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Topic: JFK-MCO-JFK On JetBlue
Username: Delta717
Posted 2001-01-16 21:29:08 and read 4239 times.

I was traveling to Orlando for Vacation and here's the report

Thursday January 11, 2001
jetBlue Flight# 41
Seat 20A
Departure Time: 8:40
Arrival Time: 11:30
Departure Gate: 13
Arrival Gate: 112
Airbus A320-232
I was going to Orlando for a Vacation with my friend and my dad decided to tag along. We got to Terminal 6 at around 6:45-7:00am ET and checked in. T6 is mainly dominated by jetBlue. United has SFO and LAX flights and America West has a few gates also. We checked in with no wait or no problem and went over to the Central Park Cafe there to get some Breakfast since we knew jetBlue didn't serve meals on their flights. After that, it was 8:00 and they were starting boarding at 8:10. I went over to the window and saw the morning line-up starting. An American A300, United A320, Eva Air Cargo MD-11F, American 737-800, BWIA 737-800 (NC). I walked to the jetway where they had four blue baskets with the jetBlue logo holding blue headsets. As we backed away form the gate, the cabin crew did their safety demonstrations and notified us that they had to reset the PTVs. Before they did this, I saw that the flight Originated from Ontario, California (ONT). The weather was great--Clear skies. We passed to Airborne Express DC-8s and an Icelandair Cargo 757-200F, noticed that we had been behind a Northwest 747-400 and a TACA A320 and started our takeoff roll. We lifted off and climbed steeply and leveled out and Drinks and Snacks were served. After we reached our cruising altitude of 35,000ft, I went to the bathroom and my friend and I talked to the flight attendant about American buying TWA. Smooth ride all through and we landed smoothly.

Monday, January 15, 2001
jetBlue flight# 48
Seat # 6A
Departure Time: 12:00
Arrival Time: 14:35
Departure Gate: 112
Arrival Gate: 15
Airbus A320-232
Got to the airport after via the Hertz shuttle bus and waited on the check-in line for 10 min. We proceeded to Airport Security where we waited for 15 min due to delayed flights. We got to the monorail and got to Gate 112 (jetBlue's only gate at MCO) The plane arrived from JFK at 11:20 and we boarded at 11:30. Seat 6A is right in front of engine # 1. We taxied and I saw a bit of history. Delta L-1011-500, Delta MD-11 OOC*, Icelandair 757-200 (OC), USAir 737-200 (OC). We were behind an American MD-80 and a Delta Express 737-200 because they changed the take-off direction from north to south and we had to make a series of turns after we took off and got to fly over MCO again. We got to about 15,000ft and started to encounter mild turbulence. This turbulence lasted until North Carolina where I witnessed a Saudi Arabian 747-400 and a US Airways Metrojet 737-200 which was pretty awesome. We started our descent into JFK a little to late and descended rapidly when someone screamed and said that the wings were falling apart when all they were doing was extending the flaps and slats. Visibility was 1 mile and we couldn't see the ground until about 600 feet. All I was thinking was that we were going to have to circle with 5 babies screaming. The jetBlue pilots were skilled and landed smooth as silk without circling. We got to the gate and I saw the TWA St. Louis Rams 757. It was a great trip and I would fly them again! On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest, I would rate this flight a 9.5 because an F/A forgot to give 6 ABC any snack so we had to get them ourselves.

Great Job jetBlue!


Topic: RE: JFK-MCO-JFK On JetBlue
Username: Ericmetallica
Posted 2001-01-16 21:51:49 and read 4074 times.

Hey i flew on jetBlue on thursday and sunday. Althouh my thursday flight was later that your's. I Flew ROC-JFK-MCO. jetBlue is the best airline i've flown on.


Topic: RE: JFK-MCO-JFK On JetBlue
Username: Delta717
Posted 2001-01-21 03:27:57 and read 4007 times.

"This turbulence lasted until North Carolina where I witnessed a Saudi Arabian 747-400 and a US Airways Metrojet 737-200 which was pretty awesome."

I meant to say that the Metrojet and the Saudia 744 passed under us.

Topic: RE: JFK-MCO-JFK On JetBlue
Username: OlympicComet4b
Posted 2001-01-23 00:45:00 and read 3965 times.

Great report! Thanks.
Just one question. What kind of snacks do they serve? Just peanuts, pretzels, or is it a sandwich. I need to now if I should bring something real to eat when I fly them?

Topic: RE: JFK-MCO-JFK On JetBlue
Username: Ericmetallica
Posted 2001-01-23 02:11:54 and read 3964 times.

They only served drinks and either two chocalate cip cookies, bagel chips, or there blue chips.


Topic: RE: JFK-MCO-JFK On JetBlue
Username: USAirways737
Posted 2001-01-23 04:23:19 and read 3961 times.

What an idiot, s/he thought the wings were falling apart? That is hilarious.


Topic: RE: JFK-MCO-JFK On JetBlue
Username: Delta717
Posted 2001-01-24 21:41:14 and read 3946 times.

jetBlue doesn't serve real meals. It must help keep the cost of it's fares down.

Topic: RE: JFK-MCO-JFK On JetBlue
Username: FirstClass!
Posted 2001-02-03 02:39:50 and read 3902 times.

I know this is bothersome about food, but I've heard that B6 takes a different approach to its snacks. I've heard that all of their snacks are blue-colored or laced w/ blue food coloring. Is this true? I have not flown B6 yet due to the fact that the FLL-JFK segment is booked to the teeth for the next several months.

Topic: RE: JFK-MCO-JFK On JetBlue
Username: ROCjetBlue
Posted 2001-02-03 03:08:52 and read 3903 times.

Yes this is true. There chips are blue. There pretty sick looking.

Eric (former Ericmetallica)

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