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Cathay Delight: A Trip To Asia's World City  
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Posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

….And it most definitely is.

It has become a common standard for practically all airlines to offer meals that you probably would write home about, an IFE system that will keep you company throughout every hour of your flight, a lie-flat seat that could make you feel like you never left your bedroom, and the most advanced aircraft that make you feel like you’re not flying altogether…

However, when was the last time you had your call attendant button promptly responded to? Or when was the last time you were addressed by name, not only by crew in your pertaining class, but by ALL crew anywhere and everywhere on board? When was the last time you simply just did not have to ask for something you needed? Is there even a last time?

It is these “non-generic” things that I had once believed are no longer evident when flying today’s mainland carriers. Such little gestures are those that could mean nothing in reality, but actually make a significant difference in your on-board experience. It is these little things that go a long way and they are what Cathay Pacific is all about.

Welcome to my 3rd Trip Report.

This TR is on my Cathay Pacific flights from Dubai to Hong Kong and back, including a report on my fantastic holiday in Hong Kong. While I tried to focus mainly on reporting my flights, I got carried away with the pictures of my vacation in Hong Kong. I hope you enjoy it.

My previous TR’s are found here:

Cathay Pacific: JFK-DXB
Etihad Airways to Amman Part 1
Etihad Airways to Amman Part 2

Initially, a good a.netter friend of mine was to accompany me on this trip, however, due to unfortunate circumstances, Mr. 9MMAR could not make it. Next time Aziz … Right?

In searching for the most appropriate way to get to Hong Kong, I first came across a promotion that Malaysia Airlines was running. They offered a very attractive deal to HKG in Golden Club Class with decent connection timings. Naturally, a good offer like this coupled with MH’s fantastic in-flight service, would have been too good to miss out on.

I initially decided to take MH up on its deal and went to pay my travel consultant a visit (who is also my good friend) in order to make the purchase. He then suggested that he can get me a better fare on Cathay Pacific Business Class non-stop to HKG. Frankly, it was one very generous discount that I could not resist. Instantly I made the booking and purchased my ticket.

In reality, CX was more convenient for me because it did offer a non-stop service to Hong Kong. In addition, being a Oneworld member (RJ), I can accrue points and finally, I would also be flying on a 3-class A333 which does offer the older ‘New Business Class’ angled lie-flat seats.

Some milestones that I have achieved after this trip are as follows:

1) My first time on an Airbus A330-300;
2) My first time on Cathay Pacific Business Class;
3) My first time to try a lie-flat seat of any kind; and
4) My first time to visit Hong Kong

Approximately 1 week prior to my departure, I had logged on to www.cathaypacific.com to see what was on offer in their Duty-Free Pre-Flight Order section. Since I only collect models of airplanes I have been on, I was now entitled to purchasing a CX A333 model. A 1:500 scale model was available (picture at the end of the TR) so I selected it in addition to a CX keychain (picture also at the end of the TR). The selected goods will be brought to you on board for your purchase once you present the confirmation letter to a member of the cabin crew. In my case, I opted to make the purchase on my return leg so as not to carry them around with me.

Thursday September 13th, 2007

At around 12:40 AM I had gotten up from my sleep to drink some water etc. I realized that I can check-in online because the flight opens for check-in 48 hours prior to departure. I checked-in online and selected seat 12A. The flight was looking full about two seats were left open.

A snapshot of Cathay’s Online Check-In Interface (not too clear due to resize):


I find Cathay’s online check-in service to be very user friendly. In addition you will receive information that only pertains to your departure and arrival airports. For example, information on the new UAE security regulations that have been enforced at DXB was available to me. Also, the exact check-in area and counter numbers used at DXB were accurately stated. Furthermore, you also get your destination’s weather forecast for the following few days, which I found to be a decent touch.

Friday September 14th, 2007

I was all packed and ready to go by today. My phone rang at approximately 6:30 PM.
“Hello, is this Mr. Roni Hawi?”
“Yes it is”
“This is Cathay Pacific calling regarding your limo transfer to Dubai Airport, we have you confirmed for a pickup from Abu Dhabi at 9 PM, is this time still ok with you?”
“Actually, would it be possible if you could pick me up at around 8:30 PM?”
“Most certainly sir, may I have directions to your location please?”
I proceeded to give him directions to my house.

I believe that airlines like CX, TG, and SQ contract with Budget rent-a-car to offer premium passengers across the UAE free limousine transfer to/from the airports. This I believe, while possibly not a perk usually offered (not sure), is actually available from the UAE in order to compete with EK.

By around 8:45 PM, my ride to DXB had arrived. The driver had some difficulty in finding my location but eventually I guided him throughout the way. I was however worried that I may not have enough time to comfortably catch my flight. I really hate rushing into things, especially when traveling.

After an hour an a half, we had arrived DXB at around 10:15 PM. I found myself in front of the departure area # 3:

Before going inside, I took a few moments to smoke a cigarette outside and get a feel of the environment at DXB tonight. As it was during the very beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan here, there weren’t many travelers tonight; at least not by Dubai’s standards.

I finished smoking then headed inside the departure area. Cathay Pacific’s check-in counters are located in the departure area # 3 of Terminal 1, so I was dropped off at the right place.

A random picture of the departure area (Can you spot who is traveling to BKK tonight?):

This is where the CX check-in desks are located:

I proceeded through security which did not take so much time and proceeded to the CX check-in desks. By 10:30 PM I had arrived at the Cathay Pacific counters:

Since the check-in desks were practically deserted I walked up to the first available agent, a cute smiling Chinese lady.

“Good evening sir, how may I help you?”
“Hi, I am traveling to Hong Kong tonight”
“May I see your passport and ticket please?”

I handed her my documents and placed my luggage on the belt. As she processed me for check-in, I thought I would ask her about tonight’s aircraft registration. I was always under the impression that you don’t ask for the aircraft registrations at check-in, until I traveled with Etihad. Still somewhat hesitant, I asked anyways.

“May I know what the aircraft registration is for tonight’s flight?”
“Sir it is an Airbus A330”
“Yes, but what is the registration number?”
“Oh, wait let me check if it is mentioned in the system”

As she attempted a few clicks to check for it on her computer, her colleague told me that it is not usually mentioned in the system.

She then smiled and asked “Do you plan to hijack the plane?” with a chuckle
“No! I’m sorry for asking, I am just into planes that’s all, you don’t have to tell me what it is”
“It’s ok sir, I was just joking”

She then told me that she is afraid of flying, and when she was in Cairo last week, they got delayed because they had to offload one passenger’s luggage due to security reasons and that she was scared the whole flight back to DXB.

By 10:35 PM she handed me my boarding pass, ticket, passport, and lounge invitation and said “Have a good flight!”

Boarding Pass:

Lounge Invitation:

Naturally, being a Oneworld member, Cathay Pacific uses the British Airways Terrace for its premium passengers. I have always wanted to try out one of the BA Terraces, so this was my opportunity.

By 10:40 PM I arrived at immigration. This process was so slow it took forever till I got my turn. Once I got my passport stamped I proceeded to security which was located immediately after immigration. Tonight, security was rather tight. It was very much like that in the USA. Belts and shoes had to come off. Nevertheless it didn’t take too long.

After I was done, I proceeded towards the main Sheikh Rashid airside terminal area. Typically, it is a very long walk from immigration/security to get there. Once you get to the building you first arrive into the Duty Free Area. As I got there, I saw that I was somewhat running out of time and I had to at least pay a quick visit at the BA Terrace.

DXB Main Duty Free Hall:

Notice the Cabin Crew here, I believe they were AF Cabin Crew, however, they could have also been for LH, (not sure):

I had only reached the BA lounge at 11:20 PM. I was greeted by a smiling South Asian lady who took my lounge invitation and ushered me to proceed inside. Taking a quick glance around the lounge, I found it to be quite small, however it was quite nice. The main ‘terrace’ area in the middle of the lounge has a small fountain with seating all around it, which seemed like a nice calm area to sit by.

Some pictures of the BA Terrace at DXB:

The view from the lounge (KL B772ER To AMS):

I found a seat to place my luggage in, and headed straight for the food. As evident from the pictures above, the food selection was rather limited, leaving a lot to be desired. As I was looking around, an announcement was made at around 11:30 PM that my flight was ready for boarding. There was no way I was not to sample the food before I got on the plane, so I quickly grabbed a plate and took an Indian Vegetarian pastry. I practically swallowed it rather than chew it, quickly got my stuff, and headed out towards Gate 29. The pastry wasn’t anything special, and it was quite cold actually. Sorry I couldn’t take anymore pictures at the lounge as time was running out (this is why I hate rushing into things).

