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Your Aviation Job  
User currently offlineDesmet From Belgium, joined Sep 2009, 6 posts, RR: 0
Posted (6 years 4 weeks 1 day 3 hours ago) and read 12759 times:

Hi all,

i'm new here and was curious what people got a job at the airport here. (i've searched for a thread like this but didn't find anything? excuse me if i looked over it pls  Smile )

So please, tell us what you do, where you do it, and some more details about it i guess??

myself i've always worked @pauwels Belgium, a company that design electrical power transformers for all over the world. I got tired of it and one of the coming days i can start @
Brussels Airlines as Cabin Repair performer

i don't think i need to explain much about it? i'll tell more after a few days on the job Big grin

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User currently offlineJRadier From Netherlands, joined Sep 2004, 4779 posts, RR: 47
Reply 1, posted (6 years 4 weeks 1 day 3 hours ago) and read 12753 times:

Currently I'm studying Aviation Management at the 'Hogeschool van Amsterdam' or University of Applied Science in English!

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and ther
User currently offlineWILCO737 From Greenland, joined Jun 2004, 9287 posts, RR: 75
Reply 2, posted (6 years 4 weeks 1 day 2 hours ago) and read 12749 times:

I am currently flying an MD11F from the F/O position...


User currently offlineHAWK21M From India, joined Jan 2001, 31808 posts, RR: 55
Reply 3, posted (6 years 4 weeks 1 day 2 hours ago) and read 12747 times:

Currently Working Line & Major Maintenance on the B737/757,five nights a week.

Think of the brighter side!
User currently offlineShhpanked From United States of America, joined Dec 2008, 69 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (6 years 4 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 12737 times:

Fly an AS350 for a company out here in Los Angeles. We do the ENG broadcast stuff for the several of the local news agencies out here.

Quoting WILCO737 (Reply 2):
I am currently flying an MD11F from the F/O position...

Sounds like a good gig to me.

People fly airplanes and pilots fly helicopters.
User currently offlineDispatchguy From United States of America, joined Jan 2006, 1273 posts, RR: 2
Reply 5, posted (6 years 4 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 12730 times:

Currently an unemployed aircraft dispatcher - with a possible line on a SABRE Key User gig (flight planning system administrator) for an airline here in the States...

Nobody screws you better than an airline job!
User currently offlineFlyDeltaJets From United States of America, joined Feb 2006, 1966 posts, RR: 2
Reply 6, posted (6 years 4 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 12726 times:

Operations Tower Coordinator in JFK for a small Atlanta based airline.

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User currently onlineStarlionblue From Greenland, joined Feb 2004, 17380 posts, RR: 66
Reply 7, posted (6 years 4 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 12726 times:

I'm currently a stay at home dad who, if there are no unforeseen hitches, is about to publish a non-fiction book (not about aviation). I also do some part time computer stuff, mostly helping housewives with their crashed/slow computer.

Hang on, NONE of that has ANYTHING to do with aviation!!! Big grin

"There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots."
User currently offlineLongHauler From Canada, joined Mar 2004, 5625 posts, RR: 43
Reply 8, posted (6 years 4 weeks 23 hours ago) and read 12710 times:

B767 Captain, based in YYZ

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User currently offlineIAHFLYR From United States of America, joined Jun 2005, 4790 posts, RR: 21
Reply 9, posted (6 years 4 weeks 23 hours ago) and read 12692 times:

Air Traffic Control, Houston, Texas.

Any views shared are strictly my own and do not a represent those of any former employer.
User currently offlineWILCO737 From Greenland, joined Jun 2004, 9287 posts, RR: 75
Reply 10, posted (6 years 4 weeks 23 hours ago) and read 12690 times:

Quoting Shhpanked (Reply 4):
Sounds like a good gig to me.

Can't complain Big grin

Quoting IAHFLYR (Reply 9):
Air Traffic Control, Houston, Texas.

I hope you are not one of the Texan controlers I never understand  duck 


User currently offlineIAHFLYR From United States of America, joined Jun 2005, 4790 posts, RR: 21
Reply 11, posted (6 years 4 weeks 22 hours ago) and read 12688 times:

Quoting WILCO737 (Reply 10):
I hope you are not one of the Texan controlers I never understand


Could be but then I'd never tell ya until you said "say again" about 4 times, the very next transmission I'd make would be "hi WILCO".

