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Topic: Contacting To Compliment A CSR? Help/Tips/Advice?
Username: TatTVC
Posted 2012-12-23 19:41:32 and read 3015 times.

Hello everyone!

I had a somewhat odd question and was looking for some advice, from the wealth of knowledge that is! I'm looking to bring a small gift to a CSR in order to thank her for the phenomenal job she did in helping me out on a previous trip. She works for LX at ORD as a part of Swissport, and unless she has since retired, I know she works the LX flights out of ORD. I can't go into specifics, but on a couple different flights, she's really gone out of her way to make difficult situations work, and so since I'm flying LX out of ORD soon I thought I would bring a small gift to show my great gratitude for her actions.

So the question is, I'm flying out on a specific day, and would prefer to thank her/give her the gift in person. I'm not sure, however, how I can check with Swissport as to if she'll be working that day, and due to time constraints and hectic days at ORD I didn't get a chance to get her name. Do you think I could contact Swiss, Swissport, or their office at ORD? I would know her in a second, since she isn't the same age/race as the other Swissport CSR's at ORD, but I have nothing else to go on. Any ideas on how I could find her name and if she'll be working in early January, the next time I'm at the LX desks in ORD?

Of course as a last-ditch effort, I'll have plenty of time at ORD before my next flight and can ask at their counters, however I was hoping to find a way that I would know she'll be there, in order to properly thank her!

Any advice, tips or insight would be appreciated!

Thanks, and happy holidays to all!


Topic: RE: Contacting To Compliment A CSR? Help/Tips/Advice?
Username: SKC
Posted 2012-12-24 08:08:27 and read 2942 times.

Just take it with you, and be prepared to leave it for her if she isn't working. I doubt they would give out her information over the phone, so you'll just have to hope she's there.

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