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Topic: Journey To CPH Continues With A Short Hop To DUB
Username: moosecamel88
Posted 2012-01-29 03:15:24 and read 5858 times.

Hello everyone!

I'm finally back in sunny Singapore after spending 1 semester abroad. It was a great experience, albeit expensive. So let’s continue where we last left off. For those who missed the 1st and 2nd leg of the journey (final destination: CPH), feel free to read them here:
Malaysian Hospitality 602 & 4 (SIN-KUL-LHR) (by moosecamel88 Nov 15 2011 in Trip Reports)
A Short Hop: LHR-MAN On BA (by moosecamel88 Dec 8 2011 in Trip Reports)

This is my 8th trip report. Enjoy!


After spending a few days at my aunt’s place, it was time to fly off again. This time round, I made a short trip to Dublin, Ireland. I booked myself on Aer Lingus (EI) and it came up to GBP26 for a one way flight. I had the option to return to MAN with EI but instead, I decided to fly back with Ryanair (FR). The return flight costs EUR18. Since the ETD was 0800, I decided it would be wise to sleep at the airport the night before and not run the risk of missing my flight if I were to leave my aunt’s place early in the morning. Unfortunately, sleeping at MAN wasn’t as comfortable as I thought it would be.

Check-in was a breeze and I like that, especially when it's early in the morning (0600).

My boarding pass.

There was no aerobridge at the gate so once again, I get to enjoy climbing the stairs!  


Flight:EI 203

As I entered the rear door of the aircraft, I was greeted by a well-groomed cabin crew. Since I was one of the last few to board the plane, I quickly made my way to my seat. Most of the passengers on this morning's flight were white-collar workers. I was probably one of the few passengers headed for DUB for a short holiday. 

As soon and the last passenger settled down, the cabin crew prepared themselves for departure. Manual safety instuctions were carried out, and as usual, most of the passengers did not pay attention to it.

Goodbye MAN, see you in a few days time!

Had a nice view of the English countryside from above.

As per usual, I never have trouble with seat pitch. haha! :p

Seat pocket contains the usual stuff-inflight magazine, duty-free catalogue and a barf bag.

A BOB service on this short hop 

Descending towards DUB

I was pretty excited when I saw my first AC aircraft!  ...

...and my first DL aircraft 

Well, frankly I don't have much comment for EI as it felt like I had just been on a budget carrier. But to be fair, I was on a short flight so probably I did not experience the same level of service I would if i were to fly long haul on EI. Before I continue on the return flight, here are some pictures of Dublin.

Return Flight


Flight:FR 556

Since there are a couple of FR reports here, I shall leave you guys with just some pictures.

Future A.netter?

After the usual mad rush for the best available seat, each passenger is greeted by this!


Catching the beautiful sunset..

Stay tuned for the final leg: MAN-CPH.  

Topic: RE: Journey To CPH Continues With A Short Hop To DUB
Username: Quokkas
Posted 2012-01-29 03:26:54 and read 5827 times.

Hi Mustafa,

Thanks for your most recent TR. While it may be brief it certainly comes with some very good photos. What is the spire thingy? And what a wonderful sunset - the colours are magnificent.

Was there an extra fee for all the pre-loaded litter on the FR flight?   

Topic: RE: Journey To CPH Continues With A Short Hop To DUB
Username: PlaneHunter
Posted 2012-01-29 09:09:08 and read 5499 times.

Hi Mustafa,

nice short report with great pictures!

Quoting moosecamel88 (Thread starter):
I was pretty excited when I saw my first AC aircraft!
Quoting moosecamel88 (Thread starter):
...and my first DL aircraft


Quoting moosecamel88 (Thread starter):

That's included in the low fare. Welcome to FR!  


Topic: RE: Journey To CPH Continues With A Short Hop To DUB
Username: The777Man
Posted 2012-01-30 12:47:47 and read 5126 times.

Hi Mustafa!

Nice report with nice pictures !

Dublin looks nice! Great that you got to try two new carriers for your log!


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