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Topic: Left Seat Student Pilot Report
Username: JetBlueGuy2006
Posted 2012-12-17 19:23:08 and read 4049 times.

So, I am a student pilot in Michigan with over 20 hours of flight time. I began to train with Eastern Michigan University when they opened an “extension” campus at Capital Region International Airport, but unfortunately they had to close due to some issues with the airport and lease rates. Due to that, I went back to the place I took my first ever flight, Crosswinds Aviation located at Livingston County Spencer J. Hardy Airport. The airport is uncontrolled and located in Howell, Michigan. The first couple of flights there after the transition was a little weird going from KLAN and instructed to announcing.

The purpose of this trip was a twofold. It was obviously a chance for me to get more flight time and work towards my solo, but also as a gift to my mom. Saturday was the anniversary of her mom’s passing, and she really wanted to spend time with her family. She has a sister that lives south of Kalamazoo, Michigan in Schoolcraft, and so I thought that would be nice since she was driving later to see her one of her brother’s for a surprise birthday party for him. Had she drove to see her sister it would have been a very long day. But, the day ended with her spending time with my nephew, also known as her grandson, so she said she had a wonderful day.

Thankfully, my instructor was willing to bring the plane up from Howell to Lansing for this, and take it back, so it was also a chance for me to fly back into Lansing. I was flying into Three Rivers, Michigan, which is just South of Schoolcraft. It is also an uncontrolled airport, and it was not at all crowed, probably because the weather wasn’t the greatest. We were able to fly VFR both ways, but on the way back, it was marginal, but we made it. We were able to meet up with my Aunt, and eat at Frankie’s Restaurant in Three Rivers, which was on Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible.

The pics are posting well, but I have linked to the photo album, and linked to the YouTube Videos of the landings

December 15, 2012
Lansing, Michigan (KLAN) to Three Rivers, Michigan (KHAI)
Scheduled Departure: 11:32 AM
Actual Departure: 11:32 AM
Scheduled Arrival: 12:07 PM
Actual Arrival: 12:18 PM
Aircraft: C172

Landing Three Rivers:

December 15, 2012
Three Rivers, Michigan (KHAI) to Lansing, Michigan (KLAN)
Scheduled Departure: 1:55 PM
Actual Departure: 2:00 PM
Scheduled Arrival: 2:30 PM
Actual Arrival: 2:28 PM
Aircraft: C172

Landing Lansing:



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