Actually I talk like I hear, really sloooooooooooooooow.

Any views shared are strictly my own and do not a represent those of any former employer.
User currently offlineWILCO737 From Greenland, joined Jun 2004, 9287 posts, RR: 75
Reply 12, posted (6 years 4 weeks 22 hours ago) and read 12687 times:

Quoting IAHFLYR (Reply 11):
Could be but then I'd never tell ya until you said "say again" about 4 times, the very next transmission I'd make would be "hi WILCO".

 laughing  Alright. Good to know. I will try when I fly to IAH - one day...

But on a serious note, some accents in the US are harder to understand than others. My head flight instructor at flight school was from Texas and we all were like WTF?! Is that really English  crazy  Big grin


User currently offlineJAGflyer From Canada, joined Aug 2004, 3711 posts, RR: 4
Reply 13, posted (6 years 4 weeks 22 hours ago) and read 12675 times:

I am currently in my 3rd and final co-op at a Tier III operator based in YYZ. I drive pilots between the office and the terminal as well as other operations related duties. After my co-op I will be completing two more semesters of school before I am finished the college diploma.

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User currently offlineBritJap From Japan, joined Aug 2006, 286 posts, RR: 2
Reply 14, posted (6 years 4 weeks 21 hours ago) and read 12665 times:

Quoting Desmet (Thread starter):
I got tired of it and one of the coming days i can start @
Brussels Airlines as Cabin Repair performer

I wish you all the best with that!! I am also just about to start my new job. Gonna be in Tokyo doing aerospace & defence trading for Japanese industrial clients and the JSDF.


User currently offlineHaveBlue From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 2160 posts, RR: 1
Reply 15, posted (6 years 4 weeks 20 hours ago) and read 12638 times:

Photographer by profession, pilot by passion.

I got my Private Pilots License in December 2001, had only been in flight school a few weeks when 9/11 happened. Cessna 152/172.

I also run an ebay business selling aircraft parts from the inventory of a now defunct flight school, for a comission.

Starlionblue you'll have to give us a link to that book when its done, I'd want to buy it.  Smile

Here Here for Severe Clear!
User currently offlineDesmet From Belgium, joined Sep 2009, 6 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (6 years 4 weeks 20 hours ago) and read 12629 times:

Quoting BritJap (Reply 14):
wish you all the best with that!! I am also just about to start my new job. Gonna be in Tokyo doing aerospace & defence trading for Japanese industrial clients and the JSDF.


thanks, the best of luck to you to  Wink

User currently offlineSoku39 From United States of America, joined Nov 2000, 1797 posts, RR: 8
Reply 17, posted (6 years 4 weeks 20 hours ago) and read 12629 times:

I'm a Flight Instructor in Ohio.

The Ohio Player
User currently offlineFutureualpilot From United States of America, joined May 2000, 2615 posts, RR: 7
Reply 18, posted (6 years 4 weeks 19 hours ago) and read 12595 times:

Flight Instructor, stuck in Indiana. Waiting/hoping for the economy/airlines to turn around!

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User currently offlineBrouAviation From Netherlands, joined Jun 2009, 985 posts, RR: 0
Reply 19, posted (6 years 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 12574 times:

Quoting JRadier (Reply 1):
Currently I'm studying Aviation Management at the 'Hogeschool van Amsterdam' or University of Applied Science in English!

I'm doing exactly the same thing! Next to that I am a journalist for two Dutch aviation-related magazines. Attending meetings, fly-in's, airshows and press conferences. Nice job considering I'm only an 18yo student.

Never ask somebody if he's a pilot. If he is, he will let you know soon enough!
User currently offlineCanadianNorth From Canada, joined Aug 2002, 3408 posts, RR: 8
Reply 20, posted (6 years 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 12564 times:

Aircraft maintenance apprentice on HS748s / 737-200s / 737-200C and also fueling for a northern based airline.


What could possibly go wrong?
User currently offlineDALMD88 From United States of America, joined Jul 2000, 2764 posts, RR: 14
Reply 21, posted (6 years 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 12552 times:

Airline AMT. I work on MD88, DC9, 737NG, A320, 757, and sometimes 767.

