all of those affected and their families.
32 Revelation : A few tweets:
33 akiss20 : Heard it in my dorm at MIT. Thought it was a local construction crew dropping something. 3rd explosion about 20 minutes ago, apparently it was the BOS
34 airtran737 : I hope the bastard(s) that did this is found, and revenge is taken out on him in the slowest and most painful manner possible.
35 Post contains images Revelation : Whatever they are, they are tremendously misguided!
36 ogre727 : This is so sad. I am left without words.
37 AeroWesty : Boston PD press conference at 4:30pm Eastern, about 10 minutes from now.
38 thunderboltdrgn : two more explosives found: Boston Herald ‏@bostonherald 2m RT @ap: BREAKING: Intelligence official: 2 more explosive devices found at Boston Maratho
39 MD11Engineer : If there is some government behind those attacks, I hope they´ll get taken out as well with the greatest prejudice. Jan
40 ogre727 : what do you mean???? I am not sure I follow.
41 kaitak : I wonder about that too, but then I think, "what does it matter?"; what could possibly justify this and given the US's well published and well known
42 RussianJet : Unfortunately that's unlikely, but hopefully once caught they'll never see the light of day again.
43 thunderboltdrgn : I did not write that. MD11Engineer did. (reply 39).[Edited 2013-04-15 13:29:19]
44 akiss20 : Central square in Cambridge cleared, no threat to public safety https://twitter.com/CambridgePolice
45 pvjin : Pretty unlikely that any government would have any motives to blow up a group of innocent civilians in middle of international athletic event. More l
46 vikkyvik : Well, I can breathe for now. My sister-in-law was running the race. I briefly talked to my dad before we got cut off, and she apparently finished abou
47 jetblueguy22 : NY Post twitter is reporting that the Boston Police confirmed another blast at the JFK Library. Fox just said that a suspect is being guarded at the h
48 Stabilator : Just speculating: Any way this is the beginning of various attacks from North Korea?
49 RussianJet : I strongly doubt it.
50 jetblueguy22 : I wouldn't think so. I think if North Korea wanted to do something it would be a little bigger. Update on the JFK library report. The library is repo
51 DocLightning : He's suggesting that it's possible that this could be some sort of state-sponsored terrorism, much as 9/11 was essentially sponsored by the then-gove
52 Stabilator : Very glad to hear that. What should have been a happy moment for you family has taken a dark turn.
53 flyingthe757 : Seen that they are saying the JFK Library fire is separate from the bombs, fire in a mechanical room.
54 BlueElephant : Press Conference going on now, saying that 3rd incident at JFK Library is being treated as in connection to the Marathon.
55 BOStonsox : Wow. I never thought I would ever see this happen here. I crossed the Finish Line on my bike at 3am last night without any imagination on what would h
56 acidradio : I'd like to point out a couple of other possibly coincidental things. They may not be directly related but they raised my eyebrows in light of this ne
57 Stabilator : I would expect a little less flamebait from a moderator. Just in: Cell towers are reportedly going to be shut down to prevent remote detonations.
58 Post contains images Newark727 : It's much too early to say, but as long as we're talking about external events coincident with this, the NBC article up right now mentions also that
59 BMI727 : Reports saying a Saudi national is under guard at a hospital as a suspect. However, and this is just my opinion and speculation, this does not seem li
60 RomeoBravo : I've seen some terrible photographs. Nothing i can say can even come close to describing what these people must be going through.[Edited 2013-04-15 14
61 Newark727 : It's also possible that a "lone-wolf" or small group of otherwise-unaffiliated Islamic radicals did it, doesn't have to be Al Qaeda. But we don't kno
62 L-188 : GOt some reports of a third boom. Well have to see how was behind this. Not enough information available at the monent IMHO
63 Post contains links thunderboltdrgn : the NY Post claims so but no other more credible source is saying anything about it. the NYP also claims 12 dead, while the official reports says two
64 slider : NY Post has no sources, should note be considered reliable unless/until confirmed... And another Twitter feed says the JFK Library was a mechanical is
65 BMI727 : If it was Islamic terrorists, that would be my guess. It doesn't fit the pattern of Al Qaeda particularly well.
66 alberchico : Great, so that means that many people won't be able to call home and tell friends and family they're okay....
67 slider : Didn't stop Wolf Blitzer or Nick Kristof from already doing so. Despicable....
