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Topic: Emirates. JFK-DXB-CPT. A380-777
Username: Aces727
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I have never posted a trip report, and I will like to do my first one referring back to one of my favorite trips, I did not see a limiting time frame that will not allow me to go back to November of 2008...But I do notice that all posted reports fall in (recent) chronological order, hopefully it is ok...

I started planning my vacation to South Africa, comparing air fares from the United States I saw the very attractive option that included stop over in Dubai, Emirates, and the A380.

My first leg was on Jet Blue's A320 from FLL to JFK. We arrived at JFK at 5:30PM, the terminals were full of European and Asian jetliners. I saw the prominent A380 parked in a remote area.

-Flight Duration 13.75 HR
-Overnight flight out of JFK, over: Northern England, Poland, Turkey, Irak, Persian Gulf, in to DXB.
-IFE is the best I have ever experienced
-Crew was extremely nice and service was great (I Thought service level was going to surpass Qantas or Korean Air, but in my experience it did not).
-Food, was OK.
-Engines were extremely quiet, even during take off (fully loaded).
-The ride itself is extremely comfortable, the airplane feels different to other jumbos, the ride on the ground is smoother, and when rough air is encountered it has a "retard" effect inside the cabin, I felt that I was on a massive ship.
-Emirates crew was extremely nice and upon arrival in Dubai I was allowed to tour the 2nd floor (First Class, Business Class, and the bar).
-I was impressed by the new terminal in Dubai, this is one opulent and functional terminal.

Economy Class (Forward / lower Section)

Business Class (middle upper level)



@ DXB heading back from DXB to JFK

Final to JFK, massive flaps, seat row seventy....

Massive Engines. Picture taken @ JFK

After spending a few days in beautiful Dubai we continued on to Cape Town, South Africa. the flight lasted 9 hours, 777-200 (DXB-CPT), and 777-300 (CPT-DXB). Great service, we had the opportunity to speak in our native language to Bolivian and Spaniard flight attendants who were extremely nice. the only bad part about our trip was the turbulent weather we encountered, I had never experienced such strong upward forces. approach into Cape Town was beautiful. I switched to the live camera that show the (what appeared to be) a short runway at CPT. Upon arrival there were several European planes getting ready for their late pm departures.
At the rear of the 777-300

Arriving in Cape Town

time to head back home, 33 hours from boarding in Cape Town, to final arrival in Fort Lauderdale. Long trip, but deffinitively worth it!

boarding, I love airports that provide the opportunity to board without the use of jet ways

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Topic: RE: Emirates. JFK-DXB-CPT. A380-777
Username: Directorguy
Posted 2009-06-14 08:47:44 and read 21307 times.

Really nice TR, thanks very much for your efforts. Well done !

Topic: RE: Emirates. JFK-DXB-CPT. A380-777
Username: BA319-131
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Nice 1st report, lacks details such as meals, but shows promise for future TR's.



Topic: RE: Emirates. JFK-DXB-CPT. A380-777
Username: Aces727
Posted 2009-06-19 16:38:39 and read 18851 times.

thanks for the feedback!

Topic: RE: Emirates. JFK-DXB-CPT. A380-777
Username: Pellegrine
Posted 2009-06-20 02:52:32 and read 18345 times.

Great photos of the A380.

I'd love to see more photos of the in-flight experience on that plane, I just can't get enough.

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