User currently offlineGST From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2008, 942 posts, RR: 0
Reply 22, posted (6 years 4 weeks 16 hours ago) and read 12527 times:

Quoting BrouAviation (Reply 19):
Next to that I am a journalist for two Dutch aviation-related magazines. Attending meetings, fly-in's, airshows and press conferences. Nice job considering I'm only an 18yo student.

Now that is a nice gig. I'd kill to have your CV!

I'm studying aerospace engineering at Queen's University Belfast, just about to start 3rd year.

User currently offlineAirbuster From Netherlands, joined Mar 2007, 469 posts, RR: 0
Reply 23, posted (6 years 4 weeks 14 hours ago) and read 12497 times:

Fokker 70 & 100 F/O, Amsterdam

User currently offlineJoseKMLB From United States of America, joined May 2008, 493 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (6 years 4 weeks 14 hours ago) and read 12530 times:

Ramp agent out in MLB for 10years. Just never had the money to be a pilot or anything like that  Angry

25 Pilotboi : Started as ramp agent for DL at DAB. Then moved to MCO and became a ramp agent for UPS, DHL, and BAX. And now I'm a ticketing agent for VS at MCO. It'
26 2enginesonly : Ground engineer ( AMT ) with MP on AMS since 1990. Licensed B763, MD11 and limited licensed ( Cat A ) F70/100. I was licensed on the F50 and B757. Reg
27 Tb727 : Falcon 20 Captain transitioning to Boeing 727 FO. Will probably be flying both once I am checked out on the 72.
28 Wingscrubber : I WAS a design engineer for the Cessna Citation X business jet on hydraulics/landing gear & environmental systems - none of the changes I made are vis
29 Mr AirNZ : Previously worked in a ground based role for Air New Zealand. Also worked for a large tour operator and flew people throughout Southern Africa. Curren
30 Saab2000 : Pilot based in Norfolk, VA. Started my aviation career by answering an ad in the newspaper in Switzerland to be a 'traffic agent' for Jet Aviation Han
31 WrenchBender : I run a transient servicing crew at the busiest single runway airport in the world KDH (OAKN). We deal with all kinds of aircraft from tha largest fre
32 DeltaGuy : Just another airplane driver here too.... F/O on a Gulfstream IV, and am currently in school for the next 2 weeks (1 week done!) to get my type rating
33 ThePinnacleKid : F/O on the EMB-145..... still.
34 Larshjort : Aircraft maintenance apprentice on PC-12, Citation 560 and various small Pipers /Lars
35 PWMRamper : PSA/Ramp Agent out at PWM. Been there for almost a year now, I love it. THINKING about going to school for Dispatch. It seems like something I'd reall
36 HAWK21M : Amazing CV.....Did you ever consider working on any new designs ever? regds MEL...
37 Cornish : Aviation consultant here - doing a range of projects for airlines, airports and governments around the world. My main area is market demand forecastin
38 Mmedford : Technician for JFK Airport dealing with Navaids/Communications/ILS systems...
39 LHR380 : Senior Customer Service and Reservations agent for BA at LHR Fantastic job
40 Dufo : Saab 340 F/O based at home airport.. and enjoying it
41 Meristem : Ex-tech manager, gearing for career change. Planning on grad work on human factors and cognitive psychology as applied to aviation line operations.
42 Tdscanuck : Flight test director. I put together test flights, then sit between the pilots to make sure we actually get the data we went out to get. Tom.
43 Starlionblue : Pilot: "Who the "#¤"#¤"¤% put 'barrel roll' as the next test step?!?" Tdscanuck: "Who's the flight test director, me or you? Now do it. But wait u
44 YVRtoYYZ : Are you on the DH8 or RJ?
45 LHR380 : haha, good one.
46 Post contains images Part147 : Welcome to A.net - I would be considered a 'part-time lurker' around here since I read a lot more than I post... I started back in 1985 as a mechanic
47 AirKas1 : I work at the Airport Authority of a regional airport in the Netherlands.
48 SLUAviator : After college, I could not get a instructing job so I started on the ramp at ORD, moonlighting as the captain of an Archer. Finally moved on to instru
49 Tdscanuck : I think that's how I'll execute my retirement. What great way to go! Although some of the pilots I know wouldn't bother asking, they'd just do it the
50 IAHFLYR : It wasn't, luckily I don't have to put up with that sector over there!!!