68 CalebWilliams : I doubt it. North Korea or Iran would probably do something worse.
69 BMI727 : Apparently law enforcement is now denying the report of the Saudi in custody.
70 Post contains links slider : Live blog from Boston.com.... http://live.boston.com/Event/Live_blog_Explosion_in_Copley_Square There's a Twitpic in there of someone having been arre
71 Mir : True, but better that than have more bombs go off. -Mir
72 NoUFO : This is heartbreaking.
73 slider : Live blog reports cell service IS working but very heavy traffic. Follow that live blog, they have good updates and other inbound Tweets...
74 slider : NPR just repeated that NBC has confirmed the NY Post story that a suspect is in custody. No other details...
75 Stabilator : Eyewitness from the scene had been in Iraq, and was quoted on NBC as saying "my first thought was it sounded like an IED"
76 thunderboltdrgn : "The Boston Globe ‏@BostonGlobe 1m RT @globejenpeter: Lots of rumors today. JFK Library explosion unrelated. No suspect in custody. Important to on
77 Mir : I heard the Boston Police saying there was police presence at lots of hospitals, but no specific person being held. -Mir
78 Stabilator : Wait, he actually said a right-wing nut job did this, and the motivation was political? Truly uncalled for. Why try to divide people during times of
79 Aesma : Wow ! I just learned about this thanks to the forum, as I was watching a political program on a channel that didn't seem to think an interruption was
80 Boeing717200 : Because some people are sick in the head and are looking for anything that will prop up their personal political beliefs.
81 alberchico : So judging from the evidence who could have done this ? Foreigners or domestic extremist groups ?
82 AeroWesty : I've been switching between CNN and CBS, and I've not heard Wolf Blitzer say this, but I could have missed it, but doubt it if that was a line Wolf w
83 okie : Somebody particularly familiar with Boston and the Boston Marathon. From the apparent small size of the explosions then a single person or small grou
84 Mir : Don't know, but it seems fairly safe to assume that it was a pretty low-tech operation with crude explosives, which would tend to rule out a group li
85 DeltaMD90 : Seriously guys? Can we save the political blame game for when real evidence comes out??
86 N766UA : Um, yes? You can't possibly speculate or rule out anyone or any group at this point. It's barely been 3 hours.
87 jpetekyxmd80 : Don't think it rules that out at all. It would acutally make a lot of sense given their trajectory and tempering of 'objectives'.
88 okie : I have been scouting the channels all afternoon long CNN and Chris Matthews have been as far out there as can be. Matthews was arguing with the Bosto
89 Ken777 : This is so sad. We need to first think of those injured or killed, and their families and friends. There is no doubt in my mind that there are prayers
90 AeroWesty : And I heard a fair amount of hyperbole on Fox when moving up and down the channels. The point we were addressing though, I'll ask you, did you specif
91 Post contains images jetblue777 : This is so tragic. The videos are just surreal and saddening. My deepest condolences for the people involved. On a related note, VX has posted on thei
92 seb146 : So, it was the Brits who did this? I couldn't resist. I know this is a horrible tragedy. I hope I made someone laugh. Now: can we please PLEASE all o
93 D L X : I spent 5 years in Boston, and this story makes me sick to my stomach. I'm happy to report that my friends working the marathon have reported okay, bu
94 cjg225 : One of my best friend's dad ran in the marathon today. Fortunately, he finished a decent time ahead of the blasts, so he was well away from danger. It
95 dlramp4life : Stay strong Bean Town!
96 Aaron747 : Not at all nice news to wake up to. First thing that comes to mind looking at some of the videos is the mentality of bystanders. Sure would be nice if
97 akiss20 : Yes I am, but I was pretty far from any windows (in my kitchen) when it happened. For some reason I had a bad feeling about it even though I assumed
98 ltbewr : What I fear from what these terror bombing attacks in Boston will mean even more restrictions in certain public areas and at major events, less able t
99 okie : No, they have not accused an innocent security guard, yet. That would be somewhat of a find if that is true. I am no expert here but watching the new
100 Aaron747 : Another thought as I see the press conference coverage on the BBC just now - we really need to do something about all these ridiculous alphabet agenci
101 thunderboltdrgn : Boston Police Dept. ‏@Boston_Police 1m BPD does not have a suspect in custody #tweetfromthebeat via @CherylFiandaca https://twitter.com/Boston_Polic
102 Post contains images flymia : Saw some pictures from the scene and some very very bad injuries out there. 3 Dead including an 8 year old child and 141 injured. Many very serious li
103 Stabilator : Obama seemed pretty out of it during his speech. Kinda rushed though it. Must be going under a lot of stress, poor guy. Can't imagine the pressure one
104 Post contains images cjg225 : Wow, for real? I read that cell service was shut off in the area for a bit to prevent further detonations if that was the case.
