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Emirates First Class: 16 Hours On The 777-200LR  
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I. Contents

I. Contents
II. Introduction
III. General Flight Overview

I. The Emirates facilities at the Le Meridian Dubai
II. Dubai International Airport



II. Introduction

Every now and again, one takes a flight that will remain in one’s memory forever. While these sorts of flights are few and far between, their very existence reminds us all that flying can still be glamorous and enjoyable. Throughout my years of flying, I have had three flights of this kind. This trip report will feature one of them.

Those of you who have been following my trip reports will probably have noticed that Emirates has been my airline of choice after I began to get somewhat bored with Singapore Airlines. In fact, before this flight, I had been on 14 Emirates flights totalling more than 55,000 statute miles this year alone.

After spending a couple of days in India, I flew out of Delhi the evening before my flight to Houston. My ticket was booked in Business Class and the flight from Delhi to Dubai was average and uneventful. In fact, I was actually not planning to write a trip report at all.

Several hours before my first flight on the 777-200LR, everything still seemed ordinary. During check-in, I was given my pre-booked Business Class window seat in row 7 and I then proceeded to the Business Class lounge for breakfast - just as I had imagined I would. Roughly 45 minutes before departure, I walked towards the gate for EK211 and handed my Business Class boarding pass to the Emirates agent.

After a short while, she gave me my section of the boarding pass back and I started walking towards the waiting area unsuspectingly. However, as I was entering the holding area, the corner of my eye caught the large letters “FIRST” on the little piece of paper I was holding in my hand. I turned to the agent in confusion. She looked at back at me and smiled. “Mr. Globetraveller, you’ve been upgraded to First.”

III. General Flight Overview

Airline: Emirates Airline (EK)
Flight number: EK 211
Origin: Dubai International Airport (DXB)
Destination: George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
Distance: 8168 miles
Scheduled departure time: 9:05
Scheduled flight time: 16 hours 20 minutes
Scheduled arrival time: 16:25
Class of Travel: First Class
Seat: 1K
Equipment: Boeing 777-21H/LR
Registration: A6-EWB

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User currently offlineGlobetraveller From Germany, joined Apr 2008, 379 posts, RR: 19
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I. The Emirates facilities at the Le Meridian

Before I begin, please allow me to take you back to the day before.

At 11:30pm, my flight, EK 515, landed in Dubai from India. After clearly Dubai Immigration and collecting my suitcase, I was outside the Arrivals in no time at all. As my transit was for longer than 6 hours, I had arranged for the complimentary hotel stay in the Le Meridian Dubai.

After a short five minute drive with the Emirates Chauffeur Service, I arrived at the hotel. I must say, I was impressed. Usually, this hotel does not come cheap and it was a complete overkill for the seven hours that I would stay there. Still, I was not complaining.

The Lobby in the Le Meridian Dubai.

The immaculately polished marble floors.

The large room that I could call my own for six hours.

The deserted pool after midnight.

I awoke at 6am after only being able to sleep for four hours or so. Still, things could be worse – I did have a 16 hours flight on a 777-200LR to look forward to after all. After gathering all of my belongings, I went to the reception where my Chauffer driver was already waiting for me.

The plush waiting area for Emirates guests.

Looking down the special entrance for Emirates passengers.

The special Emirates entrance into the Le Meridian Dubai.

I. Dubai International Airport

After a brisk five minute drive back to Dubai International Airport, my bags were picked up by one of the numerous baggage handlers and I proceeded to the Business Class USA Check-in. The entire experience was very comfortable and I felt really well looked after.

The usual Emirates Volvo chauffer car.

Inside the First and Business Class check-in area.

The check-in process was equally effortless.

“Good morning sir. Where are you travelling to today?”
“Good morning! I’m off to Houston today.”
“Great! You will enjoy your 777-200LR – that aircraft is really beautiful”

Wow! What did he just say? He sure knew what I was thinking! The 777-200LR was half the reason I was actually on this flight.

“Yes! It is definitely is. Is my seat 7A confirmed?”
“Certainly Mr. Globetraveller. You are all set. Have a great trip and keep flying with us.”
“Thank you. Have a great day.”

Well, with service like that, I sure would keep flying Emirates! Even so, none of this was completely out of the ordinary. There had not even been a hint of what was to come in the next couple of hours.

The short queues at the numerous Business Class counters.

The Emirates Business Class USA Check-in counters.

Without further ado, I made my way through immigration and to the new Business Class Lounge for breakfast. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best Business Class lounges in the world. It reminds me more of a complex of lounges than anything else, because there are so many different sections. At the front desk, an Emirates agent wished me a good morning and checked my boarding pass.

The seating area just past the entrance in the Emirates Business Class lounge.

The modern marble and wooden design near the entrance.

The lounge directory showing the vast expanse of this facility.

Surprisingly, the Business Class lounge was quite empty this morning. I guess the global recession was still gripping the aviation industry and that nobody was flying Business Class. Little did I know that this definitely did not apply to my flight!

The long corridor stretching through the entire lounge.

The magnificent architecture at DXB is clearly visible.

An interesting blue colour scheme in one of the other areas.

One of the many nice seating areas available.

After walking around for a little while, I settled down for breakfast in the main dining area. The buffet and beverage selection reminded me more of a five-star hotel than an airport lounge. There were numerous cold and hot dishes, snacks and desserts. The beverage selection was equally impressive and the best thing was that the Champagne kept flowing as the waiters constantly refilled my glass. I was impressed, very impressed.

The stylish main dining area in the Business Class Lounge.

One of the numerous snack bars.

Some nice Western and Arabic chilled delights.

