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Pilots View: SHJ-CCU-HKG-ALA-FRA (pics)  
User currently offlineWILCO737 From Greenland, joined Jun 2004, 9320 posts, RR: 69
Posted (8 years 5 months 5 days 13 hours ago) and read 10702 times:


You guys maybe have read the report from OERK to OMSJ, here now the 2nd part of the trip back home to FRA...

This was the captain on this trip! Big grin no, just kidding! I saw that pic in a newspaper  Wink

And I saw this as well on a newspaper! its german and means: Take me with you on this trip, Captain!

Ok, here we go:

It was 11am in the morning and the I prepared myself for another trip and a pretty long day with 2 (!!!!) flights on one day. SHJ to CCU and then off to HKG...
We were taken to the airport and went through passport control and security and been taken to the aircraft. But it wasnt there yet... DELAY! I hate that  Wink So we went into the LH Cargo office and checked the papers. Flight time 3hrs38mins... So not too long to CCU. Weather was fine, warm, slow winds, just perfect for a lovely flying day...
Finally the bitchy MD11F arrived on the parking stand and we walked towards her. Engines shut down, and the stairs approached the aircraft. Doors were openend and offloading started.
We went up to the incoming crew and had a small chat about if the aircraft was fine (and she was), and if something special to observe. Nope, everything was fine! Seemed to be a nice day today...
The imcoming crew left the cockpit and I started with my preparation, fueling started. We expected a load of 81 tons (which is pretty much). Fuel ordered was 55tons of fine Jet A1  Wink
Runway in use was 30, wind 270 @ 5 knots, temperature 25 degrees Celsius. Lovely, isnt it? Best flying weather!
The loading took quite a bit, 81 tons need to be loaded... But the guys in SHJ do a good job and they were ready in time. So, doors closed, loadsheet showed indeed 81 tons load... Take off weight of 250tons (286max). So not too light but not too heavy...
Requested start up and push back. A ground controller answered in perfect english: push and start approved... So, we started the pushback but had to wait for a bit until we are allowed to start up with the engines. The controller came back to us and said: cancel start up clearance, there is some trouble on the runway and only parts of the runway is available. Only from taxiway D, which gave us 2800m of runway.... I told him to standby and that we will recalculate if we can accept taxiway D to avoid a delay of more than 25minutes... And YES, the computer said: taxiway D is possible! I told the controller at once that we are able taxiway D and he was happy as well and we finally could start the engines...Once engines were running I called in for taxi... So we taxied to runway 30, intercection D.

SHJ Tower

We were number two behind an A320.

He got the line up clearance and backtrack clearance. Yes, the 320 needed at least 3460m of runway?! So while the 320 was backtracking, we were allowed to line up via Taxiway D and got the take off clearance out of taxiway D!!

It was a VERY powerful take off, because of the rather short runway, but it wasnt a full power take off! Still a thrust reduction was possible!! Quite impressive! I was pilot flying, so the captain hit the throttles and T/O power was set and the MD11F accelerated VERY fast to 160knots, which was our Vr! So I smoothly pulled and up we go!

GEAR UP! And then we climbed impressively into the sky... We got a shortcut during the departure route to save up a little more time... We climbed to FL330 only. We couldnt get a lot higher due to the weight. FL330 was our optimum altitude...
The sun was shining and we enjoyed the flight... After some time we climbed to FL350 which was our final cruising level...
After about 3 hours of flight time we were talking to CCU control already and requested descent. The Descent was uneventful, just slightly high, so I had to use the speedbrake, but bringing 220tons down isnt the easiest thing  Wink We were cleared for the ILS approach 19L. Slats, flaps and gear was down and it was dark outside already... Runway came in sight early and I flew manually from 5000' all the way to touchdown... Touchdown was smooth, but the runway conditions there are pretty bad, so it started shaking! But who cares, so FULL reverse thrust to bring the speed down from 163knots to taxi speed... We vacated the runway and found the way to our parking stand...
We arrived there about 20 minutes early which gave the CCU guys a little more time to offload the cargo.