When I reached Gate 29, I handed my boarding pass to the DNATA Agent, and as she processed me in, she said “Good evening sir, please wait a few moments in the lounge until your bus arrives. There will be a separate bus for our First & Business Class passengers.” I was glad that we were boarding the old manual way, but I wonder why CX prefer not to use the aerobridge at DXB. There was absolutely no congestion tonight, and MANY gates were available. TG, KL, AF, BA, and even Air China were using aerobridges, while we were parked all the way by the Cargo Ramp. Last year we were also deplaned from the same spot. Oh well, either way is fine with me.

Less than five minutes later an announcement was made for First & Business Class passengers to board the aircraft. I guess it was an informal announcement that was made to all of us who had just arrived from the lounge. We were escorted by another DNATA agent to an elevator that took us one level down where our bus was waiting for us. As I got on the bus I quickly took out my camera to take a few snaps of the scenery along the way. Please excuse the quality.

An EK A332 poking its nose:

Air China B767 non-stop service to PEK:

EK 77W (A6-EBH):

EK 77W (A6-EBY):

…And finally … after quite the drive, there she was, parked by the ramp, looking beautiful as ever:

We waited until the economy class passengers ahead of us boarded:

A few moments later, it was our turn:

By 11:45 PM, I was on board. I was greeted by a lovely cabin crew who took a quick glance at my boarding pass and said “Mr. Hawi, welcome on board Cathay Pacific, your seat 12A is straight ahead and towards the right.”


A Stop Away From One-Stop, Is Non-Stop : Airbus A340-500
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User currently offlineRonerone From Jordan, joined Aug 2004, 1687 posts, RR: 52
Reply 1, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Saturday September 15th, 2007

Flight Information:

Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight No.: CX 738
Routing: Dubai – Hong Kong
Scheduled Departure Time: 12:10 AM
Actual Departure Time: 12:15 AM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 12:10 PM
Actual Arrival Time: 11:55 AM
Equipment: Airbus A330-300
Registration: B-LAC

Some statistics and my general opinion on B-LAC are as follows:

1) According to www.airfleets.net this aircraft was delivered to CX on 27/07/2005, making it just over two years old.

2) It is Cathay’s 99th Aircraft.

3) It is one 3-class configured A330-300, out of a total of seven.

4) While I could be wrong, all CX aircraft to and from DXB operated with the regional configuration. I believe the daily CX 731/738 rotation was changed to a premium configuration in order to compete with EK.

5) If I am not mistaken, SYD was downgraded from a 3-class A330 to a 2-class A330 with the new Business Class product. This substitution allowed for the deployment of that 3-class A330 to DXB.

6) Although the aircraft is relatively new, it was showing its age already.

7) Signs of wear and tear were slightly evident through bumps and scratches that I spotted on the First Class seats.

Note: The flight inbound from Hong Kong (CX 731) arrives DXB no later than 8:45 PM, leaving it with a turnaround time of 3 hours and 25 minutes. This is ample amount of time to clean the aircraft, however I do not believe the aircraft’s cleanliness was up to Cathay’s standards. This is the second time such a condition existed in an outstation; the last time being at JFK. In any case, the plane was still far from filthy anyways.

As I walked towards my seat, I passed by a beautiful Chinese female Cabin crew that said “Welcome on board sir” with a smile. At the same time, a male cabin crew saw me and immediately walked towards me and said “Good evening sir, may I help you with your things?”
“Sure” as I handed him my laptop bag and boarding pass I said “I am sitting in 12A”
“This is your seat Mr. Hawi” as he directed me to my seat while placing my laptop in the overhead compartment.

As I got situated in my seat, a Nepalese cabin crew was standing by with a tray of pre-takeoff drinks.

“Welcome on board sir, would you care for a drink? I have water, carrot juice, and orange juice”
“I’ll take the orange juice please”
“Most certainly”

Since it was Ramadan, they refrained from serving alcohol prior to take-off. I believe they would have served it to you had you asked for it though. In any case, alcohol was readily available and served in-flight later on.

Leg Space:

Cabin View:

My Orange Juice:

Shortly after, our Australian Captain made an announcement that we were getting ready for departure. He also advised us of our routing to Hong Kong, and that the flight will take approximately 7 hours and 38 minutes.

Moments later as the Nepalese Cabin Crew passed around and offered all joining passengers their pre-take off drinks, another one passed around to collect all the empty glasses. As my empty glass was collected, a third cabin crew came by to hand out the amenity kits.

By this time, the cabin crew had taken off their jackets, and began preparing the cabin for take-off. The same Chinese Crew that had welcomed me on board was now passing by with a trolley of newspapers:

Suddenly, a new cabin crew appeared with the hot towels:

I was really impressed with their service so far. As it was very systematic, and probably timed perfectly, it was far from robotic. Each and every single one of them smiled graciously and really attended to whatever you needed. Not to mention, I also really like their uniform. Very Asian-modern with a retro aviation touch, yet it maintained its professional appeal as well.

The fasten seatbelt sign had switched on and as usual, you could hear seatbelts clicking from every direction in the plane (love that sound by the way). By that time, the cabin crew were finishing off all the pre-take off services and readying the plane for takeoff. Amenity kits were passed out, and menus and wine lists moments after.

“Mr. Hawi? Is that how you pronounce it?”
“Yes it is”
“This is your menu for the entire flight. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions”
“Thank you very much”
“My pleasure, enjoy your flight”

I forgot her name, but she was the main cabin crew in charge of the Business Class Section. As were the rest of them, she was very helpful.


Welcome On Board Cathay Pacific

Your Business Class Menu today offers a choice of carefully selected and prepared seasonal dishes. We are delighted to be able to offer you a choice of authentic Chinese favourites or contemporary international cuisine, complemented by a variety of fine wines and beverages.

We hope you enjoy your flight and should there be anything you require, our cabin crew will be delighted to assist

All meals on this flight are prepared according to the Halal method



Lobster medallions with crab meat salad and mango salsa

Main Courses

Chicken breast filled with onion mousse in tarragon sauce

parsnip potato puree, asparagus, yellow baby squash, and red pepper

Nile perch with mild spicy bean sauce

steamed rice and stir-fried vegetables with black mushrooms

Hungarian goulash soup


Vanilla strawberry roulade

Tea and Coffee




Juice selection

Fresh seasonal fruit

Fruit yoghurt

Assorted cereals

Bread Basket

Assorted rolls and breakfast pastries served with preserves, honey, and butter

Tea and Coffee

We apologise if, due to previous passenger selection, your choice is not available



orange, apple, tomato

Soft Drinks

Coke Zero, Coke, Coke Light, Sprite, Perrier water, tonic water, soda water, and ginger ale


Freshly brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino and caffe latte, regular or decaffeinated


Hong Kong style milk tea

Ceylon, Japanese, Jasmine

organic selection: chamomile, earl grey and peppermint

Hot Chocolate

Wine List


Billecart-Salmon Brut Champagne


Paul Sapin Macon Luguny Cuvee Prestige 2005

Sacred Hill Marlborough Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2006


Vieux Chateau Landon Cru Bourgeois 2004

Kirrihill Companions Clare Valley Shiraz 2004


Dow’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 2000


Laroche Vina Punto Alto Cabernet Sauvignon 2005


Gin, Rum, Vodka, Martini Rosso, Martini Extra Dry, Campari, Sweet and Dry Sherry, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver


Chivas Regal 12 Years Old, Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Jack Daniel’s, Canadian Club


Hine ‘Rare and Delicate’ Fine Champagne


Drambuie, Cointreau, Bailey’s Irish Cream


International Selection


Oriental Breeze

A sour-plum tea and cranberry juice based non-alcoholic drink with honey and fresh lemon juice and a hint of rose water

Cloud Nine

A refreshing combination of Vodka, Cointeau and Sprite with a refreshing touch of lemon flavor

Cathay Pacific aims to offer a diverse selection of wines on board. Please accept our apologies if a certain wine is not available. Our crew will always be happy to recommend an alternative.

The safety demonstration started playing and by exactly 12:00 AM midnight we pushed back. I was quite impressed with the level of service we all received in a span of 15 minutes. We were on board at 11:45 PM and between then and push-back, the crew served us drinks (some people had seconds), hot towels, newspapers, amenity kits, menus, collected empty glasses and used towels, and prepared for takeoff. Definitely this happens on other airlines, but the efficiency on this flight was a first for me. The service was quick, but far from rushed, and as stated many times here, with smiles everywhere.

As we taxied to the runway, the mood-lighting was turned on. It was just a simple light in the middle-front of the cabin that frequently changed colors, and offered a calming feel to the cabin’s ambience.

Mood Lighting:

By 12:15 AM the engines roared away and B-LAC powered off on the runway. It was definitely louder than the A340; much louder. By 12:15 AM, we were up in the air.

As we reached cruising altitude the seatbelt sign went off and the cabin crew got up to prepare for the service. This was my first sighting of the In-flight Services Manager (ISM) who passed by to hand out Hong Kong landing cards. She was an older South Asian Lady, dressed in the usual Black and Yellowish/Golden CX ISM uniform.

