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Username: B767300ER
Posted 2007-04-01 17:42:19 and read 5533 times.

This is return portion of my trip on DL 153 TLV-ATL departing TLV on March 31st.
Our scheduled departure is 23:25 local. The crew van picked the crew up at our hotel at
19:30 arriving at Terminal 3 at 20:10. We reported to Crew Operations which is handled by El Al as flight 153 is the only Delta operation or others are code shares with El Al.
From the flight briefing we were told our flight plan would take us a northerly routing, over Greece, eastern Italy, Germany south England and Ireland over the Atlantic to a point west of Newfoundland then down on a south western heading past Albany NY into ATL with an on time arrival.

This being Saturday night our passenger bookings were heavy, only 7 open seats in Y but only 50% load in business. Although there was a long list of Special Meal requests, due to the late departure many passengers pass up on the main course and take only the salad and beverage and dessert.

Unlike the arrival, departure Crew handling is separate from Passenger Customs and Immigration. Verify the full crew that arrived on the 30th was now departing as scheduled on the 31st and proceeded to the gate. The inbound flight was on time and the aircraft was cleaned and stocked. Being assigned to the Business section I checked the beverage carts and duty free carts as well as the Crew Rest area. Every thing ready for boarding.

The agent cam on board as requested to start boarding at 22:50 due to number of passengers. We had a large number of groups and children so we agreed to the early start. Boarding went smoothly, for me, in Business, Coach was a bit hectic with many carry-ons having to be gate checked. In spite of the problems were able to close the doors and leave a minute early. Gate Agents happy at that. Long taxi to runway, but no delay and took off quickly. We were cleared to 34,000 ft and over the Atlantic were assigned to 38,000 ft.

Meal service began with in a half hour in Business, mainly beverages dessert cheese fruit, very few meals were taken or eaten. Went back to Coach to assist with the meal service there. One Tour Group were Argentines returning after visiting the Holy Land. Spent some time talking with them, they has a wonderful time and while glad to be heading home were sorry to see an end to their trip.

Went to the cockpit to offer any meals, refreshments to crew. As usual, coffee and fruit.
As I was assigned the first rest period the Captain offered the jump seat to me as he knew I usually do not lie down for a Crew Rest period. Accepted and we climbed to 38,000 ft. as we passed the southern coast of Ireland. It was a beautiful night with a full moon. We would be flying in darkness for the entire trip.

Started the breakfast galley set up as we passes Newfoundland, slight chop but no problem. Around 04:00 EDT we put the cabin lights on and started the breakfast service.
Everyone takes breakfast and coffee. Passed out U S Customs and Immigration forms, played the video and used the P.A. to give instructions in Hebrew Spanish and Arabic.

Landing was smooth and we parked at our gate, Gate E10 at 05:46, one minute late.
My deadhead flight back to New York was scheduled to leave at 07:45 but was hoping to make the 06:45 flight, but was not to be. After clearing Immigration and Customs headed
T7 to catch flight 504 a B757 to LGA.

Let me explain the dead head rules, as my parings are ATL-TLV I am required to dead head from NYC to ATL as a positive space crew member, but since the pairing is from ATL, first class is not required but given on a space available basis.

When I reported to the gate, in full uniform, the agent said First Class was available and gave me issued me the boarding pass. Being positive space we can’t be bumbed as we are required to operate/finish a flight.

We left ATL one minute early,0:7:44. After a few comments with the working crew up to LGA I fell asleep and we arrived in LGA at 09:37, 23 minutes ahead of schedule. Took the Crew Bus to crew parking lot, got car and headed home to sleep.

Username: ATLflyer
Posted 2007-04-01 20:04:23 and read 5323 times.

Did this plane have the "Refreshed Business-Elite?" Just wondering if any of the 777s have it installed yet. I know by summer they are supposed to...

Username: Evan767
Posted 2007-04-01 21:14:36 and read 5243 times.

Hey, so what have some of your recent travels been on DL? I am eager to know.

Username: RwSEA
Posted 2007-04-02 02:14:54 and read 4974 times.

Interesting trip report, thanks for sharing (I enjoyed both this one and the outbound to TLV). We don't hear too many trip reports on DL's 777 routes, and even fewer from FAs, so it's nice to hear.

As Evan767 asked, what are some of your other recent trips? Favorite destinations?

Username: PanAm747LHR
Posted 2007-04-02 09:35:54 and read 4760 times.

Great report, but I'm not sure I understand the whole dead-head bit. You mean that ATL-TLV is operated by NYC crews who are deadheaded down to ATL? Why not just operate the pairing with ATL based crews? Or did you pick up the trip out-of-base? Here if, for instance, an EWR based crew member picks up an IAH pairing, they are responsible for getting themselves to IAH. However, you can be assigned a pairing that includes a deadhead. But all of the international trips are operated by crews from the airport of origination. ie: EWR-TLV is operated strictly by EWR international crews, and IAH-AMS is operated solely by IAH international crews. There's no mixing unless you pick up a trip out of base. But as I said, they won't positive space you if you do that.
Anywho, just wondering how things work there at DL.


Username: B767300ER
Posted 2007-04-02 14:48:48 and read 4684 times.

The ATL-TLV trips are ATL based crew trips, however since I live in NYC Crew Scheduling builds a pos space dead head into my trips. If and when thier are enough LOD (foreign language) crew members available in ATL I assume that I would be on my own to get to ATL for my trips. Due to my language abilities I am able to hold a LINE, not RESERVE on International flights out of ATL. Once we start flying to DXB I will be able to do the dead head positioning moves. As of now I only bid ATL-TLV trips but at times do trade for JFK-SVO, and JFK-KBP trips to raise my proficiency in Russian. When I was with TWA I wasbased at JFK and flew TLV, CAI and RUH while living in NYC area. Hope this answers your questions.

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