But this wasnt all... Next flight: CCU to HKG! We received the papers and it showed only 7 tons of cargo! Yes, only 7 tons! Not a lot eh? Well, I cant remember how much fuel we ordered, but it was not a lot, and it gave us a take off weight of about 150 tons! 100 tons lighter than out of SHJ!!
The guys in CCU were pretty fast with the offloading so that we could leave 15 minutes early for thr about 3 hour flight to HKG.

Runway 19L for take off! And even if we had maximum thrust reduction the take off was powerfull again! We just set the take off power and reached 80 knots already and shortly after it 131 which was Vr this time... I was pilot flying again and we climbed like rocket as you can see on the picture! Not 7000ft/min this time but nearly 6000ft/min is pretty impressive as well Big grin Big grin

From now on, life got a bit more complicater. Shortly after take off you have to call Dhaka Control to get the permission to fly through their airspace. CCU only cleared us to climb to FL270 unless we requested FL410!!! So we leveled off at FL270 and contacted Dhaka. NOBODY could give us a further climb clearance... Dhaka doesnt have the permission from Yangoon and CCU said: its not my airspace anymore, check with Dhaka... So we were stucked at FL270! We tried to contact Yangoon ourself, but at FL270 your radio doesnt have a huge range, so we tried to get someone to relay for us! An EK flight helped us out, and talked to yangoon for us, but same result: maintain FL270! We told them again: if we have to fly to HKG at FL270 we wont make it because of fuel shortage! We reduced the speed to save as much fuel as we could! At FL270 245knots... Pretty slow eh? But it saved us fuel which was our first priority! But no chance... Nobody let us climb to any higher level... After 1.5 hours we finally reached China (Kunming) and they gave us climb to 12600m which is FL411!!! Finally! But our remaining fuel for HKG wasnt too much anymore, but still enough to make it and have enough for a possible diversion! So we now could relax and enjoy the last bit of the flight...
Rest of flight was pretty uneventful! But you never know how short the approach will be in HKG. And as usual: we came in too high  Wink But the MD11F is good in descending, when so light! If she wouldve been heavy like in CCU it wouldve been a close call... We contacted tower, still slightly too high and the controller said: you appear slightly high, you sure you can make it? We just said: sure! And continued to descent within all approved and safe limits!! Slats, Flaps and Gear, everything was down and then finally we were perfectly on the localizer and glideslope... And still 1500 feet to descent to touchdown... Well, the MD11F is a bit bitchy with that light weight and the touchdown was not really smooth, I like to call it positive Big grin not too hard, but not smooth either, but ah well! Shit happends! We vacated the runway and made our way to the parking stand... we arrived 30 minutes early! It was now 2am in the morning,

Next day I slept until 3pm Hong Kong time... Then I met with the captain for diner and then we headed back to our rooms, we were both pretty exhausted from the day before, it was a long and exhausting day...

A new day started and we got picked up at 7am in Hong Kong and been taken to the terminal and to the aircraft! So many aircrafts were parked there, the new 777ER of CX and the lovely 744s...

But we were taken to the cargo apron of course where our nice MD11F was waiting for us to take her to ALA.
We checked the papers again and we had to expect nearly 91 tons of cargo!! nearly the maximum!

We ordered 67tons of fuel, which gave us a take off weight of roughly 271 tons... So pretty heavy! But still no full take off thrust, still thrust reduction! Not a lot, but still a bit!
Loading was finished pretty fast but the guys couldnt bring the loadsheet on time! So we left our parking position 5 minutes late. But with the calculated flight time we will make it on time to ALA, so we thought  Wink
We taxied out to runway 07R although the ATIS said it is closed but for some reason aircrafts took off from that... There was a Malaysia A330 on the runway which just recieved the clearance to take off and it left slowly! Typical Airbus Big grin

Just kidding! We were next and we entered the runway... Everything was set and done and I looked down the runway, captain was pilot flying again.