Some Champagne to go with the food.

I decided to try as many dishes as possibly as I had not eaten since my flight from India the night before. In hindsight, I think I had a little too much, especially considering that Emirates First Class probably has the best airline food in the world. However, I had no idea what was to come, so I feasted like a king.

The impressive warm buffet with eight dishes on offer.

My first round of dining.

Followed closely by another round. The taste was excellent.

After eating more than my daily food allowance in one sitting, I was in such good spirits than I decided to give the Xbox 360 driving game a go. The lounge had slowly begun filling up, but there were no children to be found.

Some of the new seating areas added to increase the lounge’s capacity.

The deserted gaming area inside the lounge.

A quick look at this morning’s Emirates departures.

After a couple of minutes of ludicrous driving, I decided it was time to grow up again and began heading towards my Gate for EK 211, Gate 224. As an avid aviation enthusiast, I had been looking forward to this flight for several months and I was ecstatic about the journey that I was about to embark on.

The massive central atrium in the Emirates concourse.

Gate 224 was clearly signposted from the lounge.

Shopping anyone? Too bad most things cost a small fortune here.

As I approached the Gate 224, I was welcomed by quite a long queue of passengers. I was quite surprised, because I had been expecting an empty flight. Nevertheless, the premium class queue was basically non-existent and I made my way towards the counter. As I was doing so, one of the other passengers started snarling at me about cutting the queue. I respectfully told him that I was allowed to use the fast-track lane.

Sadly, this only made him more persistent and he actively tried to convince me that I had no right to cut the queue. Eager to avoid making a scene, I told him that I respected his opinion and continued on my way. Thankfully I did not see this gentleman again.

One of the amazing concourse ends.

Walking towards Gate 224 inside the Emirates concourse.

The shorter queue at one of the other Gates.

At the counter, I handed my boarding pass and passport to the young Emirates agent.

“Good morning Mr. Globetraveller.”
“Good morning.”
“Is Houston your final destination sir?”
“Yes, it is for today.”
“Alright then Mr. Globetraveller. Here is your passport and boarding pass. Have a great flight.”
“Thank you!”

Clueless as to how my fortunes had just taken a drastic change for the better, I grabbed my documents and hand luggage and walked on. However, as I was entering the holding area, the corner of my eye caught the large letters “FIRST” on the little piece of paper I was holding in my hand. I turned to the agent in confusion. She looked at back at me and smiled. “Mr. Globetraveller, you’ve been upgraded to First.”

I was bemused. I never expect to get upgraded. This is not to say that I would ever turn an upgrade down. I guess this day just turned out to be my lucky day: 16 hours in a First Class Suite on an Emirates 777-200LR. This was the pinnacle of my wildest aviation fantasies and to my amazement, it would be a fantasy no more.

I was onboard EK 211 to Houston at 8:35, 30 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

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My boarding pass for EK211 from DXB to IAH.

At the door, the Egyptian purser dressed in the smart new Emirates uniform welcomed me onboard.

“Good morning Mr. Globetraveller.”
“Good morning.”
“It is my pleasure to welcome you onboard Emirates again. I will personally be looking after you today, so please feel free to call for me at any time.”
“Thank you so much.”
“May I help you with your hand luggage?”
“No, it’s very light.”
“Certainly. Please allow me to take you to your suite Mr. Globetraveller. Right this way.”

As soon as I stepped onboard, I knew this flight was going to be something special. The purser treated me like a guest of honour and made me feel like I belong in First Class. I had previously been snarled at while flying BMI in Business, so this was a pleasant surprise.

My seat on today’s flight to Houston: 1K.

My first glimpse of my seat on EK 211.

An overview of the Emirates First Class suite.

My view for the next 16 hours to Houston.

I had seen pictures of the Emirates First Class suites before, but they simply do not do them justice. As I turned right towards the cabin, I was stunned at just how massive these cabins were. While the wooden panels and golden highlights may not be to everyone’s liking, I think that it reflects the overall lavishness of the EK First Class product quite well.

As I sat down, the friendly purser continued:

“Mr. Globetraveller, I assume you know how your seat and our service work. However, do you have any questions?”
Pretending that this was nothing new: “I’m fine right now, thank you.”
“Certainly. Could I offer you something to drink?” He continued in a joking manner: “Perhaps some Dom Perignon get the day started?”
I laughed and took him up on his offer.

As he went to get my Champagne, I started exploring my opulent surroundings. This was without a doubt the best seat I had ever sat on. A friendly Malaysian stewardess soon came to bring me my glass of bubbly. She also introduced herself and inquired about my travels.

The Champagne served on this flight: Dom Perignon.

My glass of Champagne before boarding was complete.

An overview of the large side panel in the suite.

What would a trip report be without the famous knee shot?

The attention to detail and quality of the service was truly spectacular. The crew serving the eight seat First Class cabin today were a dream come true. There were three stewardesses, one from Malaysia, one from Singapore and one from Korea as well as the Egyptian purser. It was like the best of Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines combined and I was very impressed by how each passenger was treated to a very personal experience.

The ICE welcome screen for this flight.

The blanket and mattress stored behind the seat.

Notice the writing tray below the orchid and the plug near the mirror.

Our route for today’s ultra long haul flight.

Soon, the Singaporean stewardess came around with some Arabian coffee. Naturally, I accepted. The boarding process was completed at about 8:50am and the First Class cabin had filled up completely. The load on this flight was 100% in all cabins. Not bad in this day and age! The captain then welcomed us onboard and announced our routing and flight time.