“Mr. Hawi? Are you getting off in Hong Kong?”
“Yes I am”
“Ok, you will need a landing card then. Here you go”
“Thank You”

She did not see my boarding pass nor did she seem to carry any list of passenger names with her, yet she addressed me by name (and all the other passengers as well).

As the crew were preparing for the service, the Cabin Crew in charge of our section walked towards a passenger sitting right across from me and personally welcomed him back on Cathay Pacific. She proceeded to ask about the condition of his back and advised him of a few stretching exercises that he should perform on a daily basis. She said that it always helped her especially that she flies a lot. She wished him a pleasant flight and headed back to the galley. I am assuming he was a frequent flier and most probably a Marco Polo Club member.

Hot towels were offered prior to the service, which were quickly cleared in time before refreshments were served.

About 15 minutes after take-off the drinks service began. For all services on Cathay’s Business Class, they do not use the normal trolleys used on other airlines in C and Y. Instead they use trolleys like the ones used for serving desserts or newspapers. It looked classier I think.

Drinks Service (she is the one in charge of our section):

“Mr Hawi, what can I offer you to drink?” As she placed a small bowl of warm nuts by my seat.
“May I have a Cathay Delight please?”
“Sure, give me a few moments please, while I get it from the back”
“Sure no problem”
“Would you like to drink anything while you wait?”
“No that’s ok thanks”

For simplicity I believe, common beverages are available on the trolley and anything else you require will be fetched from the galley. She signaled for the Chinese Cabin crew to come and requested a Cathay Delight. A few minutes later the Nepalese Cabin crew came to me with a drink on her tray.

“Mr. Hawi, we do not have Cathay Delight tonight. We also checked in First Class however, may I offer you our new signature drink? It’s called Oriental Breeze. It is also quite nice”
“Sure, do you not offer Cathay Delight anymore on your flights?”
“We still do sometimes, but we are now introducing this new one”

By that time I had finished the nuts I was offered and as she placed my drink by my seat, she immediately offered a refill on the nuts. Seconds later she returned with that refill.

Oriental Breeze and bowl of nuts:

As is the normality in such late-night departures, this was to be somewhat of an express service in order to provide passengers with the convenience of catching up on some sleep during the flight. As such, this supper service was served quite quickly. As peanuts and drinks were refilled to whoever wanted, the cabin crew passed around to also place linens on our tray tables. It was timed and coordinated in such a way that when one crew placed the linen on a passenger’s table, another crew simultaneously appeared from the galley with the dinner tray for the passenger (and so on and so forth). Quite interesting as I haven’t paid attention to something like that before.

My dinner tray was placed on my table and moments later it was my go at the bread basket. I picked one roll and one piece of garlic bread. Beverages were also being served from the trolley.

“Mr. Hawi would you like anything to drink with supper? Perhaps some wine?”
“May I have some tomato juice please?”

My dinner tray:

Since I am not a huge fan of seafood, I didn’t care too much for the lobster and the crab starter. It wasn’t so bad though. The bread however, was fantastic, especially the garlic bread.

As passengers finished with their starters, the cabin crew progressively collected all their plates in preparation for the main course service. Shortly afterwards a trolley was rolled out with all the main courses set out on it.

This was somewhat different to me. When I flew business class before on other airlines, main course orders were taken before takeoff or before the meal service and individually brought to you by the crew. However on CX, the meals are all set out on the trolley and brought over to you to select after actually seeing what it is first.

“Mr. Hawi, today we have the chicken breast filled with onions, and it comes with potatoes and vegetables; we also have the fish which comes with steamed rice and vegetables, and the Hungarian goulash soup. What would you like?”
“I’ll take the chicken please”
“Sure” As she placed the chicken on my tray and said “Enjoy your meal Mr. Hawi”
“Thank you”
“May I get you more tomato juice?” as she offered me seconds from the bread basket
“Yes please”

Main Meal:

The chicken was outstanding. It was very juicy and extremely tender. In fact I enjoyed the entire meal, as was the case on my previous Cathay flights. Dessert however was just alright, a bit dry.

As I ate my dinner, I powered up Studio CX to see what was on offer. I was not in the mood to watch an entire movie, so I flipped through the series and comedy sections. In summary, Studio CX offers 50 movies, 100+ television shows, 160+ CD’s, 70+ video games, and 22 radio channels. If I compare it to EK’s ICE, Studio CX will stand no chance. However, setting aside ICE for more consideration to other airline offerings, Studio CX is actually quite decent. I finally decided on watching Will & Grace.

One thing I did not like about Cathay Pacific Business Class was the fact that the headsets are attached as part of the seat. As such, they are not placed in freshly sealed plastic bags. The only indication of sterilization of these headphones was by a mere sticker on the padding that stated ‘Sterilized’.


As we finished our dinner, the trays were collected and a final trolley was passed around offering coffee/tea/liqueur and the infamous CX Pralines. I took a praline and declined everything else as I wanted to get some sleep. My table was fully cleared and I turned my seat into its fully angled lie-flat position as I watched through Will & Grace. Hot towels were offered at the very end of the dinner service.

Unlike my negative assumptions previously, the angled lie-flat position was actually quite comfortable. While it did not feel like a bed per se, I was able to sleep on my side, which is essential for me to fall asleep.

After Will & Grace was over, I watched half an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and dozed off for most of the flight. It was in fact quite a comfortable sleep. I may have awoken once throughout, which is a vast improvement over my previous attempts at sleeping in Economy.

Mood lighting after dinner:

I woke up about 1 hour and 45 minutes before landing. At that time, the crew were already preparing for the breakfast service. After a quick stop at the lavatory, which was as spotless as a lavatory is during the beginning of a flight, the cabin lights were turned on.

The crew came out with trays of a selection of apple, orange, tomato juices, and water. I picked the orange juice. Simultaneously, my favorite Chinese cabin crew passed by with hot towels.

After the used towels and empty glasses were collected, the linen was placed on my tray table.

“Good morning Mr. Hawi did you sleep well?”
“Yes I certainly did thanks”
“Excellent, would you care for some breakfast?”
“Yes please”
A tray was then placed on my table.

Breakfast tray:

“Would you care for some bread or some muffins Mr. Hawi?”
“I’ll have the muffin please”
As she placed a muffin on my plate she asked “Would you like some coffee of tea?”
“I’ll have some coffee please”

The fruit was cold and refreshing just how I like it and the muffin was quite warm.

Coffee Mug:

Shortly after, the fruit plates were collected and a trolley was rolled out.

“Mr. Hawi would you care for some yoghurt? We have blueberry, strawberry and raspberry flavors, and we also have some Muesli and (some other cereals I forgot which kind)”
“I’ll have the raspberry yoghurt please”
“Would you like some more coffee with that?”
“Yes please”


After everyone was through with breakfast, the crew cleared our trays and linens and a final round of hot towels was served. Shortly after the captain made an announcement at 11:05 AM Hong Kong time that we were gradually starting out descent towards Chep Lap Kok.

The view outside:

Arrival Information:

By 11:30 AM HK time, the seatbelt sign was turned on and the crew continued with preparing the cabin for landing.

Landing Video:

A short taxi to gate 71, and flight CX 738 has come to an end at this point. Fasten seatbelt signs were switched off and everyone got up to get ready to leave.

Some pictures during our taxi to the gate:

Xiamen Airlines B738 (B-5309):

A couple of China Eastern A320’s, a UA B744, and a CX Airbus:

Gate 71:

UA B744:

I proceeded to exit the aircraft through door 1L and as I reached the exit, I met the ISM, I thanked her for a wonderful flight and she said “Thank you for flying Cathay Pacific, enjoy your time in Hong Kong”
Right before me, was the passenger who sat across from me who had the bad back and the ISM had wished him a good bye and she also said “Take care of your back sir!” He really did get quite the personal service I must say.

I proceeded to immigration which did not take long at all, and headed towards the baggage claim. By the time I reached there, my bags were already on the carousel. I picked up my suitcase and placed it on a trolley and headed past customs into the arrivals hall.

At the arrivals hall was what I believe to be a Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Information Booth. I asked the very helpful lady for directions to get to my hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. After so, I proceeded to the money exchange counter right across to purchase a prepaid Hong Kong SIM card for my mobile phone.

After my errands at the airport, I headed towards the Airport Express, which took me to the Kowloon Station, where I was to connect to a free shuttle bus (K5) which dropped me off at a hotel right across from mine. This has to be the most tourist-friendly mode of transport I ever came across. It was so easy to use and quite quick. Not to mention, both the train and the bus were spotless.

All in all, I had a great flying experience; my verdict will be at the end of this TR. Now it’s time to explore Hong Kong.


A Stop Away From One-Stop, Is Non-Stop : Airbus A340-500
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Reply 2, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

In choosing a city to spend my week-long vacation in, I wanted something far away from the UAE, in a city that is modern, fast-paced, cultural, and is in Asia. Hong Kong was the perfect candidate. There’s everything in Hong Kong; endless shopping, technology, fantastic food, culture, bars, clubs, and so many people. What makes Hong Kong really, REALLY attractive, is its personality. Something hard to explain, but I know you can only feel it there.