07R in HKG

CLEARED FOR TAKE OFF! The captain advanced the throttles and slowly we accelerated... 80 knots, at 161 V1, 174 Vr ROTATE and nose came up, but we didnt lift off! The wind dropped to zero and We houvered at about 3 feet in the air until our fat lady started her climb! I just thought: COME on bitch, CLIMB!!!! The end of the runway was reached and we finally climbed with at least 2000ft/min away from HKG. The departure route took us over HKG island with a nice view and as well the old airport Kai Tak as you can see on the pictures...

We climbed to 8400m (FL276) only! Couldnt get much higher at that point! Later during that flight we climbed to 9800m (FL321) which we maintained until ALA...
Here a few pics of the mountains you pass when approaching ALA from the east:

We were expecting runway 23 in ALA, because the wind was 230 at 3 meters per second (yes, they dont use knots there), but 3 MPS are 6 knots. Sounded good to us, a bit headwind on final. We had to contact ALA approach and they said: expect runway 05!!! We were like: WTF?! Ok, so we changed the FMS to runway 05... So slight tailwind on final.... Not good because we were near MLAW of 222.9 tons... So no need to have additional tailwind... Another 3 minutes later we got the change to runway 23 again, so we were happy again... And another 3 minutes later change back to 05!!! We requested runway 23 and said that we dont like the expected tailwind on runway 05. They just told us: due to traffic expect 05... Well, we said: we check it out and if its too much we fly a go around and then we want runway 23... The descent was normal again and we were cleared for the approach runway 05... 25 knots tailwind!!!! Lovely! Thats FOR SURE too much to land! (10 is max allowed), but with a heavy aircraft you try to avoid that. So, we continued for now... Slats, Flaps and gear was down. Captain was flying manually and I checked the wind all the time... We had everything between 12 and 19 knots tailwind... 100 feet above ground we still had 18 knots tailwind... in 50 feet still 15- 17 knots and captain said: GO AROUND!!!! And then all three powerful engines spooled up to 110% N1 and it got LOUD and we climbed smoothly but with a high climb rate away from runway 05!!! I called tower and said to her that we are on the missed approach runway 05 and the asked us for the reason and I just said: well, as expected: too much tailwind on final!! she didnt say anything and just instructed us to contact approach again! I just told him: requesting runway 23 NOW!! He didnt reply and I asked him: did you copy? Finally he woke up and gave us radar vectors back to runway 23... This approach was normal and uneventful and with nice 15 knots headwind  Wink
We were not amused because we asked them seveal times about the wind and changing the runway! Because of the go around we wasted about 2.5 tons of fuel and time as well! So, finally we reached our parking stand 5 minutes delayed... Great...
Then we were taken to the hotel all the way through Almaty... And here we had 48 hours off! A lot more than expected, but for some unknown reason it has increased from 12 to 48 hours! So, 2 days later back home! Thats part of a pilots life as well!
After this long time off in ALA we were picked up around 1pm in the afternoon and been taken to the airport again! Not so easy to get to the aircraft there, pretty complicated way for us... but we made it  Wink
And finally the last flight back home to FRA... Aircraft arrived in ALA and we were waiting for them. Load wasnt too high, only 68tons. But flight time was pretty long because we were planned on a route to avoid the russion airspace... Guess why?  Wink Flight time was calculated with 7hrs25mins. With a cruise speed of mach 0.85... Pretty fast and still pretty long.
No loading had to be done in ALA, only fuel had to be filled into the tanks. We ordered 58tons... Of course we left our parking stand on time... No wait, 48 hours delayed Big grin We taxied out to runway 05 and we planned for a full thrust take off (108.4% N1) due to the snowy weather in ALA. So we entered the runway and accelerated! It was amazing how fast 250 tons can be accelerated to 160 knots Big grin And off we go! Lift off, GEAR UP and climbed to 9600m...
on this flight not much to say, because it was a very unenventful flight...
The weather in FRA wasnt the best, low clouds, poor visibility and -4 degrees C... Lovely eh? I was pilot flying and we planned for a flaps 50 landing. Descent and approach was pretty much normal. Cleared for the ILS 25R and slats, flaps and gear was down and we were both looking out for the runway. 250 feet above the ground I finally saw the approach lights and we were able to continue... Smooth touchdown, FULL REVERSE again and we left runway 25R at taxiway hotel... We taxied to our parking stand, engine shut down and thats it! 6.5 day trip over...

