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Topic: Aircraft Accident Investigation
Username: Arzouni
Posted 2012-11-06 10:17:03 and read 2492 times.

I am Doing a essay about a report which analyses and critically evaluates any aircraft incident/accident within the last 25 years. In your analysis and evaluation, you are to use one of the approved Error Models used in aviation, but you are NOT to include an explanation of the Error Model you use.

I am free to choose which one you actually use yourself.

Your report should include an introduction explaining the accident/incident, together with any official AIB or NTSC report reference (but NOT the report itself); your analysis as per your chosen Error Model, your conclusions from your analysis and your own observations and comments on the recommendations made by the original investigator.


Topic: RE: Aircraft Accident Investigation
Username: CitationJet
Posted 2012-11-06 10:56:43 and read 2492 times.

It looks like you have documented your homework assignment.
Is there a question that I am missing? What are you asking? Are you looking for suggestions on which error model to use?

Topic: RE: Aircraft Accident Investigation
Username: bueb0g
Posted 2012-11-06 13:35:59 and read 2492 times.

You seem to have missed out your question there  Wink

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