105 Stabilator : I believe the media backtracked on that statement.
106 DeltaMD90 : They are the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATFE)
107 okie : You are correct at least by news accounts. Secondly I doubt even if they decided to shut down cell service the process establishing what was going on
108 Aaron747 : ^ I know what they actually do, but the point is those specialties can be handled within the FBI as a dedicated task force. Individual law enforcement
109 airportugal310 : Are you really debating this right now? At this exact time? Get a clue.
110 Post contains images Aaron747 : I am not talking about the media on site. As evidenced by countless postings to Twitter and YouTube following the event, there are legions of bystand
111 flymia : Oh ok. I have not seen those yet. Thought you were talking about the professional photographers and cameramen. I can agree with that.
112 DocLightning : Not a bad one, though. I'm worried about it, too. I just think of how our liberties got picked away after 9/11. On the other hand, I am praying it's
113 Mir : He sounded fine on the radio. I'm not going to fault him for looking like he had a lot of stuff going on on a day like today, though. -Mir
114 Ken777 : Actually the videos may, at some point in the future, be of use after the bombers are caught. Right now they are simply an overload of evidence, but
115 vikkyvik : When my dad first called me, we got cut off after about 10 seconds - enough time to find out my family was OK, but that's about it. Repeated calls ba
116 Mir : The police did request that anyone who has footage send it in. There'll be a lot of redundancy to sort though, but I'd imagine it's all helpful evide
117 BMI727 : I'm not pointing fingers, but to me this is not really consistent with Al Qaeda (not that they don't change) and if you were an ultra right wing extr
118 OA260 : Yes hopefully it will be of use. I can understand both points but if everyone helps then it might cause chaos. Id personally in a situation like that
119 DocLightning : I agree. If it's domestic, it's most likely an ultra-"Right" group. While there is certainly a history of ultra-"Left" violence and terrorism in the
120 Post contains links YVRLTN : Sports games in BOS cancelled or postponed today - NHL game between Bruins and Sens postponed and NBA game been Celtics and Pacers cancelled. http://s
121 Post contains links DocLightning : http://edition.cnn.com/2013/04/15/us...hings-we-know/index.html?hpt=hp_c2 From this page I just saw the following tidbits: A lot of interest in foreig
122 jetblueguy22 : Well they must have found something. Should be interesting to see where this all leads. I'm sure they'll have something more concrete or perhaps some
123 DocLightning : It took us a few days after 9/11 to work out whodunnit. Whoever did dunnit isn't coming out and saying so. That's a bit odd. Usually these things are
124 jetblueguy22 : I didn't realize it took very long to figure it out. I was just a little guy when it happened. It is strange that nobody is coming out. I expected it
125 Dreadnought : Sure sounds like you are pointing fingers. Sure, it's not as grand a plot that Al Qaeda has historically been connected with, but let's remember we'v
126 seb146 : I appreciate your thinking out loud. While I (and this is just my opinion) don't think this is the time to be playing armchair detective, breaking do
127 Post contains images Superfly : This is a horrific tragedy and all I can do is wish for the best and offer my condolences to those hurt by these bombings. Scary thought. Glad that yo
128 Post contains images BMI727 : There's just no reason why an leftist group would attack there and now. Probably, but I doubt it's Al Qaeda, or at least if it is it would be a chang
129 Dreadnought : No less reason than a right-wing group, which you seem intent on blaming. Seriously, tax day as a reason for murder and mayhem? Get real. Look, we do
130 Superfly : More like ground up sausage patties. Humans aren't red meat like hamburger. We're also the other white meat and human meat is not halal.
131 Post contains images vikkyvik : PLEASE guys, just stop. Discuss it in another thread. We are Americans today, full stop. Nice tribute from MIT:
132 aloges : I don't know what sickens me more, the attack or some of the things posted here: The victims and their families have my deepest sympathy.