My glass of Dom Perignon was topped up again even as we had pushed back on time at 9:05am. As EK 211 began taxiing towards the runway 12R, the safety video was shown and the crew came around to ensure that the cabin was ready for takeoff. At 9:20am, the massive GE90 engines spooled to full thrust and A6-EWB rocketed down runway 12R. However, all the way at the front, all I could hear was a whisper. It reminded me somewhat of the A380. After what seemed like a lifetime, EK 211 lifted off Dubai International Airport at 9:22am.

My small cup of Arabian coffee.

The beginning of the Emirates in-flight safety video.

Half the reason I am on this flight today: the 777-200LR.

The climb out of Dubai was very slow, especially for a Boeing 777. I am sure the aircraft must have been at (MTOW) with such a long flight and a completely full cabin. As soon as the seatbelt sign was extinguished, the Malaysia stewardess brought me another glass of Dom Perignon. I did not have to say a word.   Now that is what I call service!

The view outside as EK 211 was climbing out of Dubai.

Turning north across the gulf towards Iran.

Some of the first glimpses of Iran.

As EK 211 began crossing into Iran, the purser came around with the First Class amenities and the large menu:

“Mr. Globetraveller, how are you doing so far?”
“Excellent, thank you.”
“Great. This is the menu for today’s flight. You can order anything, at any time, however you want it. Don’t be shy.”
I laughed and replied: “I am sure I will keep you busy, this looks amazing.”
“Not a problem. We have plenty of food for everyone.”

This kind of personal and enthusiastic service was what really set this crew apart. I always feel like the Singapore Airlines crew I had in the past were sometimes lacking in this department. They were often robotic and consistent, which is great in Economy Class, but less so in the premium cabins.

The large leather First Class menu.

The wine list on today’s flight to Houston.

Crossing into Iranian airspace.

The barren landscape below.

The amenities on offer were truly First Class as well. There was everything one could ever need and quite a bit more – large soft Pyjamas, a towel, an oversized leather amenity kit, some slippers and several other goodies! In fact, I was beginning to understand why the First Class Suite was so big: where else would one store all these things?!

No wonder there is so much space in the suite!

A closer look at all the EK First Class amenities on this flight.

More spectacular views of Iran.

Soon after, the Korean stewardess kneeled down beside my suite and enquired if I wanted to eat anything.

“Mr. Globetraveller, would you like to have some breakfast?”

I was really regretting my massive meal in the lounge earlier, and so I had to decline for now.

“If you want, I can take your order for later. How about in two hours?”
“Yes, definitely – that is a good idea.” I then placed my lunch order with her.
“Would you like canapés and some more Champagne now?”
“Alright then. If you insist.” I said in a jokingly.
“I do Mr. Globetraveller” she replied smiling.

The menu was vast. There were numerous appetisers, entrees and desserts to choose from. The whole experience definitely felt much more like a five-star restaurant than in-flight catering.

As EK 211 finally reached its initial cruise altitude of 30,000 feet, each passenger was given a small basket of nibbles. These included snacks like Pringles and Mars Bars, which made for some nice comfort food later in the flight. The Singaporean stewardess also enquired if I would like any other beverages in my little in-seat mini bar, but I was happy with what was already there.

The small basket of nibbles given to First Class passengers.

A selection of nuts to accompany the Champagne.

Paradise in the sky...

The massive table in the Emirates suite.

A little more than half an hour after takeoff, the Korean stewardess returned with the canapés and some orange juice. I was also served some olives with parmesan cheese. I could not help but laugh at how my small order of canapés had all of a sudden become so much food. There is no doubt about it: I was being spoilt beyond belief.

My post-takeoff snack.

The fresh tasting orange juice.

A nice selection of tasty canapés.

Olives stuffed with feta accompanied by parmesan cheese.

Most people will agree that one thing Emirates is consistently great at is its in-flight entertainment. In my opinion, the newest ICE Widescreen IFE system is the best system in the skies today. So what happens when you plug the best IFE system in the world to a 23 inch widescreen monitor? Let’s just call it in-flight entertainment heaven.

Quest has a great selection of TV shows including Top Gear and Mythbusters.

My absolute favourite source of entertainment in the air.

The massive 23 inch screen made the amazing ICE system even better.

After enjoying the Top Gear Vietnam Special on my ridiculously large screen, the Korean stewardess returned to inquire if I was ready for my lunch. My expectations were very high, because the Emirates food in Economy Class is usually already pretty good. So this meal had to be amazing to be truly ‘First Class’.

“Mr. Globetraveller, you requested for your lunch to be served at about this time. Would you like to dine now?”

How could I say no? And so the food festival commenced. Less than a minute later, the stewardess set up my massive table for the meal service. The four course lunch then began like every Emirates First Class meal should: with a generous serving of Iranian caviar.

The table cloth over the large dining table.

My starter for my lunch: Iranian caviar.

The lunch set-up with the starter, bread and condiments.

The high quality Iranian caviar.

I think caviar is a very acquired taste, but the quality of my serving on this flight was very high. The caviar had a very smooth taste and a slightly crunchy texture – just right in my opinion. As I finished my serving, the Korean stewardess reappeared and asked if I wanted more.

“Mr. Globetraveller, can I offer you some more caviar?”
“Hmmmm. I would love to have some more, but I think I still have a lot of food coming. It tasted great though – not something I get to eat often.”
“Who does? I am glad you liked it though. Maybe you can have another serving later.”
“I think I’ll have to take you up on that offer.”

The generous bread basket, which was constantly refilled.

One of my favourite white wines: Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay.

The white wine that was accompanying my starters.