Hong Kong is also a place where you can sample some of the best food. You can never go hungry in this city, EVER. Known for its fantastic Asian food, its other worldwide variety is also excellent. From several different types of Chinese, to Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, Arab, British, American; you name it, Hong Kong has it. But I was in Hong Kong, so why try anything that wasn’t Chinese? Or at least Asian.

Chinese people love to eat (and so do I), and it shows at restaurants, as the environment is so loud. There is never a need to play any background music because the chatter is really so loud. Eating is not just for the sake of eating, but it truly is a social event. Furthermore, I usually do not eat pork because what I have tried never tasted good however I had the best pork in Hong Kong as well. My advice is to go with an open mind and most definitely an open appetite and you will enjoy the world’s best cuisines.

My first glimpse of the city, taken from the shuttle bus on the way to the hotel:



Both Kowloon and Hong Kong Island are extremely crowded with people and with buildings next to each other side-by-side, old and new. The crowds are everywhere, day and night. However, Hong Kong Island is where all the nice high-rise buildings are (IFC 1, 2, Bank of China, HSBC, SWIRE, Four Seasons etc). The best view of all HK Island’s buildings is right across from the Kowloon side (Tsim Sha Tsui) by the Harbour and on the Avenue of The Stars to be specific. Every night, at 8 PM there is a laser light show, called A Symphony of Lights, where HK Island’s high-rises light up in different colors. In addition, each building has its own laser light beam on top where collectively, they are all coordinated to the sound of music. As it was night time, and I do not own a tripod, taking a picture of it was unsuccessful.

However, in order to fill the gap, I found this picture (www.tourism.gov.hk):

My hotel (Mingle Place) was located in Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side. I had quite some difficulty in choosing a hotel, as there were so many different varieties to choose from. This was also the case in choosing the right location. I chose this hotel as it seemed centrally located in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is a major tourist attraction for shopping, food, and nightlife. It was meant to be a boutique-like hotel with only 28 rooms offering an ultra modern style to its rooms. In addition, the hotel was considered to be a ‘techotel’ equipped with technology that recognized your personal preferences in the room at the touch of your fingerprint (which also serves as your key to your room). However, while the rooms looked alright, the technology was there but was definitely not fully implemented. All in all, the price was reasonably affordable, the room was interesting, the bed was comfortable, and the sheets and towels were always clean. However, my verdict was that I could have done better with the price I paid.

My Hotel Room:

As far the location goes, I realized that no matter which area in Hong Kong you stay in, it will be a good location. There is always something nearby, as everything is everywhere. And if worst comes to worst, find the nearest MTR (Mass Transit Rail) Station and you get anywhere. It is also affordable.


Kowloon Park (located on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, right behind the Kowloon Mosque):

The Kowloon Mosque was a nice building, however it was quite difficult to take a picture of it, as it was undergoing renovation, and a lot of scaffolding (bamboo) was set up.

Part of a Kung Fu Show at the Kowloon Park, however it started raining moments after so the show was called off:

Mong Kok, an excellent shopping district in Kowloon and a highly recommended area to purchase electronics from:

The Ladies’ Market located in Mong Kok is famous for selling inexpensive clothes, accessories, and fake brands. It is usually very active in the evening after 7 PM and goes on till midnight. They sell a lot of Super Mario T-shirts, which is what I was looking for:

Street Food, located in every corner in Tsim Sha Tsui:

As much as I love Rolls Royce up in the air, I also love it on the ground. A wedding in style, with a Rolls Royce Ride:

Tsim Sha Tsui late-night afterhours:

Knutsford Terrace, a small strip located right by my hotel between Kimberly and Observatory Roads, is Tsim Sha Tsui’s mini version of Hong Kong Island’s Lan Kwai Fong. Several restaurants and bars are there that serve mostly western style food including Mexican, American, Indian, and Moroccan:

Of course, for our American viewers, 7-Elevens (and also Circle K) are all over the place:


Macau is practically the Las Vegas of the Far East. While it is still in its developing stages, it most definitely has great potential in the near future. Some of the renowned casino resorts such as The Venetian, and The Wynn are already operating there, and the MGM Grand is in its final stages of construction at the moment.

Macau, which is another SAR, is just 65 KM west of Hong Kong. Macau has a more historic feel to it than Hong Kong and has a very interesting mix of cultures. Predominantly you can see the mixes of Mediterranean/European/Portuguese all around you, especially in the architecture, with a new wave of Asian influence, all also prevailing in the food and the lifestyle. In Macau is where you will see Mediterranean/Latin looking people who speak a fluent Chinese dialect, or Asian looking people fluently speaking Portuguese.

In summary, Macau is a MUST to visit when you visit Hong Kong, not just for its casinos, but also for the city itself.

The best way to get to Macau from Hong Kong is by taking “TurboJet” (www.turbojet.com.hk), a high-speed ferry service that will take approximately an hour. It is not just this that makes it an attractive means to get to Macau, but the fact that the entire travel experience from Port to Port is almost identical to flying. The airport-like ports, the FIDS, the boarding process, the cabin crew, the cabin, the safety demo, the overhead bins, etc. Not to mention, one type of their ships, the Jetfoil, was manufactured by Boeing.

The TurboJet Experience:

Inside the ship, looks just like an older generation tri-jet (DC-10/TriStar):

The Sands Casino:


The Venetian, only two+ months old:

Downtown Macau:

A must see in Macau is the Ruins of the Church of St Paul. Built in the 17th century on one of Macau’s hills, the church was designed by an Italian Jesuit and constructed by early Japanese Christian exiles and Chinese craftsmen in the 16th century. In 1835 a fire erupted in the kitchen of the barracks which destroyed everything but the front of the church and the steps leading into it. It truly stands out as an icon from far away:

A-Ma Temple. My first sighting of a temple but unfortunately when I got there, they were getting ready to close for the evening:

The Macau Tower:

Back in Hong Kong, a picture of Victoria Harbour:

Nobody goes to Hong Kong without visiting the Victoria Peak. A 10 minute ride on the peak tram from the Central area will take you uphill past the mid-levels to the Peak Tower for the best view of Hong Kong’s skyline. The Peak Tower itself offers some good shopping and dining options as well. What’s even better, is to go there at night for a stunning night view:

Daytime at the Peak:

Nighttime at the Peak:


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SWIRE building:

Bank of China Building:

Perhaps the most scenic mode of transport between Kowloon side and Hong Kong Island is the Star Ferry. Very affordable with high frequency, the ferry ride across the harbor is only about five minutes:

Daily morning exercise at the Avenue of The Stars:

Preparations for the Mid-Autumn Festival:

Western Market:


Dried Seafood Street:

The Mid-Levels Escalators:

Former Central Police Station:

Former Central Magistracy:

Shau Kei Wan. Formerly a fishing village, it has now developed into a densely populated residential area. While it does not offer much for the tourist, it does offer several temples to see. I have visited them all, however many did not allow pictures to be taken inside. Pictures of Shau Kei Wan:

10,000 Buddhas Monastery

Out of everything I did and saw in Hong Kong and Macau, the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery was my absolute favorite. This specific temple is a definite must. It is located about 500 meters northwest of Sha Tin, which is really a short ride from Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon-Canton Railway, on top of Po Fook Hill. It was built in the 1950’s and it actually contains more than 10,000 Buddhas. About 12,800 miniature Buddha statues line the entire walls of the main temple. There are however several temples located throughout the complex. You have to climb a series of steep steps (hundreds upon hundreds) to get to the main temple which is located halfway in the complex. Another few hundred steps above the main temple, almost at the top of the hill, you can also find another several temples as well. Alongside the steep stairway are hundreds of golden life-sized Buddha statues.

The pictures:

Notice the monkey

Nine-Storey Pagoda:

Inside the Pagoda:


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Temple Street Night Market, the liveliest night market in Hong Kong is the place to go for cheap clothing, street food, watches, pirated CD’s fake labels, footwear, everyday items, and even sex toys! There even is side street dedicated only to fortune telling. It is a great place to buy souvenirs from.

Fortune Telling:

A visit to Hong Kong is never complete without a stay at the Peninsula Hotel. The decision to stay there was made on impulse. It was my last night, and I wanted something I would never forget. Hence, the Peninsula:

My Room:

As evident from my all these pictures, I had a great time in Hong Kong. I would definitely go back again. By now it was time to head back to the UAE, and I was dreading the thought of going back to the normal routines of work. At least by now, I had the flight back home to look forward to.


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Friday September 21st 2007

I had checked-in to the Peninsula quite early in the morning in order to make the best out of my stay. By 10 AM I was fully settled into my room so it was the perfect time to make a quick (and expensive might I add) trip to the business center in order to check-in for my flight.