133 Aaron747 : No doubt Boston PD appreciates federal assistance (the FBI has assumed jurisdiction here anyway). But the point is we don't need every alphabet agenc
134 airportugal310 : Thanks for posting that, good sir As a native Bostonian for 30 years (with all my family still there) and now in Hawaii, it helps cheer me up so see
135 BMI727 : Domestic terrorists are too rare, diverse, and sometimes not groups at all so it's hard to say they have a profile at all. Maybe. Although a country
136 kiwirob : It could be them, now if it was me (wearing my Al Qaeda cap) I'd be setting these little bombs off all over the country every few days, in malls, sch
137 CaliAtenza : it could be Lakshar-E-Taiba. They did try to bomb Times Square a few years back. Luckily we caught the bastard with the smoking gun, litterally, his
138 tu204 : Condolences to my American friends. Mourn, but do not change your daily routine. That is what the terrorists want - to change our way of life. So, sta
139 Post contains images EA CO AS : al Qaeda didn't rush out and say "It was us! It was us!" after 9/11 though. Nice "West Wing" drop-in.
140 tu204 : Forwarding Prime Minister Medvedev's post on Facebook: The terrorist attack in Boston is a heinous crime, even more cynical as it occurred during the
141 MD11Engineer : Why would Neo-Nazis target the Munich Oktoberfest, as had happened in IIRC 1978? Why would Neo-Fascists in Italy target Bologna main train station? I
142 PHX787 : At the risk of aerowesty and others flaming my ass whenever I say anything remotely rational- Someone better get to the bottom of this. Now. I keep se
143 Hywel : Very sad news and RIP to all those who lost their lives. Also RIP to the 31 (or more) innocent dead victims and 200 wounded in explosions in Iraq on t
144 ltbewr : News reports this morning are saying an apartment in Revere, a suburb of Boston, seems to be a place of investigation for these attacks. The 'back bay
145 kiwirob : Indeed but to be honest who really cares, it didn't happen in the US, they're not US citizens so therefore the couple of US lives lost in Boston take
146 Boeing717200 : Food for thought.... Perhaps the Saudi National was the target.[Edited 2013-04-16 04:48:29]
147 Post contains images AeroWesty : In people's glee to turn this into a political argument, they overlook items in the news such as that the Westboro Baptist Church, that bastion of li
148 Boeing717200 : Some people just can't leave out a political slant can they? Police reportedly took items from the apartment of the Saudi National last night... Even
149 scbriml : They will, but it will take time. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to prevent a terrorist attack in a public place by an individual or very s
150 homer71 : You cited only Superfly and Dreadnought: why not the ones who speculate on right-wing extremists? Aren't their comments just as inappropriate? Condol
151 pvjin : What's inappropriate about speculating that right-wing extremists had done this thing? Unless I'm totally wrong majority of people with right-wing po
152 BMI727 : There's no reason why it couldn't be Al Qaeda. As far as a sustained campaign, Al Qaeda is a much weaker organization than it was before, I doubt the
153 Boeing717200 : So no one on the left with extreme views would dare bomb people? Interesting view considering American history. Perhaps it's just someone who hates A
154 Boeing717200 : I'm More concerned about this being a splinter group that does numerous little bombings on soft targets over time. This would represent a larger prob
155 NAV20 : What worries me most is that this episode seems to have all the hallmarks of being an 'amateur' venture? Those bombs just weren't powerful enough. And
156 pvjin : Yeah I guess some extreme leftist could do that too, however it seems like nowadays extreme left-wing organizations and people aren't particularly ac
157 Post contains images Dreadnought : I was asking myself the same question. I only made my comments after certain people repeatedly were pointing fingers at "right wing extremists", whic
158 seb146 : Everyone tries to make this political. What if it is not? I know that concept does not come easy to people who want to make everything political. What
159 Post contains links Stabilator : PVJIN has quite a public stance against America on these boards...take little of what he says seriously and dismiss it as flamebait. To Vikkyvik: you
160 AeroWesty : The problem was your editorializing on the subject, rather than just presenting an opposing view: That was completely unnecessary to make your argume
161 Post contains images Superfly : I guess you didn't get the memo. There is a double-standard here. No one called out members here with their hate-fest blaming right-wingers and the T
162 Revelation : Thanks for that statement. I'm glad we live in a world where such a marvelous expression of sympathy is being made. My workplace is about 30 miles fr
163 Post contains links and images AeroWesty : Which accusations? I asked earlier in the thread, but didn't receive any reply. Here's an interesting article on the hubbub: Wolf Blitzer Did Not Bla
164 OA412 : Enough! You're just embarassing yourself at this point. 3 were killed, at least 100 were injured and you're more concerned with pinning blame on Musl
165 pvjin : I don't think motives were political in most of those attacks you just mentioned but just some random mentally ill people who just hated the whole so
166 vikkyvik : If you want to know the real answer to your questions: because you guys read way too much into a quite simple request. And because I was too goddamn
167 Post contains images AeroWesty : A heartbreaking photo of the 8 year-old boy who was killed yesterday, Martin Richard, was just released: "No more hurting people. Peace."