Well, thats it! A total trip from FRA to FRA of 11005 NM or 12664 miles or 20381 km....

I hope you liked this TR as well and as well some pics...

WILCO737 (MD11F)

64 replies: All unread, showing first 25:
User currently offlineDALCE From UK - Scotland, joined Feb 2007, 2018 posts, RR: 5
Reply 1, posted (8 years 5 months 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 10678 times:

Hi Wilco737,

Great report again! A very nice read and great pictures! I loved the mountain pics, just great to see!
Thanks for sharing!

Gruss aus AMS,
Joost ( D-ALCE )

flown: F50,F70,CR1,CR2,CR9,E75,143,AR8,AR1,733,735,736,73G,738,753,744,77W,788,319,320,321,333,AB6.
User currently offlineBritPilot777 From United Kingdom, joined Apr 2004, 1075 posts, RR: 2
Reply 2, posted (8 years 5 months 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 10639 times:

Great report mate! Excellent stuff!

Forever Flight
User currently offlineRogerbcn From Andorra, joined Sep 2006, 1211 posts, RR: 19
Reply 3, posted (8 years 5 months 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 10609 times:

Hola WILCO737!

Thanks for this TR, I enjoyed reading such a different point of view from the ones we usually read here in this section.

The pictures added a lot of perspective to the reading.



"At reise er at leve" H.C. Andersen (Travelling is Living)
User currently offlineRyanair737 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 4, posted (8 years 5 months 5 days 10 hours ago) and read 10470 times:

Great report, what fun it must be being a freighter pilot!

Hopefully one day for me.

User currently onlineB747forever From Sweden, joined May 2007, 17697 posts, RR: 10
Reply 5, posted (8 years 5 months 5 days 9 hours ago) and read 10452 times:

Excellent TR,

The pics are really good.

Seems that you love the high climb rate. Pity that you couldn't get it on all your flights,

Really annoying about your flight from CCU to HKG. But great that you later could climb to FL410.

And really annoying about the landing in ALA. That had to be really strenuous.!!!

Looking forward from more TRs from you.

Thank you so much for the TR


Work Hard, Fly Right
User currently offlineStylo777 From Turkey, joined Feb 2006, 3141 posts, RR: 10
Reply 6, posted (8 years 5 months 5 days 7 hours ago) and read 10273 times:

Excellent report, great pics! I really enjoy the inside view trip reports so please feed us with more stuff! Big grin

thanks for sharing, merry x-mas and grusse aus FRA!

User currently offlineOHLHD From Finland, joined Dec 2004, 3963 posts, RR: 22
Reply 7, posted (8 years 5 months 5 days 2 hours ago) and read 9995 times:

Excuse how dare you, where is my go around?  duck  Big grin Big grin Big grin

Excellent trip report! Thanks for the great pictures and the very detailed analyses of the flights! I will read through it for sure again tomorrow!  Smile

User currently offlineFighterPilot From Canada, joined Jun 2005, 1462 posts, RR: 11
Reply 8, posted (8 years 5 months 5 days 2 hours ago) and read 9940 times:

Phil! Nice Trip Report!  bigthumbsup 
Some nice pictures too! Sounds like you had a good flight.
Hope to see some more pilot reports from you soon!

Cal  airplane 

*Insert Sound Of GE90 Spooling Up Here*
User currently offlineFlyboyOz From Australia, joined Nov 2000, 2041 posts, RR: 21
Reply 9, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 21 hours ago) and read 9766 times:


Merry Christmas...the photos you show us ARE REALLY AWESOME! This is the best gifts for me to see the photos of HKG, Can you please give me some large photos of the HKG?

Many thanks!

The Spirit of AustraliAN - Longreach
User currently offlineAleksandar From Serbia, joined Jul 2000, 3241 posts, RR: 31
Reply 10, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 19 hours ago) and read 9721 times:

Hello Phil!

