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Topic: BOS-SJC And Back On DL And AA Part 2
Username: COERJ145
Posted 2007-05-02 23:03:19 and read 5581 times.

Well, after spending a few days in Santa Cruz with my family and relatives for my grandmother's funeral, it was time to head back home. We got to the airport at around 4:45PM, returned the rental car, and took the shuttle over to terminal A.
Check-in was fast and with no line for security, we got through both in about 5 minutes. With about 50minutes until boarding, I took some pics of AA and MQ aircraft, and explored around the A terminal. AA's really scaled back ops here at SJC since I last flew in on them. Except for the DFW and SNA flight, AA's section of SJC was completely deserted.
MQ ERJ headed to SNA

AA MD80 off to DFW

Flight: AA 3126
Dep: 6:40PM
Act: 6:32PM
Arr: 7:55PM
Act: 7:40PM
ERJ-140 N******
Seat 2A
Big version: Width: 400 Height: 340 File size: 10kb

We boarded 10 minutes late, but due to the light load, boarding was finished early, thus letting us push back early. During Taxi, I got some pics, shown below.
US's 733 in new colors

AS 734

We took off of runway 30R. The takeoff was rather amazing, we lifted off within 4000ft and climbed out of SJC like a rocket. After a 180 degree turn, I switched on my MP3 player, listened to some music while the F/A served the drinks(I got Dr.Pepper). After about 30 more minutes, we began our descent into LAX.
Beginning descent:

We landed on 24R and taxxied in to the AA remote terminal. After waiting 10 minutes for a shuttle, we arrived over at T5, only to discover our flight left from T6. We went through this underground tunnel which looked like something our of a bad horror movie. T6, IMHO, is a dump. Few concessions were open, hard to find restrooms,and I ended up having an awful steak and cheese sub at some "restaurant". While buying a bottle of water at a newsstand, I heard a funny exchange between the check out lady and a 20-30 year old guy that went something like this:
guy: "do you guys sell condoms here?"
check out lady: "as in Condomints?"
After this "event", it was time to board my red eye flight back to Boston.

Flight: DL 1704
Dep: 9:50PM
Act: 9:48PM
Arr: 6:18AM
Act: 6:07AM
Boeing 737-800 N*****
Seat 10F
Big version: Width: 400 Height: 340 File size: 9kb

DL CRJ headed to PSP:

Well, being a red-eye, there is not much to report except that we received a free snack, and that the seats were relatively comfortable. After the first beverage service, the F/A's remained in the galley and before landing came through with water. I would have expected coffee to be served, but unfortunately not. While on approach to BOS, we passed over my hometown, and eventually landed on runway 27 at BOS, thus concluding this trip report.

Both DL and AA did an ok job for both flights. The only things that really bugged me was the lack of concessions at T6 at LAX, and the lack of coffee before arrival in BOS.

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