And so the feast continued with the Smoked Salmon tranche. Once again, the taste was great and I could not help but wonder whether I was eating this on an aircraft or in a five start restaurant. The massive dining table and delicious food were really something special.

My second course for lunch: the Smoked Salome Tranche.

Note the restaurant style presentation of the salmon.

Flying through the clouds above northern Iran.

The peppered beef fillet and mini desserts followed soon after and their taste was no less respectable. My expectations had definitely been high and there was no doubt that they had been more than just fulfilled.

My main course for lunch on EK 211: Peppered beef fillet.

The excellent peppered beef fillet.

Time for dessert: I chose the mini desserts.

The great closure to my lunch service.

After all the wining and dining, I decided to take a little stroll around the aircraft. Surely enough, every single seat was full in this 16 hour flight. The First Class sections onboard EK 777-200LRs also have a small bar between the cabin and the cockpit. However, this was largely unused on this flight as most passengers chose to remain in their seats.

A look down the First Class cabin during the flight.

The small First Class bar at the front of the aircraft.

The bathroom was also a pretty standard affair – nothing like the shower Suites on the Emirates A380s. Still, who would want to spend much time in the bathroom when one has such an amazing seat to come back to?

The average but clean bathroom. There were two for eight passengers.

Three windows per seat – not bad at all.

Looking over Eastern Europe from above.

Time for some privacy: my own little mini cabin.

With five hours of the flight behind me and more than ten hours still to go, the lights were slowly dimmed and the mood lighting began to illuminate the cabin in brilliant colours.

The mood lighting illuminated cabin.

My little retractable mini bar in suite 1K.

Notice the fact that ‘seat’ has been replaced by ‘suite’.

An overview of my suite as the lights were dimmed.

I usually enjoy chatting with my fellow passengers, so I was initially a little apprehensive about the whole suite idea. However, as I was settling down for a few episodes of Mythbusters, the privacy and comfort were definitely noteworthy.

The relaxing ambiance inside my little cabin.

The privacy doors in suite 1K.

A look back at my seat with the doors closed.

The small bunch of fresh orchids in each suite.

The wonderful crew were great at checking on the passengers at regular intervals. On one of these rounds, the Malaysian stewardess asked me if I would like my bed to be set up. As I was beginning to get a little tired, I gratefully agreed.

The full flat seat without the bed set-up.

The mattress, blanket and plush pillow over my seat.

This bed was even more comfortable than it looks.

A birds-eye view of my suite in sleeping mode.

The level of comfort and tranquillity once the bed was set up and the privacy doors were closed was really something special. Being so far at the front of the plane, all I could hear in the distance was the quiet thunder of the massive GE90 engines. All in all, the suite was a really nice place to be.

The perfect way to enjoy a few movies.

An overview of my little cabin.

The modern mood lighting effect on the celing.

More legroom than anyone could ever ask for.

As I explored more of this month’s massive selection on ICE, I could not help but feel like I was sitting in my bed at home browsing the movies on Virgin Media. Granted, the bed was not quite was big as my own, but the entertainment selection definitely put Virgin Media to shame.

The entertainment section in ICE.

Some of this month’s movie selection.

Some of the information available in ICE.

As EK 211 began to near Greenland, sleep began to get the better of me. I guess the fully flat bed just proved to be too comfortable and I am sure the futuristic starlit sky was also a contributing factor.

The location of EK 211 before I fell asleep.

Our route over the top of the world.

The quiet First Class cabin as most passengers went to get some rest.

The beautiful star filled ceiling. Notice the lack of overhead bins.

Thankfully, after an hour or so of sleep I woke up again. I must have remembered the amazing sights I had of Northern Canada on my recent DXB-JFK flight and as I opened my window shade, I was in awe of what I witnessed.

The great white expanse below.

The amazing texture of the snow covered landscape below.

The white snow contrasted nicely with the deep blue lakes.

Soon, the white frozen arctic tundra gave way to magnificent green mountains and valleys. There was not a sight of human activity as far as the eye could see. The contrast between my warm comfortable surroundings and the harsh environment below was breathtaking.

The cockpit view from my wireless controller.

Snow meets earth...

Magnificent nothern Canada.

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The untouched landscape as far as the eye could see.

Another nice feature in the Emirates First Class suite was the wireless controller. Not only did it allow me to put your seat in every imaginable position, but it also controller the massage function, the privacy doors and the three lights in the suite. At one point during the flight, I took the controller to the small lounge and I could still direct my seat all the way from there.

The myriad of possible seat adjustments.

Massage anyone? Not a problem.

The switches for the three lights in the suite.

After admiring the landscape outside, I drifted off to another hour of sleep.

With just under four hours of flight time remaining, I was woken up by some quite rough turbulence over Canada. Thankfully it did not last long, but I did not sleep any more as I did not want to waste my last few hours on this flight. I could always catch up on sleep when I arrived. Instead, I decided to have some dinner.  
A look up at the star filled ceiling.

The location of EK 211 as I woke up again.

The likely cause of some of the turbulence.

As the Singaporean Stewardess was looking around to see whether all the First Class passengers were well looked after, I ordered my dinner.

“Mr. Globetraveller – Did you have a good rest? Would you like something to eat or drink?”
“Yes, I managed a few hours of rest. The bed was very comfortable. Hmmm, I think I would like some dinner.”
“That’s excellent. What would you like me to make for you Mr. Globetraveller?”

I then placed my meal order and the stewardess ensured me that she would be back in a few seconds. True to her word, less than a minute later she came back with my selection of authentic Arabic mezze starter and some more Dom Perignon.

My first course for dinner: the selection of authentic Arabic mezze.

The dinner set-up with some Champagne.