It is a great TR, just as usual. You should do it more often  Wink Seriosuly, those cargo flights seem quite interesting and it is always a pleasure to read it.  Smile

Merry Christmas!  santahat 

PS If you can, could you give that lady my e-mail address? Big grin

User currently offlineSandroZRH From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 11, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 9613 times:

hey alta  Wink

Another great TR, and the pics make it even more interesting. That yoke sure looks worn out Big grin

Smell ya later!

User currently offlineWILCO737 From Greenland, joined Jun 2004, 9320 posts, RR: 69
Reply 12, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 14 hours ago) and read 9517 times:

Quoting OHLHD (Reply 7):
Excuse how dare you, where is my go around? duck Big grin Big grin Big grin

Well, I do have the go around on video, but I am not allowed to publish it without the permission of my company... So, sorry, cannot post it...

Quoting FlyboyOz (Reply 9):
Can you please give me some large photos of the HKG?

Maybe  Wink

Quoting Aleksandar (Reply 10):
PS If you can, could you give that lady my e-mail address? Big grin

hehe, yeah, she is nice eh? But it was just an ad in a newspaper, so dont know her name!

Quoting SandroZRH (Reply 11):
That yoke sure looks worn out Big grin

Oh it was... Mrs Douglas is old already... Big grin

WILCO737 (MD11F)

User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 30070 posts, RR: 59
Reply 13, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 13 hours ago) and read 9470 times:

WOW amazing pictures.

Thanks for sharing


User currently offlineMIAspotter From Spain, joined Nov 2001, 3027 posts, RR: 22
Reply 14, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 12 hours ago) and read 9440 times:

Excellent TR!!

Loved every minute of it, very interesting flights and information and the pictures of the mountains near ALA are lovely!

Did you do some sightseeing in Almaty? how is it?

Can't wait until your next TR.

Happy Holidays!


I think, therefore I don´t fly Ryanair.
User currently offlineOHLHD From Finland, joined Dec 2004, 3963 posts, RR: 22
Reply 15, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 11 hours ago) and read 9411 times:

Quoting WILCO737 (Reply 12):
Well, I do have the go around on video, but I am not allowed to publish it without the permission of my company... So, sorry, cannot post it...

I know, my friend told me that they were not allowed to publish such things what I truly understand!   You will show it once you refuel at my airport.    Great report!

..and for that Go around I have added you to my RU-List Big grin  Big grin

[Edited 2007-12-25 04:24:14]

User currently offlineWILCO737 From Greenland, joined Jun 2004, 9320 posts, RR: 69
Reply 16, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 6 hours ago) and read 9314 times:

Quoting MIAspotter (Reply 14):
Did you do some sightseeing in Almaty? how is it?

Well, weather wasnt the nicest! Snow everywhere, pretty cold and cloudy... but we went to an Ice Hockey game! Almaty vs Pawlodar (correct me if spelled wrong) and Almaty lost  Sad but it was nice!!!

Quoting OHLHD (Reply 15):
..and for that Go around I have added you to my RU-List Big grin Big grin

Thanks  Wink hehe

WILCO737 (MD11F)

User currently offlineAleksandar From Serbia, joined Jul 2000, 3241 posts, RR: 31
Reply 17, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 6 hours ago) and read 9310 times:

Quoting WILCO737 (Reply 12):
But it was just an ad in a newspaper, so dont know her name!

And I thought Lufthnasa is improving  hissyfit 

User currently offlineWILCO737 From Greenland, joined Jun 2004, 9320 posts, RR: 69
Reply 18, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 9184 times:

Quoting Aleksandar (Reply 17):

WHO?! Big grin nice spelling!  duck 

WILCO737 (MD11F)

User currently offlineAleksandar From Serbia, joined Jul 2000, 3241 posts, RR: 31
Reply 19, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 2 hours ago) and read 9143 times:

Quoting WILCO737 (Reply 18):
WHO?!  nice spelling!   

It's cruel. You know I can't change it now  cry 

User currently offlineWILCO737 From Greenland, joined Jun 2004, 9320 posts, RR: 69
Reply 20, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 2 hours ago) and read 9132 times:

Quoting Aleksandar (Reply 19):
It's cruel. You know I can't change it now cry

Sorry... But I know what you meant: Good old Lufthansa: there is no better way to fly Big grin

WILCO737 (MD11F)

User currently offline9VSRH From Australia, joined Apr 2005, 132 posts, RR: 1
Reply 21, posted (8 years 5 months 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 9061 times:

Very nice report! Interesting points and very nice pictures!

