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Topic: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: DeltaRNOmd-80
Posted 2001-07-18 00:02:17 and read 4288 times.

Saturday, June 16, 2001
DL 678
Depart RNO at 6:40am
Arrive DFW 11:50am
md-90 N903DA

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Photo © Alastair T. Gardiner

We got to RNO at around 5:30 and checked in. Purchased a couple of magazines at the newsstand and headed to gate B8. Boarding proceeded at about 6:20.
I had seat 34A (window seat) and my sister had 34B (aisle). I told my dad to ask the travel agent for seats behind the wing because I like seeing the flaps move up and down, especially on landing. We were served a small plastic bowl of cereal (Kellog's Complete), milk, a banana, and a blueberry muffin. As we were approaching DFW, I was amazed to look out the window and see planes coming from all directions. I had connected at DFW once before but it was a rainy and cloudy day so visibility was low. I think we landed on RWY 13R-31L, we taxied over the overpass that went over the main road that is in the middle of the airport and came into gate E12 (I think, cant remember that well).

DL 368
Depart DFW at 1:00pm
Arrive JAX at 4:23pm
767-300 N134DL

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We had a layover a little bit over an hour. Made our way to gate E15, stopped at the newsstand and picked up a magazine and a pencil (I didnt have anything to write down the reg#'s with). Then went and sat down. Soon our flight was boarding. I got seat 40A (window) and my sister got 40B. A Lufthansa A340 passed overhead as we were holding for takeoff. No meal was served, we got a bag of snack mix, but it was good. We got into JAX on time. My grandma, great aunt and my great aunt's roommate who we consider an aunt were there to pick me and my sister up. We went to the baggage claim, got our bags and headed out the door. Dang, It was hot, I was hit with a burst of humidity (there are big differences between Nevada and Florida). I proceeded to have a great monthlong vacation with trips to Blizzard Beach waterpark in Orlando (located within Disney World), Jacksonville Beach, a Jacksonville Suns AA minor league baseball game (LA Dodgers affiliate), and I went deep sea fishing out of Mayport, caught two red snappers, I also caught two genuine snappers and a black sea bass but they were to small so had to throw em back. My cousin got the jackpot on the deep sea party boat we were on, he won $56 for catching the largest fish, which was a 29.5 lb. amberjack.

Saturday July 14, 2001
DL 604
Depart JAX at 7:00am
Arrive DFW at 8:26am

It was a dark, cloudy and rainy morning. Checked in at the DL curbside checkin at around 5:30. The man that checked our bags did us an extra favor. My uncle had given me a set of golf clubs and my sister had an extra check-in because she couldnt fit everything in only two. Normally its $80 per extra bag but he went ahead and checked them for free, my grandma gave him a tip. We proceeded to the courtyard and picked up a cinnamon roll and chocolate milk at Cinnabon. Went to gate A3 and waited to board. Then we boarded, it was a SkyDeli flight, I had seat 36D (aisle) my sister had the window. The plane had some sort of problem, so we were held at the gate for a half hour, our layover in DFW allowed us more than enough time so I wasnt worried. It was pouring when we took off. In the SkyDeli was a yogurt, banana, danish, and orange juice. Arrived in DFW and pulled into gate E8. When I came out of the jetway, I was checking the windows to look for the reg# but the danged jetway was blocking it, so I couldn't get the number.

