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Topic: Emirates F Suites- JFK-DXB-HYD
Username: Emirates202
Posted 2011-12-04 11:18:38 and read 12826 times.

Hi everyone, this is my first Trip report, so don't be too hard on me!

About 2 to 3 times a year(4 in 2011), I fly from New York, to Hyderabad, India on Emirates First Class. Every trip, I make a youtube video, and will keep making them, whenever I travel. Here is the link to my video- .You can visit my channel, and watch my other Emirates Videos as well.

This trip report, however, focuses on my flight last december, from JFK- DXB and then to HYD. The trip routing, was JFK-DXB-HYD-DXB-JFK, on EK 202, and EK 524 on the way out, and EK 529, and EK 203, on the way back. The video only covers the JFK-DXB flight, as my camera had died, and on the return, I accidently left my camera in my checked bag. Anyway, onto the TR-
On December 23rd, 2010, at 7:30pm, the Emirates Chauffeur drive Car, a Cadillac town car, came to pick my dad and I up from our home in Long Island. In NY, EK uses BostonCoach for their Chauffeur Drive services. Usually, the drive to JFK from my house takes about 45 min, but surprisingly, on the day before Christmas Eve, the roads were very clear, and we were at JFK, by 8:00pm, which was better for me, because that meant more time in the lounge! The driver pulled up next to the Emirates First and Business Class sign, where an Emirates Employee waits for F and J passengers, and checks them off on the roster, and if you are traveling in first, he escorts you to the First Class Check in desk. At JFK, Emirates has 1 First Class Check in Desk, 2 Business Class/Skywards Gold/Silver, and about 5 Economy Class Check in desks. One of my favorite parts about flying EK first out of JFK, is how friendly all the EK employees are. The guy from outside and I had a nice chat on our way into the terminal, and he even remembered my from August! While I was checking in, the EK manager at JFK, someone I have met numerous times, welcomed me back, and once I was checked in, a 2 minute process, even with our 4 suitcases, he escorted us through security, and to the lounge! He is definetly one of the best lounge agents I have ever met, and I always look forward to seeing him. Once in the lounge, we had a little dinner, but didn't eat much, because I was excited for the food onboard. As of then, JFK catering wasn't the best, but on my recent trip, last week, JFK catering was much better, and the menu was much more enhanced, as much as the DXB-JFK menu! Back to the report, the lounge is definetly something everyone should get a chance to visit. It has showers, a magnificant food selection, etc. Once I was done eating, at around 9:15pm, I had about an hour and a half before boarding began, so I just relaxed, and watched our aircraft prepare for our long flight to Dubai! Boarding for first and business class, which is done directly from the lounge, by a jetway that goes right to the upper deck of the aircraft, usually begins around 10:40, for 11pm departure. Even though I fly this route so ofen, I always get so excited, and can't wait for boarding to start, so when I am flying on the 777, I make my way downstairs 1 hour before departure to have as much time on board as I can! At around 10:35pm, boarding was announced, and my dad and I were the first to board EK202, with nonstop service to Dubai. Once on board, I made my self at home, and the crew showed us to our suites, and stowed our carry on luggage at the corner of the suite. Since the rest of the flight is shown in the video, I'm not going to bore you with more words, and will continue where I left off- right after landing. Once we landed at DXB, we deboarded, and the crew held the business class passengers, until all First passengers deboarded. After security check in DXB, we went to the First Class lounge, but since we arrived a little later than usual from JFK, we just had a little snack, and needed to run to our gate, to board EK 524, an A330-200. The lounge is by far the best lounge in the world, with amazing food, showers, video games, ala carte dining, etc. By the time we arrived at the gate, boarding was pretty much finished, and we were on board. I really have nothing to say about this flight, as I slept the whole time, and it was a routine Hyderbad flight. We arrived at HYD at 2:54am, and the crew wished us a merry Christmas, and we were landside by 3:15am, where our chauffeur drive to our home in Hyderabad, was waiting for us. All in all, it was a routine Emirates First class trip, and I can't wait until next month to experience it again!

Feel free to comment, and tell me how to make my next report better!

Topic: RE: Emirates F Suites- JFK-DXB-HYD
Username: LGWflyer
Posted 2011-12-07 15:16:14 and read 10954 times.

Hey there Emirates202! Congrats to you on your first trip report, I enjoyed the read very much. And cheers for the video, enjoyed it also.   On your next TR maybe you could add a few pics here and there also. Anyway cheers again.

Topic: RE: Emirates F Suites- JFK-DXB-HYD
Username: Emirates202
Posted 2011-12-07 17:29:26 and read 10814 times.

Quoting LGWflyer (Reply 1):

Thanks for the kind words, and on my next tr, I am planning to include a lot of pics!

Topic: RE: Emirates F Suites- JFK-DXB-HYD
Username: LGWflyer
Posted 2011-12-07 17:39:53 and read 10791 times.

Quoting Emirates202 (Reply 2):
Thanks for the kind words, and on my next tr, I am planning to include a lot of pics!

Brilliant, I look forward to it!  

Topic: RE: Emirates F Suites- JFK-DXB-HYD
Username: Pu
Posted 2011-12-07 21:21:24 and read 10491 times.

A good first trip report!

The trance music on the video is...interesting!

I like your descriptions of the ground services at either end. Even though you have the video, you should maybe offer written commentary about the flights as well as some things aren't obvious in the video. More shots of the food and the bar would be interesting. I would like to see videos of the lounges too, especially in Dubai. (probably the other passengers don't want to be on youtube so you will have to be discrete...but I'd enjoy just being able to see the catering on offer or the view from the lounge windows.)

Also, you may as well show us a few scenes from the limo pick up in NY and on the other end, I think.

I'll never be able to afford Emirates F class, but I can occasionaly do frequent flier mile luxury trips...I did Qantas F class across the Pacific on the A380 and it was very nice: but nowhere near what I've seen here.



Topic: RE: Emirates F Suites- JFK-DXB-HYD
Username: Emirates202
Posted 2011-12-08 16:22:53 and read 9872 times.

Quoting Pu (Reply 4):

Ill try my best next time!  

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