51 Dufo : Any chance you will be on the first 787 flight? Regards, Jernej
52 Tod : Commercial aircraft mechanical systems engineer. Currently working for a Bellingham WA company that does reconfigs and some OEM interior work.
53 Atct : Wait a second...thats my job...retire and lets us move up on seniority already! ATC, Houston Texas (soon to be Anchorage, AK) ATCT
54 MD11Engineer : LAME, licenced on MD-11, B737NG and B757, plus A&P licence (working experience on DC-3, DC-4, B707, B727, B737 Jurassic, B737 Classic, B747 Classic, B
55 HAWK21M : Jan.......Your Resume is fantastic.How many years have you spent in Aviation? regds MEL.
56 YWG747 : Aircraft engine mechanic
57 474218 : I am retired: But started out as an airframe repairman in the USAF (on SR-71's), after the USAF I worked for Tex Johnson Aerospace (on the Total In Fl
58 B747FE : Ex AMT/FE and currently F/O on B747 Classics. Regards, B747FE.
59 Brandi747 : Airfield Manager for the USAF/ANG @ PDX and a Load Master for Air China..currently out of currency on that one. Ameture photographer/ plane spotter an
60 DAL7e7 : Currently a student at Auburn University majoring in Aviation Management with a minor in Professional Flight. Flying 3x weekly in school-owned C172R m
61 Jetlife2 : I work for GE Aviation and I am the GE90 Program Manager. Started my career just about exactly 30 years ago with Another Large Engine Company, Ltd. as
62 Brains : I'm a dispatcher with a regional here in the states operating CRJ's for DL.
63 RJLover : Currently an Customer Service Agent for Air Canada Jazz in YYJ. Been doing it for (only) half a year and I still love it!
64 Sudden : Nah, He's actually a cabin attendant (with a skirt) making sure your glass is never empty. ............. Been working several yeras for KLM and some
65 SB : A320 FO based in Malaysia. S. (Avid time reader, very rare poster)
66 CosmicCruiser : Of course as a native I don't have any problems but I would have thought the New Yawkers would give you more trouble both accent and quickness wise.
67 Pilotpip : I'm an FO on the ERJ-170/175. Been doing this for about a year and half. Prior to that I was at an airline that flew 145s. I instructed for about two
68 Post contains links Dlednicer : Aeronautical engineer specializing in aircraft modifications. Here are some I've worked on: http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?album=10156
69 DaBuzzard : TDG certified journeyman partsman at 4K, handle routing of rotables to internal shops and outside vendors, shipping of parts / supplies to bases aroun
70 Jetlagged : Flight simulator software design engineer. Best job in the airline business in my opinion, but I'm biased. I don't work for an airline so I travel a l
71 MD11Engineer : The DC-3 and the DC-4 were museum projects, but at least I know my way around them. For the rest it helped to have worked for two big airlines with l
72 IAHFLYR : Careful now, you could be in the next in the holding pattern to IAH waiting for VFR weather on a clear day!!! It is really interesting reading the ca
73 Crjfixer : Aircraft Mechanic on CR2 and CR9's 7 years and still loving it
74 Dynamicsguy : I'm a stress engineer with Boeing. I mostly work on static stressing of composite structures for the 787.
75 Dinker225 : ATC - N12345 hold over downtown left turns Report fuel Starvation N12345 - Uh...ok why? ATC - Controller Amusement. Works Everytime
76 Starlionblue : So are you under a lot of stress?
77 Dynamicsguy : I'm not working on that part of the structure, thankfully.
78 CosmicCruiser : Hey I'm only a couple a hundred miles NE I speak "funny" too according to some folks! Right now I'm trying to decide whether to stay in the MD-11 or
79 Mmedford : Hmmm, Fedex pilot... If you do move to the 777F... Bring it to JFK... who needs EWR...
80 FX772LRF : Screw JFK. They've got confusing controllers. Bring it to IND. -Noah
81 AKiss20 : Currently none, but that will change eventually! Current Job: MIT Undergrad majoring in Aeronautical Engineering with (hopefully) a minor in Materials
82 P3Orion : I am an Air Traffic Controller at ORD ATCT; and I love it. I must add (reference the locked thread on Civil Av: JFK TWR vs. AF pilots) I take a lot of
83 IAHFLYR : And welcome back to the a.net gang......missed your posts and point of view, even if you are from far north Texas!!!