Quoting WILCO737 (Thread starter):
But flight time was pretty long because we were planned on a route to avoid the russion airspace... Guess why?

Why exactly is this?

User currently offlineAirbuseric From Netherlands, joined Jan 2005, 4402 posts, RR: 48
Reply 22, posted (8 years 5 months 3 days 19 hours ago) and read 8905 times:

Hi Wilco

Thanks for sharing this interesting trip with us. I like your reports in general, but this one with the pics is awsome!  Wink
It seems that life of the flightcrew can be 'hard' too, and dealing with the Russian/Kazak people is still difficult too... such a shame.

Hope to read more of your duty trips in the future!


JL/AMS (your WOW codeshare partner)  Wink

"The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going"
User currently offlineAleksandar From Serbia, joined Jul 2000, 3241 posts, RR: 31
Reply 23, posted (8 years 5 months 3 days 19 hours ago) and read 8904 times:

Quoting WILCO737 (Reply 20):
But I know what you meant: Good old Lufthansa: there is no better way to fly 

Yes, I love good-old reliable Lufthansa. It is their cargo division that makes me suspicious  Wink Now, things would have been different with captains like that gal Big grin

User currently offlineSXDFC From United States of America, joined Dec 2007, 2880 posts, RR: 15
Reply 24, posted (8 years 5 months 3 days 18 hours ago) and read 8875 times:

Nice Job WILCO737!!! I am surprized that the MD-11s do not have names like the rest of the LH fleet. I think the LH cargo 742s had names as well?