I logged in to the system and found only two seats open in Business Class. Either my flight was full, or many seats were still blocked off. I chose the last seat in the cabin, 17K. On my previous flight, my seat was located in the mini sub-cabin in Business, right after First Class. While that section offered more seclusion, I preferred to be in the main Business cabin and 17K was perfect for that.

Later on during the day, I packed my things, and lounged around in my room for most of the day. I was completely exhausted by then from all the endless walking I did the past week. Later on at night, I met up with a friend of mine for dinner.

Saturday September 22nd, 2007

I checked out of the hotel at 12:30 PM and headed outside to catch my ride to the airport.

The infamous Peninsula Rolls-Royce transfer to Chep Lap Kok, in style:

Leg space on board this beauty:

As I was arriving at the airport I found B-HNC parked at the gate:

At 1:15 PM I was dropped off at the airport, by departure area 1:

Chep Lap Kok has to be the best airport in the world. In fact it is the beauty of this airport that made me want to spend my vacation in Hong Kong, after transiting through here last year. Don’t ask me why, but it just did. The airport is massive with fantastic architecture, brightly lit with windows and views everywhere, and it is immaculately clean. Most importantly, the views on the tarmac are out of this world and you can take pictures of anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere without anyone telling you against it.

By 1:20 PM I had arrived at the Business Class check-in area. There is a designated couple of rows for First and Business Class passengers traveling anywhere across Cathay’s network. At the time I was there, there wasn’t much of a crowd checking in.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Check-In:

I approached a smiling check-in agent and handed her my online check-in boarding pass and passport. As she was processing me through, I asked about the load on the flight and placed my luggage on the belt. She replied by saying that the flight was practically 100% full. By 1:25 PM she handed me my boarding pass, lounge invitation, and the rest of my documents, smiled, and wished me a pleasant flight. While there was nothing much out of the ordinary here, the service was still efficient. By then, I thought I would stick around the check-in area for a while and snoop around. There were some USA bound flights checking in and the rest were all regional flights; in fact my flight seemed to be the odd one out.

My boarding pass:

Lounge Invitation:

Right next to the Business Class check-in, was the dedicated First Class area, which had a futuristic feel to it. Cathay Agents stood by to welcome First Class passengers and assist them with check-in:

On display as you enter the airport:

Main departures hall:

Shopping area before immigration:

By 1:45 PM I headed for immigration and security. Immigration was your normal routine and wasn’t very crowded. My security experience on the other hand was a definite eye opener. I was completely stunned at the level of service I received from the security staff. They smiled at you, helped you with your things, helped you collect your things (one lady offered to hold on to my laptop while I wore my shoes and got situated so it wouldn’t fall out) etc.

Now it was time for some celebrity sightings:


Vietnam Airlines A320 (I really like their c/s):

My ultimate highlight and my first live sighting of the 77L, AC arriving from YYZ:

Dragonair A333:

CX 777:

Another highlight, I came across one of the best airlines in the world (9M-MRB ready for boarding to KUL):

Aziz, this would have been your ride back!

Random pictures of the terminal area:

More celebrities:

From JNB, SA ZS-SNG getting towed to the remote stand where it will rest until its night departure back:

Similarly, this BA G-BYGB from LHR will be towed to the remote stand until its night departure back:


Silver Bullet (B-HKJ):

China Airlines B-18806:

ANA JA-403 to Tokyo is now ready for boarding:


B-HUJ to New York via Vancouver, boarding now:

JAL old c/s:

B-HOV, soon to SFO:

I was so happy to see B-HNL again, as this was the aircraft that took me to DXB last year:

After all the endless spotting it was now time to head to The Pier for a visit. I was really looking forward to it since I always hear rave reviews about Cathay Pacific’s premium lounges (mainly The Wing actually).


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By 3 PM I had arrived at The Pier. There are separate entrances and sections to the lounge for First and Business Class passengers. It was interesting to note that the entrance to the lounge was very subtle and not the least bit flashy.

First Class entrance to The Pier:

Business Class entrance:

I proceeded down the escalator to the lower level where I arrived at the reception area. I approached the Cathay agent and handed her my lounge invitation. She smiled and said “Mr. Hawi, right this way” and directed me inside. My first impression of the lounge was how spacey and quiet it was. It was crowded with so many people, but it was far from cramped. The lounge was also very VERY clean, which I have come to realize, is not the norm at Business Class lounges (i.e. EK at DXB). There is ample seating area all throughout the lounge and some with the best views of the apron. There are also a couple of self-service snack/beverage areas where you can help yourself to the usual snacks, sandwiches, and drinks, and also some Vietnamese Spring Rolls, and Pork Buns were on offer that day. The most innovative parts of the lounge are The Long Bar, which is as the name implies, a long bar, and The Noodle Bar, where you can order from a selection of noodle dishes on offer. For the longest, EK’s lounge at JFK (only) was my favorite, but it comes no where near The Pier. I am only more curious to see what The Wing is like.

I found an empty seating area that overlooked the apron, and took a seat. I realized that by that time I was completely famished. I headed to grab some snacks and order some Noodles.

The Pier:

Seating area:

The Long Bar:

The Noodle Bar:

Pork Bun, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, and a cream filled coconut bun:

The spring rolls were delicious, full of flavor and very crispy, I definitely had seconds. On my second round I grabbed some couscous salad and placed an order of shrimp and pork wonton Noodles. I was given this gadget (don’t know what it’s called) that lights up and vibrates when your order is ready; something commonly used at many restaurants.

Couscous & veggie salad:

My Shrimp & Pork wonton noodles:

After slurping my noodles, I had a little time to chill out and relax in the lounge. Sadly, it wasn’t enough time to use the shower facilities though.

More celebrity sightings from the lounge:


ZS-SNG resting:

At around 3:40 PM I decided to head to the gate. One final picture on the way to the gate; Eva Air, A couple of CI’s, a CX, and the brilliant looking Oasis Hong Kong sneaking in the back:

I walked into a smoking lounge for a quick smoke, and then proceeded to Gate 71. Surprisingly this was the same gate I arrived in one week ago. There was a long line already queuing by the gate, and the flight seemed 100% full.

Gate area:

Gate information:

By 3:55 PM a formal boarding announcement was made, where premium passengers may board at any time and Economy passengers according to row numbers.

Today’s aircraft to DXB is B-HLS:

Once on board, I was greeted by the In-flight Services Manager, a British/HK Chinese gentleman called Ronald, and of course a beautiful Chinese F class cabin crew dressed in red.

“Welcome on board sir, seat 17 K is straight ahead past the galley and to the right”
“Thank You”
“Enjoy your flight”


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Flight Information:

Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight No.: CX 731
Routing: Hong Kong - Dubai
Scheduled Departure Time: 4:25 PM
Actual Departure Time: 4:55 PM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 8:45 PM
Actual Arrival Time: 8:25 PM
Equipment: Airbus A330-300
Registration: B-HLS

Some statistics and my first impressions of B-HLS:

1) According to www.airfleets.net this aircraft was delivered to Cathay Pacific on 5th October 2001, making it exactly 6 years old today (the day I typed this).

2) Just like my previous flight, this aircraft is one 3-class A330-300 out of a total of seven.

3) While this aircraft is significantly older than B-LAC, the interior seemed to be in better condition. It could be due to the fact that the plane was fresh and clean.

As I proceeded to walk towards my seat, I was greeted by all cabin crew with the usual "Welcome on board sir." I got to my seat, placed my things in the overhead compartment and took a seat. As always a freshly sealed blanket was placed on my seat.

A friend of mine had requested me to bring him some Moon Cake from Hong Kong. As it was in a delicate box, I was reluctant on leaving it in the overhead compartment. I pressed the call attendant button (my favorite 'feature' on CX) and within a few seconds a cabin crew was finding her way through the boarding passengers to get to me.

"May I help you sir?"

"Yes I have some Moon Cake in this box and I don’t want to store it in the overhead, may I have this stored in a better place?"

"I could have this stored in the galley for you, and I will leave a request with the cabin crew to bring it to you before we land in Dubai"

"Yes that would be great thanks"


Soon enough, a very warm and smiley cabin crew approached me with a tray of pre-takeoff drinks.

"Good afternoon Mr. Hawi, how are you doing today?"

"I'm fine thanks and you?"

"Very well thank you, would you care for something to drink? I have orange juice, champagne, and our signature drink, Oriental Breeze"

"I'll take the Oriental Breeze please"

My oriental breeze:

The passenger to be seated next to me had arrived with a Burger King bag. He got settled in his seat and started eating his meal. As the crew came to offer him a drink, he requested a coke. With no hesitation, she said yes and proceeded to fetch it to him from the galley. When she came back with his coke, I was done with my drink and she offered me a second drink.

This was soon followed by the hot towel service:

Amenity kits were handed out followed by the newspaper trolley. At the same time, glasses were being collected in preparation for takeoff.

