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Topic: Pre-Screening - Night Arrival Motive?
Username: YXD172
Posted 2012-10-30 21:38:21 and read 609 times.

I've got a couple of shots of nighttime arrivals into DCA from the north (the river approach) that were taken facing away from the airfield (showing a ~25 sec exposure of the aircraft on final).

Is there any chance of photos with this motive being accepted on the site? The images are fairly noisy, and I don't want to put the effort into cleaning them up if they're just for my personal collection.

NOTE: I have not edited these at all, I'm only inquiring about the motive (although if you see any other major issues with them please feel free to point them out!

Sorry if this is covered anywhere on the site, I couldn't find any info about it in the upload FAQ or rejection guide.

Topic: RE: Pre-Screening - Night Arrival Motive?
Username: dlowwa
Posted 2012-10-30 23:03:28 and read 606 times.

You can try, but night time long-exposure shots typically need part of the airport visible, be it the terminal/runway themselves, or just the lights/instrumentation. The foreground in yours is pretty dark/non-descript (except for the small Washington monument), so that would be working against you too. Far to much compression to say much about the quality.

Topic: RE: Pre-Screening - Night Arrival Motive?
Username: YXD172
Posted 2012-10-31 19:20:18 and read 552 times.

Thanks! I guess I'll put them away for now, maybe take a stab at it some day!

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