168 Post contains links Revelation : I know it's trite to be a fan of George Takei, but his piece on this strikes the right chord: http://www.allegiancemusical.com/blog-entry/keep-running
169 Post contains links and images Superfly : I've already expressed my condolences in the wake of this horrible tragedy. The only people turning this political are lefties. Me & Dreadnaught
170 AeroWesty : Here's his quote: "It is a state holiday today called Patriot's Day, and who knows if that had anything at all to do with these twin explosions." Tha
171 Superfly : Ok. So are setting bombs a part of Patriots Day? If not, it was foolish for Blitzer to bring it up in the first place. What is wrong is that the left
172 AeroWesty : No it wasn't, as I stated before, that it was Patriot's Day was widely reported across the media. Could it have significance? Who knows, maybe yes, m
173 kiwirob : The goal isn't to kill just to terrorise. Pretty soft really, whoever did it managed to plant and explode them fairly easily without any intervention
174 kiwirob : It's also 20 years this week since Waco and 18 years since Oklahoma, could be someone commemorating those events in an unusual way.
175 Post contains links CalebWilliams : Thanks for copying this off Facebook: the undisputed source for unbiased content on all manner of subjects. Take a read: http://www.examiner.com/arti
176 Revelation : Seems many are intent on discussing anything BUT the incident itself, sigh.
177 Post contains images OA412 : Sigh! You just don't get it do you? Where did I do that? Please point me in the direction of where I defended the left's stooping to lows? Criticizin
178 BMI727 : True, which I would guess is part of why Al Qaeda has a pattern of attacking "business as usual" targets rather than special events like the Boston m
179 Superfly : Not talking about you. I'm talking about the others that were doing exactly what you're accusing me of. It was already political before I even made m
180 aloges : Gentlemen (and Ladies, perhaps), please just stop feeding the trolls. There are a few neocon crybabies among us who will scream "double standard" and
181 gatorman96 : The bombs were plenty powerful for their intent: to maim the intended targets with shrapnel, nails ,and ball bearings. The bombers had no intention t
182 Post contains links and images AeroWesty : Second Boston Marathon victim identified: Krystle Campbell
183 Post contains images wilco737 : Guys, please keep it rational. I know this is a very emotional topic, but please be nice to each other and respect the other users. I have deleted sev
184 zckls04 : There comes a point when somebody is so insane their political beliefs are meaningless. It tells us nothing about them, especially when they attacked
185 qantas077 : and everyone of those you listed is a terrorist...but you only see fit to label the Muslim fellow a terrorist, why is that? That is of course unless
186 L-188 : I doubt it was a domestic terrorist. There are some reports that the design is similar to devices that have been detonated in various parts of central
187 OA412 : True, and I apologize for aiding in the derailment of the thread. I suppose I'm just so damn tired of that attitude, I have an increasingly difficult
188 Post contains links Revelation : One site pointed out that Snopes has a good page about claims of various theories regarding the incident: http://www.snopes.com/politics/conspiracy/bo
189 BMI727 : ...which could be anyone who served or worked in Iraq or Afghanistan.
190 L-188 : absolutely True BMI727. But who would want to destroy a marathon? Rouge cyclist?
191 zkojq : Has the third victim been identified yet? Incredibly so. I also found the photo of Jeff Bauman very disturbing and yet at the same time it shows the b
192 okie : So with all the alphabet soup of federal, state, and local agencies involved with the investigation someone is going to have to explain to me why the
193 gatorman96 : Only as a Boston University grad student. No name yet...
194 Post contains links iowaman : Here's the latest regarding the third victim: The third fatal victim of Monday's Boston Marathon bombings was a Chinese citizen whose identity was not
195 Stabilator : Apparently one bomb was of a pressure-cooker design. Not sure about the other. All three victims have been identified, the last, as noted above, was a
196 OA412 : Are you sure they're not involved? I honestly don't know so that's why I ask. I do know that different aspects of an investigation often fall within
197 Aaron747 : That's what some are criticizing here. Federal bloat makes even this kind of investigation much less effective than it could otherwise be. Anyone wor
198 okie : After some searching they do appear to be involved just not sure how much. By definition one would think they would be sort of the lead. It has been
199 AeroWesty : Outside of Border Protection, Secret Service, and the Coast Guard, DHS doesn't really play a policing role. This was a crime, most likely terrorism,
200 Geezer : Citing a report by CBS news, the NY Post reports that the Boston PD are looking at video which shows someone transporting multiple backpacks near the
201 YVRLTN : Chances are there is no significance to the day or event other than it was a stage which was already in the on hand media spotlight for some sicko to
202 flymia : No it is not. This is the FBI territory. DHS is Immigration, USCG, Border Patrol and the USSS. They also have HSI (Homeland Security Investigations)
