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Topic: A/C Potable Water& Lavatory Tanks
Username: SXDFC
Posted 2012-11-25 21:33:19 and read 5734 times.

Hello All :

I've been working for WN for 2 years, and I've been browsing through a-net for over a decade, I've often heard many folks here say that they have found some interesting stuff in both lavatory and potable water tanks of the A/C they have worked on. Is there any MX folks here who can please provide pictures of what the inside of these tanks look like? Also on a side note in your honest opinion ( especially those who also work around planes as well ) ever get somewhat interested in all the nasty stuff on a plane ( skydrol, lavatories, etc ). Anyways thanks in advance!

Topic: RE: A/C Potable Water& Lavatory Tanks
Username: m1m2
Posted 2012-11-25 21:49:06 and read 5727 times.

I've never found anything in a lav or water tank but I can tell you that I can't stand Skydrol. It's a nasty purple liquid that smells foul and if you've ever had it in your eyes you learn to avoid it as much as possible. Now 5606, I'd like that to make a comeback! I've also been told that engine oil such as Mobil Jet II or 2380 is also quite bad for you.

Topic: RE: A/C Potable Water& Lavatory Tanks
Username: Dalmd88
Posted 2012-11-26 02:45:11 and read 5674 times.

MD88 lav tanks are notorious for water bottles and full rolls of toilet paper. Why people put these in there I just can't figure out. They get found when the lavs get serviced. The tank dumps ok but will not hold any of the new precharge fluid. The bottle is stuck in the dump valve and must be retrieved.

Topic: RE: A/C Potable Water& Lavatory Tanks
Username: planenut767
Posted 2012-11-26 08:45:19 and read 5587 times.

Water tanks I've never seen anything more than dirt and grime that's built up over an extended period of time. Lav lines and tanks are a different story. I've found cloth napkins, diapers, silverware , soap bottles, caked up masses of paper towels, and one time a wrist watch (keep in mind I'm counting vacuum and blue juice waste systems together). There's a story that's gone around where I work for years that guy taking apart a waste line on a 777 to clear a clog removed a dress of some kind that was causing the clog, not sure how true it is though. Basically the moral of my post is "DON'T PUT ANYTHING DOWN THE TOILET THAT ISN'T TOILET PAPER OR YOUR OWN BODILY WASTE !!!!!!!"

Topic: RE: A/C Potable Water& Lavatory Tanks
Username: tod
Posted 2012-11-26 12:35:13 and read 5532 times.

Dentures in a vacuum waste line.

Topic: RE: A/C Potable Water& Lavatory Tanks
Username: HAWK21M
Posted 2012-12-02 04:33:30 and read 5190 times.

Cellphones get dropped in the recirculating type tanks, apart from pens & the odd ring  

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