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Topic: ATL-FLL On AirTran (with Pics)
Username: Omoo
Posted 2006-02-01 05:54:02 and read 9242 times.

Here is a trip I took last week, I hope you enjoy.....

Airline: AirTran
Equipment: B717
Departure Time: 7:55am
Arrival: 9:39am
Flight time: 1hr 30min

As usual, it was time again for me to make my ATL-FLL run after 3 months. Usually I come back the same day because it is a minor trip, and I am required to be at work the next day. I Woke up around 5:00am EST, I try and wake up early to beat ATL's morning rush, and I managed to beat it that day. I got to the airport by 6:10 and after parking and taking the quick ride to the terminal I was at the counter by 6:20am. Check-in was quick and efficient, the agent was kind enough to give me a compliment about my tie.
Arriving Outside

My Flight will be leaving on gate C8 and takeoff time will be at 7:55am. I decided to have breakfast at one of the restaurants on C terminal and also take some photos on A. I was a bit scared since I had heard a report about rats in one of the Atlanta Airport restaurants. But that did not make me lose an appetite for eggs and bacon  Smile

Concourse A

Delta 757 on A

After breakfast and some photos, I took the train back to C.
The flight was overbooked and they asked if anyone would give up their seat for a voucher and catch the next flight at 9am, I wish I could but my schedule was very tight. My seat assignment was good and I proceeded to stow my carry-on and settle by the window.

The seat next to me

getting some Juice

The flight was short, about 1hr and 30 minutes (in good weather). I managed to see the usual SAA ATL-JBO arrival for that morning landing and proceeding to Terminal E, unfortunately we were already taxing and the stewardess kept on telling passengers to turn their phones, cameras off.



They served coffee, tea and soft drinks, but I was already full from breakfast hence I proceeded to take a quick nap. I was woken up by the announcement that we are about to begin descending to FLL. It was about 9:05am.

Arrival at FLL

Arrival at FLL

Arrival at FLL

After arriving at the gate, I quickly grabbed my carry-on and exited the aircraft. Took a cab outside to the office and proceeded to finish what brought me to FLL for the day.

Airline: AirTran
Equipment: B737-700
Departure Time: 5:10pm
Arrival: 7:11pm
Flight time: 1hr 30min

On my return leg a work mate offered to give me a ride to the airport and I was able to grab a few snaps of the beautiful city. The weather was perfect.

I arrived at the airport and as usual there was no TSA line like ATL, even though it was a Friday. Proceeded to my gate and waited for the flight. Unfortunately I did not get a Business class seat when I booked, hence I flew economy on the return leg.

Our Gate
Ride Home

The aircraft was one of the Airtran's new 737-700 and it was spankin new (still had the new car smell). The flight was fully booked and I did not get a window seat even though I asked for it and the gate agent told me she will try, unfortunately it did not happen.
Squeezed in my seat

They served drinks and the usual XM disposable earphones, but I managed to catch a nap for about 30 minutes. We landed at ATL 10 minutes ahead of schedule and proceeded to sit at the middle of concourse C and D for 5 more minutes because there was an aircraft on our gate.

Topic: RE: ATL-FLL On AirTran (with Pics)
Username: LawrenceMck
Posted 2006-02-01 08:43:12 and read 9179 times.

An interesting trip report, I've always wanted to go on a 717. Great pictires too.

Lawrence  Wink

Topic: RE: ATL-FLL On AirTran (with Pics)
Username: Atrude777
Posted 2006-02-01 22:36:43 and read 8955 times.

Nice report. Good pictures too.

Always wanted to try AirTran. They sound like an interesting airline.


Topic: RE: ATL-FLL On AirTran (with Pics)
Username: Vatveng
Posted 2006-02-01 23:11:13 and read 8936 times.

Quoting Omoo (Thread starter):
They served drinks and the usual XM disposable earphones,

Those "disposable" earphones actually aren't bad, hang on to them as a backup if your iPod earphones crap out.

Quoting LawrenceMck (Reply 1):
I've always wanted to go on a 717.

Quoting Atrude777 (Reply 2):
Always wanted to try AirTran. They sound like an interesting airline.

They are a great airline, less frills than JetBlue and more than Southwest, they're great for those of us who like to listen to music and doze off during the flight. IMO, the best things they have going for them are:

(1) The 717
(2) XM Radio

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