203 EA CO AS : You're free to start another thread on that; here we're discussing the Boston attack.
204 Ken777 : Initial thinking after the OKC bombing was that it was "foreign terrorists". We need to keep out minds open until authorities let us know who is susp
205 FlyDeltaJets : I find that when global terror networks do something like this they are quick to take credit. It seems the reverse happened here the Taliban quickly
206 MD11Engineer : This is exactly why the murderous neo-Nazi gang in Germany evaded prosecution and capture for so long. There were about 30 different law enforcement
207 AeroWesty : CNN is reporting that the FBI has a possible identification of a suspect placing the second bomb, using video from the Lord & Taylor department st
208 casinterest : Sounds like there will be some good leads. Hopefully the he above thread speculations about suspects wil lbe tempered with more data. I do find it pa
209 Post contains links and images AeroWesty : Lü Lingzi of Shenyang, China, has been identified as the third victim: Boston Marathon bombings: Third victim identified as Chinese graduate student
210 Revelation : With all due respect, can you explain why you feel entitled to such an explanation? I'd hope you'd not be requesting one whilst the authorities have
211 AeroWesty : CNN: Arrest has been made as a result of the surveillance video evidence. NBC: Hasn't been able to confirm an arrest has been made, but that a person
212 Aesma : There is no real network anymore, just very loose connexions. Also, those talibans are just one brand, there is a more "friendly" brand that negotiat
213 Braybuddy : The breakthrough apparently came from CCTV footage of a man dropping off a bag near the finish line and walking away.
214 L-188 : Well we will see what is up with this guy. Hopefully they got the right fellow.
215 Post contains images flymia : NBC wins this one. CNN did a pretty poor job. NO arrest has been made.
216 Post contains images stlgph : a conspiracy theory -- leak an arrest had been, get all the press and media out of the restaurants so local police could get lunch!
217 Post contains images AeroWesty : Ha! It could also be using the media to make someone do something stupid (like go to lunch somewhere filled with cops ).
218 qantas077 : Highly doubtful that it is Islamic terrorist group given that they want you to know it was them. They've been too quiet since the attack and that's no
219 Post contains links scbriml : BBC reports no arrest has been made. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-22190353
220 Dreadnought : Are you going to go after ex-troops now? Come on guys, how about waiting for some evidence. Just my opinion here, but the most worrisome thing about
221 KaiGywer : What was more covered in Norwegian news? Iraqi or US deaths? So stop with the anti-US slant
222 Post contains links NAV20 : Today's Melbourne Age has some still pictures, including one apparently showing a 'suspect.' Unfortunately, however, it only shows said 'suspect' from
223 flymia : That is not who CNN is reporting the FBI wants to find. I have seen a bunch of pictures. CNN reports the FBI has two guys in mind who were together C
224 ltbewr : As to release of close up photos of possible bombers, that will be delayed as long as possible to prevent innocents from being attacked, complicating
225 BlueElephant : So apparently the Westboro Baptist Church announced they will picket the funerals of the deceased in Boston. Anonymous had something to say about it (
226 Post contains links slider : Connect the dots gang... It was the Saudis.... http://www.examiner.com/article/bost....likes%22%7D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D So the kid, with known an
227 AeroWesty : Let's see this from a legitimate news site. Examiner.com is a by-submission site where one doesn't need any credentials to submit a story for publica
228 pvjin : Well putting lives of certain people over others indeed isn't just American thing, it's something that happens everywhere in western world. About att
229 Post contains images SOBHI51 : Of course Slider has already solved the case, it was the Saudi's, because of a 6 litre pressure cooker and some unknown sources, on top of that now th
230 Aesma : It could just be that after the attack more precautions are being taken (something that is happening in France, the UK, and elsewhere), and so this Sa
231 MD11Engineer : If true, what about if this Saudi citizen simply got into the spotlight of the authorities due to the investigation, and while not having anything to
232 slider : So then there shouldn't be any danger or problem with saying so, should there be? The Obama admin says that during routine questioning, the man's vis
233 aloges : Well, apparently, they have said as much - I'll take your word for it: Hm. If it "can't be verified", how do you know whether or not it is expired? Y
234 Post contains links cjg225 : The crowdsourcing investigations of crimes is eventually going to get some innocent person seriously hurt or killed. This is just plain ridiculous. ht
235 Aesma : It can't be verified so they're lying. Yeah OK. I can't go see the artifacts on the Moon so nobody ever went there.
