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Topic: DL 67, GSP-ATL-ZRH Business Elite
Username: Avion
Posted 2001-05-11 18:35:31 and read 5365 times.


Here is the return portion of my trip:

DL 1735 4:35 PM GSP-ATL Cancelled

Our connecting flight from Greenville to Atlanta was cancelled because of a faulty
airspeed indicator in the M80. We had to take a cab to ATL.
We arrived at 7:15 PM at ATL South Terminal. My parents checked the bags and i went
straight to the lounge to write an email to Teahan. We wanted to meet each other in
Zurich the day.
When i entered the lounge only about 10 people were in it and both computers were
occupied. So i had to wait. Finally one of the computers were free in that exact moment
an announcement came on "Final Call for Delta's flight 66 to Zurich."
I couldnt send me my e-mail and had to run to gate E 09. Saw an AF 747-400 on the way.
I just managed to get on. They closed the door after me.

DL 66 ATL-ZRH Dep. Time 830 PM

So we pushed back from the gate. We were 1st in line. That has never before happened to
me in ATL.
After takeoff they passed out the menu. You had to immedialetly choose what you
wanted. It was the usual choice of pasta, steak, breast of duck and soup.
I chose the pasta which was good. But not as good as the the meal one the ZRH-ATL
By the time meal service was finished we were over Boston. I reclined my seat and slept
until we reache Lorient, France. That time breakfast service began which was very good.
I had some cereals and a bagel.
The purser now announced that we were in final approach and we encountered some
turbulence before touching down at ZRH 5 minutes ahead of schedule 11:20.

DL is a great airline and Business Elite is very good product. The only thing is disliked
was the food on the return portion. It was ok but it didnt come close to the one i had on
ZRH-ATL. The crew was again nice but didnt come close to the one on ZRH-ATL. All in
all still a very good flight. 8/10

I hope you liked my trip report and look forward to many replies. It is a rather cheap copy
of Seans excellent one. Hope you still like it.


Topic: RE: DL 67, GSP-ATL-ZRH Business Elite
Username: BoyShane
Posted 2001-05-11 19:18:48 and read 4869 times.

Hi Avion!

Great trip report. I found it interesting as this summer i'm travelling to London this summer in Delta's Business Elite. Never flown it yet! Was wondering if you could maybe answer a few question about it from you expirience....

Was there a lot of food? What did it consist of with the Pasta and that?

Do they have a snack tray up front and what did it consist of?

How was the crew/flight attendents?

Are you allowed in the Crown Club rooms if you are not a member? I'll be flying Delta First on my Domestic flights until I reach Boston which I will board a 767 (Seat 4F-Window).

Your help would be much appericiated.


Topic: RE: DL 67, GSP-ATL-ZRH Business Elite
Username: Avion
Posted 2001-05-11 20:39:13 and read 4857 times.

Hi Shane

1) Yes there is alot of food. The protions are rather big. The pasta was raviolini with a spicy sauce. Quite good.
2) Yes they do have a snack tray up front. It has some snacks on it. I do not know exactly what because i never used it.
3) The crew on the way ZRH-ATL was the best i've ever had. They were so nice. On the way back they were just regular. You cant say all DL crew are great/bad.
4)Yes you can. If you fly BizE u may enter the Crown Rooms.

Fell free to ask more questions


Topic: RE: DL 67, GSP-ATL-ZRH Business Elite
Username: 767ER
Posted 2001-05-12 03:53:02 and read 4809 times.


That was an excellant report. When is the next one????


PS How did you get the boarding pass on the screen. I thougt that was cool.

Topic: RE: DL 67, GSP-ATL-ZRH Business Elite
Username: BoyShane
Posted 2001-05-12 05:17:11 and read 4799 times.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply! Your help is greatly appericaited  Smile/happy/getting dizzy. As you can tell i'm very interested in finding this stuff out as is very brief with the details on their BussinessElite service.

Did you take advantage of their concierge thing?

What are the Crown Club Rooms like? Snacks?... good internet and stuff?

Do you know anything about the Express Classics thing for dinner? I mean is it the same meals but only when you want to eat?

Think that's all I needed to know.. thanks for the help!

Topic: RE: DL 67, GSP-ATL-ZRH Business Elite
Username: Avion
Posted 2001-05-12 10:21:49 and read 4791 times.

Hey Shane

1) No. I dont even know what is. Never seen any of those.
2) Crown is ok. Has a bar and you can a few snacks. No internet though.
3) Express classic is just every course served all at once.


Topic: RE: DL 67, GSP-ATL-ZRH Business Elite
Username: SR3496
Posted 2001-05-12 11:39:32 and read 4789 times.

I don't quite understand all your statements. First there were computers in the lounge (Crown Room?) with internet (you wanted to send an E-mail to Teahan). But now you wrote that there's no internet access in the crown room.  Confused


Topic: RE: DL 67, GSP-ATL-ZRH Business Elite
Username: Avion
Posted 2001-05-12 13:48:31 and read 4793 times.

I am not talking about the same lounge. The BusinessElite Lounge (international) does have computers, while the Crown Room does not.


Topic: RE: DL 67, GSP-ATL-ZRH Business Elite
Username: ILOVEA340
Posted 2001-05-14 05:23:18 and read 4750 times.

sounds like fun. I love flying into ZRH

Topic: RE: DL 67, GSP-ATL-ZRH Business Elite
Username: Swiss-airplane
Posted 2001-05-14 17:16:02 and read 4743 times.

Hi there
I was wondering about the positive story from Delta. For me is Delta the worst airline in the USA. I prefer American, the Flight Attendants there were never so old and so unfriendly like on Delta flights. On my last US trip this march and april I flow Swissair Business Class from ZRH to LAX on their MD11. The service was just perfect, you could choose between 4 meals, 2 entres and desserts. It was a great service and the F/A did a very good job. Diana Ross was sitting in First Class on this flight, I saw her at LAX airport!!! On this trip I have flown AA, UA Shuttle, Delta and Southwest on domnestic flights. I flow Delta from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City in Economy Class on the morning flights. They offered to all passengers (incl. First Class) only water, orange juice and coffee, the snack was just terrible, it was more like pet food. The flight attendants were all old and very unfriendly. They even forgot to put down the TV screen before landing. Also in 1998 I was flying Delta from CVG to ZRH and also at this time, all women F/A were unfriendly, except the Swissair F/A, which was on the flight at that time and the only man which was also F/A and could speak German well. Delta is so bad. And about Lounges, Swissair's Business Class had a lot of internet computers and plenty of rooms. It was a great feeling there inside.
Mike from Switzerland

Topic: RE: DL 67, GSP-ATL-ZRH Business Elite
Username: Fanoftristars
Posted 2001-05-21 00:11:24 and read 4709 times.


the LAS-SLC flight is pretty short; it would be pretty tough to serve more than they did on such a short flight. It's only 400 or so miles. It takes me less than 5 hours to drive there. Plus DL has to compete with bargain basement WN on this route, and that's all you get with SWA. What were you doing in SLC?

And old flight attendents? unfriendly? What do you want? A young lady doing a lap dance for you? As a regular DL flyer, I can say that they have very efficient and friendly FAs. I've always been treated very friendly. But then again, maybe I just attract friendliness because I am a very friendly person  Smile

You're definatly a small minority when it comes to being unhappy with DL's service. Did you see the poll on fav airline? DL was #1. I guess too bad for you Swissair doesn't fly everywhere.

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