Our British captain had made an announcement saying that we are ready to depart however we are to wait for some connecting passengers who have just arrived on a delayed connecting flight. He also advised us of our route to Dubai and that the flight time today would be approximately 7 hours and 30 minutes. He finally prompted the cabin crew to prepare for takeoff.

The safety demonstration started playing on the screens when a male cabin crew appeared from back.

"Good afternoon Mr. Hawi, I believe you have made a duty free pre-flight order on our website is that correct?"

"Yes I did"

"It was for two items right?"

"Yes, a model airplane and a keychain"

"Would you like to make the purchase now or shall I come back to you later during the flight?"

"Actually can you come back later please?"


The view outside before pushback:

By 4:35 PM we pushed back and the engines progressively powered into life. As we began our long taxi to the runway, the cabin crew was making final preps for takeoff.

During Pushback:

N121UA Pulling in:

During our taxi to the runway:

FedEx MD-11:

I believe this to be an Ocean Airlines 747-200 (I think):

ACT Cargo Airlines A300-B4 F (TC-ACU):

As we arrived at the runway, B-HLS powered up across it and by 4:55 PM we were airborne. We were heavy today for sure.

As we reached cruising altitude and the seatbelt sign was switched off, the cabin crew got up in order to prepare for the service. While all that was happening, I set my seat into a more comfortable semi-recline position.

Leg Space:

I was flipping through the duty free magazine when the wonderful cabin crew that was in charge of our cabin approached me.

"Excuse me Mr. Hawi may I interrupt you to offer you today's menu for the entire flight?"


"I would like to also introduce myself, my name in Pin from Thailand and I will be in charge of this cabin today. If you need anything, please let me know"

"Thank you very much"

She was my favorite cabin crew today.

Most of the 'fluff' in the menu and the wine list is the same as on my previous flight so I will only include what is different.


A Taste of Home

As Hong Kong's home airline, Cathay Pacific believes in delivering the best, with non-stop improvements and a commitment to bringing you the taste of home – the well loved flavours of Hong Kong and China. We launched the Chinese Food Review Project last year, which has been overseen by Hong Kong's very own gourmet, Annie Leong, who is renowned for her passion for cooking, and cooking to perfection. Look out for our enhanced Chinese menu selection that will make you feel at home at 30,000 feet.



Seasonal salad

With raspberry vinaigrette

Opium Balik smoked salmon with crème fraiche

Main Courses

Pan-fried halibut fillet with olive, zucchini, red pepper sauce

boiled new potato wedges with parsley

Pan-fried fillet of chicken with onion sauce

steamed rice and Chinese mixed vegetables

Braised beef sukini with bean curd, shiitake mushroom and shirataki

steamed Japanese rice and mixed vegetables

Cheese and Dessert

Cheese selection

Fresh seasonal fruit

Chocolate mascarpone cream cake

with raspberry coulis

Tea and Coffee



Noodle Soup and Sandwiches

Braised beef brisket and tendon with Chu hou sauce in noodle soup

served with chilli sauce

Tandouri chicken skewer

Tea and Coffee


Wine List

As Pin continued to distribute the menu to the rest of the passengers, another cabin crew came by with the drinks cart:

"Mr. Hawi, would you like anything to drink?"

"Yes may I have a Cloud Nine please?"

"Certainly, it will take a few moments while I get it from the galley, would you like anything else while you wait?"

"I'll have apple juice please"

She placed my apple juice and a bowl of nuts by my seat and went to the back to fetch my drink, which arrived 5 minutes later.

Apple Juice:

Cloud Nine:

I really enjoyed the Cloud Nine. It was very refreshing, and the blend really went well with the alcohol.

The cabin crew collected any empty glasses as they were made available, and offered seconds to anyone who wished for, until everything was cleared in preparation for the meal service.

I found the efficiency and the service level to be identical to that on my previous flight; same 'system', speed, and attentiveness, and of course, smiles everywhere, especially Pin.

After all empty glasses were cleared, Pin appeared in the cabin to place linens on our tray tables, which was followed by the meal trays, bread basket, and a second round of the drinks trolley.

My meal tray:

Being the bread lover that I am, the garlic bread was fantastic. However, I left the salmon untouched as I am not too fond of it.

"Mr. Hawi, may I offer you some wine?"

"Actually may I have some Diet Coke please?"


The main course service followed after some time when everyone was done with the appetizer. As on the previous flight, all the main courses were placed on the trolley.

Pin offering the main courses:

"Mr. Hawi, what would u like today? I have the fish with vegetables and potatoes and the chicken with rice and vegetables?"

"May I have the beef please?"

"I am sorry sir, the beef is very popular today as we ran out of it, may I suggest the chicken perhaps?"

"Sure that'll be fine"

In fact the chicken was really good and so were the vegetables and the rice. I really like Cathay's catering, especially out of Hong Kong.

Main Course:

As our meal trays were collected, the cheese and fruit trolley was rolled out.

"Mr. Hawi, would you care for some Cheese or some fruit? Or maybe a little bit of everything?"

"I'll have some cheese please"


This was then followed by Dessert and tea and coffee. I accepted the dessert, which was alright, and declined the coffee/tea so that I can get some sleep.


The Pralines were passed around to conclude the service.

The view outside:

The cabin lights were then dimmed, and I turned my seat into its angled lie-flat position and fell asleep. I was completely exhausted by then.

When I woke up a few hours later, I was wondering what happened to my duty free order. So I got up and went to the back galley in the Economy Class cabin and found two female cabin crew. I enquired about my pre-flight order.

"Oh yes Mr. Hawi, he actually passed by your seat earlier but you were sleeping. He is resting at the moment and had advised us to tell you that he will come to you at the end of the fight. My colleague will escort you back to your seat to see where you are sitting"

"Thank you"

As I was walking back to my seat the other cabin crew asked me:

"How is your flight with us today Mr. Hawi?"

"It was great, thanks to you and your colleagues"

She chuckled and said "You are most welcome sir; please let us know if you need anything"

I got back to my seat and thought I would watch a movie since I had some time to kill. I was in the mood for a simple movie, where I did have to concentrate too much. I selected "Blind Date" which I found to be the corniest movie ever. The storyline seemed ok however the lines and the acting were ever so cheesy.

Sometime throughout the movie, my pre-flight duty free order arrived. I made the purchase and received the items (pictures at the end of the TR).

In no time, there was only an hour and a half left for the flight and the cabin lights were turned on for the refreshment service. Shortly after, hot towels were passed around.

A cabin crew appeared with a tray of a selection of apple juice, orange juice, and water. I chose the orange juice.

The trolley was then rolled out. One cabin crew placed linens on the tables as Pin took the orders.

"Mr. Hawi" she said with the cutest smile, "would you like to have the beef brisket with noodle soup or the chicken skewer?"

"I'll take the beef brisket please"

As she placed the soup on my table, she asked "What would you like to drink?"

"I'll have some Diet Coke please"

My soup:

The noodle soup was great, however the beef was a little to fatty for me, so I ate what I could out of the beef, and finished the rest of the soup"

About 45 minutes before landing, the captain made an announcement saying that we were about to make our descent towards Dubai International Airport, and thanked us for flying Cathay Pacific.

By that time, our meals were collected and we were offered some coffee or tea. I declined.

By 7:55 PM Dubai time, we started our descent. To conclude the service, hot towels were passed around.

Five minutes later the seatbelt sign was switched on and preparations were being made for landing. The used towels were quickly collected and the crew handed back jackets to the passengers. One of the crew then came to me with my Moon Cake.

"Mr. Hawi, this is for you right?"

"Yes it is thanks"

By 8:23 PM we touched down at Dubai International Airport.

After a rather long taxi, we arrived at the same remote stand we were on for the previous flight. As the engines powered off, the fasten seatbelt sign switched off and everyone got up to gather their things.

As we waited for the buses to arrive and the doors to open, I had a quick chat with one of the cabin crew and asked about the length of their stay in Dubai. She said that they will spend two nights however they were to do the Bahrain shuttle the following day, return back to Dubai, and the next day back to Hong Kong. If I am not mistaken, the Bahrain flight departs at around 5 AM the following day, so they only have about 6 hours to be back at the airport.

The doors finally opened, and I gathered my things and walked towards door 1L. I walked past the ISM and thanked him for a wonderful flight, walked down the steps and into the bus.

After short ride to the terminal building, we got off and headed towards immigration. Immigration at Dubai is always slow and tonight was no different. After I was finally through with immigration, I proceeded to the baggage claim and found my suitcases already on the belt. I picked them up and headed out to the Budget Rent-a-Car counter in the arrivals hall for my complimentary limo transfer to Abu Dhabi.

This concludes my trip report.

…And thank you for reading my report. I hope you enjoyed it.