236 Post contains links thunderboltdrgn : FBI will have a pressC starting any minute now. Pics and vids of suspects will be available at www.fbi.gov
237 TheCommodore : Its something from the films featuring the famous Inspector Clouseau !
238 Post contains images DeltaMD90 : "Connecting the dots" in such a haphazard, incomplete way creates a bunch of false leads and conspiracy theories... the media is great at jumping to
239 Post contains links gatorman96 : Link to FBI presser With images/videos of the "suspects." The guy in the white hat sure didn't do much to hide his identity...
240 Post contains links Stabilator : Reports of a Saudi national in custody, Kerry and Obama closing their meetings with Saudi diplomats. Pressure cooker bomb, the design of which is of m
241 Post contains links Stabilator : I was browsing Reddit as I usually do this time of day, and came across this: http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comment...hotos_of_suspected_boston_bombers
242 flymia : Well this is very unconfirmed but live on CNN 1:21am EST two men are being apprehended in Boston near MIT. There was a police shooting earlier today w
243 detroitflyer : Yup....CNN (TV) right now is saying (probably) suspect #1 is in custody ..... apprehended fully undressed (was asked to undress) , says he was darker
244 flybaurlax : CNN had to retract that statement. There is still only 1 in custody. Shocking that they were wrong again. This is crazy, and I feel sorry for the peo
245 detroitflyer : Update according to CNN (TV): only 1 suspect in custody, unsure if it is certainly connected to the bombings. Big federal presence....which is abnorma
246 AeroWesty : Twitter feed for the eyewitness on the phone with CNN: https://twitter.com/sethmnookin This is a bizarre story. Watertown residents advised not to ope
247 Airstud : Now I see reports that a source says suspect #2 is killed. And we get that straight from.... um... a source. I don't much care for this jump-the-gun,
248 Mir : Reports I've seen say that it's suspect #1 that was shot and killed, #2 still at large. -Mir
249 AeroWesty : Suspect #2 is on the loose in the Watertown area, according to the impromptu press conference by Watertown police. One officer dead after shootout. S
250 AeroWesty : Then there's also the guy who was stripped naked before being handcuffed and put in the back of a police cruiser. Don't know who that is. I had fallen
251 Mir : Short version: police searched, couldn't find the suspect, decided to hold the perimeter and wait for daylight to go through the area and clear stree
252 Post contains links thunderboltdrgn : CBS news live stream: http://www.ustream.tv/cbsnews *edit apparently All public transport in Boston have been stopped.[Edited 2013-04-19 03:01:51][Edi
253 thunderboltdrgn : I think BPD/FBI/ATF/SWAT just arrested the suspect. still unconfirmed though. *edit 2, two people are arrested, Bomb squad is on scene. [Edited 2013-0
254 EA CO AS : Source for that? No news organizations appear to be reporting that so far.
255 Post contains links thunderboltdrgn : Police radio. http://tunein.com/radio/Boston-Police-Fire-and-EMS-Scanner-s146109/
256 ltbewr : One dead, one on the loose in Watertown, MA. One had an IED on there body, during the 7-11 robbery and subsequent carjacking and shooting of an office
257 thunderboltdrgn : The Associated Press ‏@AP 6m BREAKING: AP: Surviving Boston bomb suspect identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass. -SS https://twi
258 pvjin : Hmm interesting, apparently those unconfirmed names that were listed in Reddit and in some smaller news sites had nothing to do with these attacks the
259 thunderboltdrgn : from cbs news: NBC News ‏@NBCNews 11m MORE: Boston suspects are brothers, aged 19 and 20, and legal permanent U.S. residents of Chechen origin, sour
260 Mir : Care to rethink that now that two people's families have been put through hell for the last several hours? I'm also listening to that, and I don't he
261 thunderboltdrgn : There was a hijacking of a cab earlier today, where two people got arrested. Those two had claimed that they were the responsible for the bombings, b
262 Post contains links Boeing717200 : Chechnya.... Didn't see that coming. Wild night in Boston. Wow. Just wow! Both men are legal permanent residents and have been here about a year? Seri
263 Pellegrine : Amazing how people spread so much crap on social media playing detective, and willingly and gleefully ruin the lives of completely innocent people! Al
264 Boeing717200 : To be fair, they could be of Turkish decent which is a melting pot of sorts in that region so being Arab in decent isn't out of he realm of possibili
265 SOBHI51 : Now that we know a little more information, I think Slider owe the Saudi's, the White House and some of us an apology for the wrong and malice accusat
266 Boeing717200 : I think Chris Matthews needs to be fired if you get my drift. Although I don't expect we'll see any apologies from those who wanted this to be a home
267 Mir : If they're of Turkish descent, then they're not of Arab descent. Those are two different ethnicities. -Mir
268 AeroWesty : CNN: Reporter can smell smoke, line of police cars and helicopter convening on area (not sure of exact location). "Something has just happened." Edit:
269 casinterest : Honestly, why do their ethnicities matter, when it is their motivations and actions that are the problem?