84 Wingscrubber : My job at Cessna was fixing the mistakes the original designers made some 10 years ago, I was still in high school when the Citation X was first draw
85 WILCO737 : That is good... Keep it that way.I hear a lot different things on the radio these days. I will be in ORD end of September, hear you then wilco737
86 Roseflyer : I am a design engineer for 737 mechanical systems. I work in the final assembly factory of the 737 supporting production. Sometimes that means working
87 HAWK21M : Fantastic place to work I'm sure. Any plans to mov the Retracting Landing lights from below the front of the packs. regds MEL.
88 Roseflyer : I know the answer, but I'd have to kill you if I told you, well not really but you get the point.
89 HAWK21M : I thought there would be something on that though.Guess I'll need to kidnap you to find out. Cheers. regds MEL.
90 B727LVR : Hello and welcome to the site.... I am an A&P. My specialty is in Avionics. I learned the avionics side of the house from the NAVY. Been working on pl
91 GrinddalCPH : WOW, Im jelaous of allot of you guys, Actually I wanted to do Aviation management, but its not possible in Denmark, I could go abroad, but that would
92 Aaron747 : I'm something of a consultant, providing ICAO Level 4 training to Japanese ATCs on behalf of the Ministry of Land, Transportation, and Infrastructure.
93 CosmicCruiser : Frustrating or not that's a very worthwhile job. I wish I had a dollar for everythime there was a breakdown in communication and it's usually Asia. T
94 MD11Engineer : So you are the one to blame?! What about the burnt retractable LDG light connectors? Jan
95 Aaron747 : Thanks, nice to hear someone's feeling the benefit on the other end. I have to be very frank with them sometimes - not only with regard to their care
96 P3Orion : Aaron747, Hi, I've noticed on other threads you don't like American aircrew's way of checking in with Japanese ATC facilities with phrases like "Good
97 CosmicCruiser : I can't speak for him but we're told not to add any unnecessary words or slang to any transmission to a foreign controller. I can tell you many examp
98 Surfpunk : Haven't worked in the industry for over 12 1/2 years, but my last stint was as a fueler at MSP working for Butler Aviation/Signature FS (was around du
99 Vinniewinnie : Borderline Aviation here but let me have a go: I used to work for a transport consultancy that mainly did rail. Nevertheless we won an aviation demand
100 UAL Bagsmasher : A&P Mechanic and run/taxi instructor on the CRJ-200. Nothing like taking a $20 million toy for a ride around the patch
101 Aaron747 : Local controllers here cite their unfamiliarity with casual expressions as the greatest concern they have on frequency in normal operation. They spen
102 P3Orion : Thanks for the response. I thought it might be something like that. Good day.
103 Levent : Currently Aircraft Dispatcher with a business jet operator, before that with an ACMI operator, and before that Crew Training Coordinator with a region
104 HAWK21M : Any links to some articles. regds MEL.
105 Desmet : Happy to see so many reply's i'm a few days away from starting on my new job, pretty nervous tho
106 Levent : As Airliners.net seems to be a bit jumpy about me linking to my own aviation site, I sent you a PM with the link
107 Woosie : I prepare and certify commercial aviation safety analyses for The Boeing Company; I'm a DER and have been with McDonnell-Douglas and Boeing for over 2
108 Fxra : Currently an aircraft dispatcher for a small cargo airline with a large hub in Louisville, KY. Formerly an aircraft dispatcher for a couple of ACMI ca
109 HMUcfm56 : For a period of 3 years I was a mechanic in the workshop for engine related components, maintaining HMUs (CFM56-5) and Fuel Pumps (CFM56-X, V2500, CF6
110 HAWK21M : Still awaiting the PM. regds MEL.
111 Marky : Great thread! I spent 10 years working for the UK CAA as an Aircraft Registrar, which involved adding and deleting aircraft from the register, and reg
112 Skyman : ATC with Rhein Radar, Germany
113 CosmicCruiser : Maybe we spoke yesterday!!
114 Skyman : Could be. Were you the one asking when the October Fest starts?^^
115 CosmicCruiser : Ha! I wish. I was the one asking "direct ROKIM? ATIS says you're landing 07L&R Let me put in the box".
