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Topic: What Happens To Crewmembers Involved In Accidents?
Username: rolypolyman
Posted 2012-12-21 15:30:53 and read 4127 times.

I was reading the NTSB report about the AA 757 overrun at JAC on 12/29/2010 and got to wondering what ultimately happens to crewmembers involved in accidents where investigations show that the crew made errors but not anything bordering on "gross negligence". Is this pretty much circumstantial or do most of them get terminated (especially given the current pilot surplus?) Are there different philosophies on this at different carriers?

More specifically, does anyone know exactly what happened to these AA2253 crewmembers? I saw in the transcripts that after the plane stopped the pilot said "well, there goes our careers" and the pilot did seem to be pretty open and apologetic over the PA with the passengers. Would the pilots unions have stepped in, especially with a legacy carrier like AA, or do they not do that so much anymore? I did a quick search of news articles for their names but didn't find anything. How about HP 1248, which made a runway excursion landing at MDW on 12/8/2005? Any info on the careers of those pilots?

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Topic: RE: What Happens To Crewmembers Involved In Accidents?
Username: 26point2
Posted 2012-12-21 16:52:58 and read 4085 times.

Not sure about the AA KJAC outcome but the Southwest 1445 pilot at KBUR had a similar reaction when he ran off the end...

From LA Times: "...And, when the plane finally came to rest and the sirens of approaching crash trucks filled the cockpit, Peterson, a veteran airline captain with 11,000 hours flying time, declared, "Well, there goes my career."

As a result of this crash both pilots were fired I believe.

Topic: RE: What Happens To Crewmembers Involved In Accidents?
Username: XFSUgimpLB41X
Posted 2012-12-22 11:06:12 and read 3876 times.

Pilots are put on paid leave pending the investigation. After the fact finding is done, then what will happen to them is determined.

Sometimes if it was completely no fault, the pilot will be returned back to the line. Sometimes retraining is required..sometimes unpaid time off, and sometimes termination.

How's that for non-specific.  

Topic: RE: What Happens To Crewmembers Involved In Accidents?
Username: Braniff747SP
Posted 2012-12-22 12:50:11 and read 3819 times.

Last I remember reading, the F/O of AF358 was still flying with the airline. Can anyone confirm?

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