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Topic: Delta Culture
Username: airone1
Posted 2012-11-10 10:20:38 and read 3548 times.

Forgive me if this belongs elsewhere, but I recently interviewed for a position at Delta's HDQ and wanted to follow up and see if any Delta employees can shed light on the culture of the airline? Obviously, when you ask someone in an interview they aren't going to say anything negative. Thanks and I appreciate your feedback.

Topic: RE: Delta Culture
Username: Dalmd88
Posted 2012-11-10 18:01:05 and read 3548 times.

Some say the Delta Family culture is dead. I think it is still there. Your job is important, but your home life is more important. Most managers at DL still feel this way. If you should have a crisis at home most will find a way to help you out. Same for the rank and file. Most really care about those around them.

I've had pretty good experiences while traveling non rev on DL also. Part of it might be due to my attitude while traveling. No matter how trying the day might be I always open with a smile. With that attitude most gate agents will do whatever they can to help you. Same goes for the crew.

Topic: RE: Delta Culture
Username: tod
Posted 2012-11-11 09:45:03 and read 3550 times.

I've seen some hard feelings between some former NW and DL folks.
The changes at MSP have hit some of them hard.

Topic: RE: Delta Culture
Username: FlyDeltaJets
Posted 2012-11-12 00:55:17 and read 3550 times.

As with any organization there are those that love the company and those that despise it. I worked at JFK for Delta and everyone at JFK at least at the time felt that it was DL's stepchild. Some of my close friends still work there in ATL and at the OCC and they tell me that the overall attitude is positive and for the most part everyone is happy. It doesn't hurt that DL has given at least 2 across the board raises in the last couple of years. I say for an airline (one of the only ones I might add) to remain largely non-unionized that must say something positive for the company.

Topic: RE: Delta Culture
Username: FlyASAGuy2005
Posted 2012-11-17 21:32:37 and read 3548 times.

It is exactly what you make of it. If you come to work with a bad attitude or preconceived thoughts, no matter how good (or bad) things are you will always have it in your head that everyone's out to get you or that the company sucks, nobody care, blah blah blah.

I've been with the DL family off and on since 2006. First when I started with EV on the ramp then when I went back home I worked the MCO ramp for OO then back to DL briefly before finishing up college and now i'm back. Many people really can't say it but I love my job. I have no issues getting up every day and coming to work. For some it's a chore and something they loath but not me. The people are great and the job itself isn't half bad. The "culture" itself is one that takes pride in where it came from and DEFINATELY where its going. Most (I say most) are very proud to work for the company and say they do. IDK about other stations but i've seen my fair share on the ramp and most really do care and want to get those planes out on time. There also aren't many companies that promote so much open dialog between upper management worker bees like myself. I've emailed our CEO on more than one occasion and always get a response. I've dropped by my VP's office just to say hello. As a matter of fact, I was speaking to my managers tonight and was telling him that I wanted to head out to the airport some time this week to say hello to one of my former bosses who's now a GM on the ramp. I don't care what other people think or say but for me it's a great place to work.

Topic: RE: Delta Culture
Username: redflyer
Posted 2012-11-19 06:39:52 and read 3548 times.

Quoting tod (Reply 2):
I've seen some hard feelings between some former NW and DL folks.
The changes at MSP have hit some of them hard.

Not disputing what you're saying, but I had the pleasure of sitting next to a non-rev'ing DL pilot on a recent flight. He was originally with NW, so I expected to get a dose of some sour grapes. The guy was a total professional and it was obvious that despite some negative impacts that may have occurred to him (such as loss of seniority), he was thrilled to be flying for DL. Of course, it helps when someone loves their job. And who here wouldn't love to be flying 747's like this guy did regardless of which airline it was for, or even if it was from the right-hand seat?

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Topic: RE: Delta Culture
Username: xjramper
Posted 2012-11-19 07:20:02 and read 3548 times.

Oh the old STARs questions for your interview. Must have been fun.  

For a company of it's size, DL has garnered a lot of positives in my opinion. Are there unhappy people out there? Sure.

Frontline has taken a beating with staffing and one of the few negative impacts they have with the "bean counters" at the GO.

Training is another thing that needs to come back and made available for all to attend. Back when I started in 2007, there used to be a lot of frontline training classes, such as the Lobby and Ticketing classes. Not only did you learn your job and computer system, but you also learned about things that one may or may not come across all that often. Nowadays you have employees stuck learning from a wide variety of different people, and what they achieve out of that is a mix-match of different ideas from how to check someone in to boarding a flight. There is no consistency and it bothers the heck out of me. Both as a former PL and as a GM on DL.

That being said, one of the best jobs I have held in my life. The people were great. I traveled extensively, and no matter where I ended up, they saw my DL badge, it was an immediate friend talking to you no matter where you were in the world.

I miss it dearly, but I had a much better (and better paying) opportunity come my way and was extremely sad to leave my fellow DL brethren

Topic: RE: Delta Culture
Username: usairways787
Posted 2012-11-19 16:51:50 and read 3548 times.

Like many of us have said above, it is what you make of it. I work with quite a few NW folks, and to be honest I have never met such a negative bunch of people, it really feels like they go out of their way to complain sometimes. It really does get old after awhile. I have to hear "we had this at Northwest, why can't we do it like we used to at Northwest" To me, I never got the experiences the old Delta, that the guys I work with that have been here for 30 years. I've asked from time to time, and they say they're just ready for retirement, just going through the motions. They say it isn't what it used to be, that they used to care, etc. etc. Me personally, I wish I could do more within the company. It is extremely hard to maneuver around for me, which is shocking given the size of the company. But overall, I'd say I'm decently happy, it's not perfect, but then again that'd be an unreal expectation.


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