116 Pogo : I am a ramp supervisor at LHR, work out of T2 but moving to T4 in november, been here 14 and a half years, how time flies when you are having fun.
117 Desmet : well, i did my first day as cabin repair today. was a nice start. looking forward to tommorow above expectations
118 HAWK21M : congrats.....1st day at work is a memory that always remains. regds MEL.
119 CitationJet : Airworthiness Engineer for Cessna Aircraft. Manage a group that is responsible for foreign and domestic certification for all Cessna Part 23 aircraft.
120 2H4 : All that access, and you still can't get me my single most sought-after photograph! Am I going to have to start bribing you with beer? 2H4
121 CitationJet : What is the photo of?
122 DashTrash : Citation X driver. Used to fly DH8's and various assorted other things.
123 2H4 : I described it in a private message to you. Have to keep it under wraps in case it could be used for a future round of "Identify This". 2H4
124 A346Dude : Ramper at YOW - just finished my first week on the job.
125 Jeffry747 : I am a tug driver at the UPS hub at SDF. I haul ULD containers (some full of packages, some empty) from aircraft to aircraft and between aircraft and
126 SQ325 : Flying A320 for Condor as FO!
127 Anthob : Licensed aircraft engineer working on widebody Boeing's and Airbus
128 FlyingColours : Hiya Andy, welcome to the site! I was cabin crew for a few charter airlines in the UK, until the last one went bust. Still hoping to get back up there
129 Thebatman : Airline AMT. I've worked on the 727, 737-200/300/500, 747-200/400, 757, 767-200/300, 777, DC-10-10/30/30F, A319/320/321, A330-300, A340-300/600.
130 Corey07850 : Product demonstration division for the best business aircraft manufactrurer VJS?
131 Scyld : I am an Engine Health Monitoring (EHM) engineer for a British aero engine manufacturer (no prizes for guessing who!).
132 Flypig687 : I am senior in aerospace engineering at georgia tech, graduating this coming spring. I am also a private pilot flying C172/PA28. Currently looking for
133 VAAengineer : Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ot AMT in the US based in JFK
134 Post contains links Shhpanked : Give Rotorcraft Support Inc. a look. They do a lot of helicopter maintenance and overhauls but I'm not 100% sure if they employ dedicated pilots. I d
135 ATCT : Watch FAA.gov for jobs. We are always hiring engineers etc. especially under the aircraft certification side of the house. ATCT
136 YYZatcboy : I just started as a CSR for Porter.
137 SEATTLE : Always wanted to be a pilot but the closest I got was a ramp rat loading and unloading cargo aircraft for a now defunct airline in KSEA. Now I spend m
138 Post contains images N901WA : Welcome to Airliners net. I just joined a few weeks back. I am a Lead Aircraft Mechanic for a major out of LAX and work on A-320 / 319 / 747-200F / 73
139 HAWK21M : Thats a vast resume there. regds MEL.
140 Post contains images N901WA : For HAWK21M. Thanks. Its funny how fast time flys and if your in the right place at the right time things happen My brother is also a Aircraft Mechani
141 Jetstar : In my corporate aviation days on the Lockheed JetStar, we had one airplane so our flight department consisted of 3 and a half people (we shared a secr
142 Xms3200 : And now you are all unemployed, wishing it was just a dream...............................
143 FLY2HMO : Or in other words, a full time bi... ermm... female dog (That's exactly how my former CFI described his current job lol)
144 Jetstar : Not really, even with all these job titles, I had plenty of time off, if the JetStar was out and I wasn’t flying, then my boss was out with the air
145 HAWK21M : Nice pic.I have one post snag rectification on a B752PCF with the tired looking gang but decided to opt off the wing photo & chose the Tarmac one bel
146 Affirmative : I'm a pilot without a plane.. Just decided to change career after selling computers for many years. Having always dreamt of being an airline pilot now
147 Mt787 : Hello everyone! New to the board, I'm an aviation lover like most of you!! Being that I've always been fascinated by aviation, i went to school and go
148 FLY2HMO : Looks like I finally got my first aviation job, been over a year since I graduated. Right now I'm basically working on picking a plane for my new boss
