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Topic: PVD-ATL-MSY And Back On Delta...Two 763's
Username: MSYtristar
Posted 2001-11-06 02:18:52 and read 5140 times.

On the 1st of this month, I boarded a Delta MD-88 in Providence, RI. Destination: Atlanta, GA. The flight was completely full, and we pushed back on time at 6:30pm. Before boarding the flight, I was treated to a 30 minute wait to get through security, followed by a rigorous body search. It really reminded me of Europe...Heathrow specifically. So anyway, we took off right on schedule. Our twin-jet climbed through 31,000 ft. as we passed over New York City, Philadelphia, Norfolk, Greensboro, then descended to Hartsfield. Service was not too good...only one round of drinks and a bag of pretzels on the 2 hour flight, but that was the day where DL cut all domestic meal service on flights under 1700 miles. F/A's were friendly, however, with wonderful southern accents. We touched down in ATL at 8:50pm, about 23 minutes early, and taxiied to our gate on the B concourse.

I immediately proceeded to the A concourse to catch my connecting flight to New Orleans. The flight, operated by a Boeing 767-300 aircraft, pushed back with 204 passengers....24 in First, 180 in coach. After waiting in line in ATL until 10:30pm, we were finally airborne. The flight was very smooth and short. On this flight, however, not even a soft drink was offered....only a bottle of water. We touched down in MSY a little late, and parked at gate D3. I really love the 767's.

After a great weekend in the Big Easy, my parents dropped me off at the airport at about 10:00am for my 12:20pm flight back to ATL, then on to Cincinatti and Providence. Check in was a breeze. At around 11:00am I passed through security, after buying some last minute N'awlins goodies for my friends. To my surprise, I could barely find an empty seat in the whole concourse! My flight was operated by a Boeing 757...flight 774. At around 11:30am, they made the announcent that the flight was oversold, and were looking for volunteers. Seeing that I was in no hurry to go back to Rhode Island, I volunteered. And let me tell you, it was worth it. I got a $350 travel voucher and was booked in first class from MSY to ATL on the 5:35pm departure. I jumped all over that chance becuase the 5:35 flight was scheduled to be a 767-200...I never have experienced f-class in a 76 before. So I called my mom and told her that I was going to be in town for a little longer, and she came and picked me up. We had a Hurricane at Pat O's On The River, then met my dad before heading back to the airport.

I got back to the airport at 4:15pm and went straight to the gate. As it turned out, the incoming flight from ATL, which turned in to my flight, was running behind schedule due to "security iussues". So I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, the plane pulled up to the gate at 6:10pm. They were shooting for a 7:00pm push back time, but since the CSA's said this was another oversold flight, I thought that would be pushing it a bit. I was pleasantly surprised when a 763, not a 762, pulled up. Boy I'm glad they switched the equipment....EVERY seat on the plane was full. Sunday's are always busy travel days from MSY. Certainly, that flight needs to be upgraded to a 764 one day. I took my seat, 3A, and we took off swiftly on runway 1, heading north over Lake Pontchartrain. We must have only used around 5000' of runway....just amazing a plane that big and fully loaded can take off so quickly. The firsct class service was anything but, with just a bag of snack mix and two rounds of drinks, but the seats were awesome and the flight crew pleasant. After 58 minutes under wing, we touched down in ATL...I had 18 minutes to make my PVD flight!

I ran and ran and ran, and somehow, I made it. Thankfully, DL pushed back the departure time of the PVD flight to 9:40pm from 9:30pm. I took my seat very short of breath...I thought I was gunna faint, as I ran from one end of terminal A to one end of terminal B in like 9 minutes. That flight to PVD was very nice...and totally full once again. Service was good, and the flight was smooth and on-time. Equipment: MD-88

All in all, another pleasant Delta experience on those amazing 767-300's.

Have a good day!

P.S - I saw some nice sights at MSY while waiting for my 763 to show up: Fed Ex A310, Miami Air 72S, Air Canada A319 in the "retro TCA" colors", United 757 and A320's, and a few others. Very good spotting day.

Stephen in MSY/PVD

Topic: RE: PVD-ATL-MSY And Back On Delta...Two 763's
Username: Afitch7881
Posted 2001-11-06 06:57:58 and read 5062 times.

You need to try a CO 767 if you think the DL seats were nice. CO by far has the best first class/biz class in the nation with their 767's, 777 and some 757's configed in biz first. Nice report, glad to hear the loads were good.


Topic: RE: PVD-ATL-MSY And Back On Delta...Two 763's
Username: Swiss-airplane
Posted 2001-11-06 09:58:03 and read 5054 times.

Cool trip report. Very interesting to read. I also like the Boeing 767. It is a great aircraft like the wonderful Boeing 777, which is the most perfect aircrafr on earth. To bad that big US airlines are reducing meal services, this is just stupid.

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