Although I constantly hear a lot of contradicting comments about Cathay Pacific, my overall experience with them, while not too extensive at this stage (4 flights overall), has been the most consistent out of all my travels in the past. This also includes the negative aspects like the sub-par cleanliness standard at the outstations. The crew was there for you, and always made you feel at home, let alone, knew who you were. The food was of excellent quality, the lavatories were never dirty, the IFE was great, and the seats were comfortable. I also found the service to be highly efficient; it was quick yet smooth when required, and slow and more personal when time permitted. At all cases, the crew never stopped smiling. That is what mostly counts for me.

Cathay Pacific are definitely my number 1 airline, and this recent trip with them definitely confirmed that. I will fly them again for sure.

Some final pictures:


More goodies and the jacket and ID strap that I bought from their ticketing office in HK:

My Duty Free pre-flight order:

A gift from my friend in HK; for my Canada 3000 minibar:


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Quoting Ronerone (Thread starter):
She then smiled and asked “Do you plan to hijack the plane?” with a chuckle

Somewhere a TSA agent's head just exploded

E pur si muove -Galileo
User currently offlineCaliforniaMate From United States of America, joined Mar 2005, 99 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 4 days 2 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Awesome report. I read every word.

User currently offlineLX64A332 From Switzerland, joined Aug 2007, 298 posts, RR: 0
Reply 10, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 4 days 2 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Very good TR! I love Hong Kong! The last time I went there was 3 weeks before they closed down Kai Tak...ohhh those were the days!

The sign designating the respective airline's check in counters in DXB is funny, as they still have "Swiss Air" but as we all know it's LX now!



SWISS remains Swiss. With Lufthansa. :D
User currently offline9V-SPJ From United States of America, joined Dec 2000, 758 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 32767 times:

Nice report! The pictures of HK brought back memories when I used to live there!


User currently offlineCXtra From Hong Kong, joined Jan 2006, 263 posts, RR: 0
Reply 12, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 32767 times:

Quoting Ronerone (Thread starter):
If I am not mistaken, SYD was downgraded from a 3-class A330 to a 2-class A330 with the new Business Class product. This substitution allowed for the deployment of that 3-class A330 to DXB.

Two of the three SYD flights (139/138; 101/100) are operated by the very recently-delivered two class 330s that are configured with the new long haul product. The other remains operated by the 333.

CX decided to drop F for the most part on SYD; they've probably seen that there's more demand for it in the form of wealthy Middle-Eastern passengers on the DXB route.

Quoting Ronerone (Reply 5):
While that section offered more seclusion, I preferred to be in the main Business cabin and 17K was perfect for that

Really.. that's quite surprising. It seems quieter and more exclusive up the front - 12K is my favourite.

Anyway, apart from the above, I think I agreed with everything you said.. it's easy to see how CX becomes one's favourite airline easily..

You have a great ability to capture the small details that others would forget and this exposes (well, expose might be the wrong word) how they have a perfect formula for service. Written down, it looks as if it could be robotic, but I think the exchanges you have outside the standard procedure (ie greeting, meals etc..) and their facial expressions stop this from happening.

Thanks and Cheers  Smile

Cathay Pacific, Now you're really flying
User currently offlineSOBHI51 From United States of America, joined Jun 2003, 4392 posts, RR: 24
Reply 13, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 4 days ago) and read 32767 times:

Outstanding report,great pictures  bigthumbsup 
One question please,do you need a visa to go to Macau?

I am against any terrorist acts committed under the name of Islam
User currently offlineAirlineBrat From United States of America, joined Jan 2005, 678 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 23 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Wow, this has to be one of the best trip reports that I have read on this website. It was a great read and the photographs were outstanding!! I visited Hong Kong about a year and a half ago and thoroughly loved the city. Looking at your photographs makes me want to return to HK as soon as possible. I recognize many of the places you visited. I visited the Temple Street Night Market my last night in Asia and spent some of my last HK Dollars at the market purchasing last minute gifts for friends and family back home. It is amazing how many people live on what little flat land there is. Hence all the skyscrapers as far as the eye can see.........

I'm leavin on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again....
User currently offlineSalvation From United States of America, joined Jun 2001, 177 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 22 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Thank you for sharing yet another outstanding report.

Keep them coming!

User currently offlineN178UA From United Arab Emirates, joined Jan 2001, 1760 posts, RR: 63
Reply 16, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 22 hours ago) and read 32767 times:
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This is one of the BEST trip report I have ever read on this forum. I spent about 40 mins slowly going thru your fine writiing (like a vivid story telling) and enjoyed your fine photographes.

Thanks for setting such high standard of TR, a truely outstanding report and thanks for your time to compile this.

Just out of interest, what room is that in Penisula and rate ?


[Edited 2007-10-05 22:30:49]

User currently offlineAtrude777 From United States of America, joined Aug 2003, 5717 posts, RR: 51
Reply 17, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 21 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Excellent report as well!!

I am truly itching to take a intl trip to Asia at some point!


Good things come to those who wait, better things come to those who go AFTER it!
User currently offlinePalmjet From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2001, 1241 posts, RR: 14
Reply 18, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 18 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Thanks for a fantastic and detailed trip report on your recent flight. I was in Hong Kong at the same time you were there - having arrived from London on 12 Sept. I also love it. It's a great city for a visit, although it was extremely humid and warm when I was there. The locals said it had actually cooled down! I stayed at the Salisbury YMCA next door to the Peninsula. Thanks again

Eastern - Number One To The Sun
User currently offlineThaiA345 From Indonesia, joined Oct 2006, 888 posts, RR: 15
Reply 19, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 17 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Only one world regarding your TR.... WOW !!! Excellent job...I really love HKG a lot and as a matter of fact, I will be there next week  Smile eheheh..But seeing all your pics, its as though I am also there at the same time with you ...bravo!

Quoting Ronerone (Thread starter):
It is these “non-generic” things that I had once believed are no longer evident when flying today’s mainland carriers. Such little gestures are those that could mean nothing in reality, but actually make a significant difference in your on-board experience

As I always said, although I am one of the privileged few that always travel in premium cabins, still sometimes its the little touches that are lacking, even on some airlines busines cabin, they really take service for granted

Quoting Ronerone (Thread starter):
Mr. 9MMAR could not make it. Next time Aziz … Right?

Ahh MR Azizul is bz planning for his trip to the GoldCoast with Air Asia X

Quoting Ronerone (Thread starter):
I took a few moments to smoke a cigarette outside and get a feel of the environment at DXB

Maybe you might agree with me, nowadays many airports really forget smokers like us, and sometimes it always seem impossible to find a smoking area airside !!

User currently offlineRogerbcn From Andorra, joined Sep 2006, 1211 posts, RR: 19
Reply 20, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 16 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Hola Ronerone!

Thanks for your trip report, it is awesome.

Seeing the kind of attention you get on Asian carriers one asks oneself what's going on in the West when you see such poor performances at many European carriers. I am not so familiar with American companies, but from what I have read on this forum it seems it is not much different.



"At reise er at leve" H.C. Andersen (Travelling is Living)
User currently offlineRonerone From Jordan, joined Aug 2004, 1687 posts, RR: 52
Reply 21, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 15 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Quoting MaverickM11 (Reply 8):
Somewhere a TSA agent's head just exploded

Hi MaverickM11,

My thought exactly.

Isn't it improper, or even 'unethical' so joke about hijacking at an airport? We all know that  Smile

Quoting CaliforniaMate (Reply 9):
Awesome report. I read every word.

Hi CaliforniaMate,

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

Quoting LX64A332 (Reply 10):
The sign designating the respective airline's check in counters in DXB is funny, as they still have "Swiss Air" but as we all know it's LX now!

Hi LX64A332,

Thanks for reading my TR.

It's not so much that they 'still' have Swissair, but i think it's more that they still think LX is SR  Smile .. Not only that, they also have China Airlines listed there, when in fact, it's actually Air China  Smile

Quoting 9V-SPJ (Reply 11):
Nice report!

Hi 9V-SPJ,

Thank you, i am glad you enjoyed it.

Quoting CXtra (Reply 12):
they've probably seen that there's more demand for it in the form of wealthy Middle-Eastern passengers on the DXB route.

Hi CXtra,

Well such a simple aircraft change to the premium configuration instalty gave CX an edge over EK. EK's high-density/medium haul configurations on the HK route are highly inferior to what CX now offers.

Quoting CXtra (Reply 12):
Really.. that's quite surprising. It seems quieter and more exclusive up the front - 12K is my favourite.

Yes it is quieter actually. I just wanted to be where all the hustle and bustle is  Smile

Quoting CXtra (Reply 12):
You have a great ability to capture the small details that others would forget and this exposes (well, expose might be the wrong word) how they have a perfect formula for service.

Seeing that you're a CX fan, i am glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your comments.

You are right. Cathay does have it's own formula and it definitely works. Their main focus is on service and they excel at it in every way.

Quoting SOBHI51 (Reply 13):
One question please,do you need a visa to go to Macau?