270 flymia : Police from all level state city and federal are surrounding a home in Watertown. I was surprised to see them stay in Boston.
271 ltbewr : The Boston area is in 'stay inside' lockdown, totally unprecedented, even tighter than the NYC/DC areas in the hours after 9/11. Every police and law
272 Aesma : What exactly is happening, say, to people living in the burbs and working in Boston proper, could they enter the city, can't they leave ?
273 Dreadnought : Absolutely, and it's looking more and more likely that the motivation is Islamic extremism. Funny how the press is staying away from that issue like
274 AeroWesty : Boston has pretty much been on lockdown since 5am. No one really intelligent is going to try to get into the city to go to work today.
275 thunderboltdrgn : It seems that a large part of Boston is locked down. People are told to stay indoors. Collages and uni's are closed, no public transportation, no tax
276 Post contains links damirc : Well, a bit of snooping around ... Suspect #1 (now dead): Tamerlan Tsarnaev http://johanneshirn.photoshelter.com.../G0000VQW7v6xWA7o/I0000LluvfoSaW5Q
277 Mir : Really? I'm not seeing anything to indicate it's any more likely now than it was yesterday. -Mir
278 casinterest : It may be or it may not be, that remains to be seen. At this point the fact is that the suspects are dead or about to be captured. If it is extremism
279 jpetekyxmd80 : With all the misinformation that has gone around the last 8 hours, who cares if they're not making definitive judgements. It's prudent at this point.
280 PHX787 : Looks like number 2's home is under showdown right now. Bomb explosions heard there too. Man this is like straight from a movie....they mention they'r
281 AeroWesty : What's confusing to me is that if this was some sort of Islamic radicalism, wouldn't they be here as mules for some organization? Instead, they were a
282 Dreadnought : Not necessarily. Looks like they were a couple of loners with little or no outside support - which explains why prior to the bombing, our intel did n
283 pvjin : Yes that's Islamic region and a rather unstable one too. Basically they want independence from Russia which is obviously something Russians refuse to
284 L-188 : Agree completely, When I went to bed last night the shooting of the MIT office was just hitting the news and being called unrelated. I just got up an
285 L-188 : One of the of the reports what are putting them as only in the US for a year (Politicao-source) says they may have been refuges from the conflict tha
286 Boeing717200 : Note the "melting pot" component of my comment: Because the post I was refering to said the following: As if people were jumping the gun on thinking
287 L-188 : The story of that Saudi that was in the explosion with the apparently expired visa didn't help hold those stories down. Of course it is well known mo
288 AeroWesty : And that's my trouble with labeling this as some sort of islamic terrorism. Who knows what the motivation is.
289 akiss20 : Guys, this is a plea from a student at MIT right now. Can we please save this partisan sniping for later, once this is all over? Can we, just for now,
290 SOBHI51 : I am not surprised by Slider response, was not expecting any better, but to keep up throwing accusations right and left without any proof, is beyond a
291 SOBHI51 : akiss20 I read your posting after I posted mine, I will respect your wish and refrain from anymore till this situation clear up.
292 seb146 : Don't forget: we will not see apologies from those in the right-wing media who tried so hard for this to be an Islamic al-Qaida "convert or die" ster
293 akiss20 : Thank you. RIP Sean Collier, he was a friend of many students, a man dedicated to his job protecting us such that we may live our lives in peace.
294 Post contains links jetblueguy22 : Part 2 has been created and can be found here Two Bomb Blast In Boston USA Part 2 (by jetblueguy22 Apr 19 2013 in Non Aviation) All posts made after t
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