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Topic: MSP-LAS-FSD-MSP Sun Country
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Ok, so maybe this was a while ago... but I still remember it.

Saturday, March 26, 2005
SCX207 - Sun Country 208
PH-HZJ, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft

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Photo © Bruce Leibowitz

It was a night flight, don't exactly remember the time. We boarded and I was towards the back... wanna say row 29..Seat E I believe. Seat pitch was nothing to sneeze at.
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Photo © Rene Brinker

We pushed back on time and taxiied to 12R, using 04/22 as a taxiway. We were second in line for takeoff. We took off and immediately began our westward trip. In flight we had TWO (2) rounds of soda, in my case ginger ale, and a cheeseburger. Let's just say it wasn't the best quality or size. As it was nighttime, couldn't precisely make out our route. I might have been sleeping too.
We descended into LAS and landed on 1R. From there, we taxiied to D36 (really long taxi if you know LAS). SY is handled on all levels in LAS by DL, so we were between a couple of Delta 757s, 737s, etc.

Overall I'd give the service a 5, better than my previous flight on Champion.
Comfort was okay... another 5.
It was a smooth ride too.

Return flight
Saturday April 2 - Sunday April 3
Sun Country 307 SCX 307
N807SY, a Boeing 737-800

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Photo © Nathan Zalcman

Inbound flight from MSP was 30 minutes late, and we had a gate change right down the hall... no idea why. There was a flight to JFK next to us that was delayed 5 hours. We boarded about the time we were scheduled to leave, about 7:30pm.
I got seat 8A which was closer to the front, but if you know the 738, 8A has no window!!!
So we taxiied to 25R and waited our turn for takeoff. After takeoff, we turned to the NE and made our way up to FL350. Same service as the outbound flight.
I fell asleep after 'dinner' and remained asleep until somewhere over South Dakota when the Flight Attendant came on and said: Would all passengers with medical expertise please report to the front of the plane. That really woke me up. Turns out a fairly old man in row 4 was having a heart attack and his daughter was hysterical. Something to the effect to LAND THE PLANE! LAND THE PLANE NOW! He had probably about 20 medical people around him from various parts of the plane, including one that was sitting next to my mom in 8C. The captain came on and said we might divert, and later said we were diverting to FSD. We went from about 35,000 to landing in about 30-35 minutes. Landed in FSD about 12:55am CDT on runway 3 and immediately taxiied off to the cargo ramp right next to a FX 727. The guy working the graveyard shift obviously did not have expertise in bringing their airstairs to a 738. We waited 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive; the captain said he had to 'clear security' as ridiculous as that is. Took another 15 minutes for the paramedics to figure out what to do. The family and the victim got off the plane and into the ambulance. We had to get a new flight plan AND get refueled which took another 10-20 minutes. Then we taxiied the entire length of runway 3 and tookoff again for MSP. Trip was about 30 minutes from FSD-MSP. We landed 30L in one of THE shortest finals (<2 miles) ever. Taxiied to the HHH terminal. As I looked out the window I saw another plane inbound for landing. In the HHH terminal I noticed that we were not at all the only plane coming in, as 4 other planes had landed in our 3am hour. (It was Daylight Savings Day so we lost another hour). The plane behind us was another SY 738 from Cozumel.

Overall, the service and comfort were marginally better than the outbound flight, and the experience was kinda worth it. I never heard the man's fate, but I enjoyed the extra landing all the same.

Topic: RE: MSP-LAS-FSD-MSP Sun Country
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Thanks for your report.

I always find it quite interesting to read when something unplanned happens, although in this case it's rather a sad reason.

Anyway thanks a lot for writing about it!

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