Hi SOBHI51, thanks for reading.

I checked in my travel guide for an accurate answer and it states that most travellers including citizens from the EU, Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, and South Africa can enter Macau without a visa.

Travellers who do require visas can get them valid for 30 days upon arrival in Macau.

Quoting AirlineBrat (Reply 14):
Wow, this has to be one of the best trip reports that I have read on this website. It was a great read and the photographs were outstanding!!

Hi AirlineBrat,

Thank you very much for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Quoting Salvation (Reply 15):
Thank you for sharing yet another outstanding report.

Hi Salvation,

Thank you for reading it. Glad you liked it.

Quoting N178UA (Reply 16):
Just out of interest, what room is that in Penisula and rate ?

Hi N178UA,

It is a Deluxe Room. The cheapest available, but not cheap.

It was a promotional rate which was approximately $400, inclusive of breakfast and the Rolls Royce transfer.

Quoting Atrude777 (Reply 17):
I am truly itching to take a intl trip to Asia at some point!

Hi Atrude777,

You must. Asia is a world of wonders.

Quoting Palmjet (Reply 18):
I was in Hong Kong at the same time you were there - having arrived from London on 12 Sept. I also love it. It's a great city for a visit, although it was extremely humid and warm when I was there.

Hi Palmjet,

Did you fly in on CX from London? if so, were you on the A346?  Smile Smile Smile

There is no place like Hong Kong. I absolutely loved everything about it. Well apart from the humidity. It was bad most of the time, however during my last few days it siginificantly cooled down a bit.

Quoting ThaiA345 (Reply 19):
Only one world regarding your TR.... WOW !!! Excellent job

Hi ThaiA345,

Coming from an excellent trip reporter like yourself, i am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!

Quoting ThaiA345 (Reply 19):
I will be there next week

Which airline will you be flying?

Take me with you haha

Quoting ThaiA345 (Reply 19):
still sometimes its the little touches that are lacking

You are right. They are usually overlooked.

CX has these little touches in Y as much as they do in C aswell.

Quoting ThaiA345 (Reply 19):
Ahh MR Azizul is bz planning for his trip to the GoldCoast with Air Asia X

Yes he is. He is very excited about it!  Smile

Quoting ThaiA345 (Reply 19):
nowadays many airports really forget smokers like us, and sometimes it always seem impossible to find a smoking area airside !!

You are absolutely right. Nowadays, one has to plan accordingly for smoking (if possible) while travelling.

Quoting Rogerbcn (Reply 20):
Seeing the kind of attention you get on Asian carriers

Hi Rogerbcn,

Thanks for yor comments.

Asian carriers take flying to a whole new level; a level that never existed even in the golden days of flying in the past.


A Stop Away From One-Stop, Is Non-Stop : Airbus A340-500
User currently offlineMSP7378 From United States of America, joined Aug 2007, 49 posts, RR: 0
Reply 22, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 15 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Fantastic report! I really enjoyed it!

User currently offlineSOBHI51 From United States of America, joined Jun 2003, 4392 posts, RR: 24
Reply 23, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 15 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Quoting Ronerone (Thread starter):
I checked in my travel guide for an accurate answer

Thank you (alf shoukr) for your help.If ever u r in Riyadh give me a call will show u how nice night life is here   

[Edited 2007-10-06 05:28:17]

I am against any terrorist acts committed under the name of Islam
User currently offlineMaxisno1 From New Zealand, joined Jul 2007, 213 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (8 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 14 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Enjoyed this trip report a lot. Perhaps I might try flying Cathay after this report.


25 B7474 : That is a great trip report right there, I loved the pictures and the writing. I may try Cathay Pacific after reading your report.
26 Bok269 : Outstanding report, great pictures!
27 EXAAUADL : Great work, I can see you put quite a bit of effort here. More like a magazine article than a TR.....keep it up..thanks
28 Post contains images BA319-131 : Excellent report! A great read, super photo's, many thanks for putting in so much detail and effort. I'm off to Hong Kong in a few weeks, though havin
29 SQ772 : An excellent TR as concurred by everyone else here. I love your attention to detail and your interaction with the crew which reminds me somewhat of ho
30 Post contains images SQ772 : Oh, and I totally agree that us smokers are a discriminated lot nowadays. It's so difficult to find a decent smoking area in airports nowadays. Over a
31 BoeingBoy : Where are the Pictures ?
32 SOBHI51 : All the pictures are there for everybody to enjoy.You better check your computer setting.
33 Post contains images Ronerone : The pictures should be back up by now Cheers, Roni
34 Karan69 : Hi Roni mate, Great report as usual mate, Glad to see you had a blast on CX 333, and thanks for giving us a visitors perspective of HKG city. Awesome
35 Airlinefreak1 : shoukran Roni for this amazing trip report. really enjoyed reading it . very detailed and informative as usual i have also read your EY trip report to
36 Post contains images Ronerone : Hi MSP7378, Thanks for reading! Hi SOBHI51, 3afwan Akhi! The same goes to you if you're ever in the UAE Hi Maxisno1, Thanks for reading. You should d
37 KLM685 : What an excellent trip report! I haven't been so entretained with one in a long while! Congratulations! Also it must be one of the longest trip report
38 QantasAirways : This is a great trip report! Thanks for posting it up for us all to see.. I love all your interactions with the crew - really makes me feel like I'm f
39 SOBHI51 : Do you mind giving me (us) the name of your travel agent.If u like you can e-mail it to me direct so nobody thinks u are advertising.Travel agents he
40 CX flyboy : Thank you for flying CX and I am glad you enjoyed it!! Some flights stay a number of hours in Dubai and therefore get an outer bay only. Also if an ai
41 Jimbo27L : Awesome mate. HK is the business....makes me want to book flights now.
42 Justbala : Awesome TR!!! Loved CX and thanx a ton for the conducted tour of HK n Macau!! Loved every bit of it!!
43 Buck3y3nut : wow, this is a great trip report. Almost as if I personally just visited Hong Kong myself. Thanks a ton for this experience. Please keep up this excel
44 EIRules : Great trip report. Really considering CX for my trip to SYD next year. The service and standards look fantastic. Well done again
45 Post contains images SR 103 : Simply amazing Roni, really one of the best trip reports I have ever read on this board! You definately put a lot of time and effort into this. Swissa
46 Post contains images Ronerone : Hi KLM685, Thanx for reading. Hi QantasAirways, You definitely should They have a certain 'something' about them that makes them stand out from the r
47 Post contains images Aleksandar : Hello Roni! What can I say, but, this is yet another excellent TR you gave to all of us. CX really does look like an airline worth flying with and I w
48 Post contains images Airbus767 : WOW really good report & pictures, Hong Kong is THE place to be - and Cathay looks like the best way to get there!
49 NZ107 : Long.. But a brilliant TR! Thanks for sharing that wonderful experience with us! I wish I could fly CX Business again.. Although I was disappointed wi
50 Post contains images Ronerone : Hi Aleksandar, Great to hear from you again. Hope all is well. Thanks for reading, and for your comments. They truly are a fantastic airline. Very pr
51 Post contains images B747forever : WOW!! What a TR. Just brilliant. The pics are really great. Hong Kong seems to be a really great city, Asia's World City Thank you for sharing. B747fo
52 OA260 : Hi Roni, Really great Trip Report. Loved all the photos and the ones of Hong Kong and Macau. Really nice. Thanks for sharing OA260
53 Post contains images 9MMAR : When someone put your name in his trip report, that is when you need to be the first person to reply, not the last one, in my case unfortunately. Roni
54 Post contains images Ronerone : Dear 9MMAR, Thanks a lot for taking time to read my TR. Im very happy to see that a 'premium' trip reporter and a proactive 'forumer' as yourself enjo
55 Ronerone : This is just a test. I think the forum was acting up yesterday maybe.
56 LO231 : What an excellent trip report! Brings back memories of my first longhaul flights back in 1998, on Cathay Pacific (albeit in economy - superb nonethele
57 Ba777pilot : WOW....very nice report and well done I wouldn't mind taking a seat on one of those Cathy Pacific flights to asia. regards ba777
58 Post contains images Elite : Awesome trip report, I read and enjoyed the whole report I agree with you on the security checks, it's so fast and stress-free to walk through. Puts t
59 Omoo : Wow ! This is definitely one of the best trip reports i have come across, nicely done pictures and you even stayed at the Peninsula.........great trip
60 Post contains images Ronerone : Hi LO231, Thank you for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed it Hi Ba777pilot, Thanks for reading. I am glad you enjoyed it. It was as enjoyable to d
61 Phileet92 : I LOVE HONG KONG! I still like the older style CX business class over the new seats. how much was it per night at the peninsula?
62 Post contains images Ronerone : Hi Phileet92, I haven't tried the new CX seats yet, however the older NBC seats are fantastic! The Peninsula had some kind of promotional rate of $40
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