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Topic: Emirates Trip BHX-DXB-BKK-CLK-DXB-LHR
Username: Paulc
Posted 2002-06-15 21:17:02 and read 7994 times.

For a round trip to Hong Kong I choose Emirates - not having flown on them before and at the time were offering a good price.

Saturday 1 June 2001
Boarded EK040 from Birmingham to Dubai A330-200 A6-EKR (seat 20K)
Flight time 6hours 35mins

Pushed back a couple of minutes late and taxied to rw 33 for take off.
Prior to departure the cabin crew passed out hot towels and a meal menu.
Emirates are noted for their in flight PTV system and one of its more useful and interesteing features are the forward and downwards looking cameras. These give a great view of any ground movements and the take off run (and final approach) and initial climb.

Shortly after take off the drinks service was started with all the usual choices being offered buy the friendly cabin crew. Flight deck crew gave a PA after take off but stayed silent until beginning the descent.

After the drinks had been completed, the meal service started and was (for an economy class meal) very good with a good choice.

Appetizers - smoked trout and seasonal salad
Main course - gulf style chicken curry ot sirloin steak
Dessert - passion fruit bavarois
roll & butter + cheese & biscuits
Tea / Coffee followed

After the trays were cleared it was time to investigate the ptv system with it many channels. The film selection was good with several recent releases,(Monsters Inc was one) and a good selection of games such chess, minesweeper, connect4, reversi, pac-man, poker, backgammon and several others. The screen to display these was in the seat back and was very clear.

Wednesday 5 June 2002
EK384 777-300 A6-EMN - Dubai - Bangkok - Hong Kong (seat 18A)
Flight time 5hours 51min and 2hour 19mins

Departure time of 03.15 (ugh) - Hot towels and meal menu were handed out prior to departure. Pushed back on time and after a long take off run climbed slowly towards Bangkok. The flight was not completely full and I was lucky enough to have a spare seat next to me.

Because of the departure time, the first meal was to be a breakfast served some 3.5 hours into the flight. This consisted of the following:

Orange juice
Fresh fruit selection
Main course - plain omelette toppped with cheese
Nasi Lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk, served with sambai chicken, ikab bilis and otak otak +chille sauce)
hot croissant with butter & jam
Tea / coffee

A good breakfast and served just at the right time

After a short stop in Bangkok (1 hour) we were off again - a few mins later than scheduled due to having to fix a small technical problem.

As the flight betwen Bangkok and Hong Kong is only just over 2 hours, the cabin crew started the drinks and light meal service promptly after take off.

The meal consisted of:

seasonal salad
Main course of - seseme roast chicken or steamed pearch
Dessert - cheese soufle
Bread & butter
Tea / coffee

Wednesday 12 June 2002
EK381 A330-200 A6-EKT (Seat 27A) Hong Kong to Dubai
Flight time 7hours 32mins

Another later (or early departure) 0055 on time. Again hot towels and meal menus were passed round before departure. This flight was not full and so I had 2 seats to myself so some sleep was possible.

Drinks service was started after take of along with a light snack which was fresh fruit, cheese and chicken roll on focaccia bread and tea/coffee.

Again because of the arrival time into Dubai the main meal would be a breakfast
This consisted of:
Orange juice
fresh fruit appetizer
Main course - cremy mushroom omelette or stir fried chicken
hot croissant with butter & jam
dainish pastry

Wednesday 12 June 2002
A6-EMO 777-300 Dubai - Heathrow EK001 (seat 19A)
Flight time 7hours 4minutes

pushed back about 20mins late (08:09- long take off run again as a result of the high temperatures and a slow climb out.
Again hot towels and mean menus were passed out prior to departure. This flight was full and i was in the middle of a set of 3 seats - not ideal.

2 meals this time - a light breakfast consisting of
fresh fruit
orange juice
hot croissant with butter & jam
tea/coffee etc

followed a few hours later by lunch consisting of :
seasonal salad
main course - chicken chabsat (chicken marinated in arabic spices, rice, tomatoes, cauliflower)
beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce, roast potato, red peppers, pati pan squash
chocolate mousse
bread & butter
tea/coffee etc

A nice touch on this flight was the fact that within 10 minutes of the England Nigeria world cup game finishing the Captain was able to get the result and announce it. We still had about 4 hours to go at this point and was very thoughtful as there were many people who were interested in the result


In the 4 flights I was impressed with Emirates, the crews all seemed to be smart, welcoming, friendly and helpful. PTV system was impressive with a good range of films, games and music to keep the passengers from getting too bored. All the meals were better than many i have experienced although the plastic cutlery was a bit of a nuisance particularly on the beef dishes. Flight deck crew did not make many PA's which was a pity though. Leg room on all flights both on A330 and 777 was ok although more is always good. I did prefer the A330 flights though simply because of the 2-4-2 seating rather than 3-4-3 on the 777. It makes it much easier to move around of you only have to get 1 person to move rather than 2.
The Emirates fleet is one of the youngest around and all the aircraft were clean and tidy inside with little signs of the hard work they do. Toilets on each type were ok although some waiting is to be expected.
Generally I would certainly recommend Emirates to anybody and would use them again.
hope you enjoyed this report and if there is any more info readers may want then let me know

Topic: RE: Emirates Trip BHX-DXB-BKK-CLK-DXB-LHR
Username: Marco
Posted 2002-06-15 23:17:43 and read 7890 times.

