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Topic: SYD-CDG With QF And BA...again
Username: QFFlyer
Posted 2010-06-20 00:24:12 and read 12573 times.

Flight: QF 5
Plane: B747-438
Rego: VH-OJB
Seat: 28K

Another month and another trip to France. The first for this year, but a few more are in the planning, including finally a holiday to France instead of work.
Although I am only allowed to fly economy, I am allowed to fly when and who I like, so there is always some flexibility. I was going to try the A380 flight to LHR, but cheap seats were gone and arrival is a little too late meaning that I would have to connect to later flights to CDG and NTE.
My first flight was the 30th April, hence causing a little bit of anxiousness as to whether my flights would be cancelled by the volcano. Fortunately by this time flights were all back to normal, although very full.
Checkin was quick as always, the advantage of being able to use the First Class desks, and then through to the lounge after at the TRS to collect the tax back from the new camera I purchased the week before.

VH-TJM landing

VH-OJQ which will be QF1 to LHR

VH-OJB which will be my plane to SIN

BA preparing for the trip home

After a nice meal in the lounge and a few e-mails it was time to head down to the gate. It was apparently that this flight was going to be totally full. I like the 2 class plane because of the small cabin just behind business. Even if the flight is full it doesn’t feel so bad in this part. Surprisingly for a full flight we departed right on schedule.

Empty cabin

Another view of VH-OJQ

VH-OQA which will be QF 31 to LHR via SIN

VH-OJF with engine covers open

Cronulla views on departure

Full mini cabin

Afternoon sun lighting up the RRs

Views of the outback

Arriving into Singapore
Apart from the screaming babies which turned out to be a common occurrence on this trip, this was pretty uneventful, apart from the fact we ended up arriving about 20 minutes early in SIN. This was most welcome as it meant I didn’t need to rush so much to the lounge to get a shower. It also meant I could check mails before I headed down for the next leg.

Flight: QF 9
Plane: B747-438
Rego: VH-OJU
Seat: 40A

VH-OJB preparing for FRA

KL 772

VH-OJU cabin

I had hoped that I would be upgraded on this flight because it had been oversold for a few weeks before hand, however although full I wasn’t needed to be upgraded. Can’t really complain I have had my fair share of upgrade luck, and its never good to expect to travel in a class other than the one booked.

We departed about 20 minutes late, although the captain announced that they expected to make up that time during the flight.
40A is in another mini cabin with only 2 rows on the port side, and one in the middle and starboard side, so it was very quiet. I was very tired by this time so I declined dinner and tried to get to sleep. Even without the help of sleeping tablets which I sometimes do, I fall asleep very quickly and woke with about 3 hours to go. Not bad for an economy seat.
I noticed that our expected time to arrive was 20 minutes later than scheduled so we weren’t going to make up any time. I was not anxious but hoped that we wouldn’t be much later as I had a BA flight to CDG due at 07:25 and it wasn’t going to leave me much time to got from T3 to T5 and have a shower.
As it happened we landed on 27L with no holding pattern, and it was only a quick taxi to our gate at T3. Disembarkation was very quick and I made my way to the transfer bus within 5 minutes and a bus was waiting. In all it only took about 20 minutes to get from T3 to the BA lounge at T5 including going through security. This left me lots of time to have shower and even a bacon and egg roll in the lounge

BA Lounge

Flight: QF 3415
Plane: B767-436
Rego: G-BNWA
Seat: 6K

Boarding was on time as I had been advised at the lounge. The fact it was a 767 was one of the reasons I arranged my flight timings for this trip.
Even though everyone was on board on time, ATC restrictions meant that we were held at the gate for a good 30 minutes. This was obviously not good for the girl sitting next to me who seemed very agitated and at one point went to see the cabin crew. For me it was ok, I had a scheduled 3 hour break at CDG before my flight to NTE so I didn’t mind.


OneWorld BA 744
Easyjet departure at CDG

DL 757

AF 772

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Photo © Robert Sturch

Of course the weather got a lot better once I arrived to CDG, and I managed to get some good photos.

As I had been given an isle seat on the flight to NTE, I didn’t manage to take any photos, and it wasn’t a trip that was different than the many CDG-NTE trips I have written about before.

Thanks for the return trip

Topic: RE: SYD-CDG With QF And BA...again
Username: ClassicLover
Posted 2010-06-20 03:49:28 and read 11815 times.

Quoting QFFlyer (Thread starter):
40A is in another mini cabin with only 2 rows on the port side, and one in the middle and starboard side, so it was very quiet

Oh, you got a photo of the row 40 extra legroom Economy Class seats!

That is awesome   I see what they mean now about the cut out in the bulkhead.

Thanks for sharing!!

Topic: RE: SYD-CDG With QF And BA...again
Username: LHR380
Posted 2010-06-20 05:48:44 and read 11350 times.

Nice TR.

LOVE the picture of the engines you took, fantastic shot.

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