ALL views, opinions expressed are mine ONLY and are NOT representative of those shared by Southwest Airlines Co.
25 Post contains images WILCO737 : We lately had trouble with the russians. They revoked the overflying rights only for LH Cargo. So on some routes we avoid the russian airspace at all
26 KLM685 : Hey! That was very entretaining! I felt like i was there lol. Great pictures as well. Did you take any pictures at Almaty the city? How interesting! C
27 Post contains images WILCO737 : Errm, nope... none Weather was pretty bad! Rather dark due to the clouds, snow and time of the year... WILCO737 (MD11F)
28 CO7e7 : Excellent report as usual... the pics are amazing... thanks for sharing and keep em coming.
29 Post contains images LH648 : Sorry, WILCO737 for RWY5. I ask ATC to land everybody on RWY5 because my spotting point is next to it Today is -13°C. First time this winter.
30 LH648 : You should visit Medeo Skating Ring and Shymbulak Ski Resort next time! They are very close to the city and usually there you are above the clouds!
31 Post contains images WILCO737 : So, did you take a photo of us then? i want to see it Well, I'll show you next time I am in ALA Wait, shouldnt you be the one who is familiar with AL
32 Post contains images LH648 : No, because ATC said that you don't want to land on RWY5 Sounds great! I will send you my mobile via IM.
33 Post contains images WILCO737 : But ATC didnt listen!!!!! They still gave us RWY 05.... ah well... WILCO737 (MD11F)
34 Omoo : wow, amazing trip report, great pics
35 Post contains images Vaporlock : Phil, what a great trip report. The pics are amazing..... sure must be nice when your up there in control!!! Vaps
36 Post contains images WILCO737 : You bet I love it everyday! WILCO737 (MD11F)
37 Post contains images Jlk : Excellent.. First time I'm reading a TR from a pilot. It sure looks interesting to fly cargo
38 A342 : Awesome TR! I hope many more will follow! Was that HF or VHF?
39 Post contains images Mack8994 : EXCELLENT report! and great pictures too! Greetings from Canada, Greg
40 Post contains images WILCO737 : We tried both! on VHF the distance was just too far and on HF they kept ignoring us WILCO737 (MD11F)
41 TUGMASTER : Q U A L I T Y . . . . ! !
42 BA319-131 : Excellent read and pictures, really enjoyed the trip. Many Thanks Mark
43 Post contains images WILCO737 : Hey everybody, I am happy that you all liked the report... I will post another if something not so normal happened... My last flight was my longest ev
44 Post contains images Stylo777 : so we expect a pretty long report mate!
45 Post contains images WILCO737 : Duh, that flight was amazingly uneventful! here the short version: take off weight 223 tons (light), crossing the pond, saw some northern lights, lan
46 Musapapaya : Seems quite often you go out quite light - does it reflect that business is not too good in LH Cargo? I hope not!!! Happy new year mate!
47 A342 : I see. WTF? How often do such things happen?
48 Reifel : Nice report and really interesting to see all that from a pilot's view. Very entertaining! Hope to read other reports like this soon. Have a nice new
49 SXDFC : What was the tail number?
50 Post contains images WILCO737 : Well, I dont know if they were ignoring us or just couldnt hear us.... In this area as well in some parts of Africa its sometimes pretty hard to stay
51 Post contains images SXDFC : All
52 HAWK21M : Fantastic TR & great Pics. regds MEL
53 Post contains images WILCO737 : Well, take a guess! We have D-ALC* and then A to S Oh, one hint: it was NOT D-ALCE in the WOW livery WILCO737 (MD11F)
54 Ryu2 : Very cool report! I am interested to know, was there VHF radio coverage for the whole flights? Or did you have to use HF at some points? Do you use th
55 Post contains images WILCO737 : Usually its no problem to use VHF all the time... Sometimes you have to call Yangoon via HF... We dont have CPDLC in the MD11s... so NO WILCO737 (MD1
56 Post contains images WILCO737 : Hello you all, well, I think this was my last TR I will ever write from the pilots perspective... I read some bad stories about pilots who made TR and
57 GoAllegheny : Do different standards of measurement ever confuse pilots, whether for altitude, wind speed, or whatever? Or do computers handle most of the conversi
58 Post contains images WILCO737 : You just have to be very concentrated that you dont mix it up and that you stay within your limits! but its not that hard... I wrote a few already. M
59 HAWK21M : Guess you heard something from your Company.Sad. In such case its better to do the Job. Your TRs will be missed. cheers. regds MEL
60 Post contains images WILCO737 : Nope, the company didnt say anything! I guess they still dont know from that report... But I heard some stories about other pilots doing such reports
61 FlyboyOz : Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear that. I heard that a guy from WN got in trouble and asked him to stop writing this trip report. Can you please send me your
62 SXDFC : The reason why the WN pilot got in trouble was because of some remarks he made about certain things, I knew him personally. Please don't let the othe
63 Post contains images WILCO737 : Hi there, I know that there are A LOT aviation enthusiats on a.net and many of them wants to be pilots, I know that. Thats why I started to write a f
64 Post contains images Fiatstilojtd : ....but there is at least one very good looking female FO at LH Cargo Phil..... Yup, better safe than sorry.
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RTW In 6days: FRA-AUH-BKK-HKG-LAX-FRA//Part 2//EY posted Sun Dec 2 2007 09:29:46 by Stylo777
RTW In 6days: FRA-AUH-BKK-HKG-LAX-FRA//Part 1//EY posted Sun Dec 2 2007 09:17:08 by Stylo777
1st Class On TG A346/B744 MUC & FRA (PICS) posted Tue Sep 18 2007 16:37:17 by ThaiA345
Air Namibia Business Class FRA-WDH-FRA (+pics) posted Sat Sep 1 2007 14:02:38 by Contact Air
Clickair FRA-BCN-FRA Pics Vids posted Tue Aug 21 2007 01:39:22 by ThereAndBack
Moscow On Lufthansa (BSL,DUS,SVO,FRA) +pics posted Fri Aug 25 2006 17:18:13 by RJ100
QF & KA (SYD-HKG-PVG-SYD) + Pics posted Wed Mar 29 2006 14:10:33 by QANTASpower
Asiana First Class B747-400 HKG-ICN (many Pics) posted Wed Mar 22 2006 18:57:57 by Magicalchaz

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