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Topic: SAN-HNL-OGG On Hawaiian Airlines
Username: dl767captain
Posted 2010-05-27 12:37:52 and read 10633 times.

My family used to go to Hawaii about once a year and have always stayed at the same hotel, we know a lot of people there and it's like going to visit family. We took a 4 year break and this past week went back for a relaxing vacation. We had a lot of Hawaiian miles and decided to use miles for our flight, after four years of not flying to Hawaii we racked up a lot of miles. I have never flown Hawaiian before so I was a little curious to see how it was. Our flight HA 15 departed SAN at 9:20 out of HA's new spot in T2 East. T2 East definitely needs some work done, I've only been in terminal 1 or T2 West for Delta flights which is much nicer than T2 East. Hawaiian is smart enough to board the 767 (with winglets!) from the back so we were one of the last to board our seat of 12 A and B. We were seated in the mini coach cabin in the front of the plane which is a lot more quiet and comfortable compared to the main coach cabin behind us. The cabin had been redone with the 777 styling which was very nice and gave the cabin a nice feel. The seats were a little hard but I had plenty of leg room and the headrests were pretty nice. We took off straight out west instead of the 180ยบ turn I'm used to for my ATL flights. About an hour into the flight the FAs came around with snacks and offered a Digi Player for $15 that was loaded with movies, music, and TV shows. It was a nice idea, unfortunately I had seen all the movies on the player so I stuck to the videos I brought on my iPad while my dad watched some movies. About 30 minutes later the FA came through with the drink cart followed shortly by the food cart. It's nice to see an airline still giving out free meals on flights, Hawaiian is sadly one of the last to do so. The roughly 6 hour flight continued on until we were approaching HNL. I've always flown direct to OGG so the turns over the islands and the great views were great! We landed in HNL and made our way to the gate. As we deplaned we had to catch the wiki wiki shuttle to the other terminal to catch our 717 to OGG. We had almost an hour in the airport which is pretty nice being open, really gets you into the Hawaii mood. I had upgraded us to first class for the HNL-OGG flight for a small birthday present for my dad. The seats were very comfortable and were served drinks promptly after takeoff. The flight was only about 45 minutes and we were descending into OGG flying low over the valley with some great views. We landed and made our way to baggage claim where our bags were already waiting for us as we walked up. The Hawaiian Airlines experience was a good one, next time though I think we will wait for the SAN-OGG direct route to start up before our vacation.

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