The selection of authentic Arabic mezze.

Yet another glass of Dom Perignon.

As the Champagne kept flowing, the lovely stewardess came over with my next starter: another serving of Iranian caviar. As before, the quality of the caviar was top notch and I savoured every last bite of this rare delicacy.

My second course: Iranian caviar.

Another excellent serving of this delicacy.

Some bread crusts to go with the caviar.

While I was finishing my caviar, the Egyptian purser came over to my seat for a little chat. We talked about his time with Emirates and how the airline had given him opportunities that he could only have dreamed of with any other airline. We also chatted about potential new Emirates routes and aircraft orders. His knowledge of the industry was impressive to say the least – something that is often lacking with so many of the cabin crew I have talked to.

After a good half an hour or so of discussing everything from Huston to the Egyptian pyramids, the purser took my plate and brought me the Chicken Shakshouka.

The butter, pepper, salt and dressings tray.

My main course: Chicken Shakshouka.

Another well presented and tasty dish.

Once again, this meal did not disappoint. The chicken was very tender and I really enjoyed the spices in the rice and tomato sauce. The dish had a real Middle Eastern flare to it, which is always appreciated from a Middle Eastern Airline. Soon after, I was served the tasty Mixed fruit cobbler.

And finally the mixed fruit cobbler for dessert.

Just like in a restaurant. Superb.

Flying over Minnesota.

Sadly, my First Class dining experience had now come to an end. In the mean time, we were cruising 38,000 feet above the central United States and the remaining flight time stood at just under two hours. I decided to doze a little more in my bed until it was time to prepare for arrival. About an hour before arrival, the usual US immigration video was shown.

Making the most of my comfortable bed.

EK 211 is a 16 hour day flight!

The Emirates US Immigration video.

Cruising above the central United States.

The last hour flew by way too quickly and before I knew it, I could see IAH in the distance. The cabin crew came around again to offer another round of drinks before arrival and I decided to have one last glass of Dom Perignon.

Our flight path to Houston as we were descending into the airport.

Some new housing developments north of Houston.

The first sights of George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Turning back towards the airport.

It was not long before the flaps and landing gear were extended and EK 211 made its final turn to line up with runway 26L. The descent into the airport was very smooth and at 15:20, after spending 16 hours in the air, EK 211 touched down at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Turning 90 degrees to line up with runway 26L at IAH.

Crossing Interstate 59 during our approach.

Seconds before touchdown on at IAH.

Touchdown on runway 26L at IAH.

The taxi to the gate was brief as the tarmac was very quite at this time of the day. Within five minutes we had arrived at our gate and it was time to grab all of my belongings. The purser and each member of the cabin crew came back to say goodbye and wish me a pleasant onward journey. This was the icing on the already brilliant performance by this cabin crew.

Leaving the active runway.

It is clear who rules at IAH: Continental.

Gathering my belongings at IAH.

I was inside the terminal building at 15:30.

Thank you for flying Emirates.

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My flight in Emirates First Class from Dubai to Houston was a dream. It reminded me why I love flying and gave me a natural high for days to come. Everything about my time on EK 211 was perfect. The crew was the best I ever had, the seat was out of this world, the amenities were world-class, the IFE was outstanding, the food was superbe, the aircraft was to die for and when it was all said and done, I felt sad. I felt sad, because I knew I would probably not experience anything like this again for a very long time. I had reached the pinnacle of luxury in aviation and I knew that the next step could only be down.

Even so, I will forever be grateful for this voyage. Its memory will remain with me for years to come and maybe one day I will be able to fly Emirates First Class again.

In the end, I do not think that this flight needs to be graded using some Overall Flight Rating matrix, because it would not do the exceptional service I received justice. I think one word will do.



Globetraveller ©2010

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Excellent trip report and obviously an excellent flight.

Thanks for sharing // Matt

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Excellent report and some fantastic pictures.

A truly excellent experience you had with Emirates.

Thanks for sharing.


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Hi ! Amazing report ! Very well written and fantastic pictures! The food seems to be amazing as well as the service!

Thanks for talong the time to write this trip report! I flew DXB-LAX in Sep09 in Y but still had a nice flight.


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All I can say is WOW!!! What an impresive TR! Readers take note. This is what a TR submission should be. Job well done.

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Wow..great report!!! Emirates FIRST is amazing...they really seem to pay attention to EVERY detail...little things like the fresh flowers, amazing amenity kits, leather menus, mood lighting with stars and of course the suite itself all seem to make for a very impressive flight. I hope I get to experience it one day!

User currently offlineebbuk From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 10, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

I was salivating whilst reading this report. The food looks amazing, the service sounds exceptional and the whole experience sounds like a delight. Thank you for sharing.

User currently offlineLYchemsa From United States of America, joined Oct 2009, 1634 posts, RR: 3
Reply 11, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

I have come to the conclusion that the best airlines are those from the Gulf; Emirates, Qatar and Ethad.

User currently offline767747 From United States of America, joined Jan 2005, 2131 posts, RR: 23
Reply 12, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 32767 times:
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Wow, fantastic report and beautiful photos of the food and service in Emirates F. From the perfectly polished tray table to the 2 servings of caviar, this looks to be the best First Class service out there!


I love to fly!
User currently offlineeccc From United Kingdom, joined Oct 2009, 84 posts, RR: 0
Reply 13, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Great report with great pics. Brought back so many memories of my experience of EK First. Such a great product - I feel very privileged to have experienced it, and hope I will again. As regards your comment about the shower, I thought it might just be a bit of a gimmick when I flew on the A380, but it was just great to take a shower shortly before landing, and it meant the shower suites were the F bathrooms for the flight too, and it is a feature that I think other A380 operators would have been well advised to install - what was Air France thinking with their museum gallery??

