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Topic: MSY-ATL-BWI On Delta
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Lats month on the 11th I flew Delta from New Orleans to Baltimore/Washington, connecting in Atlanta. My aunt and I had to end up in D.C, and originally we were looking at taking US Airways nonstop, but the one-way price was over $250 per person. I convinced her to take Delta, which had an incredible fare of $90 one-way. We didn't buy a round-trip ticket because we had a Sleeping Car room booked on Amtrak train #19, The Crescent, direct from D.C to N.O., on the 14th.

New Orleans to Allanta
Flight #1167
Boeing 757-200

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Photo © Luis Tena Orozco

This was DL's 6:10am flight to ATL. We got to the gate at around 5:20am after a painless check-in. The weather was pretty bad outside, so I was an expecting a delay in departing. Sure enough, I was right. An announcement was made at 5:30am that boarding would not commence until 6:10am, with a push back time at 6:30, and arrival into ATL for 8:35am. This would give us a 25-minute connection to our flight in BWI, which is usually enough time. Boarding did begin at 6:30, and the aircraft was ready for push at 6:45am. Just as we were about to go, a ceiling panel came loose in the First Class cabin and fell onto an unoccupied seat. A maintenance guy came on and knocked it back into place. That took about ten minutes. We were airborne by 7:05am. In route, the flight was bumpy, but not overly so. Even so, the f/a's did not come through the cabin with any sort of drink service. I found that sort of odd, as the everyone could have easily been served in the time allowed, as the flight was not more than half full. Anyway, I took a nap, and woke up as we were starting our initial descent into KATL.

Landing was smooth (surprising for a 757), and we taxiied to a gate on the B concourse. We were off the plane by 9:10am. Of course, our BWI flight departed from the A gates, which meant it was time for a jog.

Atlanta to Baltimore/Washington
Flight #546
Boeing MD-88

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Photo © Aaron Mandolesi - Mile High Images

We ran like the wind and made it in time to catch the 9:25am flight to BWI. The MD-88 was, like the one pictured above, in the Leo colors. I was surpised to see the new blue leather seats on this plane. Quite a difference from the worn out interior of the 757 I was just on. We had a seat on the 2 seat side, the row in front of the exit row. This flight was probably 90% full, some scattered open middle seats throughout. Push back was about twenty minutes late because, guess what, yet another maintenance problem in the cabin, this time with the seat behind mine. Once that was resolved we were on our way. Climbout was steep as we climbed through the rain and the low ceiling. In flight service consisted of a bag of snack mix and a cup of soda. My ears were killing me on this flight due to the pressure...the flight out of MSY was fine, but this one was almost unbearable. I was happy to get off the plane to say the least. We arrived about ten minutes late. I was impressed with the comfort of the new seats and look forward to trying them out on a longer segment one day.

In BWI we gathered our bags from the claim and took the free shuttle to the BWI rail station. There, we hopped on a Metra commuter train to Union Station in downtown D.C. Our stay in D.C was a good one, as was our 25-hour Amtrak ride back home.

Delta did a decent job, nothing spectacular, but good enough to earn my business again. Next week (1/25) i'm flying MSY-ATL-BWI once MD-90 connecting to an MD-88

Topic: RE: MSY-ATL-BWI On Delta
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nice and compact report!

thank you.


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