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Topic: Delta ATL-RSW Part 1 W/pics!
Username: ATLFlyer323
Posted 2007-04-07 01:57:48 and read 6798 times.

Ok so this is my first trip report so I'll try and do the best I can! O and excuse my photos, I don't have a fancy camera.

For spring break this year my grandma guilt-ed my dad, step-mom, brothers, and I to Florida by one of those "oo I could die soon" speech's. No sooner than we decided to go my little brothers friend Jake, who is way to wired and annoying for me to handle, decided he would come along to! That put the 7 seater Expedition up to 6 people (way to crowded for me, especially on a 10 hour drive). I decided to snoop around and see if flying to Florida was a possibility. Seeing as I love to fly, and haven't been able to for quite some time I quickly booked a Delta flight (who was actually cheaper than AirTran) and packed my bags for sunny Florida!  

My flight was scheduled to depart at about 8:12AM so my mom woke me up at 5:15 to get ready to leave for the airport. I live in Canton, Ga about 30 min. north of the airport (thanks heavily due to the all highway drive). I got to the airport at around 6:30AM checked in my bag, said goodbye to the mom and headed straight for security. Security took about 15 minutes to clear, in which time I think I met the friendliest bunch of TSA agents I've ever seen in my joke, they were having a ball this morning! It was only about 6:45 when I got through security so I thought I would walk my way to Concourse B instead of taking the train.

My favorite statue of the walk.

There was a lot of construction going on in the walkways, just a random snapshot.

The walk to Concourse B didn't take me but 5 min's, so I thought I would go down to my gate (B1) to check out which plane I would be flying on to sunny Florida!

I really like the tile that replaced the carpet in the Delta terminals.

So after a mile hike down to the last gate I spotted the beauty that I thought was going to be taking me down to RSW.

Ship 697 if I remember correctly?

With still way over an hour to go before my departure I decided I would walk around and check out other areas of the airport.

Air Jamaica A320.

Delta 764.

US Airways A319.

Delta 777 waiting to depart to LAX.

Close up of the engine getting some work done.

Weird, I thought Song was no more, is this JFK? :-P

Some old work horses of NWA.

Delta 777 to Tokyo.

Before I knew it 8:00 was approaching and I was gawking in Concourse E at all the heavies. I went and checked the flight display boards and to my dismay it showed my flight as boarding! I nearly pooped my pants running all the down to B1 as not to miss my flight! When I got to the gate no one was even standing, they hadn't stated to board the flight, so I was safe. After a mild heart attack we finally began to board. With all the excitement I hadn't even thought to look out the window to check out my plane. Boy was it a surprise when I walked down the jetway and was greeted by a "SONG Part Of Delta" sticker smack dab on the fuselage. My boarding zone was one of the first called to I had quite some time to spare while the rest of the plane loaded.

Legroom. (I'm not very tall....only about 5foot9)

The PTV was AMAZING! The Trivia game was fun and the countless TV channels kept me quite entertained. The best part of the whole thing was it was free! (Granted Extra Games and Movies cost $5 and headsets (if you don't have your own) cost $2).

Airtran 737.

Delta 757.

ASA Atlanta logo jet.

Another AirTran 737.

Delta 767.

AirTran 717.

Delta Tails.

More Delta Tails.


After a short wait taxing out we were clear for a slightly behind schedule departure. I didn't take many photographs during the flight as I was to busy with my TV.    One thing I did notice was that the flight attendants while not mean were not overly friendly like many Delta Flight Attendants are. The Pilot on the other hand was amazing, clear announcements and kept us very informed along the journey. He even told us where we were flying over during certain points in out trip!    For our pilot that flight, I wish I had written down his name. Anyways I did manage to take a picture of my snack, some of the decent and I had a landing video but can't figure out how to upload it.

My snack. (I love those little Dasani Water Bottles they crack me up!)

Hello Florida!

The landing in sunny RSW was perfect and actually about 10 min's ahead of schedule, way to make up for lost time Mr. Pilot! I forgot to take a picture of the cabin as I got off the plane but I did manage to get a snapshot of my plane however!

My SONG 757.

Before heading to baggage claim I thought I walked around the C Terminal to see if I could take any good pictures. Sadly the rising sun ruined most of my pictures but I did manage to salvage some. One thing I will say about RSW is while it had nice clean lines and it very open and filled with windows, I know I forgot to get a picture, it is not too spotter friendly. You have to clear security to get into another Concourse of the airport so your spotting opportunity is limited.

Continental 733 and NWA DC-9.

US Airways A321.

After about a 10 min wait for my luggage I was all set to go soak up the sun in Florida!

Experience: Over all I would have to give Delta a 4/5. Their new coach product (I think the Song product is being carried over to all coach) is AMAZING! You have countless channels, 1 free game, and 12 radio stations! You actually get a choice of what you would like to eat and they gave every passenger the can with their drink! The flight attendants weren't overly friendly, but hey it was early!


P.S. Could someone message me or something and tell me a better way to load my pictures up to Airliners. I had to limit those I uploaded as Airliners only gives you so much space to put your pictures on. I would like to post my return trip but I don't have room for the pictures. Thanks!

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Topic: RE: Delta ATL-RSW Part 1 W/pics!
Username: Evan767
Posted 2007-04-07 02:06:54 and read 6783 times.

Quoting ATLFlyer323 (Thread starter):
and 12 radio stations!

Haha, there were a lot more than that! You didn't check out their MP3's? There were hundreds of songs, just waiting for you, that you missed! Nice report.

Topic: RE: Delta ATL-RSW Part 1 W/pics!
Username: ATLFlyer323
Posted 2007-04-07 02:11:39 and read 6779 times.

Quoting Evan767 (Reply 1):
You didn't check out their MP3's?

Actually now that you mention it they did also have a ton of CD's if that's what you mean!


Topic: RE: Delta ATL-RSW Part 1 W/pics!
Username: PurpleBeetle
Posted 2007-04-07 05:50:40 and read 6584 times.

Quoting ATLFlyer323 (Thread starter):
My favorite statue of the walk

Ummm ... what IS that statue all about !!??

Topic: RE: Delta ATL-RSW Part 1 W/pics!
Username: ATLFlyer323
Posted 2007-04-09 23:51:42 and read 6110 times.

Quoting PurpleBeetle (Reply 3):
Ummm ... what IS that statue all about !!??

Maybe as a promotion to Aftrica, there are a ton of random statues that are supposed to represent a famous African person. That one represented someone from Zimbabwe, all I can remember them saying is he was good at sports or soemthing, he was very active. lol....I just thought it was funny.


Topic: RE: Delta ATL-RSW Part 1 W/pics!
Username: MKP1013
Posted 2007-04-10 05:34:57 and read 5938 times.

Nice report! I also live in Canton , how about that? LOL. For picture hosting I used image shack. Worked out well for my last TR.

Topic: RE: Delta ATL-RSW Part 1 W/pics!
Username: BA319-131
Posted 2007-04-10 17:56:34 and read 5819 times.

Nice report with a good selection of pictures, not bad for a first TR!



Topic: RE: Delta ATL-RSW Part 1 W/pics!
Username: ATLFlyer323
Posted 2007-04-11 03:14:55 and read 5571 times.

Quoting BA319-131 (Reply 6):
Nice report with a good selection of pictures, not bad for a first TR!

Thanks! I really tried, I love reading the trip reports on here.

I am going to try and get my return trip up here eventually. I've got prom this weekend but maybe after that I hope.


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