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Topic: Pre-screening - Old Scans (JakTrax)
Username: JakTrax
Posted 2012-10-31 17:56:57 and read 783 times.

Hi all,

With the awful weather we're yet again experiencing in the British Isles I thought it a good opportunity to fire up the scanner! So far I've uploaded these - as I can never remember my workflow settings for scans I'm just looking for a bit of feedback, mainly to see if I have the sharpness right.

Of course if these are okay I can do more (about another 400 to be more precise!).



Topic: RE: Pre-screening - Old Scans (JakTrax)
Username: mjgbtv
Posted 2012-10-31 19:08:52 and read 771 times.

Hi Karl,

The first two seem about right to me, but the last three seem softer.

Some of the aircraft seem a bit low in the frame as well, but that is an area where I am never quite sure if I am in synch with the screening standards.


Topic: RE: Pre-screening - Old Scans (JakTrax)
Username: dendrobatid
Posted 2012-11-01 01:19:52 and read 751 times.

I think all would stand a bit more sharpening but the colour is often an issue with scans, the JMC ones being the worst.
Take a look at them and you will see how blue the shadows are (bottom left shows it really well, especially alongside the black of the footer) and that could be corrected by adding yellow at the dark end of the blue curve. I doubt it will remove it totally, but it should reduce it.
One other trick I use is to reduce the saturation a bit (most seem to tend to increase it) as this will reduce the effect of any colour cast as well as reducing the noise in any highly saturated areas.

When we had prints done years ago, most of us used high street or mail order processors rather than professional labs and they invariably overdeveloped negatives to give a more saturated, slightly more grainy more contrasty, 'punchy' negative and print that looked better to the average snapshooter. If that average snapshooter had what looked like good prints from a particular place, they were far more likely to return with their next film, Christmas at each end and a holiday in the middle!

These look like that to me, but if they are from slides, then they too are probably a little dark.

Mick Bajcar

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