Thanks for the report!

I happen to see the B773 take off for LHR in the morning sometimes and in the summer the ascent is sooooo slow. It's beautiful!!!

Topic: RE: Emirates Trip BHX-DXB-BKK-CLK-DXB-LHR
Username: Iloveek
Posted 2002-06-16 12:50:21 and read 7839 times.

Hello Paulc,
I'm glad you enjoyed Emirates. I'll fly them in august-->LHR_DXB_LHR...
And what you think of Dubai Aiport?? I like the airport very much cause it's modern.


Topic: RE: Emirates Trip BHX-DXB-BKK-CLK-DXB-LHR
Username: Paulc
Posted 2002-06-17 08:40:34 and read 7751 times.

Dubai airport is very modern although the views are not great - the new Hong Kong however is very good once in departures - some long walks though

Topic: RE: Emirates Trip BHX-DXB-BKK-CLK-DXB-LHR
Username: QatarAirways
Posted 2002-06-17 14:50:49 and read 7735 times.

Good report Paulc, how did you find the seats? were they comfortable? Also what did you do in your loooooong 1 year lay-over at Dubai  Big grin

"Saturday 1 June 2001
Boarded EK040 from Birmingham to Dubai A330-200 A6-EKR (seat 20K)
Flight time 6hours 35mins"


"Wednesday 5 June 2002
EK384 777-300 A6-EMN - Dubai - Bangkok - Hong Kong (seat 18A)
Flight time 5hours 51min and 2hour 19mins"

Just kidding  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Aviation Gulf

Topic: RE: Emirates Trip BHX-DXB-BKK-CLK-DXB-LHR
Username: Paulc
Posted 2002-06-17 14:55:59 and read 7723 times.

opps  Smile - I would have been burnt to a crisp after a year there and still not fleeted Emirates.

I had a lot of problems doing that report - I had just about typed 90% when / my computer failed on me - thats my excuse  Big grin

Seats were fine btw although the lumbar adjustment was awkward.

Topic: RE: Emirates Trip BHX-DXB-BKK-CLK-DXB-LHR
Username: Marco
Posted 2002-06-17 17:39:00 and read 7704 times.

I find the seats on the B777 to be very uncomfortable and the seats on the A330 even more uncomfortable. Like Paulc mentioned the lumbar support is very awkward.

Topic: RE: Emirates Trip BHX-DXB-BKK-CLK-DXB-LHR
Username: Zizou
Posted 2002-06-22 17:38:24 and read 7638 times.

Great report. Emirates is a great airline to fly with. I really enjoyed my time with them earlier this year. I only flew the B777-200 on 4 sectors (just my luck!), and as Marco alluded to, set pitch is a bit tight. Not sure of the A330s, but you seem to make it more roomier than the B777s. Hope to fly the EK A330 soon  Smile

Topic: RE: Emirates Trip BHX-DXB-BKK-CLK-DXB-LHR
Username: Ex_SQer
Posted 2002-06-22 20:18:30 and read 7626 times.

I am a tad surprised that "nasi lemak" turned up on the menu for DXB-BKK. Nasi lemak is a uniquely Singaporean/Malaysian dish, typically eaten at breakfast. It's rare to see it outside of Singapore and Malaysia, and it probably didn't fit the ethnic profile of the passengers either ... Correct me if I am wrong, but I think most of the traffic from DXB to BKK and HKG would be transfer traffic from Europe/Gulf, and some labour traffic returning home to BKK. In any case it's nice to see this dish being introduced to passengers on flights other than SIN/Malaysia!

Topic: RE: Emirates Trip BHX-DXB-BKK-CLK-DXB-LHR
Username: Marco
Posted 2002-06-23 10:42:55 and read 7613 times.

Actually most of pax would probably be transfer pax from Europe or Asians (thai, chinese,etc).

Topic: RE: Emirates Trip BHX-DXB-BKK-CLK-DXB-LHR
Username: Ex_SQer
Posted 2002-06-23 20:24:49 and read 7608 times.

Yes, but what I meant to say is that nasi lemak is not a dish that is familiar to the Thai or Chinese palette. It would look more in place on a flight to Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia. I doubt there are many passengers from these countries on an EK flight to BKK and HKG, given that EK also flies to SIN, KUL and CGK. As a former Station Manager I am very painfully aware of the pitfalls of introducing a dish that is unfamiliar to the majority of passengers on a particular flight, which is why this dish on this flight is a surprise to me!

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