User currently offlineMHTripple7 From United States of America, joined Feb 2008, 1125 posts, RR: 8
Reply 14, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 7 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Wow, one of the best trip reports I've read in a while. Great writing, awesome pictures, and of course EK F! I too flew F in EK a few years back from JFK to DXB and this brings back some good memories. It's great to see that EK is still offering a fantastic (probably the best in the world) F class product.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

User currently offlineRICARIZA From United States of America, joined Apr 2005, 2406 posts, RR: 24
Reply 15, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 6 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

AMAZING!!! Just amazing!!
Thank you!!!

I miss ACES, I am proud of AVIANCA & I am loyal to AMERICAN
User currently offlineAT From United States of America, joined Jul 2000, 1188 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 6 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

You've outdone yourself, Globetrotter. Great trip report.

Did you ever find out the reason you were upgraded (not that it matters!) ?
Was Business overbooked?

Also, are the suites in the 77L the same as those in the 77W and those in the A380?

User currently offlineklkla From United States of America, joined Jul 2004, 1054 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 6 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

That suite is really sweet!

Great pics and well written report, too.


User currently offlinejetblue777 From United States of America, joined Jul 2009, 1597 posts, RR: 1
Reply 18, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 5 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Best trip report I've ever read!  Wow! WOW. Emirates' first class looks stunning! Plus the service, as you said, is absolutely perfect. It's sad how you can't experience this with American carriers. Once again, best trip report ever!

It's a cultural thing.
User currently offlineFlyingSicilian From Italy, joined Mar 2009, 1763 posts, RR: 1
Reply 19, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 5 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Wow, one of the best trip reports I've ever viewed. I might be on EK flying the other direction, IAH to DXB this summer and am trying to swing biz. SOunds like you won the lottery with this upgrade. excellent.

“Without seeing Sicily it is impossible to understand Italy.Sicily is the key of everything.”-Goethe "Journey to Italy"
User currently offlineBurj From United States of America, joined Nov 2007, 903 posts, RR: 3
Reply 20, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Wow....that was SO cool!!!

Not just the pictures and the Emirates first class product...but your trip report was so well written!

I especially loved how it read almost like a novel where you open up telling use that you go the upgrade and then flashed back to the start of the trip even before getting to the airport...it was really a great read!

I'd write more but after reading that report I'm hungry! Maybe I'll stop by the super market and get some grape leaves or humus!

Thanks for the excellent report!

User currently offlinesandyb123 From UK - Scotland, joined Oct 2007, 1268 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 32767 times:
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Whow that is a great TR Globalflyer. Thank you!

Quoting AT (Reply 16):
Also, are the suites in the 77L the same as those in the 77W and those in the A380?

Certainly on the L and the A380.

I flew J on the EK A380 SYD - DXB a couple of days ago and even that was out of this world. EK's new IFE is ubber cool and controls all the flight info, seat and cabin settings (including massage and lights etc) and a raft of entertainment options. The removable wireless controller is cool but seems to loose its signal quite a bit (I've had that on the last 3 J flights).


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User currently offlinethegivenone From Austria, joined Jan 2008, 194 posts, RR: 0
Reply 22, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 32767 times:

Wonderful Report Globalflyer. Your prose really did EK First justice. As Burj said, it read like a novel!

Quick question – does EK have one First class menu with the same selections to choose from for Lunch and Dinner? Does this mean you can essentially have exactly the same meal twice?

User currently offlinePlaneHunter From Germany, joined Mar 2006, 7100 posts, RR: 75
Reply 23, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 32767 times:

Hi Globetraveller,

I had been hoping for a while to find a new report from you - and you finally delivered an absolutely stunning piece of work! Excellent report about a very special flight, well done! It must have taken a long time to compose all that.

As for EK's First Class product - it seems it's hard to beat.

Any more high-quality reports planned in the near future?


Nothing's worse than flying the same reg twice!
User currently offlineNZ107 From New Zealand, joined Jul 2005, 6716 posts, RR: 34
Reply 24, posted (6 years 3 months 1 week 3 days 23 hours ago) and read 32767 times:

Mr Globetraveller!

Welcome back to the realms of trip reporting  

How wonderful it is to be able to read one of your pieces again! That was absolutely brilliant, I think the most comprehensive EK F TR we've had (less the showers because it wasn't on the A380)! Great to see A.Net obliging to keep the format like it has been in the past. Congratulations.

It was such an experience even just listening to you in person about this flight but to actually see these wonderful pictures complemented so exquisitely with your writing made the whole report so special.

It looks as though EK laid everything out for you to go and praise them.. The hotel, lounge and plane are all immaculate. So much food at the lounge! I guess it has to have that much food when catering for a full J lounge. What a shame you didn't get to check out the other lounge! Maybe you would have had more free flowing Dom! Not sure if I'd be able to take that much champagne over 20 hours!

Quoting Globetraveller (Thread starter):
I made my way towards the counter. As I was doing so, one of the other passengers started snarling at me about cutting the queue. I respectfully told him that I was allowed to use the fast-track lane.

Sadly, this only made him more persistent and he actively tried to convince me that I had no right to cut the queue. Eager to avoid making a scene, I told him that I respected his opinion and continued on my way. Thankfully I did not see this gentleman again.

Oh well, at least it didn't ruin your trip. Nobody can surely be as rude like what I experienced on the JQ A320! And good thing you didn't see him again.