149 Chase : I was a software engineer for an airline that used to exist in the US. Initially I worked on back-end stuff, such as the database that contained all t
150 KCmike : UH60A/L MEDEVAC Pilot Dustoff! Mike
151 SDF880 : Aircraft dispatcher with 5X. 29 years and 7 airlines and I still enjoy it! SDF880
152 WN700Driver : Started off sometime in the late cretacaeus period as an F/A (you might never believe that if you've seen some of my other postings, lol). I've also s
153 Stratosphere : Hey Cosmic...Can you hold Capt on the 777...I see the employee numbers even on the F/O side are really low. BTW I am a maintenance controller at the
154 Stratosphere : WOW..So you have been an F/A and A@P and a Dispatcher and now management....I guess you really have done the gambit...I have been a ramper for only 8
155 Ex52tech : Currently I am self employed. I was laid of from a major airline in the U.S. right before it mechanics went on strike. I would not cross the picket li
156 BeakerLTN : Test Systems Development Engineer - Transponders and ATC MSSR interrogators.
157 HAWK21M : Is this in aviation? Any reason? regds MEL...
158 WN700Driver : Hehe, yeah. I think this is why a part of me loves getting into it with all the F/As here, especially when it comes to labor issues. Until they work
159 ARFFdude : Cool! I used to be load planner at the ATL gateway.
160 HAWK21M : Wouldn't that be bad work practice for that airline.Are you saying that mgmt supports that. regds MEL.
161 Ex52tech : Nope, excavation, and construction. Aviation left me. Hard pill to swallow going back in on the ground floor again and making what I was making back
162 HAWK21M : Never ever thought of getting back....Any Memories forcing you to go back......I really don't know if I can do anything apart from Aircraft Maintenan
163 Ex52tech : Don't fool yourself if something does not go smoothly for management, they will back you up.........right into a corner. I pulled the master chip det
164 RNOcommctr : I'm a dispatcher at the Communications Center at RNO. People say, "Oh, you guys work in the tower!" No, we control everything EXCEPT the aircraft. We
165 Ex52tech : I would like to go back........where??? I have 25 years of good memories surrounding the airline industry. Most of those years on 11pm to 7am shift s
166 Stratosphere : You got that right...I don't see how anyone could go to DL as a mechanics helper with all that experience. I would work in a warehouse first for that
167 WN700Driver : I think "turns a blind eye" to it would be a better term. Anyway, it was something that I was never too fond of, and a reason why I chose not to retu
168 ex52tech : That is why I do what I do, it is tough, and I miss the airplanes, but to be degraded like that, I don't think so. I had a conversation with one of t
169 stratosphere : Yep I bet it was a nightmare...lol
170 Post contains links mt787 : I have a question for some of you guys.... Check out the following post: At A Crossroads ... Aviation Career Advice Needed! (by mt787 Feb 14 2010 in A
171 HAWK21M : I guess the ones that are not popular are the ones that stick by their principles & follow the rules. Its nice to have a supporting management in
172 Post contains images SQ_EK_freak : Cabin crew for Emirates Based in Dubai, but fly on the main fleet (772, 77L, 773, A332, A343, A345) so am around and about!
173 zainmax : I m apprentice mechanic (Aerospace) in PIA. Future aerospace aircraft engineer.
174 nasmal : Industrial Engineering Analyst for the 41/42 structure shop for the Boeing 747-8. In particular, the lower lobe 42 section, and 41/42 upper deck secti
175 Post contains images XFSUgimpLB41X : Shows how little I post here that I haven't seen this. 767/757 First officer and special airport qualification instructor for a "large" airline out of
176 2H4 : That's great to hear....congratulations on your progress!
177 Jetmatt777 : Fast Food (Schlotzky's) in the OKC Airport. Gotta start somewhere I guess.
178 Post contains images FighterPilot : Gunna be driving a Cessna 180 on floats this summer, then transitioning to a Turbine Otter. Cal
179 KCMike : Yea I was in high school when I joined this site. Aspiring to do what im doing now!
180 B777LRF : VP at a rather large cargo airline. Used to drive aeroplanes (various bugsmasher, Kingair and B727 FO, B757 FO then Captain) but got an offer I just c
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