DL 1055
Depart DFW at 10:10am
Arrive RNO at 11:27am
md-90 N901DA

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Photo © Josh Rawlin

We made our way to gate E31, quite a long walk from 8. Stopped at several newsstands and was tempted to go into Auntie Annie's pretzels but didnt. We called our grandma at the phones at gate 34 cuz she worries and wants to know we made it. Then we boarded, I had seat 34B (aisle) sister had 34A (window). It was a SkyDeli flight again, but it was good. It was a chicken salad, slice of monterey jack cheese, two strawberries, breadsticks and a water. I tried to sleep because I had a headache, but to no avail. I started to read the Florida Times-Union which I had bought in JAX. We landed in RNO on time and taxied to gate B8 where my mom and dad were waiting for us. We went to the baggage claim and got our bags but were there for longer than we expected. My golf clubs did not appear on the carousel, after a while a Delta employee came walking by with a golf bag with the snap-on cover off of it. I guess either the luggage shifted inflight and my golf clubs came out, or one of the baggage handlers turned the bag upside down. Oh well, no damage done to the clubs. Then we went to Red Lobster and then Home Depot and my mom took me to several music stores cuz I was looking for a CD. Then we went home and that concludes my trip. This is my first trip report so hope you liked it.

Topic: RE: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: DeltaRNOmd-80
Posted 2001-07-18 00:08:13 and read 4177 times.

Oh, forgot to say that on the DFW-JAX leg, we arrived at gate A4 in JAX  Smile

Topic: RE: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: Marco
Posted 2001-07-18 09:33:49 and read 4148 times.

isn't blizzard beach awesome? did you go on the tallest slide in the world?

Topic: RE: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: DeltaRNOmd-80
Posted 2001-07-18 22:57:46 and read 4132 times.

Yes, I went on Summit Plummet (tallest and fastest water slide in the U.S., and probably the world) twice, it was fun, but it kinda hurts your lower back, but its worth it. I also rode the Toboggan Racers ride like 6 times and that Teamboat Springs ride 3 times. Its the best water park I have ever been to.

Topic: RE: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: Catfan
Posted 2001-07-19 00:01:17 and read 4128 times.

A trip report well done!

Topic: RE: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: DeltaRNOmd-80
Posted 2001-07-25 05:48:19 and read 4102 times.

Thank You Catfan! it was my first TR.

Topic: RE: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: DELL_dude
Posted 2001-08-05 23:07:03 and read 4079 times.

sounds more like a fantasy report

Topic: RE: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: Chepos
Posted 2001-08-06 01:53:19 and read 4071 times.

It was a really goodtrip report. You were lucky and didn't even encounter a single delay along the way.
Puerto Rico

Topic: RE: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: N-156F
Posted 2001-08-07 01:29:58 and read 4053 times.

Just a tip for you- catch all the Jacksonville Suns games you can while you still can. The city's getting a new baseball park in 2003, and looking to trade in the Suns for a new AAA team. The Suns have already begun to talk about relocating, as if it came down to seeing minor minor leaguers, or guys one phone call from the big leagues, the feeling is that sentimentality won't win out, and the team Hank Aaron used to play for will move on or fold.

Nice report, but I've never seen a B767 doing DFW-JAX. Always MD-88 or B757. Was it the scheduled plane, or was the normal jet unable to make the flight?

Topic: RE: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: DeltaRNOmd-80
Posted 2001-08-13 23:21:02 and read 4041 times.

yeah, I heard about the new ballpark, part of the Better Jacksonville Plan. I have been to Wolfson Park four times, it is a nice little old ball park and it will be missed. The 767 was regular, it was the scheduled craft from the moment we booked the tickets in April. Summer of 2000 we flew same route and were on a 757 but I guess they upgraded to 767, or maybe thats what they use during the summer now.

DELL_Dude, whattya mean it sounds like a fantasy report?

Topic: RE: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: DELL_dude
Posted 2001-08-14 05:20:54 and read 4031 times.

DeltaRNOmd-80: I merely stated that the TR you wrote sounded like a "Fantasy Trip Report." I didn't say it to be rude, you would have to have heard my "tone" to know what I meant. I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression.


Topic: RE: RNO-DFW-JAX And Back On DL
Username: DeltaRNOmd-80
Posted 2001-08-14 22:17:32 and read 4021 times.

oh, I think I know what ya mean, yah I had a very good time in JAX and did some cool things, I wish I could live there.

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