Quoting Globetraveller (Thread starter):
The purser treated me like a guest of honour and made me feel like I belong in First Class. I had previously been snarled at while flying BMI in Business, so this was a pleasant surprise.

What's up with you and being snarled at?  
Quoting Globetraveller (Thread starter):
I had seen pictures of the Emirates First Class suites before, but they simply do not do them justice.

No they don't but in my brief 20 second stay in F on the inaugural EK A380 flight into NZ, I'm glad to say I've seen it in person! Who knows if they'll be the same when I actually get to fly F..

Now the question is - do F passengers have to put up with that horribly long ICE introduction/information video?

I wonder how much caviar they stock on the flight.. You received quite a bit! Food looked brilliant too.

Thanks for your time in compiling this and I'm glad you've now found a stable photo hosting site  

Looking forward to more TRs!

Kind Regards,

It's all about the destination AND the journey.
25 Globetraveller : Hi there Matt. Thank you for your comment - yes it was an amazing journey. Thank you Matt. I am glad you liked the report and pictures. I there 777Ma
26 Post contains images CaliAtenza : god i got so hungry when i read that TR...excellent stuff here . This is why i love EK, even their Economy kicks ass. Last year on my way back to BLR
27 triple7man : Excellent TR, excellent pics of what appeared to be superior service. Do you think you will be able to handle going back in business class? The only t
28 Bedo : Excellet flight and excellent TR!! I was almost flying with you!! Hope to some day have the oportunity to try it my self. Thank you!
29 Globetraveller : Hi there Nicholas. Good to hear from you again. Yes, thank you for the kind welcome! Thank you. Well, I am sure the 500 pictures I took had something
30 Post contains images SQ_EK_freak : Thanks for this magnificent report. Makes me proud to be crew with EK (albeit in lowly Economy, but I'll work my way up ) Do you have any more upcomin
31 triple7man : I'll look forward to reading ur trip report and it will be worth the wait
32 tonyban : One of the best trip reports I have ever read, And yes, I am very jealous !!!!!
33 Post contains links and images sutrakhk : Nice report!! I hope i can fly EK long-haul soon!! Oh, I found that my previous trip on EK's 777-300ER have a different celing in the First Class, whi
34 MSP7378 : What a fantastic report and experience! I really enjoyed reading it. Probably not as much as you enjoyed doing it, but thanks for making it close!
35 Post contains images CaliAtenza : In fact i managed to keep my menu (and boarding pass) from my Biz class trip..its on top of my fridge here at home (well my second home ) in Bangalor
36 airbuseric : Hi, Globetraveller! Thank you, for the wonderful report and stunning high-quality amount of pictures! This report features maybe the best First Class
37 AT : Thanks, Globetrotter. I agree the bathroom seems fairly humdrum in comparison to the everything else which is so ultra-luxurious. I was also wondering
38 akhmad : Amazing! Just simply amazing! I think you have written the best trip report ever of EK F! Everything has been put in such a delicate detail. Beautiful
39 Post contains images elevate : Another GT Emirates trip report? Is it that time already!! Can't blame you there - EK rock! In one and a half months? Pretty good going that... You've
40 Post contains images Globetraveller : Thank you SQ_EK_freak. I am glad you enjoyed it. I do not have any upcoming trips planned on EK anymore. I am really fed up with the changes to the S
41 Post contains images LH4116 : Hi Globetraveler. It was a very, very long while since last. I was actually starting to fear that you've left this forum, but thankfully you're still
42 contrails67 : Great pictures Globetraveller and awesome report. I do have a couple of questions for you: 1. Is the Le Meridian Dubai available to first class passen
43 airpearl : Hi Globetraveller Firstly, thanks so much for this masterpiece treat! Your enjoyment of this flight was clearly apparent from your writing. It's all t
44 Aleksandar : Woow, this is an amazing flying experience. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us
45 cesarv777 : Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Truly the best trip report I have ever read. Beatiful pictures as well.
46 Globetraveller : Hi there Jonas. Yes, it has been quite a long time. I have just been too busy to post such a big trip report. Rest assured though, I am still here! I
47 ronerone : WoW! A truly outstanding TR Globetraveller! .. Superb details with some of the best pictures around! I think this has to be the best First Class TR on
48 AT : Globetrotter, Have you considered sending the report to Emirates? Or sending them a link to this website? I am sure they would be pleased with the pos
49 jayeshrulz : Wow, its a awesome TR.I thoroughly enjoyed reading your TR.Fantastic. Cheers!
50 Post contains images flightsimboy : After I read the report I thought I had just awoken from a wonderful dream....then I pinched myself and realised that someone had actually experienced
51 directorguy : Thank you for sharing this very poignant and exceptional TR. I really enjoyed how you enjoyed every little step. Great job. Your TR is just perfection
52 Globetraveller : Hi there Roni. Thank you so much for your praise. I am glad you liked it. I guess there have not been that many EK First Class trip reports on ultra-
53 lukeyboy95 : Bravo bravo! I read this with a real grin on - it really looked like a dreamy trip... The trip report is obviously well writen, thoughtfully laid out
54 Post contains images NZ107 : Oh well, at least you had Dom to sip your way through it I'm extremely glad you got it up! Otherwise we all may have missed reading this great TR! I
55 Globetraveller : Hi there Luke. Thank you for your kind remarks. It's good to know you liked the trip report. I agree. This basically costs the airline nothing and it
56 A340600 : Thankyou for a truly wonderful tale from your flight, one of the best i've read in quite some time. It's incredible to look at what is now possible on
57 AT : Are the flight attendants who serve the premium classes different (more senior, differently trained, etc) than the rest of the crew or are they all th
