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Topic: PHX-SEA-GTF-SEA-PHX On Am. West And Horizon
Username: Ec
Posted 2001-07-09 23:55:00 and read 3321 times.

Took this trip a few weeks ago so my memory has faded a bit.

America West 71 PHX-SEA
Airbus 319/320 ?

Flight left on-time. We were upgraded and I got a window seat in row 2. Flight was smooth and the FA's were nice. Meal service was fresh fruit plate (very good) and a omelette. Some special features and a short sitcom were shown on the IFE. Landing into SEA was 10 min early. We grabbed our bags and ran to the horizon monitors. The flight we actually wanted to take to great falls was scheduled to leave before we got in but we hoped they would run late. Horizon was late leaving but not quite enough for us to catch it.

Horizon Saga pt. 1

We sat in the airport for a while waiting for the next flight to Great Falls, MT. There are only 3 flights per day so the wait is quite extensive. Don't get stuck in SEA, there are no good restaurants and really nothing to do. There are a lot of good places to watch take-offs though. After four hrs of waiting it was time for another flight. Unfortunatly it was overbooked and late so the agents were frazzeled. We were flying stand-by so it didn't look good. The only thing bad was when I went to check in the agent almost refused. She told me there was no chance. I told her to check me in is her job! Needless to say we didn't get on along with a few revenue passengers. The next flight was in another 4 hours. Ugh!!
After a nap we hiked over to the satellite terminal for the horizon flight. We decided to get a bite to eat. At least the scenery was exciting. UAL was having a very bad day and their passenger service counters had some very long lines. I did get to see one of their 777's. About a hour before departure of our flight there was a gate change back to the main terminal. When we got back they said the flight would be delayed a hour. That put us a 9 hrs in the airport and by now we were punch dunk and didn't really care. We boarded a Dash -4 (70 seater) and then it had a maintence problem. Fortunatly it was a quick fix and we were on our way. I like Horizons service actually, complimentary alcohol and some very tasty potato chips. Landed into Great Falls about midnight. Had a great time there and came back a few days later.

Horizon pt. 2

Flight went thorugh Helena departure was on-time and the flight lasted about 30min. Crew was very friendly. Departure out of Helena to SEA was delayed about 30min due to a UM not having the proper paperwork. I guess since it was the last flight of the day we couldn't leave him there. A few people were grumbling about their connections though. Flight to SEA was good and we went to make our connection.

America West 37 SEA-PHX
Airbus 319/320

Flight was full. Saw U of A basketball player Loren Woods on the flight, hope he got a emergency row. Checked in and recieved window and middle seats in row 21. Plane was about 15 min late in from PHX so our departure was about 15min late. Food service in back was good with a small salad and chicken tenders which were tasty. Cookies for dessert. Soon we landed in PHX and pulled up to the gate about 10 min late. Very tired and happy to be home.

All in all good service on both airlines. Crews were friendly and attentive. Would recommend both despite the Horizon troubles, but nobodys perfect.

Topic: RE: PHX-SEA-GTF-SEA-PHX On Am. West And Horizon
Username: Phxairfan
Posted 2001-07-10 00:42:06 and read 3263 times.

Nice report, have you flown phx-gtf on delta? If so, which one was better? If not, stick with AW and horizon, when i flew delta phx-slc-gtf-slc-phx it was nothing special.

Topic: RE: PHX-SEA-GTF-SEA-PHX On Am. West And Horizon
Username: Ec
Posted 2001-07-10 01:53:49 and read 3261 times.

I have flown on Delta through SLC and found it to be just that nothing special. No complaints really, it's just a cost issue. DL planes are a bit more cramped than HP and horizon. Hoping for a PHX-GTF by Mesa but am extremly doubtful this will ever happen.

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