58 CrimsonNL : Wow - Just wow, thanks a lot for sharing. Very well written and the pictures of your whole experience are amazing! Best regards, Martijn
59 777way : Felt like I took the trip myself reading your report, excellent work, I dont understand need for supermarket variety snacks, candy bars and soft drink
60 stackhouse007 : Great Report. I really enjoyed reading it. Was FL300 the final altitude?? That seems pretty low doesn't it?
61 Post contains links and images flightsimboy : FAs serving Economy get upgraded to Business in a year, but I think there have been delays now. I've been following the blogspots of some EK FAs http
62 Globetraveller : Thank you A340600. I am glad you enjoyed the trip report. I guess the lounge was only for Business Class whereas the flight was in First. I am sure t
63 Post contains images nethkt : Absolutely the way to travel. First class does means First class on Emirates Though EK offers endless 2 lunch/meal services on this route, I wondery i
64 Globetraveller : I agree with you nethkt. If this is not First Class, then I do not know what would be. Emirates offered breakfast, lunch and dinner on this route. Th
65 m11stephen : Fabulous trip report! I think this is the best trip report I have ever read!!!
66 Post contains images CaliAtenza : I had a similar selection of light meals in business too..but i slept right through all of that, heheh . Nothing beats getting woken up by a stunning
67 Post contains links and images 777way : Lavaotory looks disappointing even when compared to Royal Brunei's J class seen here. http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m189/ronerone/DXBLHR001/067.j
68 Post contains images Lanas : Wow man. Truly breathtaking Outstanding report too. It put me right in your shoes while reading it. Thanks for the detailed narration and all the pict
69 CuriousFlyer : Congratulations, a great detailed report.
70 Post contains images noborudeabreu : Thanks for the great report. I have also traveled on EK 777-200LR in F DXB to GRU (15h30) a few months ago and was meaning to write a trip report but
71 globetraveller : Thank you M11stephen. I am glad you liked it. I could not agree with you more. Yes, the lavatory was pretty standard on this flight. I guess one has
72 Post contains images emair : Well done, awesome trip report. Lucky you eheh I had to deal with a 15 hours flight in economy DL and I have been seated for the whole flight. Anyway,
73 scottieprecord : Same! What an excellent TR. Thanks so much for sharing your flight with us! Mike
74 Chrisflier : Thank you Globetraveller for an awesome TR! You've clearly spent some time on this TR and it's a really pleasant read! A lot of really nice pictures a
75 Elite : I once used to read trip reports for hours and hours on end; that is what got me to sign up for a membership at this site. However, I haven't read one
76 ba319-131 : Hi GT, Finally found the time to have a read of your TR, most enjoyable as always. Very nice of EK to upgrade you to First, something quite special. F
77 B747forever : Amazing TR Glad that you got upgraded to first. The service looks fantastic. As you have flown in J with EK, how does the service compare to first? Is
78 Post contains images XA744 : Globetraveller, what an exquisite and lavish trip report, I have enjoyed, dearly, every bit of it !!! Hey, you should become a writer... Being so youn
79 globetraveller : Thank you once again for all your kind comments. Thank you emair. I am glad you liked it. How come you never look a little walk around? I find that a
80 ba319-131 : - GT, pretty much the same as where you are I imagine, this lack of planes is starting to bug me, it is far too eerie for my liking! Are you stranded
81 Post contains images einsteinboricua : WOW...just wow. I wish I could someday travel like that There are no words to describe it. Just excellent, superb, perfect...and those don't come clos
82 Post contains images faucett : A most excellent and enjoyable TR!!!! I read it with passion and a tinge of envy . Looking forward to another TR from you Dan
83 VonRichtofen : Excellent report! The level of detail in your report combined with the fantastic pictures made me feel like I was the one who took the flight! Cheers!
84 JAGflyer : This was an incredible trip report. I read every word and looked at every picture. It seems like flying with Emirates is like being on your own person
85 BW424 : Simply Amazing TR!!! Can't say anything esle. EK seems to be at the top of their game and will be there for a while. Congrats on your fortunes to expe
86 philzh : Wonderful report. Makes me more than a bit envious, of course. Also, it sums up perfectly what I liked so much about flying with EK - superb service w
87 Post contains images globetraveller : I am terribly sorry for not commenting on the last few replies - I never noticed them at the time. Here goes: Hi there Mark. Yes, by the third day it
88 tjcab : First of all....excellent report. I guess the excellence of the experience continued in the report. I had the feeling i experienced the whole thing wi
89 triple7man : So many good comments here, I doubt if I could add any more. But it seems First Class on Emirates is the ultimate flying experience. I don't want to m
90 MSYYZ : Simply , amazingly unbelievable ...
91 Post contains images caliatenza : i'll be on the LR next thur afternoon winging my way back to BLR...even Economy is nice .
92 777ord : amazing TR! Perhaps one of the finest ones I've read so far! Amazing details! I will say, you made me want to go buy an F class ticket to go experienc
93 BA747400 : I've been reading TR's for years on here; this is by far the best i've ever read. Thanks, it was a joy to read!!
94 sankaps : Great trip report, and great to see you had such a good experience. I just flew EK's 380 in business class from DXB to LHR. I have to say, I found the
95 petrhsr : Oish, all that brass and light wood. Who designed the place, Zsa Zsa Gabor? Ivana Trump? Is it 1984 again?
96 sfflyer123 : This was a very nice TR! It was most enjoyable! Thanks for sharing!
97 Ps76 : Hi!, Just wanted to add my comment to the many here and say many thanks for the report. I'm not sure I would like a 16 hour flight because I'm scared
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